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How to Recognize The Looming Economic Collapse

Economic Crash Coming - Brought to You By Overheated Housing Bubble

How to Recognize a Looming Economic Collapse

The rich will get richer once again as the next economic crisis hits, while the 99% will slide even further (if that's possible) down the economic scale. The overheated housing markets around the world will herald the coming crash. NOTE - The wealthy, elite are buying homes for cash. They are planting their money into hard assets, while ordinary people are in debt up to their eyeballs and struggling to stay afloat. Is this any way to run an economy a country. Why are so many zombies just not caring about what is happening? Ontario mulls idea of foreign buyers tax to cool housing market 9, 2017 Canadian millennials fall behind US, Mexico in home ownership ... The Charlatan-Mar 9, 2017 Australia must face some home truths about housing affordability The Sydney Morning Herald-Feb 23, 2017 Pessimistic outlook: Australians expect housing affordability to deteriorate further by 2027: NAB report Feb. 23, 2017 Oxford once again tops list of UK's least affordable places to live The Guardian-Feb 25, 2017 Across the UK, the average house price has risen by 32%, while city earnings have only climbed 7%. Scotland sees further deterioration in housing affordability Property Wire-Mar 5, 2017 Stirling is the most affordable city for home buyers in both Scotland and the UK with an average price of £173,848 which is 3.7 times average ...

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