Get Prepared -- Leaving The City Behind

I'd rather get what I can out of civlization while it lasts. I know I'm screwed in the case of societal collapse. The odds are that if there is such an event it won't be survivable (large scale space body collision, super volcano, nuclear war, etc.) Right now the cities contain a large number of people. The USA averages 88.6 people per square mile. Think about that. In a disaster situation, people will try to spread out in the panic. Every 5280 feet x 5280 feet, you will run in to about 90 people on average, some of whom have rifles ranging a couple hundred yards. Unless you are a super badass elite forces guy or something, you are gone (think John Rambo level here). There's always someone better at this "survival" game around the corner. The best bet is to form combines and stick together. Rugged individualism will only work so long. 

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