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Robert Steele : The Zionists Bugged #Trump Tower

Robert Steele : Deep State to #PizzaGate: Truth Unleashed

Robert David Steele is an American activist and former Central Intelligence Agency clandestine services case officer. He is known for his promotion of open-source intelligence. Wikipedia

The CIA should be dismantled and disbanded, and a completely new apolitical intelligence agency created to replace it. No old spooks should be allowed to join it! I think?

Three points:
  1. There is a split inside the US Elite. Trump represents one of the Elite branches with unknown to us intentions. The accurate information about this split and its intentions are presently unknown. Everything known about Trump's intentions is just no more than deliberately designed propaganda.
  2. What is known about Trump? He is an egomaniac, a major slumlord in NY area, a not-too-good businessman who multiple times filed for bankruptcies, a very strong zionist supporter with very close ties with Banking Mafia and GS
  3. Lately, Trump is using Tweeter to divert the public attention from his appointing the WallStreet oligarchy to key positions in his government.
  4. Finally, people stop trusting/believing to politicians and their words/promises. Bolsheviks promises bread to workers and land to peasants but instead they have built GULARG for extermination of both workers and peasants!

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