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Will Trump Ban Cash ?

Will Cash Be Banned? Can Governments Kick The Can Down The Road?
In this 3 minute video Mike explains how government has kicked the can down the road only to hit them back and how they plan to ban cash and why.

Transcript : Rick said yesterday you know we 0:18 have a collective stupidity and the 0:19 general public and i think i remember 0:22 Jeff Christians last year said the 0:24 government can always just invent new 0:26 ways to kick the can down the road and 0:29 the population might mean you know 0:31 nothing smarter so yeah but is that a 0:33 possibility where you just reinvent 0:36 something that just a new system 0:38 well if they could always perfectly kick 0:40 the can down the road the 2008 price 0:43 i've got a microphone the 2008 crisis 0:45 wouldn't have happened 0:46 they sort of they tried to kick the can 0:49 and they missed the head and the can 0:52 came back and bit them so we have these 0:55 periodic crises and then we paper over 0:58 and it makes things worse in the future 1:01 there were they could come up with a new 1:08 fiat currency or some other system we 1:13 talked about going with digital currency 1:16 you know every central bank and all the 1:18 big banks are experimenting with 1:19 blockchain technology right now so you 1:22 could see them banding cash which 1:23 probably will happen within the next 1:25 five years if they ban cash at this 1:28 point they what they want you to do is 1:31 to go out and spend they do not want 1:33 people saving current want them spending 1:36 it to increase velocity and always keep 1:38 in this positive inflation now they'll 1:42 be able to punish you by taking ten 1:44 percent out of your bank account per 1:45 year twenty whatever it takes for you to 1:47 be afraid to hold that currency and 1:50 there is no other currencies just 1:52 digital currency that has to be in one 1:55 of these 1:55 accounts that they can get their hands 1:57 on so there 2:00 what I see is the more that people get 2:02 educated and the more they listen to 2:04 monetary history the better chance that 2:08 we have of going on some fair system 2:11 like gold that isn't set up to transfer 2:15 wealth from all of us to the few people 2:18 that sort of run the game we're great 2:22 yeah the only thing that is real is 2:26 Labor everything that's adjust to labor 2:30 is fiction and the only exception that 2:33 would be is if you exchange labor about 2:36 you to agree that you're going to help 2:37 him put up his fence for the weekend 2:40 comes on the next weekend helps you 2:41 build your garage because whenever your 2:44 labor is being intellectual labor or 2:46 manual labor 2:47 that's the only real thing we're dealing 2:49 with everything else that's done with it 2:52 is a fiction

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