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G. Edward Griffin Exposes the Federal Reserve Hoax

G. Edward Griffin Exposes the Federal Reserve Hoax

A return to the gold standard is the only solution. How can we accomplish this? Write to Congress? Educate the masses? Create a gold association akin to the NRA? How about we simply follow the Constitution? Gold Matters movement? Lol. I don't know. I think China will introduce a gold standard before we educate enough morons in this country to make a genuine push. And even then the powers that be will do everything imaginable to shut it down. China had already created a quasi gold standard by pushing their citizens to continously buy which is probably the most intelligent move. federal reserve video, An undeground gold standard allows citizens to accumulate the most gold possible prior to the seismic price shift that will accompany a true golf standard. Keep buying AU and protect oneself and ones family for time being.

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