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#BREAKING : Yet Another Banker jumps to his Death

Those who willingly agree to do Satan's work (and have been rewarded with wealth and power by Satan) are owned by Satan and he has the right to do with those people as he pleases. This most likely includes all of the political Zionist conspiracy / leaders / elitists of this world. Once you make your deal, you have signed away your free will and are his ..

Right, "suicide." he was probably  suicided like Gary Webb-two gunshots to the head, ruled a "suicide."
Would very much like to see the heads of the squid and other high level banksters starting to suicide themselves.
Pop, pop, pop.
Watchin banksters drop.
They play games with the first water,
That they don't survive the slaughter.
The jew'ed called him the adam,
And thought they had him.
But in a boating accident they killed him,
Now he rules their hell.
Slow and cruel he will be,
Death to abraham's children they will see.
Many cycles over time,
This one man his clout divine.
If you like your bait and tackle.
Pay your due or things will crackle.
If you find the terms unfair,
Who gives shit about your mare.
There's one stud to begin the cycle,
And sure as fuck it ain't Micheal.

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