What is The 'Deep State' ?

The 'Deep State' Explained

Every Four years, tempers are tested and marriages fray as Americans head to the polls to cast their votes. But does anyone really care what we think? Has our vaunted political system become one big, expensive, painfully scripted reality TV show? In this cringe-inducing expose of the sins and excesses of Beltwayland, a longtime Republican party insider argues that we have become an oligarchy in form if not in name. Hooked on war, genuflecting to big donors, in thrall to discredited economic theories and utterly bereft of a moral compass, America’s governing classes are selling their souls to entrenched interest while our bridges collapse, wages, stagnate, and our water is increasingly undrinkable. Drawing on sinsights gleaned over three decades on Capitol Hill, much of it on the Budget Committee, Lofgren paints a gripping portrait of the dismal swamp on the Potomac and the revolution it will take to reclaim our government and set us back on course.

The Deep State by Mike Lofgren is a truly important book of contemporary history. Like a diagnosis of cancer, the subject matter of this book is something that you do not want to believe but must recognize in the face of overwhelming evidence before the difficult and dangerous task of rooting out the pathology can begin. The gift of this book can best be described as “wising up the suckers.” Please excuse the mobster terminology but we have been played so many times, in so many ways, that even those who think they are the “wise guys” are really the stooges who perform the grunt work for those who pack away the huge financial scores. The Deep State will help the scales fall from your eyes and you will see that we are no longer citizens but subjects to be financially farmed, quantified, conditioned and intimidated into adherence to a faux religion that worships money. Mike Lofgren handles the vast panorama of these volatile matters as a cool and disciplined scholar who unsparingly dissects each of the monstrosities and fallacies that underpin the Deep State. After delineating the vast sweep of these festering problems, Mike Lofgren concludes with a rational program to counter these menaces. The Deep State could be one of the most important books of this century.

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