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Bank Run & Bankster Suicides in 2017

The national debts are frauds. Banks haven't lent actual money since the 1930s. Every time the privately owned Federal Reserve created a billion dollars from thin air with book keeping entries alone to "lend" to the corporate (fake) congress (at interest!!), the Fed's owners (psychotic Zionist [the 'zi' in Nazi] banksters) instantly became a billion dollars richer on paper for absolutely nothing. Similarly, when your bank "lent" you money to buy your home, they funded their "loan" with book keeping entries alone. And, after the banksters raided their own banks to prove their insolvency their corporate governments rewarded them with trillions of dollars for creating the financial virus that collapsed the global economy as their banks perpetually foreclosed on OUR properties in which they had NOT invested a dime. Every dime that ever came from the Fed was defrauded from the American People. The banks owe Us hundreds of quadrillions of dollars.

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