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Breaking: NYT Illegally Leaks Trump Sources

Listen to the house intelligence committee brief last week! Sen. Gowdy asked this in a question to Dir. Comey and Dir. Comey BS'ed his answer around the question! The press is protected by the Constitution to present unbiased information to the public, under the idea that the public can make intelligent decisions on the government's course of action after receiving the information from the press.  The current press in the US is disgustingly polarized in their reporting (based on their sources of funding) and should not be backed by the constitution since it no longer presents information!  They present pieces of information and then tell their viewers how they should think about this information and what the government should do - hence why we have an INFO WAR.  The current press is over stepping their bounds as intended and protected by the Constitution.  Don't be surprised if reporters start getting charged for leaking classified information to the public!  Sen. Gowdy even alluded to it saying in essence - just because no one has been charged with it yet, doesn't mean it isn't a crime.  END OF RANT.

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  1. What the hell did this video have to do with "Obama received $500 million for obamacare..."???