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Explosive! CNN Admits Obama Spied On #Trump

There is absolutely NO DOUBT in the minds of Millions of GOOD, SMART and CONCERNED Americans that FAILED RADICAL CON-MAN Barrack Hussein Obama and his COHORTS instigated a highly secretive surveillance mission on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump. This Political HACK wanted to gather information that would be detrimental to the Trump campaign. His POLICE STATE tactics that were carried out by his inner-circle of CORRUPT minions has fully disgraced his Presidency. We the GOOD People of America hold this FAILED RADICAL CON-MAN accountable for his actions of political espionage that was geared to help Scandal-ridden CROOKED HILLARY win the General Election. This is a COMPLETE OUTRAGE and the RADICAL CON-MAN must never get away with it! IN TRUMP WE TRUST! AMERICA 1ST! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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