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Fluoride Controversy -- (2017) BANNED DOCUMENTARY


Ask any dentist about Fluoride and they will tell you that Fluoride is good for you, and maybe topical Fluoride (the one you apply using a toothbrush) is not doing any massive harm to us, but drinking that poison definitely IS CAUSING DAMAGE, and a lot of it. Brushing your teeth with a poison won't kill you, but drinking large amounts of any poison definitely will. If you want to find out the true source of this nasty poison we are adding to our water, watch this video and it won't just shock you, it will scare you. Imagine if the local politicians were to start adding small amounts of ARSENIC to your water and then they started telling you that it is good for your health; imagine how angry you would be. Well, you should be just as angry at the addition of Fluoride because it's almost as bad for you.

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