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Black Knight Satellite shot down during secret military mission - Leaked Wikileaks footage

 Was the Black Knight Satellite shot down during a secret mission that was carried out on the 16th of March 2017? The Black Knight Satellite was orbitting earth since 13.000 according to sources.
Yesterday some weird activity was taking place on a secret Wikileaks server. A lot of files were uploaded that targetted the Blkack Knight Satellite. According to these Wikileaks documents, the Black Knight Satellite was shot down by a secret aircraft that knew the weak spots of the alien object that was orbitting earth since 13.000 years.
This video was posted on a youtube channel that got hacked. Link to channel:
. This video was tweeted a couple of times and I contacted the owner of the channel. He told me his channel got hacked and this video was uploaded without him knowing it. He gave me permission to upload the video.

Update: 21/03/2017 apperently it was the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa that re-entered earth's atmosphere on 13 June 2010. I'm glad to Black Knight Satellite is still in orbit.

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