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Glenn Greenwald on Eichenwald, #Wikileaks, #Russia, #Clinton and #Trump

The guys at Unanimous Dissent interview Glenn Greenwald about how Kurt Eichenwald is being intellectually dishonest in his reporting on a Russian/Wikileak connection. Also discusses the election and the Democrats decent into conservatism and neo-McCarthyism.

The latest news coming out of John Podesta’s emails, courtesy of Wikileaks, including revelations that could harm the Clinton campaign if it wasn’t running against the complete disaster that is the Trump campaign.
Then, we have a special extended interview with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Intercept Co-founding Editor and known dog owner, Glenn Greenwald. The two Sams and Glenn chat about the election, foreign policy, the state of journalism and how we proceed in 2017, when this nightmare ends and the nightmares of tomorrow approach.
Broadcasted from the Radio Sputnik studios in Washington, DC.

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