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Transcript : millions of concerned citizens are 0:37 overwhelmed by the rapid demoralization 0:40 of America are these changes natural 0:43 grassroots movements or the work of 0:46 social engineers who profit from the 0:49 decline of our nation we believe the 0:51 decline of America is not inevitable and 0:55 when citizens understand what is 0:56 happening we will rise for justice to 1:01 the true America we will overcome 1:11 recently leaked documents of hedge fund 1:18 globalist George Soros and his Open 1:21 Society Foundations revealed that the 1:23 Atheist billionaire behind Barack Obama 1:25 and Hillary Clinton is funding a massive 1:28 network of organizations 1:31 then even curious ministers who attack 1:34 not only political opposition but who 1:40 advanced sources radical and 1:42 comprehensive social agenda for America 1:45 these leaks are confirmed by RS and web 1:50 documents of open society and related 1:52 foundations like a bully on the 1:54 playground thesaurus network has 1:56 profited by funding the decline of 1:58 cultures and economies I i am 2:01 particularly interested in changes in 2:05 the rules of the game in nineteen thirty 2:07 soros was born in Hungary George's role 2:10 model was his father 2:12 vivitar Schwartz who sold information 2:14 about fellow Jews to the Nazi regime it 2:18 was actually probably the happiest day 2:20 of my life that year of german 2:23 occupation changing their name to soros 2:27 the family moved to England where George 2:30 study at the socialist london school of 2:32 economics through his quantum fund he 2:38 amassed wealth by influencing events 2:40 elections and currencies in Asia Russia 2:43 and Europe in 1992 he broke the Bank of 2:47 England in france he became a convicted 2:50 felon for insider trading as sources 2:53 global network weekend sovereign nations 2:56 it grows in wealth and power millions of 2:59 people suffer the consequences for 3:04 several decades their target has been 3:05 America 3:07 through his open society foundations 3:09 soros postures himself as a 3:11 philanthropist who has spent over 10 3:13 billion dollars to fundamentally 3:15 transform America what is the so-called 3:19 progressive network doing to us and how 3:21 they advanced educational content in our 3:24 schools the transgender movement drug 3:29 legalization the sex worker industry 3:32 abortion euthanasia open borders the 3:38 flow of Islamic refugees and voting 3:41 schemes the formula seems to be billions 3:44 of dollars to activists and organizers 3:46 and funding to the media funding to rent 3:50 administers and funding to judges and 3:52 politicians which results in the 3:54 fundamental transformation of America 3:57 let's take a closer look circle one 3:59 money joined by other globalist 4:02 foundations like Ford tides gill marcus 4:05 Rockefeller and Carnegie of New York 4:08 thesaurus Network offers near infinite 4:11 money to organizers and activists who 4:13 create and SCORM own events and issues 4:15 to agitate political drama 4:18 [Music] 4:25 [Music] 4:34 while funding hundreds of media channels 4:49 and technology networks 4:53 [Music] 4:59 to make their Street Theater our 5:03 national narratives to give the 5:05 impression of the moral high ground 5:07 thesaurus network also funds what they 5:10 call evangelical and Catholic mascots to 5:13 serve as surprising validators for their 5:15 anti-christian projects and candidates 5:18 imagine the evil of using a Christian 5:20 front 2d Christianize the culture and 5:23 nation in this video clip from the New 5:28 America Foundation and executive admits 5:30 their rent an evangelical model of 5:32 social change doing a sort of rent and 5:36 evangelical as we used to call it on the 5:37 national security side of red general 5:40 out model the network funds religious 5:43 groups including Jim Wallace's 5:45 sojourners pico faith in public life 5:49 faithful America Richard sizes new 5:52 evangelical partnership tell us j street 5:55 national council of churches 5:56 evangelicals for human like Catholics 5:58 United Catholics and Alliance for the 6:01 common good Catholics for choice and 6:03 through the network's national 6:05 immigration form a fund religious groups 6:07 advancing open borders amnesty and voter 6:09 registration for their new America 6:14 rather than advancing the whole council 6:19 Scripture as the highest love for people 6:21 and culture these useful ministers 6:24 assist non-christian policies project 6:26 and politicians with faith works optics 6:28 organizing and medium to confuse 6:31 Christian and other value voters to 6:33 recruit the church into the radical 6:35 political agenda 6:40 and to help the left politicians get 6:42 elected 6:44 [Music] 7:00 [Music] 7:23 you are absolutely right that John 7:30 looking has not talked about my muscle 7:35 pain and you're absolutely right that is 7:37 not humping but my Christian admire it 7:47 enormously your tenacity provision 7:55 [Music] 8:04 all of which works to fundamentally 8:06 transform America 8:25 one thing 8:29 transforming the United States thesaurus 8:34 network of money and activists breaks 8:37 down life-giving wisdom of marriage and 8:39 the family with progressive education 8:41 alternative identities and sexualities 8:44 abortion and soon euthanasia 9:46 the network grows government power taxes 9:49 welfare dependency and debt 9:55 thesaurus network break 9:58 society and ethnic harmony by hiring 10:00 organizers to create street theater that 10:03 becomes our ugly national narratives 10:35 the network advances illegal migration 10:38 an unvetted refugees bringing crime 10:41 disease drugs and even terror to America 10:48 the Bible teaches 10:50 lies welcome not open borders 11:04 the network advances many Islamist 11:07 projects endangering Europe Israel and 11:09 America 11:23 it ate President Obama's nuclear deal 11:25 giving 150 billion dollars to Iran a 11:29 state sponsor of terror 11:42 now after eight years of President Obama 11:45 forcing open borders the network is 11:47 supporting voter fraud by documenting 11:49 undocumented people to vote 11:58 turn your centers Islamic centers masks 12:02 into registration centers for voters 12:05 into calling stations during the 12:08 election time that lives matter is our 12:12 campaign 12:14 and after decades of collaboration with 12:17 the Clintons George Soros is now the 12:20 chairman of ready for Hillary PAC we 12:23 have been given an extraordinary 12:25 blessing and at this moment in time our 12:29 country needs us and we need people like 12:34 george soros who is fearless and willing 12:38 to step up when it counts the formula 12:43 works and here's the key the well funded 12:46 and organized minority the sort of 12:48 network overwhelms the unorganized 12:50 majority 12:55 this method of 12:58 consequences throughout the 20th century 13:00 and now advances a radical progressive 13:03 political and social agenda that is 13:05 regressive and openly hostile to the 13:07 church and nation 13:27 what's the end goal demoralizing and 13:30 weakening the one strong America grows 13:33 unchecked power of a tiny globally I 13:36 have to experiment and it was after the 13:39 learning process the first part was this 13:43 subversive activity disrupting a 13:46 repaired oppressive regimes that was a 13:50 lot of fun 13:56 this is now our 13:58 the faith for our nation and for the 14:00 human race against the godless 14:02 dehumanizing machine 14:15 it's time for the church and nation to 14:17 up to these tactics of transformation or 14:20 what we might call killing America it's 14:23 time to speak truth to power because the 14:25 true America is more loving and 14:27 life-giving than the New America of 14:29 global social engineers our silence in 14:33 the face of this onslaught is 14:34 unchristian an American and unloving as 14:38 dietrich bonhoeffer warn the church in 14:39 the nineteen thirties silence in the 14:42 face of evil is itself evil what can 14:46 fake from Americans do one share this 14:49 video to vote three 14:53 let's buy it again in the roots of the 14:55 American experiment let's regrow the 14:57 branches of culture that the tree of 14:59 culture could heal and again flourish on 15:02 the strong foundation of the Bible our 15:04 Declaration and constitution let's 15:07 rebuild every pillar of our nation from 15:09 the foundation up for the kingdom of God 15:12 and for the nation we are called to 15:15 Stuart it's time for the common citizen 15:18 to abide in God's truth for strength and 15:20 courage to love one another by embracing 15:23 biblical and constitutional wisdom to 15:25 rebuild our broken foundation to be the 15:28 people to be God's people and to rise 15:33 because of LA

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