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Prophecy : 5 U.S. Landmarks Targeted for Attacks ??

What is about to explode soon? Will our diabolical rulers perpetrate another 911-type blood sacrifice unto their proclaimed god, Satan? I think it must be so, because they are shifting into high-gear Global tyranny, as N.A.S.A. sees GOD's Earth-menacing swarms of meteors entering our inner Solar System. That is their chief fear, which is forcing them to descend into their underground cities in the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain, CO and Mount Weather, WV. One might peer through future's mist which veils our rulers' brewing cataclysms by pondering the thus far accurate 1992 prognostications of an American Indian prophetess named "No-Eyes." Sept. 2015 -- Now is the fourteenth anniversary of our ruling Satanists' plotted rising of the Great Phoenix out of the created ashes of the Twin Towers, which they ritually *ashified* using both explosives and "directed energy weapons." New York City's steel- melting, dustifying holocaust of three thousand human beings was their prior great blood sacrifice to Satan, whose image supernaturally appears in the black smoke *arising* from the Towers. That horrific blood sacrifice to Satan enabled their subsequent and ongoing holocaustic sacrifice to Satan of several million human beings in the Middle East, now entering its fifteenth year, although we are actually nearing the twenty-fifth year of their satanic Middle East bloodbath, since Skull&Bones Satan-worshipper G.H.W. Bush concocted the Persian Gulf War of 1991. One year later, in 1992, the American Indian prophetess, No-Eyes, correctly predicted the Satan-worshippers' razing of the Twin Towers, and their rising of the great Phoenix out of the ashes, those ashes being created by steel-melting explosives and by dustifying "directed energy weaponry."

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