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Ralph Ring - Inventor Otis T Carr, Nikolai Tesla & anti-gravitic spacecraft

Clip from February 17, 2017 - guest Ralph Ring on the Jeff Rense Program.

Jeff Rense & Ralph Ring - Inventor Otis T Carr, Nikolai Tesla & anti-gravitic spacecraft

Transcript : we made it to another Friday another 0:03 raucous chaotic wild week Donald Trump 0:07 today as president got out among the 0:10 people again doing what he does best 0:12 communicating and explaining and 0:15 interacting and showing his real 0:17 personality to people not behind a brick 0:20 wall sealed away by the establishment 0:23 that has virtually complete control of 0:26 them 0:26 I don't know how to look at it will see 0:28 over time we're going to get away from 0:30 all that tonight and do something 0:32 fascinating for the first two hours and 0:34 talk to a man who has had a very very 0:39 rare opportunity in life 0:42 his name is Ralph ring he is one of the 0:46 surviving members of a team of 0:48 technicians and really gifted scientist 0:51 who worked for legendary and better 0:55 oldest t-carr tea and carrr Otis t-carr 1:01 Ralph has made himself available for 1:03 interviews and appearances to discuss 1:06 his own experience working on cars team 1:10 Otis car with his team developed and 1:13 anti-gravity expand scraft based upon 1:16 direct tutoring he received from Nikola 1:21 Tesla how's that Otis t-carr learned 1:27 many secrets from Tesla and much has 1:30 been lost to time but there are those 1:32 here now through this website which you 1:36 can connect to by clicking on rouse name 1:38 who are rediscovering the secrets from 1:40 cars on mysterious writings and his 1:43 patented drawings Otis car was 1:46 ultimately shut down by the US 1:48 government and a very familiar refrain 1:50 who asserted that car was attempting to 1:53 overthrow the monetary system quote 1:57 cease and desist your operations we're 1:59 terminating your project due to the 2:01 threats and closes to the international 2:04 monetary system and clothes astronaut 2:08 absurd ridiculous do a little bit of 2:10 research 2:11 look at the pictures we have for you 2:13 tonight go to ralphs range website and I 2:17 think you're going to be quite surprised 2:19 blue star enterprise dot-com ralphs can 2:24 you hear me all right 2:25 yeah I can hear you but you have to 2:27 thank you and I'm am I remembering right 2:30 Ralph were you on this program maybe 20 2:33 years ago haha probably all I can take 2:39 I've been in and out and on and offer 2:41 here so that I I that that's a good 2:44 possibility i remember i do remember the 2:49 name Ralph ring and talking about some 2:51 very eclectic things way way back I've 2:53 interviewed over 20,000 people have 24 2:57 years but I i I'd better than you've 3:00 been on before a long time ago and 3:01 you're still here and it's great to have 3:03 you back on if it is back but in any 3:05 case welcome 3:07 well thanks very much and items like the 3:10 luncheon not actually launches here with 3:13 a were actually a team when I regret to 3:17 punch the datos connect with daughters 3:22 because once the area i'm sure 3:24 ok anyway as i'm doing blind Martians 3:28 here Marshall I'm architect yes 3:30 hi I'm glad you're there and i'm glad 3:32 you there with Ralph and you know it's 3:35 it's a shame that more women don't 3:37 understand the concept of working as a 3:39 team they just jumped I in this day and 3:42 age it's it's it's just virtually 3:45 impossible to find a happy couple and I 3:48 think it's only going to become worse so 3:50 congratulations to both of you 3:52 we're helping generate the opposite 3:55 we're hoping that more people will come 3:57 together and be in the balance of the 4:00 male and female instead of just going to 4:03 be in the masculine and feminine 4:04 separately right thing but having sure 4:08 you were a great team outer lord over 35 4:12 years she's been on and off she got 4:15 married I got married and she's traveled 4:17 with us actually around the world in 4:19 different places and different different 4:21 places in the United State 4:24 but we've been to my best friend that is 4:27 when I got married 4:29 thanks a lot of another story but she 4:31 married my first like and I show and 4:34 then let my wife go away 4:37 Marshall I became very very close and 4:40 and it's it's it's we shared piece 4:45 together 4:46 well if you had yeah a great 4:48 relationship transcends all the garbage 4:51 and all the harrismith that we all go 4:54 through living in this world and and 4:56 it's it's a yeah it's a I'm sure you 5:00 just said the keyword into place to go 5:02 that you both can share and it's it's 5:05 piece that's wonderful can happen 5:07 doesn't have her out them and thank you 5:10 now you often i notice t-carr when did 5:16 you meet him Ralph when was your first 5:17 encounter you remember well until the 5:20 late the believe 59 startled yell at the 5:26 99 that was quite a year that was the 5:29 year that Errol Flynn and Mario Lanza 5:33 died within one week of each other 5:35 oh my gosh case you've forgotten haha 5:38 yeah how could I forget wrong with my 5:42 gosh what I wouldn't know that bad 5:46 anyway whatever time and 1959 was kind 5:50 of a pivotal year in many respects and 5:53 when we roll over the sixties things 5:55 things changed now we relied on the the 6:01 customer gotta we really got heavily 6:04 involved in love you know nobody center 6:07 and then really into January you don't 6:09 into the individual six people on that 6:12 project so now it is a magical time for 6:16 us 6:16 sure it is some people say the best 6:19 years of this country for 1952 19 20 6:24 remember 1963 and I would go along with 6:28 that away we see who on our team until 6:31 its own right 6:33 that doesn't fix the unity rock'n'roll 6:35 the other for sure 6:38 ODST car when you met him what was he 6:41 working on and what brought you in to 6:44 use the inner circle 6:46 what was it well let me give you a 6:49 little background understand where i am 6:51 and what I've got it got me involved 6:53 with car i'm sorry i would actually had 6:57 from earlier me things that I've been 7:02 doing have you i want to seriously doubt 7:04 me when in the diving and started 7:07 driving there's no some workers have us 7:10 divers still while 7:12 uh-huh i was married at the time and had 7:17 was reading children were when i was 7:22 working for us drivers of the recently 7:27 diving off the coast decision Southern 7:30 California and off of Newport Beach not 7:33 about boy where I grew up always always 7:37 sure easter weekend Bob and I do you 7:41 remember what about the balboa bay club 7:43 was a huge ty you're not going to 7:45 believe this but my uncle used to home 7:47 that no country Chloe's 51-percent sole 7:52 owner there right goes country club for 7:55 the Murchison zoned out there one point 7:57 well i don't i don't know where I 7:59 because I didn't I had to pull away from 8:01 from family influences because they want 8:05 to meet at all along areas were to be 8:08 too dangerous for me 8:10 well not having any government but he is 8:14 still running with his name is my that 8:19 my nephew is doing business and all the 8:23 trouble of what is it the insurance here 8:27 no real estate business i believe that 8:30 truly shape and we're not very close 8:34 well that's okay i remember my 8:37 grandfather was a chef at Ciro's for 8:41 almost 10 years in the nineteen forties 8:45 Andy very early fifties and he left 8:47 there and ended up down as the chef for 8:50 quite a long time at the bob a club and 8:53 when I was a little little kid i'm 8:55 talking 10 years old why he put me to 8:58 work in the kitchen and the balboa bay 9:00 club had a dining room and help i think 9:03 it was 400 people that could get in 9:05 there was a huge climate club and I 9:07 worked in there for three years at a 9:09 dollar an hour and and then I ended up 9:13 working on the island and around a 9:15 paddleboard stand on bad boy Island 9:17 delays to work on the ferry on that 9:21 wasn't what a golden golden place that 9:24 used to be and along my god I i just 9:27 know that you know I'd I didn't need to 9:29 costa mesa at the time i went to my 9:32 school 9:33 holy costa mesa and cut again it is 9:39 somewhere I'm sure now 9:42 well I didn't even go to school there 9:44 with title there for quite some time and 9:47 i will fly off for a while on the golf 9:52 course with the right country club and 9:55 tossed and I got tired of that and 9:58 decided that i was taking classes those 10:01 taking marine biology and oceanography 10:04 and the love of Orange Coast little 10:06 college and then I took some things with 10:09 Orion up biology and traveled i just 10:13 think that weren't very interesting to 10:16 me like to me that I had what happened 10:18 but that was years and years ago you 10:23 know and I decided to go back to what I 10:27 do best and never with with nature walk 10:30 with the laws of nature 10:32 uh-huh yeah yeah I also work accurate 10:37 the name of it now there was a i was a 10:41 bit was a big boulevard Southwest 10:43 Boulevard am I remembering right i think 10:45 you right and it was good there used to 10:47 be a used to be a damned now I was 10:51 really low but there was a buffalo ranch 10:53 on there they had actual below 10:56 yes yes actual muscle 10:58 all over the place get remember that 11:00 strange remember that one and then I 11:03 worked in a gun club and I I said 11:07 underground as this bunker load clay 11:09 pigeons on a machine that would throw 11:11 them out and then people would shoot 11:14 them with their shotguns it anyway I had 11:16 a lot of fun down there and then it was 11:18 there was such a just a do-over place 11:21 i'm glad you got to to share that and 11:23 enjoy that too i was just i get out of 11:27 an import market in those days they had 11:29 the best macaroni and cheese 11:31 he did it with three oakley and real 11:34 butter and oh my god yes and I let 11:37 myself up a big card mother had me go 11:40 down the water beneath it 11:42 nice wonderful ah newport pier probably 11:46 hear the rendezvous ballroom Johnny Otis 11:49 is any went back into a lot of research 11:54 on that and i've got me some pictures to 11:56 somewhere anyway I we're getting a side 11:59 here but some of you listening may may 12:01 know about the over-talking baden there 12:04 are wonderful places around the country 12:06 that that are all gone just gone 12:09 I mean physically is still there but 12:10 they're down Beyonce was just on the 12:14 kindness it was kind and gentle 12:17 replacement and a quick look like the 12:21 military of the regimentation has just 12:24 slowly creep into everything we were 12:26 doing right watering or like just 12:29 generally being ourselves haha me too 12:32 well you're going to have to do it this 12:33 way and that way and and that's slowly 12:36 started changing the way people did 12:39 things right and but i might add for the 12:43 living rather enjoyable to life to be 12:46 very very confused because they didn't 12:48 like me to what to do I was 10 12:51 ya know I 12:53 you went against the grain because it's 12:55 well that's that's what we lost the 12:57 ability to be proactive in life they 12:59 want to be reactive and tell the line 13:02 and that's what they're creating now in 13:04 schools just drooling drooling direction 13:08 lyst nameless with no inspiration young 13:11 people and then there are wonderful 13:12 exception summer listening right now but 13:15 the rank-and-file is just not there 13:18 I don't know how it's going to recover 13:19 all right let's get back to Otis key car 13:21 around brain and the way I asking a 13:25 question I don't have a deviated I 13:26 wanted to give you a little background 13:27 but I got out of my wife she got nervous 13:31 around me diving and I've got rather 13:33 than some children special diving that 13:36 required special of equipment special 13:39 things that was getting too scary / 13:42 because some of our divers we had 13:44 problems that problems Lou the 13:47 underwater and I never did I don't die 13:49 don't you go get it from the get-go but 13:53 she said no we got the kids here and he 13:55 got need to take the trash out once in a 13:58 while so I was having breakfast one 14:01 morning and she circled a newspaper 14:04 really want to add thing for both and 14:07 add from a place called advanced 14:10 kinetics located in costa mesa and it 14:14 was a research and rd and development 14:17 and the big they were looking for a lab 14:21 tech and I said more than I just came 14:24 out of the service i went in the diving 14:26 I don't know that's a scientific job 14:30 minh and i actually just go down there 14:33 and put in that happens what happens is 14:36 you're always taking around the house 14:37 that you had things running on on 14:39 wireless all over the place and she 14:42 thought well maybe they'd be interested 14:44 to I went down and and I could sure try 14:49 to get into the car and what we did that 14:51 I went down there and that there was 14:53 lunch dietary 14:54 on break and I walked at the balance as 14:57 well I guess up the back and I want my 14:59 the director's office dr. winehart 15:01 there's a director there weinhardt why 15:03 yeah why not 15:05 okay yeah i would walk by his office and 15:10 he said what are you looking for i was 15:12 looking for a job and polish about the 15:15 lunch right now let's go back later and 15:17 equally we're looking for I Drive 15:19 answering this ad for a lab tech this is 15:21 commander into the åland islands that 15:23 whenever there's a lot of pieces left 15:26 what's your qualification to the world 15:28 at i'm not i'm not either go for that I 15:38 don't know I invited i would interest 15:40 you and you would interest me because I 15:42 dealing with natural laws only raised in 15:46 the woods just put my life always all 15:48 the wood and everything I learned about 15:52 naturally simple complicity and I can 15:57 you introduce you told him at all I did 16:00 I'm sure to bring a great interview 16:02 wow anyways he said but his engineer 1am 16:08 economy in here to just quit working on 16:11 the magnetic they had with a little army 16:14 for the government 16:15 it was a girl and funded outfit and me 16:19 working on a magnetic project and I told 16:22 him that that was my dad was my main 16:25 interests in life with me because of my 16:27 business been around them through 16:29 another truth on my life 16:31 Wow because when you know about and I 16:34 should be I was expecting a little bit 16:36 about denied look at it from a natural 16:38 standpoint on a textbook to explain and 16:41 I can I mean I'm have the terminology 16:44 that you have that i can in order 16:47 he's lonely hired because go bad guys 16:51 well I haven't filled out an app yet you 16:53 should just go back to the guys will 16:55 show you what to do and not i want you 16:58 to work on the magnetic think I don't 17:01 worry i'll give you give you enough 17:03 money so you'll be happy when they 17:05 already scenario 17:07 what a great store wonder what see 17:08 there's that's not serendipity that 17:10 supposed to happen 17:12 yeah yeah magnitude of being my address 17:17 and here comes the job and then you have 17:19 a wife and I've been God everything 17:21 going to play slow i don't want them and 17:24 they give me my my workbench and 17:27 everything and consisted of a giant 17:29 oscilloscope the Giant and the the 17:32 Polaroid camera and one and cavalry you 17:37 know like like like the old television 17:39 which with priority like dropped and 17:44 they said all you have to do your job is 17:48 to keep firing these electrons every few 17:51 minutes seconds or whatever and recorded 17:55 it will be recorded on on film but you 17:57 need to write in the time and Loan 18:00 everything for like 16 millimeter from 18:03 America 18:06 haha well it's a good rocks rocks 18:13 cameras snapping on whether it was not 18:16 automatically and what part what part of 18:21 Ralph what part of our coastal major was 18:23 this facility located in ok we have not 18:27 i think they ask that 18:29 well Harbor Boulevard we know that and 18:31 know it was your own shows college or 18:37 nearer hospital 18:39 well it was up tomorrow that's what my 18:42 kids were born it was extremely well 18:45 with it was about two miles due east 18:50 hello ok but at all and it was a pretty 18:54 large fertility elements would become 18:57 block at least maybe two blocks whatever 19:00 I remember some big buildings there and 19:04 i know i think about what you're talking 19:07 about i know the area they weren't 19:09 particularly marketing agencies big 19:11 building know my kingly they have very 19:14 good 19:15 I wanted to leave Loki i get there you 19:17 know why don't you go and find them but 19:21 so I is that all you have to do is get 19:24 on the electrons through that field 19:25 without a deflection it you know it fire 19:28 it and it's going to remain magnetic 19:30 field and don't let it go to the 19:32 negative or positive anymore get one 19:34 straight through 19:36 well it didn't take me longer to your 19:39 out that's why the other engineer the 19:41 engineer quit i just never an engineer 19:44 and I was just going out of the lab tech 19:47 huh 19:48 when I i found out he got frustrated 19:51 ahead and it's very tired of the boy for 19:55 absolute word the job because using for 19:58 using group forced to force an electron 20:01 to appeal that doesn't feel like 20:03 following you read your command and 20:07 you're never gonna get it done that way 20:08 and I about a week after the job i get 20:14 out like in the home and do this and 20:16 bring it back to albany your way to do 20:18 it and which I there's no longer that 20:22 the next venture really working on our 20:25 meditation they're using these coils 20:30 they call the neutrons in those days and 20:32 they have been recorded on the copy if 20:35 you have to go check another one out 20:36 there were not like cod cake lemonade 20:39 new digits couldn't to spend a steel 20:41 ball more than six inches above the 20:44 clouds without burning out the agrotron 20:47 so I set off to use around technique 20:50 I'll get balance all 21 that was a cocky 20:53 little world and you did you you you 20:57 resolve the problem 20:58 yeah i'm home and i took across that 21:02 took apart the old television that 21:05 gradually r200 I got together 21:09 my stuff that I think that ni got the 21:11 Capitals way out and I fell upon the 21:14 magnetic field only real solid there is 21:20 a travels the 1i tried the electron I 21:25 would travel to the magnetic field and i 21:29 said well what they're doing and what 21:32 they're not doing is what i'm going to 21:33 do and show them how simple it and maybe 21:37 I'll get a raise so all i did now this 21:41 was the simplicity of it I set up the 21:43 field and I had an audio amplifier that 21:46 I take that but I remember when he was 21:47 25 bucks and a good and and i have been 21:54 waking up to that but also i was my wife 21:58 was taking pictures and stuff about 21:59 impairment but when I did was that was 22:04 different was I made sense with the 22:07 electron which sounds silly and 22:09 ridiculous but I found a friendly 22:12 approach to anything any type of work on 22:16 people places or things is you know 22:18 where right from the get go over here is 22:21 your friendly are you talking about 22:23 about attitude here and and and 22:27 energetics the approach to things you're 22:30 not a confrontational you're you're 22:34 you're wanting things to flow and I was 22:37 that was the mental and and that was 22:41 coming from you at a very deep level 22:43 this is very interesting hi Ralph with 22:45 your whole lot after pauses for a couple 22:47 had speciation come right back and also 22:49 Todd I want you to call Ralph back Ralph 22:53 I want you to hang up Todd's going to 22:54 call your right back on the people get 22:56 rid of those tiny bit of scratch on the 22:58 line okay just hang out now i'll call 23:01 you right back all right and we will be 23:03 right back 23:04 more fascinating conversation and we're 23:07 back 23:08 fucking your real friends just a 23:10 wonderful story 23:11 alright so you you literally changed 23:13 your your approach to these electrons 23:18 and I understand what you're saying go 23:20 tell us more this is really fascinating 23:22 all I related my experience living in 23:26 the woods just talking to every animal i 23:28 could find every every and any bug every 23:32 fish and and it and it always is always 23:35 work in the woods but when I came out 23:38 you got on the big world out here 23:40 everything's backwards didn't they 23:43 wanted to do things complicated they 23:46 want to go to academia and you know 23:49 reference library tonight I join him for 23:51 a while and then me because I did my god 23:54 what am I doing here when they told me a 23:56 little because he's lying there is ways 23:58 during interphase about the up the 24:01 classroom angle I I quit I quit acting 24:06 yeah and i think i'm going back to 24:08 nature 24:08 you're so far have them off too well I 24:14 mean any out catch it on your own yard 24:16 tonight question I get the car 24:20 uh I just wanted to say that the 24:22 difference that i did was i talked to 24:25 the little electron and i gotta feeling 24:28 well they're using for so what we offer 24:33 the boys just peace just me just you 24:38 know well love what you're doing and I 24:40 did I love the little experiment so I 24:42 said okay guy number send you through 24:45 and I'm not a pulse signal it's just 24:49 turn they usually have some huh and I'm 24:53 gonna give you a community seconds to 24:55 get through there 24:56 I'm not gonna force you i just want you 24:58 to tell me this isn't happening or 25:01 second you need to do it your way about 25:03 my way you to all the end of the 25:06 intruding resistance away and let him 25:10 have a nice peaceful walk through that's 25:13 what yes their districts actually I 25:15 don't think you're understanding what 25:17 people in our growing up 25:19 all right on out of here 25:23 not really he once you've got actually 25:27 want to say you don't want any okay I've 25:29 never liked what I did I probably know 25:34 and immediately the electron and this 25:38 will go first shot I thought I have to 25:41 go 25:41 you don't do 20 or 30 or maybe your 25:44 wandered the first shot it went into a 25:47 spiral which is better than the terminal 25:50 clients more context mechanic trickles 25:52 into a poor textual motion and allows 25:55 itself to push pull push pull push pull 25:59 all the way through the field huh it 26:01 didn't it wasn't being forced it was 26:03 going oh I like a little positive 26:05 because you little- was pretty largely 26:08 naturally i am taking yeah so I got it 26:12 to the field and i took a bunch of 26:13 pictures and load up experiment and it 26:17 was okay that being done here for the 26:20 weekend i think i'll tackle this 26:23 levitation thing that simple I've got 26:27 Easter lay on the grass and watches lots 26:30 of clouds form out of nowhere into this 26:34 enormous clouds like carried an 88 x 26:39 challenged this enormous weight of 26:42 trillions of tons of water right over my 26:46 head and quite naturally know for no no 26:52 just things coming together at the right 26:53 time and place the label that to happen 26:56 and then the signal from the ground 26:58 where it comes from 27:00 it was like till and it would not let me 27:04 let me ask you a question about clouds 27:06 that people don't understand that they 27:09 are they are mass they are weight water 27:13 weight whatever you want to call it 27:15 ok and here they are just balanced 27:18 perfectly floating along is he leaving 27:21 nor idea how you calculate the weight of 27:23 a cloud could every if you put another 27:27 mass up there be equal weight it would 27:29 make an enormous hole in the ground real 27:32 quick 27:33 very very quick thinking back and reread 27:38 the laws of the so-called walls of 27:40 gravity right yeah did you see the whole 27:44 might have it or not I you worked on i 27:48 do on occasion 27:49 yeah and yeah I the same television i 27:55 took the capital rate out alright i had 27:57 a big 15-inch wonderful speaker those 27:59 Negroes televisions were used to the big 28:01 speaker and play solution the Lone 28:04 Ranger on similar speaker to the nice 28:07 15-inch watered and I said on its 28:10 backside magnetic the magnet down on the 28:13 floor and i started using my internal 28:19 scientists to do you want to call it 28:21 that 28:22 no I'm not well I don't like me I got 28:26 you 28:26 it's good to go to work and then I could 28:29 see all 10 ok let's look fired up 28:32 without that the little love audio 28:37 amplifier that you want you i hooked it 28:40 up to that and then I started 28:43 experimenting with which I which is it's 28:47 really a critical education and i think 28:50 what i could do this and I could end up 28:53 showing up at your they can be war and I 28:57 do a lot of me and I can Sonic 28:59 levitation be /ci could close that I 29:03 thought I made more than your own way 29:06 back i think oh god I wonder where it 29:09 was but the betans interacting with 29:12 their long on your drums and they take 29:15 these shared stone like God it must be 29:18 time to I don't know maybe five times or 29:21 something and just start blowing their 29:23 oranges leading their their resumes and 29:27 these would come up to slide of us you 29:30 know of course actually on they just did 29:35 it like it was nothing to it 29:37 uh-huh and that's don't think it's still 29:40 around somebody told me they saw at one 29:41 time but i'm trying to get all over 29:43 again but 29:44 it sits out there maybe they could be 29:46 thinking the great blocks of granite at 29:49 the pyramid 29:50 sure yeah yeah simple levitation I mean 29:54 it just a little pile of I i do around 29:58 with different things and then I have 30:00 realized Oh red is gonna take your 30:06 arbitrary and then majors was just it if 30:10 you don't have you your timing just 30:12 right you don't reach them know that 30:15 something that's not going to work and 30:16 includes getting friends with a little 30:19 while we have more you because you're 30:22 not coming up to approach with peace you 30:26 might run into some trouble told you 30:29 normally would appoint your time and 30:32 please come together because like your 30:34 point in the shop and when you reach 30:38 that when you have been neutralized the 30:42 system to a lot of pressure or anything 30:46 else around it to leave these are any 30:49 noise second sometimes it's the same 30:52 thing we do in our conversations with 30:53 people if we miss our cue an important 30:57 conversation we can't get in and me to 31:00 be and it it is the two seconds later 31:03 doesn't have any think as well as it 31:05 would to second earlier so all that 31:10 being said that you reached the point of 31:16 weed you're almost caught of zero point 31:21 with the animal let's say you have an 31:22 animal out there and you're both of God 31:25 numbers the vibration has reached some 31:28 sort of universality it's a zero point 31:31 there's complete instant communication 31:34 you are one not to be corny but you are 31:37 that you're one you become one with 31:40 whatever it is your community communing 31:42 with and all of a sudden there are no 31:44 barriers no obstacles nothing and that 31:47 that makes absolute perfect sense to me 31:50 I understand what you're saying 31:52 well my god thank you have a hard time 31:56 explaining myself sometimes with that 31:58 that that that hits the nail on the head 32:01 and at the dead same your point is what 32:05 I used on the on the magnets on the 32:08 periphery speaker 32:11 haha i was putting thing dinner and I 32:13 said no way back to the circle go back 32:15 to the spear and I said well 32:17 oh yeah okay here's a pink on the ball 32:19 and I put the ping-pong ball in there 32:21 and turn that the the amplifier a little 32:25 bit and pretty soon the paintball just 32:27 nicely is anything levitated you know 32:31 about six inches above the speaker and I 32:33 said well let's start this damn day 32:36 that's a great start for you where you 32:38 are introducing a hum and a certain 32:42 cycles per second and that yeah there 32:46 was and I don't know everybody doesn't 32:47 know or do you think that was i I just 32:49 the breasts of a t28 koh-i-noor I was 32:54 but I anything you send everything you 32:57 found its ok was made available to you 33:00 and you dialed in 33:02 that's iconic yeah and at that time i 33:05 was going to bed because you up four 33:07 o'clock in the morning and she said just 33:09 let it go and get there in the morning 33:10 maybe you got something that while I 33:12 came out in the morning and there was 33:14 staring you right in the face there it 33:16 is 33:16 this is our exciting oh I took pictures 33:21 that and whether that and I and got 33:25 ready to go to work and i called dr. 33:28 winehart and I got something I want to 33:30 talk to you about you okay so i took on 33:33 in showing what I done looked at the 33:37 pictures and then read the report and it 33:40 says all my god i didn't think it fit 33:41 into this he says we don't eat well do 33:44 you know where you're at and that's what 33:48 I'm making it 33:49 I know I'm not an engineer and I don't 33:51 know much about the way you guys do it 33:54 but I know something about the way 33:56 nature think and it's without for 33:59 securing choosing 34:03 a an equal playing field if you want 34:06 getting the respect to whatever you're 34:08 working with equal rights as yourself to 34:11 operate and it more expired have never 34:13 had a problem he says well list of a hat 34:17 and he says that he looked normal 34:19 experiment already said yes yes I see 34:22 this 34:22 ok I didn't think you think you were 34:26 into that kind of stuff like to be 34:28 honest as well that's it I got to tell 34:31 you something I'm gonna have to shred 34:32 this and I'm gonna have to tell you to 34:34 go back to work a lot i'll give you a 34:36 little more in your pay envelope but you 34:39 don't realize where you're working here 34:41 at this is a government-funded R&D 34:44 research and development facility and we 34:47 were hired and paid for by the 34:49 government to look for answers but not 34:52 find them my whole life changed when I 34:55 heard that I couldn't believe what I was 34:57 hearing yes i'm getting hit over the 35:00 head while you can 35:02 it was it was because he said no you 35:06 need to just keep you in a little bit 35:07 there someday or whatever that is 35:09 getting seasick director work and 35:11 well-adjusted to get my story moving on 35:16 the car by state was he by the way 35:19 weinhardt american german yeah i think 35:24 it is generally pretty sure he was 35:26 generous 35:27 ok alright very good sense because he 35:30 was a stubborn as I was my partner alive 35:33 and well 35:34 wales and Welsh in Germany trench me 35:38 oh thank goodness you've understood the 35:41 way things really work or you'd be a 35:43 real pain wasn't you I was gonna bring 35:47 all my life because everything I've 35:50 advocated it just wasn't coming fly they 35:53 didn't but you know because there was no 35:55 there is no monetary return on hosted 35:59 because what you said motion he don't 36:02 have to go back and keep repeating it 36:03 it'll repeat itself or to understand 36:06 that the timing and the sacred geometry 36:09 that the subway lines and so forth 36:13 you don't have to make a lot of money 36:15 be happy with what you're doing the 36:17 money will come in to video everything 36:18 you need to do it with 36:20 I don't uh I guess I last another week 36:25 and I remember going out there with I 36:28 was crying because I I couldn't believe 36:30 they turned me down all I was just 36:32 trying to help and I thought I had a 36:34 pretty good idea and a turnover the 36:36 engineering take it to the next level 36:39 yeah I'll just before i left my buddy he 36:44 was running an electron microscope we 36:46 were talking about those and tell 36:49 tonight I can't believe this 36:53 turning me down today is gonna shred it 36:55 and everything well that is gonna show 36:58 you something you don't want to show you 37:00 who you are actually talking about you 37:04 should come over here each set up a 37:06 little regardless on a job and life 37:08 under a microscope US bases help but 37:12 think what do you think that is that 37:14 you're looking at you and that was my 37:15 finger it's my finger 37:17 he's all right now I want you to put 37:18 your finger in here and then just just 37:22 relax bitches and there's not like and 37:25 then look to my sculpt that I've got 37:26 this over here and I said one 37:30 ok sure and then I did that and I looked 37:34 in the school my life change began 37:36 because I found out I'm invisible 37:39 I don't really deserve it was just 37:43 particles they're just they're just a 37:46 bunch of electrons will be to do 37:48 whatever with modern days lot of space 37:51 in between them right yeah because it 37:53 wasn't a finger and I tried to 10 to 15 37:57 minutes trying to you my finger in this 37:59 school because what I can draw problem 38:02 let you see your community to have to 38:05 but that's not just any looking at your 38:07 ear energy here on Yuki and nothing else 38:12 is so well I'm flesh-and-blood year that 38:14 i've got a body and complete long you 38:18 get it from 38:19 and so anyway I I left her and average i 38:26 originally selected to go home because I 38:30 was speeding to kill contributor really 38:32 all mortgages no let's totally have to 38:34 do right and I ran into my buddy down 38:38 the block and it was more or less what 38:42 do you look sad with Mary United like I 38:44 just quit 38:46 I don't know how to tell my wife that 38:47 because i can go back into driving and I 38:50 don't know what I'm gonna do uh-huh and 38:53 you will let you quit night to limit and 38:56 then try to let my interests loosen 38:59 magnetic senate i wanted to use that my 39:03 my knowledge of magnetism to improve 39:07 life on the planet to you if people 39:09 would understand what pure magnetism is 39:12 not electromagnetism necessarily feel 39:15 like that's not natural magnetism 39:17 natural thank you thank you 39:19 natural magnetism switching everybody's 39:22 life and make it just beautifully simple 39:24 and easy and they wouldn't have to toil 39:27 for a living 39:29 they could do whatever they want known 39:31 distances is working with your mount 39:33 against your BS i began the guy's a 39:37 beautiful interview sh taking it easy to 39:40 thank you 39:42 you know I sleep on a magnetic matches 39:46 pad and have for almost 20 years it's 39:48 like at the probe 12,000 Gauss magnets 39:52 hundreds of them in there they're 39:54 pointed the North polarity up only and 39:58 your South goes down and I'm in the 40:02 field north polarity filled the 40:05 company's called magnetic 0 and they're 40:09 they're wonderful they're just a 40:11 wonderful thing it simple and i'm in 40:14 that field when I'm sleeping and my body 40:17 is happy at restoring it's just it is a 40:22 whole different way of living anyway 40:24 please go ahead but i do and i want you 40:26 to know I do understand 40:27 certainly an end 40:29 a rudimentary way what you're saying 40:31 where you're where you're going with 40:32 this self 40:33 thank you thank you i was reading that 40:35 wasn't medical or magnetic oh yeah and 40:40 ma gnet ico magnetic asleep dot-com i 40:45 have a banner on my frontpage hi dr. 40:47 bonnez been friends for over 20 years 40:48 and you feeling inventor dr. Dean 40:51 Bottomly and yeah it's right on my 40:53 homepage it's the 4th Panzer down from 40:56 the top but anyway yeah i like to look 40:58 into that they have a wonderful stuff 40:59 very interesting there anyway uh it's 41:04 actually were so I told him what what 41:07 what what happened that he knew that I 41:10 was a unmet because i was flying things 41:12 around the house and going to the walls 41:14 with things stand he says my neighbors a 41:17 week 41:18 really I'm sorry after the for our 41:20 listeners used to say you're going 41:22 through the wall with things to you word 41:24 well and somehow were able to get down 41:26 to that spatial realm and and move 41:30 things through the wall 41:32 correct yes traditions too early to 41:36 discuss it with even myself because i 41:39 was doing things and they were happening 41:41 and I didn't understand how they could 41:42 happen 41:43 it's got overheated he could see use the 41:49 very me to darkness that is cooler and 41:53 launcher and plot right before their 41:57 anyway long story short I still in that 42:02 you know I got my my goal go ahead got 42:05 to get people to see the simplicity and 42:08 he go around telling them take a look at 42:11 the things differently than the way 42:12 they've been looking out because they've 42:14 been looking out for long long time that 42:16 way because it would trade they were 42:18 talking they were and most of what i 42:21 learned everything has most of all I'd 42:24 learned it has been not the whole truth 42:28 has been a part of the truth about the 42:31 altar suddenly half of the truth is 42:33 nursing so they never had a complete to 42:36 make it put together and 42:37 and that problem with and so I said I 42:41 I'm want to build spaceships or 42:44 equivalent thereof to have flown home 42:47 blowing a really throwing your country's 42:54 lower on now looking for when I'm 42:56 anymore Schengen he told me no I right 43:00 let's call later that he told me that 43:02 you want your honor of your Arabic 43:04 spaceship right now and then I i 43:07 realized that everything is years in 43:12 there isn't one 43:14 it's just a tree is one but it has many 43:17 branches that have thousands of branches 43:19 to it but it's one tree that trees and 43:22 nourishes and those everything for this 43:24 for the branches and the leaves and 43:26 everything so because i'm getting 24 43:31 hours no no I love fruit that's fine 43:34 no probably could have tried a thousand 43:38 retrieve my life or you know what i'm 43:40 talking about it's good to troll 43:42 beautiful to see the you know and people 43:44 together the pumpkin a pump the water up 43:47 and maybe they don't know the leads were 43:49 made together they don't understand the 43:52 mechanisms of the water time the water 43:55 getting up that big tree at night and 43:58 slice 43:59 I don't even talk about it I just 44:01 telling with two guys really want to 44:04 know 44:05 google it convincing because there's 44:09 some incredible information coming out 44:11 now about natural logs would be a dented 44:14 the wanted me to actually come from the 44:18 can actually wanted everything really 44:22 it's so sad to hear how you were treated 44:27 by the establishment in its it's such a 44:31 game such an ugly game really and he 44:34 should have been welcomed and let go as 44:37 far as fast as you could go in that 44:39 field and it but that's not the way the 44:41 species setup 44:43 I'm sorry I know what I i wondered for 44:46 years what the heck and i found out i 44:48 followed the money 44:49 somebody should probably money and i 44:50 found out that was playing as money you 44:53 said you're not just the most of it's 44:57 not out of line for the people for god 44:59 sakes no it's a dying all over my north 45:02 wall for those for the money and the 45:03 money was going to the field of blonde 45:05 sits up with along shortly to the money 45:09 coming around we're coming up on on time 45:15 to run to take a break here against top 45:18 of the hour and we will be right back 45:20 with more looking forward to this this 45:23 next hour we'll talk about Otis t-carr 45:27 and many more things as well with Ralph 45:30 and Marsha so come right back with this 45:33 we'll be back okay welcome back our 45:36 number two what you have heard and what 45:38 we have been able to experience together 45:40 in the first hour is really nothing less 45:42 than a very simple explanation as to why 45:46 physics is so damn difficult for super 45:51 gay people he this is one of the 45:55 greatest insights that I think has ever 45:58 been showcased or presented on this 46:01 program at 24 years the laws of nature 46:04 and how easy they can be and should be 46:07 and how it's all been corrupted and 46:10 perverted by the lust for money and 46:12 control and physics when I hear people i 46:17 know people in physics and they tell me 46:20 that everything that we're ever going to 46:23 really know has already been discovered 46:26 I mean I hear that kind of talk and it's 46:30 sad it's tragic 46:31 now all i can say is I i feel very 46:33 serious pity for people like that not 46:37 arrogant condescending pity but true 46:39 pity because this universe is so 46:42 magnificent and we know virtually 46:45 nothing talking to Ralph ring and Marsha 46:51 so Ralph please go ahead and let's uh 46:53 let's see where we go 46:55 ok and an inch of you your listeners 46:59 they probably want to get to the the 47:01 actual of what we've done and what we're 47:05 doing now and what he will be going in 47:07 the future 47:08 no I let me make an invitation to you 47:10 right now if we don't get through it in 47:12 the cellar and don't worry I you come 47:15 back and we'll spend more time as much 47:17 time as you need 47:18 very happy to do so please just take 47:21 your own pace and don't worry about 47:23 hurrying i love to hear the small 47:25 minutiae because there's such big things 47:28 and in minutia 47:30 yeah thank you thank you for lunch 47:33 that's beautiful 47:34 oh ok on my friend I I told him what I 47:37 tell that read that trying to talk to 47:43 people about changing their ways of 47:44 looking at something like talking to a 47:46 brick wall ladies all i hear the other 47:49 always means and i didn't want to appear 47:51 with your journey but I thought if you 47:55 could just take a moment to look at it 47:57 differently to permit you might see 47:59 something and didn't see before and that 48:01 might lead to something else him and he 48:04 get you into a different state of mind a 48:08 different way of looking at them and 48:13 then I thought well with me wanting of 48:17 the spaceship spiritual instead of the 48:20 month instead of but in as well as cars 48:24 go through these people could still 48:25 every lemme glad you remembered anything 48:29 but yeah but need something whatever 48:32 however 1954 woody i'm restoring so 48:36 there you go 48:37 oh haha right by my pad with 41 forward 48:41 o beautiful bit and that i loved it now 48:44 trapped in channel i had it help to 48:49 control the upholstery i have any and 48:52 all like oh you need sunglasses when you 48:54 open before and I get the picture BTW 48:56 yeah yeah they love of God 49:01 well anyway back to his story is he said 49:05 was already but what he will you what 49:08 you want to do 49:09 what if you want to change people the 49:11 way of looking at it is not gonna get 49:13 very far with what you're doing it 49:14 because I said well I want to build 49:17 spaceships because that's going to get 49:19 their interest because they see rocket 49:20 power and the bishop to so much easier 49:23 than expending all that time money and 49:26 you'll have to go to water and I gave an 49:29 example of in a circle crap which are 49:35 going to be talking about equality that 49:39 differences in the present technology 49:43 and the technology if you continue to 49:47 carry college that the natural flow of 49:50 of understanding things dramas Tesla and 49:54 then through car and many to me was that 49:58 day we have a rocket and you want to go 50:01 to China for Chinese food you have to 50:04 get that baby tool that was probably a 50:07 24 million dollars worth of fuel and the 50:10 time and energy to take together on the 50:12 platform and the time and and facing to 50:17 get out there and you go around 6,000 50:21 miles to China come down you have to get 50:23 a taxi or something negative training 50:26 restaurant but and I said now would what 50:30 and I'm getting a little out of context 50:32 here that I want to show the audience 50:34 what we're going to lie can explain 50:36 everything i'm just talking about sure 50:38 you could take a spaceship levitated 50:44 above the earth and let the earth 50:47 turning almost 4,000 miles an hour and 50:50 then when he gets around with China 50:53 you've been wasted no energy then you 50:55 just come down and with no no effort 50:59 have your chinese food you can land 51:02 right on top of the restaurant 51:03 I mean that's the differences in the 51:06 technologies the approaches understood 51:09 yeah just in time for dim sum 51:16 for each Pokemon I I want you to meet 51:19 some other people like you love it was 51:22 there the group called understanding and 51:24 it was created by a guy by the name of 51:26 Daniel Frye and it's here in costa mesa 51:30 the life of flying let's go so i went to 51:35 their names and I told him what I wanted 51:36 to do and then I heard all these 51:38 brilliant people were just beautifully 51:41 talented people that have refused to 51:44 toil anymore but decided to invent and 51:48 decided to create different ways and 51:51 means of doing things like all very 51:53 comfortable with all of them and they 51:55 were into UFOs in those days and Daniel 51:58 Frye was that are into that field and he 52:02 said the lodgement the group told me 52:05 that they knew of this oldest car who 52:08 had worked three years with Tesla he met 52:11 flies when you're going you use in his 52:14 study that he had it won't get up at the 52:17 hotel in new york hotel and enough and 52:22 the New York at the time and your time 52:24 at hotel where he passed on yes yes and 52:28 yes No 52:29 333 or something and get a problem to 52:34 work there and there isn't that the 52:35 court is the head click and take people 52:38 that out but he got acquainted with 52:40 Tesla and kept within 15 up to the stuff 52:44 and but prob wanted to know he said no I 52:47 don't want conventional anything I want 52:49 to know what we can do this to help 52:51 humanity make things simple and it was 52:56 ok you got it i'm gonna give it to you 52:59 i'm just about to do because too many 53:01 people have to pick a time at least 53:03 eight people and chase bank could 53:05 support its funding our lives because 53:08 with just those ideas and when he found 53:13 out the Tesla to grow that we don't need 53:15 wires and we don't need we don't need 53:18 telephone calls to the extreme wires 53:22 oh I can if you let me build up our and 53:27 he has already started because he's got 53:29 permission but he 53:30 maybe more than didn't understand the 53:36 the full of location of why this million 53:39 francs like this Wyclef yeah what yeah 53:42 warden like with 4 equals quite foot and 53:46 they said we can transport now we can 53:50 and I energy everywhere because the 53:54 energy specifically where we're going 53:56 with with was blowing at the end and 54:00 there's nothing to is put to understand 54:04 it and our clothes and so forth and all 54:07 it'll be in a word 32 people because 54:11 it's always been free with the Sun 54:13 before in all of me swim fire wherever 54:16 it's always been 54:18 unless otherwise stated the musical 54:20 youth tonight 54:21 alright alright he said you know that 54:26 there's no we don't need that better 54:28 than the people can instead of boiling 54:30 for literally can get into and what they 54:32 really came here to do which is to be 54:35 talented and creative magnificent 54:37 buildings magnificent artwork 54:40 magnificent everything because they love 54:43 what they're doing they're not they're 54:45 not resisting being told what to do for 54:49 the dollar and that's what makes all the 54:51 difference in the world it and yes you 54:54 do i do excuse me master one thing Rob 54:56 you just shit ride the way the concept 55:01 of working for compensation 55:04 it's all about getting paid to put up 55:08 and engage with resistance 55:11 I'm strange and always perfect that's 55:16 that's exactly what it is thank you for 55:17 helping me out well so I I told him my 55:26 idea I gotta get some people but they 55:29 won't listen to anything they don't want 55:31 to hear what I have to say about how 55:32 simple things are but how about if we 55:35 build spaceships because they don't have 55:38 an area and using magnetic energy which 55:41 I understand 55:42 thank you you've got embolus energy 55:45 wherever you go you'll never run out of 55:47 fuel is the manufacturing of the 55:50 physical craft if you want to call it a 55:52 physical craft can be done here and now 55:55 with the materials that we have here and 55:57 now and and beyond that started because 56:01 the lab then there can be interstellar 56:05 entertaining and relaxing crafts you can 56:07 go anywhere it would know the route 56:10 you'll donate looks no accidents could 56:13 never have access to the magnetic field 56:15 unless you want and and so you win 56:21 you're talking like a guy who's by the 56:23 name of cars out normal form of putting 56:25 on demonstrations with what he's calling 56:27 a spaceship and he's having trouble 56:30 because people think he's getting money 56:34 and trying to it was a scam and remember 56:36 there's no such thing as a spaceship and 56:38 stuff and they told me a little about 56:44 his background here did you can to the 56:47 lead patent officer nowdays plans for a 56:52 particular poor craft could use what 56:56 levitation and teleportation he was 57:00 talking about teleportation back in the 57:02 in the early early forties and fifties 57:06 and the Patent Office look at that no 57:11 you can't have levitation you can have 57:12 the teleportation that's ridiculous and 57:15 he goes out it will be a patent on 57:17 amusement device and so much to say I'm 57:24 trying to get it all and I'm freaking 57:27 time I got it I got a question here from 57:29 the literature I sure 57:31 greetings Jeff your first our guests 57:33 Ralph ring is associated with Otis 57:36 t-carr according to his website at the 57:39 oldest ich our website is a copy of the 57:42 patent for the flying disk device the 57:46 patent describes the disk device as an 57:49 amusement ride device for entertainment 57:52 from looking over Ralph rings website it 57:55 seems to me that he is suggesting that 57:57 this is a real flying disk device not an 58:02 entertainment ride device would you 58:04 please ask ralph why the patents stated 58:08 this device is a toy not as a real 58:11 flying disc and you're just answering 58:13 that right now 58:15 well is going to the closer it he was he 58:23 was that turn down the pad me said any 58:26 related to me later that he decided 58:32 integrated Commission who believe in 58:35 anything things were about various 58:37 security major a very unusual person you 58:42 are and he told me that that's what we 58:48 call me a life of already talking about 58:53 the we got the past don't look at me 58:56 should how does write a book and that 58:59 book is though is is available on our 59:01 website to incidentally blue star 59:03 enterprises one worders no break in 59:05 between boost our and applies because 59:09 sometimes it won't connect but either 59:12 that or well brings website building at 59:16 the website and there's a lot of 59:18 information there on our new bar on 59:20 dementia mystery which is no original 59:23 writing for the repose and palms 59:28 everything about it natural off how 59:30 these new things and outwards to do 59:33 things and he said I'm gonna write and 59:36 put the simplicity of everything that we 59:41 had to take out of a craft into these 59:43 writings and someday when the time is 59:46 right and somebody can be coded and give 59:50 it open source back to the people will 59:52 understand the simplicity codes are the 59:56 space station 59:58 so while looking at your site it does 60:02 come up perfectly when we click on it at 60:04 your name and guests goes right to it 60:08 blue star enterprise dot-com and you 60:12 look around the right is categories 60:15 ah Tesla Motors t-carr victor shall 60:19 burger 60:20 wow I see my buddy is one of my favorite 60:24 guys 60:25 Wow off while we have many programs to 60:29 do I think my friends ok ok that's a 60:32 name from Valhalla practically yeah yeah 60:36 well I about trying to I I another 60:42 interested in they had teleporting 60:44 slight experience that I had I'm trying 60:49 to get to it before we miss her too 60:52 close to the edge so I'll movie had that 60:55 too 60:56 they said he's in trouble living there 60:59 including with blood and everything and 61:01 they want to shut him down and he did 61:02 have an accident boot in one of the 61:04 hangars that he was working with it 61:07 would have been working with mercury at 61:09 the time and he said if it gets out of 61:12 hand can be very dangerous and would at 61:15 that time you did not heed not at the 61:18 edge of the crab he just got the 2 seams 61:22 together and just kind of filled with 61:24 the beam around there but he did not 61:28 look at me she's supposed to hook it 61:30 over because in raising the vibratory 61:35 rate of emission experiment it to injury 61:38 got to the things said in the hospital 61:41 it's always surprising like a but seemed 61:43 instead of collapsing you yesterday 61:45 Gilda that's exactly it 61:47 wow so add a channel of listen is in 61:52 trouble and you hear you only do this 61:55 and he's wanting to do it what we call 61:57 him and see if he would be interested in 62:00 getting together with you Holly you get 62:02 all you guys together 62:04 and moody understand agreeable support 62:08 you and backing up and everything else 62:10 and I the world you don't know much 62:12 about me but but i'm bored other percent 62:16 what they call women long story short 62:20 handle entourage about they ate traffic 62:23 eight maybe more eight people over and 62:29 we had a PR people and they had our 62:31 engineers and businesses to women anyhow 62:36 he's they would you come out to 62:38 California meet with Ralph and if we can 62:42 provide a facility so you could do this 62:46 without being interrupted or disturbed 62:48 or photo they get out which we 62:52 interested they hopped on the next plane 62:55 almost all it took a couple of weeks but 62:57 they came out with with everybody to 63:00 costa mesa and he never will be 63:02 understanding group lot of wonderful 63:04 people are up 63:06 I i can get into them later and your 63:10 aunt apple and Gabriel gray and my gosh 63:13 there's a lot of people that were really 63:14 sincerely dedicated to helping and 63:17 change their ways this is what are 63:19 amazing to hear all this and great in 63:22 costa mesa 63:24 yeah I want to every day ray Junior High 63:27 School Wilson element was a may nominate 63:30 elementary school and at this is all 63:33 because it's just it's boggling my mind 63:38 here again it's so correct and it's so 63:41 it'sit's everything is fitting it's not 63:44 this i'm not surprised by it it's just 63:47 wonderful 63:49 it's a wonderful revelation to realize 63:51 what has what had been going on I was 63:54 visited by a very strange man I was in 63:56 the ninth grade in high school in costa 63:58 mesa i will talk maybe sometime about 64:00 that privately but they're there were 64:02 some things there that that were beyond 64:06 cutting-edge beyond and please go ahead 64:09 yeah okay also i met with card 64:16 and then with it with all these people 64:17 and wonderful god these guys would like 64:20 from another planet these guys were way 64:22 before i head of conventional everything 64:25 and we could balance and communicate our 64:28 level of that was a a quite extensive 64:35 and quite unique very simple and then 64:42 we're throwing ideas but import all 64:44 their lives once we get this done we can 64:46 do that in the other and because yeah 64:48 man this whole we can rebuild the planet 64:51 with beautiful playing just all wash 64:53 square 64:54 oh they said you're engaged take your 64:57 your crew and heading out to Center Lake 65:04 Arrowhead and we've got a big beautiful 65:08 cabin up there that you guys can stay 65:13 out until we figure we can do so we did 65:18 we were not there and that's when I 65:20 really got to know car he ate he was 65:23 like talking to somebody from another 65:25 multi-dimensions because everything i 65:28 could go into hee hee news enough to 65:33 talk about it with me and then I know 65:35 enough to your question answered back to 65:37 him that I was beautiful just garlic 65:40 with this extraordinary and we said look 65:43 let's do it let's build these things and 65:47 I don't know it is familiar with the way 65:51 the mind was that you have a wat if 65:53 you're gonna want forever to get 65:55 something done but if you have an 65:57 intention and motivation to help people 66:00 it will come to you it will show you all 66:02 that you want that you need this you 66:05 need that and a week later after we were 66:07 up there we got a call from the 66:10 understanding that we got your place it 66:12 in the valley hysteria California 66:18 and it's a great big huge facility and 66:24 it's yours too 66:26 don't ask too many questions you don't 66:28 need to i mean if you want to you can 66:30 but it just go and so we went down and 66:33 he was just got hit it already got a 66:36 machine shop and already had to land i 66:38 already have all these facilities that 66:40 we would love to have in a lab in 66:43 another place to work and so we want to 66:46 work right away on on unknown are you 66:51 doing prototypes and now am I talking 66:57 the car he agreed with me that you're 67:01 not going to avoid people of my talking 67:04 to only consider to waste the time 67:06 you're going to have to give them 67:08 something a little beyond their 67:09 conscious awareness felt something just 67:12 out of touch so that they have been 67:14 reached for and then you might get them 67:17 to look at things differently and I said 67:20 well as the spaceship with build a ship 67:22 at and we're going to do that so we 67:30 started with other smaller craft that 67:33 everything in the meantime he had had 67:35 them until everything we put together 67:38 actually 21 was done or not done the 67:42 45-foot craft and we were having our 67:49 little prototype school all around apple 67:52 valley and everything and people at that 67:54 time but they were applied for officers 67:56 it's like one of those people that have 68:00 commented on ax names change Gilligan 68:03 going to learn the Golan the Washington 68:07 told color someone who security could 68:09 see all of a little class by all over 68:12 the place with metal longer around 68:14 actually treat that it is you can see in 68:18 the dark and he wanted to go over there 68:21 with his mother was scared to death of 68:22 the HTC don't go hear that 68:24 places they're doing strange same thang 68:28 produces these were how big these are 68:33 the three brothers small ones 68:36 uh-huh we had 12 inch ones we had well 68:40 god we had different that I don't think 68:43 we had any 6-foot stop it we just got 68:47 our communal achievement everybody 68:50 played a role in it is you you 68:51 constructed this heard it primarily come 68:53 from car and what role did you play in 68:56 it and and you've got a three-foot UAVs 69:00 so to speak 69:03 I'm curious as to how is controlled as 69:06 well so first of all who constructed 69:08 this is first prototype that was flying 69:10 all over apple valley the home of roy 69:13 and Dale yeah I and sugar was there for 69:18 a long time out he's god yes well close 69:24 University information we would spend 69:27 time rather than more games we sit 69:29 around in a semi meditative state and 69:34 just to like I was like I think tank 69:36 with two ideas around the room and in 69:40 the space of a lunch break we have 69:43 scrapped what we were doing and found a 69:47 new way of doing it a different way of 69:49 doing it and so everybody was working 69:53 together on it about the consensus was 69:56 that and the missus this is going into 70:00 the download the beat down the rabbit 70:02 also hope people stay with it long 70:06 enough to look into it for themselves 70:08 just my word but it's states of 70:12 consciousness that you have to to look 70:15 for within yourself and maintain a 70:19 rhythm of vibratory rate that above the 70:25 mundane above the regular above the 70:29 everyday stuff 70:32 and that's when you get these being 70:36 brilliant ideas they just kind of come 70:38 together out of the ethers they just is 70:40 feeling maybe in your mind and you have 70:44 some underlying next 90 people together 70:46 number in order that you you got away 70:48 from all the noise all the chaos and he 70:51 has a purity of state of purity in which 70:55 there was nothing obstructing the free 70:59 flow of the order of nature it has this 71:03 is exactly thank you 71:06 if they can get and so we in fact one of 71:13 the later visited mrs. shawn james 71:15 gilligan as a father yet but does he 71:18 have the interview shows or something 71:19 and all that you may have heard of it 71:22 and i don't know i know i did James yes 71:25 he's been on this program many years ago 71:27 yeah okay good well it's always later 71:30 that he was along with a couple of 71:33 police opportunity charged with the 71:35 experiment that we do the 45 so they 71:37 each it was also a visual on earth he 71:41 saw the experiment and so we at last at 71:46 this is a pass out there with ocean 71:50 because when you talk about this the 71:53 people and they'll be on your hands 71:55 especially when I told mikey mike leader 71:57 isn't really there 71:58 I just imagine have you know don't come 72:03 to that will want nothing most people ha 72:05 long behind this now that the three 72:08 footers that were flying around just for 72:10 our listeners and they had I know what 72:14 you'd call it a little ring of this ring 72:17 of light up we could call the plasmas to 72:20 be pedestrian but what was how are they 72:23 controlled was ok we'll reel now around 72:27 the purity of the ship is not the area 72:30 to the ship 72:31 yes and 72:33 first one we didn't have remote controls 72:36 like they have now that you can do just 72:38 about anything with remote style days 72:40 but we didn't have that and car head 72:42 when you were at the arrowhead 72:44 continually talked to us about 72:48 consciousness but we have so much power 72:52 within us that we're not using we're 72:55 going to turn around and use it to build 72:58 spaceships and the way you do that is 73:01 recognized in real life who you really 73:03 are and get away from the synthetic 73:06 ourselves that we think we are to be 73:09 authentic self who we really are and 73:12 when you get into that ball part man 73:14 things will just start cooking you do 73:16 you'll just put everything together 73:18 you just told us exactly what and i 73:20 don't mean to interrupt but I want to 73:22 amplify on his very important statement 73:24 this is what's wrong with our way of 73:28 life 73:29 we're all synthesized we're all created 73:32 to be essentially reflective of the 73:35 image of the money to delete and how 73:39 they want the servant class the survival 73:42 class to appear to behave to think to 73:45 interact not to progress not to be 73:48 proactive but just to be reactive 73:50 waiting for some stimulator come along 73:53 that's how it that's how it plays out 73:55 and you just you just said it perfectly 73:58 oh thank you thank you 74:01 I'm not always sure what I'm saying 74:03 sometimes if it makes any sense but 74:05 basically we realized that we had to put 74:08 our brain in another perspective we had 74:12 to look at the Blaine to have the 74:13 computer that operated machine which is 74:16 called the of any negative political 74:21 world of the body which is really a 74:24 machine a very wary of well-calculated 74:27 well-oiled machine but we had to put it 74:30 to sleep because it would keep 74:32 interfering with the conventional or 74:35 external influences that would keep 74:37 trying to come come in to us 74:39 and change your thoughts change your way 74:42 of looking at things 74:43 uh-huh hello we educate him I focused 74:48 all the time in a meditative step while 74:51 we were working why we're building and 74:53 water we had to touch the products we 74:55 had to get acquainted with the park and 74:58 it was very very nice to me because i 75:01 have I feel right at home but car too 75:05 we've got the reason the consciousness 75:07 of everybody to change the part that 75:09 you're not going to do it another way 75:11 and we want to Billie spaceships to give 75:14 them something to shoot for and they all 75:16 like a spaceship you know you don't know 75:18 how they operate 75:19 well now that comes to these please 75:23 answer the question that you posed a few 75:26 minutes ago the world are operated is 75:32 with the energy that we have have 75:37 collected beings used as and through and 75:41 other the energy of what's around us the 75:44 etheric energy last error per se not but 75:49 not water or anything to say 75:54 pyrrhic energy now might be going 75:57 popular says the opposite of the 75:59 elements i got the alley should also 76:04 closed community said we're going to be 76:09 going to have to operate these things 76:12 the way to test the waters to just let 76:17 told me years ago visual voice the time 76:21 to build things in the in ways that will 76:24 need to show people that they're not 76:27 necessary then he says eventually 76:30 they'll get to a point where they 76:32 realize they've got they can do all this 76:33 in their mind and put it is that's what 76:36 Tesla did eat we go and do what we want 76:40 to create a dream state or a visionary 76:42 state and he had the whole project 76:44 download the dynamos at the instant the 76:49 Niagara were all inside before even put 76:51 this too 76:52 curtain and made it all happen I mean it 76:54 was written and he said you've got to 76:57 use your mind but his knowledge you're 76:59 listening to your your external solves 77:02 your pathetic self which is the everyday 77:07 or guide i guess to go to work and put 77:10 the time clock is going to be told you 77:13 will because many are you going to get 77:15 enough sleep come back to work in the 77:16 morning and then you might get a 77:18 paycheck the end of the week or 77:20 something and then told 77:24 we had to stay completely away from any 77:27 temptation to engage in anything love 77:31 with things that we couldn't do it 77:33 wouldn't do it or any distraction at all 77:38 and it was easy because we were all in 77:40 the kind of different state of mind 77:41 anyway and we had we have people helping 77:47 us brothers watching life that was very 77:51 interesting and attractive exist 77:55 officially your listeners are against 77:58 programming that was done in the fifties 78:00 54 56 called galaxy and itself it was 78:10 our boost to some tops from beings from 78:16 other places not saying platter my 78:19 playing interest just other states of 78:23 consciousness talking about magnetic 78:26 talking about life on the planet how we 78:31 got this way and now we cannot use a 78:35 television program 78:37 no it'sit's a enjoying the radio I think 78:40 you can still get a copy of that if you 78:42 can't i can send out the fact that got 78:44 on the website Harding it's always 78:48 galaxy and actually don't have caught 78:53 the other here and it's it's left over 78:57 to this that there must be 40 to 50 60 79:01 70 80 different talks on on topics that 79:04 don't make sense conventionally we all 79:07 make sense 79:08 naturally and everything they talk about 79:10 and it's livery and you had on his 79:14 on-site yes yeah we can we have 79:18 reservation bill nice should tell you 79:21 our website has been taken out a lot you 79:25 know if they've always harassed me and 79:27 I've had about how many computers & and 79:30 internal work but this last time they 79:33 took the website out 79:34 alright i go to regrow daddy and I 79:37 talked to them about it makes it up now 79:39 they came in and somebody baby baby 79:42 either didn't want to tell me or they 79:44 didn't know to destroy to where he 79:47 couldn't be put back together for some 79:49 reason I will inquire it's just public 79:52 information and I'm just I'm just 79:54 obvious trying to get some information 79:55 out huh 79:57 and so you but you know that is 79:59 absolutely no way we can help you 80:01 because they tore it up pretty bad but I 80:04 turned over my situation to my higher 80:09 consciousness if you will which means 80:13 medication or which means taking energy 80:16 from yon and suddenly magnificent being 80:22 showed up and tutors name is aaron a.k.a 80:29 are all and um you don't be ridiculous 80:37 and he says I'm here to help high time 80:41 that I'm come from different about my 80:44 background but i'm here to help a look 80:46 at your website back on because he and i 80:49 told him i'm getting hundreds and 80:51 hundreds and hundreds of requests to 80:52 what happened to your website and 80:55 everything he says I know how to do it i 80:57 used to work for godaddy and I know what 81:01 do they don't want to know or something 81:03 and i can do it for you and all about 81:05 it's all okay so now we're coming back 81:08 he does every day putting a new a new 81:12 link a new page i knew something on the 81:17 website 81:18 I and that's just started a couple 81:20 months ago I mean it's just very slowly 81:22 coming back so it's going to build its 81:25 power and we've got a system now that is 81:27 so secure its little over a Linux which 81:33 we have it it's it's just it's a it's a 81:38 system that could protect itself 81:42 a minute hearing I'm going on tonight 81:44 pretty well-protected is aaron dirty 81:47 snow here helping heroes 81:50 he just got back to mud at the word be 81:53 in la at the LAX for the the confidence 81:57 yeah o.o real cautious here a little 82:00 cards and goodies 82:01 yes that is he has called this design is 82:06 way back now I mean been in conference 82:10 with the poor david wilcock when he 82:13 enjoyed the conference they told us all 82:14 about it but he's still working with his 82:17 laptop so he sees and including long 82:20 distance on the website as we go and i'm 82:23 finding stuff I concerning all the time 82:25 and and he's located here in Northern 82:29 California and and and we're neighbors 82:34 almost immediately driving distance 82:38 great and even that was good so it's 82:41 coming back and sounds like you will 82:42 have the proper kind of security of the 82:46 world an able to remain grip we're 82:50 getting moving back to the just 82:51 mentioned mystery which would never had 82:54 that the no poetry and so forth is when 82:58 the time comes for this to be decoded 83:00 the does that probably information on 83:04 out of Richard self your own spaceship 83:07 and everything else will come back and 83:09 buy the guy the spaceships will come 83:11 back because it's never really been very 83:14 long off the planet the mainland it had 83:17 me going to areas that we can't see but 83:21 but there's that never left it's always 83:24 been prevalent on different levels of 83:26 consciousness assistant so were like 83:34 okay day has dimensions of mr. away 83:38 yeah so that along like everything else 83:41 that when you're only natural our 83:43 kingdom us we didn't do one thing they 83:45 came to us a guy by the name of it 83:48 de and and and you don't think i should 83:55 say his last name it 83:57 well we got no secrets but ok he's a 83:59 good trend not a very dedicated person 84:02 helping humanity and he said he'd like 84:05 to me we could potentially ministration 84:08 and get back to work car horns and more 84:12 credit ok he is the oldest cars book of 84:17 available 84:18 yes ok it's it's like me 84:23 well it's a manuscript if it involves at 84:28 the book e-book and it can be downloaded 84:31 office awful lot of website in a 84:33 regional forum I a long side of that any 84:38 case it's not completely back up yet 84:41 take somebody can contact us and we can 84:44 get it to him and recorded copy of the 84:47 Interior decoding everything that car 84:50 and testified put into kilograms said 84:53 yes yes yes sir mine was not in spirit 84:58 wear it was car you know connected to 85:03 Tesla up until the end of Tesla's life 85:05 as we know life and it doesn't sound 85:10 like it was all that many years later 85:11 that that you got involved with him he 85:14 was I wonder how he was changed by Tesla 85:17 it seemed to be kindred spirits to a 85:20 degree 85:21 did he ever talk about Tesla in terms of 85:25 being a life-changing experience for him 85:28 he has how did he describe it is that 85:32 every every time you talk to test later 85:34 another world because this guy was 85:36 coming off with simplicity that car 85:39 would understand me and I don't know 85:42 what cards initial background was but he 85:44 could understand what I was talking 85:46 about and and they they got along very 85:50 very well together and he said that all 85:54 teslo according to the haha 85:59 it also was here to do 86:01 just to bring back simplicity and let's 86:04 let's go back to this is just the basic 86:08 natural laws and let everybody be pre no 86:15 secret all transparency on all levels so 86:19 that we all understand more like a pair 86:22 playing field and how we can play 86:24 together using honesty using he trusts 86:27 you want to save the planet have you had 86:29 his way 86:30 oh yes sir it sure was taking his other 86:33 way 86:34 that's why they had to do something and 86:38 a lot that was just diminishes fun to 86:43 kind of isolate him from you know what 86:46 he was doing that only has he should 86:50 require I want to pass father you you 86:53 can't sit on if you can't make it but 86:55 someday they gotta come back to the 86:57 simplicity of natural law and keep 87:00 passing it on and car when he was 87:04 talking to us we explain this 87:08 that's that's all you hear that 87:10 everything is already here there's 87:11 nothing outside here this one's already 87:14 didn't create an incident in your 87:16 imagination everything you look at it is 87:19 it nanoseconds being created to it could 87:22 get this is where you have the girl is 87:26 is no into the rabbit hole you have to 87:29 go into your inner intersect the 87:31 Mariners and what you intend to do not 87:39 want to do and you can use any what's 87:42 referred to as negative connotations on 87:44 it won't work can it's feared outer or 87:47 anything related to to anything but love 87:52 we had the loves what you're looking for 87:54 and love what you think you can do until 87:56 you can do and I know my wife's looking 88:00 at me I'm getting carried away here with 88:02 i have already i understand real 42 88:05 saying I i do I 88:08 know how good that I've always felt that 88:13 I could do whatever I wanted to do i 88:19 wasn't i was limitless and I think you 88:22 have the same feeling and and probably 88:24 much more than that and what you want 88:26 your table just connect me to that realm 88:30 there are no impediments 88:33 yes then at all unless you put them 88:37 there 88:37 that's right off that's right love haha 88:41 yup it's great 88:43 please i want to get to the poet or so 88:45 you can understand about the all our 88:50 intention was to wake people up and get 88:53 back to natural law and order to do that 88:55 we thought we had the ability spaceships 88:57 and that would get their attention away 89:00 from blocking pollen and all of other 89:03 things they do over that and then and 89:06 we'll all star trek star wars started 89:09 happening and people became well maybe 89:12 there is something so we felt that was a 89:14 good Avenue for us to operate through 89:18 negative and but underneath we were 89:21 raising their consciousness because the 89:23 operational enough to operate the craft 89:28 you have to use your rind is just a 89:34 nutrition intuition thank you here is 89:38 your belief between find agree well the 89:43 brain is basically I mean excusing any 89:46 word you care about it's really a 89:48 computer that operates tenant it its 89:52 whole job is taking care of the physical 89:54 form that seems to be and it does not 89:58 interested in area Terry or spaceships 90:00 sure it's not interested in anything but 90:03 that in fact that little reject you 90:05 couldn't respond with tremendous 90:07 resistance again anything that changes 90:11 its status quo their so-called intellect 90:14 yeah its so-called this girl 90:19 right now so yes and oh yeah good mind 90:30 evangelist I mean even called whatever 90:32 you want to call it a higher power 90:37 source your father different words for 90:41 Martian i just referred to as God 90:44 because we in essence they play with it 90:47 and everything we look at is God so we 90:49 night we become friends with everything 90:51 and everybody I mean that's we're not 90:54 completely there yet and I'm not saying 90:56 that but we do this on a regular basis 90:59 and it catches on it multiplies itself 91:01 so that we can look at anything but 91:04 goodness or anything but godliness or 91:06 anything that that is beautiful i mean 91:09 we take the worst possible conditions 91:11 and this is where this we may lose for 91:14 the audience think I'm loony but you 91:17 reach a state level i missed it was 91:21 shared from tested the car to me where 91:26 everything is good that we've never left 91:30 a place with goodness we just think we 91:33 have because we've changed and the 91:36 source never kicked us out we could 91:38 source up after we we decided to do it 91:42 on salt and we got ourselves we quite a 91:44 spread of this deadly situation but he 91:50 says don't worry and it's all in what he 91:53 called the blind plan and that's coming 91:57 from the rosicrucian background I think 91:59 and he said all as well we just don't 92:02 see it that way so if you can get people 92:04 to look at things differently and start 92:06 tweaking their their perception the way 92:09 they look at things in the way they feel 92:11 about something that will begin to to 92:15 raise their consciousness automatically 92:17 the little go up and where they feel 92:20 differently about about themselves about 92:23 their either surroundings or job that 92:26 their relationships and everything else 92:29 and Mabel get to the point 92:31 where we got to and I should be with him 92:35 now in case we have to show off for 92:38 everybody and romance left just so you 92:40 know okay we have to go to general 92:42 motors that we had the product of 92:44 working and we had to go to general 92:45 motors have the BR manufacture and we 92:49 had a heck of a time they come out of 92:51 rampant couple to the citizens from 92:53 engineers and we had a small model that 92:56 a 12 inch model and a briefcase car 92:58 product and we said on marketing 93:00 directors the directors desk and we'd 93:05 like you to be take the wheel off the 93:07 ground which is ruining everything with 93:10 cement and asphalt and from a political 93:12 position turning into a horizontal 93:14 position and create vehicles little 93:18 little light above the earth not only 93:21 record and so I don't have that kind of 93:26 time here that to make a long story 93:28 short they said what you're talking 93:31 about and maybe Carly over the briefcase 93:33 out came our little 12 inch model and 93:36 started levitating around the room just 93:39 moving around and he said well how you 93:42 doing that mate could you take your 93:44 jacket off and that was before loads but 93:47 they wanted to see if we have any 93:49 physical device operating well uh huh 93:52 could it took since its concentrated 93:55 effort that we have in annoying 93:58 systematically system only system can be 94:01 broken every day you believe in this 94:03 believe all card but when you know what 94:06 you're doing it doesn't change because 94:08 you within the realm of truth i 94:11 understand you are truly just wrapped 94:13 around the room with our mind which Lucy 94:17 I love this chair almost they came over 94:20 and look at the top we have electronic 94:21 top so they could look at the top of the 94:24 craft and it lowers your ignition switch 94:27 were just during though we don't have 94:30 those things that there's different it's 94:33 called a steric energy that were using 94:35 is called esoteric understanding that 94:38 were using and he said you guys are 94:42 outlaws we have hundreds of thousand 94:44 people want to pay 94:45 long you gonna disrupt it was going the 94:48 now it's very special same thing as this 94:51 as the JPMorgan was telling Tessa just 94:58 like yeah how you gonna put a meter on 95:02 all this energy mr. Tesla yeah and and 95:06 he said because I know the time short he 95:08 said just just go get out of here you 95:11 guys are outlaws and I don't want to do 95:14 it and if you guys to put them up we'll 95:16 make sure we shoot them down we don't 95:17 need your kind of stuff the gallery 95:20 stuff that's the dark side that's here 95:22 all the money that's that's evil 95:25 oh one of those yet to do the city so we 95:30 went back he fired up the 45-foot craft 95:33 and I'm i teleported downrange 10 miles 95:35 from came back and that was viewed by 95:37 these police officers and and james 95:40 gilligan that what you're doing it 95:42 gilja normal and get a lot of land here 95:46 and four year without a grand market my 95:50 dad 2 1960 I think we like right after 95:54 Christmas had nothing to eat 95:56 yeah I'm not sure you're out and an 95:59 apple valley and yes you have you picked 96:04 a 45-foot model on the little a little 96:07 trip and brought it back and we're 96:11 Gilliland's large from a distance from 96:12 his flavors really he has I don't know 96:15 where you think i was surprised to even 96:17 witnesses I don't worry was like to go 96:20 to his place to the mother said you're 96:22 not going over there just like an 96:25 already live but yeah it's you know yes 96:29 the GM people by recommend that everyone 96:34 pay attention that little vignette 96:35 because that's that's what's doing the 96:38 planet that is always have if we can 96:42 only break loose from that but I don't I 96:44 just I'm not pessimistic I'm realistic 96:47 I think it's ingrained and taught and 96:49 constantly socially engineered into 96:52 people's subconsciousness 96:54 but they're not going to be able to walk 96:56 away from its like the people who get 96:58 cancer and go to the oncologist and say 97:00 he'll me doctor when the point of fact 97:03 the only person that can heal themselves 97:07 and then everything under the excuse 97:10 that they sure do in ninety-six percent 97:12 of oncologists will reuse the typical 97:16 radiation surgery and chemotherapy they 97:19 won't go near it 97:20 they know it doesn't work they know it 97:22 does terrible cruel death for people but 97:25 that's the paradigm they're stuck in it 97:28 and all they've got mortgages maybe that 97:31 kids and got this meant that everyone's 97:34 got a rationale for it's too bad but 97:37 that's that's what controls our species 97:39 are planted in our way of life the dark 97:42 side and how to get away from that I 97:44 don't know Ralph I i think for right now 97:47 it will remain in the hands on the minds 97:50 of the the beings of a very relatively 97:53 few individuals on the planet that he 97:56 just is this where it is right now 97:58 one only one of the shelves and I just 98:01 going to throw this out there because 98:03 it's it's time from anonymous sources 98:06 all over the globe of invisible people 98:10 follow the globe and white hats look 98:13 picture called all over the globe 98:16 quietly working behind the shadow 98:19 government amongst giving them the 98:21 option to join us to make this for 98:24 peaceful and loving world again or get 98:27 lost one way or another 98:28 crying there's a showdown coming i agree 98:31 go down right now 98:33 yeah listen we are out of time and I 98:36 want to thank you and I look forward to 98:38 our next visit hopefully we can do that 98:41 at your convenience very soon and we'll 98:43 continue our conversation has just been 98:46 wonderful and I thank you Mark you very 98:48 much for bringing this young man along 98:50 with you and lighting in part yes yeah 98:55 she she's got lots to share but thank 98:58 you so much for being a wonderful 99:00 interviewer yes it's a eight and i 99:03 really do your talking with it just 99:05 thank you 99:05 very much right and in closing I just 99:08 like to to give something to the 99:11 audience think about that they're taught 99:14 in school that there is time and space 99:17 and they work all formulas and exercises 99:21 and everything off on that promise they 99:23 don't tell them that 99:25 Alex of this system that we regard and 99:29 the original plan space we created we 99:33 created a third dimension using five 99:35 senses to measure to to work with but 99:38 things together and engine the essence 99:41 there is no time space which means we 99:44 can go from point A to point B instant 99:46 like we don't need to even think about 99:50 getting a vehicle going but we can 99:53 because that's fun but you don't have to 99:55 understand very good well said we'll 99:58 talk soon 99:59 Ralph Martin to thank you you'd be well 100:01 like it's just very much thank you fish 100:05 well I was terrific and we will have 100:10 them back and continue

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