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Trump's Most Chilling Tweet Has Elites Panicking

Once Trump gets rid of Section 8, the SNAP program, and the W.I.C. Program, then these harpies will humble themselves! Stop rewarding women for being Feminists Whores, having babies to gain wealth! They are draining this country of its wealth, so they can feign Independence from men, through us having to pay more taxes! Unless they learn how to submit to men, and become a wife, only intact families should be able to receive these programs, not lose, lazy women having babies out of control.

remember last Monday when the Attorney 0:15 General the trumpet appointed refused to 0:18 follow his orders you know her lawyers 0:20 admitted and she admitted that it was 0:21 constitutional 0:22 it was just a repeat of Obama's orders 0:24 from three years previous just expanded 0:27 to more countries CNN said the monday 0:31 night massacre 0:33 ok and now CNN it's Donald Trump's most 0:38 bone-chilling tweet and i thought i'm 0:42 going to see this 0:43 so I go to his most bone-chilling tweet 0:45 and he comes out and says you know this 0:53 so-called judge exact closer the opinion 0:59 of this so-called judge which 1:01 essentially takes law enforcement away 1:03 from our country is ridiculous and it 1:05 will be overruled now in another tweet 1:08 he SAT there and said that man this is 1:12 you know really chilling in a dangerous 1:14 time when our country can't even have 1:18 control of its borders and this is very 1:21 dangerous and then they took that and 1:23 said always threatening the judge 1:24 they're acting like presidents never 1:26 criticize federal judges when several 1:28 presidents had federal judges arrested 1:30 like Abraham Lincoln now I'm not saying 1:33 you should do that those were judges 1:34 organizing sedition against the quote 1:37 Republic you can argue whether that was 1:39 right or wrong but it's 50 times what 1:42 Trump's doing but see I'm curse of being 1:43 informed on history presidents are 1:46 constantly criticizing judges they don't 1:48 agree with in much stronger terms like 1:51 dog Don is most chilling tweet and he's 1:54 like this so called judge this is gonna 1:57 be overturned you know why in the very 2:00 same front page of CNN up above all to 2:02 the article minute 2:03 it says oh Obama is Trump security 2:07 blanket 2:08 he spent all these years criticizing 2:10 Obama but now he's actually using his 2:16 executive words in laws he got passed in 2:18 2013 to enforce this 2:21 so she is a suspension of logic here's 2:24 an article saying that it's Karen E and 2:28 an article under thing 2:29 oh he's using Obama's laws see obama's 2:31 not bad and the articles are right 2:34 beside each other this is what I'm 2:37 talking about 2:38 it's such a monday night massacre it's 2:41 the your ladies and gentlemen it's 2:43 getting so much worse what are we going 2:45 to do 2:46 it's it's it's it's it's his most you're 2:48 dangerous shocking tweet total 2:52 suspension of reality there's a bunch of 2:54 Muslim countries in trouble with the 2:55 shot as well they are banning the same 2:57 countries nobody lets Somalis education 3:00 unless they're completely insane at the 3:02 United States takes him 70 plus four sho 3:04 of Somalis ok I mean Somalis and kill 3:08 each other for a thousand years it's a 3:09 little help where women are sold on 3:11 Slate blocks that Somalis someone want 3:13 to come here to have freedom that's 3:15 great but the ones that child post up 3:16 with machetes you know that's 3:17 complications so think about this 3:20 Obama passes the law put in place but 3:25 doesn't ever fully implemented Trump 3:27 does and they act like it's hysterical 3:28 that a sovereign nation could be able to 3:32 even control its own borders this is the 3:33 essence of globalism and in globalism 3:36 it's the West open up bringing all these 3:38 people and he's going to have any 3:39 controls as they're organized into a 3:41 political force against you it's been 3:43 declared that you're horrible evil and 3:44 and monstrous and must be destroyed 3:46 there's only three things the president 3:49 supposed to really do and that is to 3:52 send the borders and execute the laws 3:55 that he / when Congress passes and a 3:58 deal of disputes and to basically defend 4:01 the nation and a break vetoes you know 4:04 to to break ties in the Congress but the 4:07 globalist have built up the presidency 4:09 to transfer power so that they can 4:11 bypass the separation of powers also 4:13 love CNN so much irony I've been i go 4:15 there because the irony and it has this 4:17 headline Trump just ran into the 4:19 separation of powers are you liking the 4:22 Constitution there bud 4:23 no the TPP just ran the separation of 4:26 powers 10 years in its secret 4:29 negotiation transferring our sovereignty 4:31 to private corporations a total 4:33 corporate takeover 4:34 open world government by the Davos /bold 4:36 Bergeron and all of x-men expose all 4:39 that's out in the open 4:40 you know what else just ran in the 4:41 separation hours the global is just 4:43 making they can ignore the laws of this 4:45 country and even outside of law order 4:47 the southern border completely open and 4:49 let people in with tuberculosis and even 4:52 leprosy and then not even treat them so 4:54 be sure the Statue of Liberty statue of 4:56 liberty created by Freemasons artist 4:59 obviously in France this but this was 5:03 more feminine but the original is a man 5:06 in drag it is a a sexual creature and is 5:13 actually something that other countries 5:14 rejected they wanted to put in denial 5:17 but the Muslims wouldn't take it so you 5:20 might want to look at that and it is a 5:22 very ominous Jacobi symbol of of 5:27 basically attempt to take over the new 5:29 atlantis see there there's the goddess 5:31 columbia ladies and gentlemen that boy 5:35 that's a woman 5:37 ok this this is a blank Jacqueline 5:40 Illuminati because this is mainline 5:42 history by the way I mean you have to 5:44 read 45 pages into it but it's there 5:47 ok that's why the hands are so big feet 5:49 are so big though that's a female 5:51 version 5:52 ok so they finished retired students all 5:55 the other stuff 5:56 no don't send us a bunch of people to be 5:57 organized by multinational corporations 5:59 to a paramilitary political force to run 6:02 around burning things down if you're not 6:03 given free goodies 6:05 that's all this is that's what globalism 6:06 is and it's the conquering of the 6:09 nation-state and from brings it to the 6:11 United States all the world people are 6:13 pulling out of world government and work 6:14 through our state government taking our 6:17 country back by the UN is directly 6:18 reaching out to city governments now 6:21 underutilization try to bypass the state 6:23 government but city governments have no 6:25 power except under their state charters 6:27 through the counties and then down to 6:29 the cities cities are the weakest 6:31 political union in the country but they 6:34 got ass backwards with the cities and 6:36 absorbing the counties and they're 6:37 getting rid of shares since it's it's a 6:39 disaster right here in travis county 6:42 sheriff doesn't fall off tues I don't 6:44 care of you DW i don't care of your 6:45 arsonist we're not supporting you 6:47 whoa i mean i-i mean no real quotes man 6:50 this is sedition 6:52 ok so that the the treatment is going on 6:55 at that absolutely every level and again 7:00 i'm cursed with knowledge with actually 7:02 knowing the facts about all this and an 7:05 interesting was feeling on to just come 7:07 out with these tweaks and say this is 7:09 ridiculous this will be overturned his 7:10 so-called judge appointed by George W 7:12 Bush you want to open more global shined 7:15 the global programs like North American 7:18 Union installed in secret for years even 7:22 get the agreement out from waco texas 7:23 remember all that with the Century Fox 7:26 Paul Martin oh I guess a lot of new 7:28 viewers that are left us that left me 7:29 you don't remember all those names are 7:31 all those real people are all those 7:32 documents you do you don't work 18 hours 7:34 they actually being a real 7:35 constitutional its liberal no no you 7:38 just run around fake intellectual 7:40 something smart you are let me show you 7:42 some incredible contradictions here 7:44 ok show you some of the incredible 7:46 contradictions from CNN Michelle keeps 7:54 pulling out of seeing it 7:55 Oh truck just got checked in Malibu 7:59 ok I'm like his attorney general refuse 8:01 to follow his order and he kicked her 8:03 out 8:03 this is the executive branch ok and the 8:07 executives over the dam borders and we 8:09 have laws from Congress saying we 8:11 control who comes in like undated 8:13 tamales and people from sedan that other 8:16 Muslim countries won't even take Saudi 8:18 Arabia didn't take one refugee because 8:20 they were unvented from a war-torn 8:21 country and a bunch of Islamists from 8:23 the world invaded their to take it over 8:25 to get free land that's what the jihadis 8:27 do the saudi arabians have invaded Syria 8:30 three times last hundred years 8:31 Lewis from just got second balance all 8:34 suspension travel engines president his 8:36 first exposure to limits of his power 8:39 oh you mean some judge oversteps his 8:40 power couple rips federal judge Schumer 8:43 already block you 8:45 here's what could happen X opinion 8:46 trumps focus on the wrong threat 8:48 here's the key how Trump is using Obama 8:51 is a security blanket shrimp is like 8:54 fully saying i'm using his law he did 8:57 for countries i'm doing sick 9:00 he bombed four of the six i have even 9:04 been that I'm you're not betting they've 9:08 got all these fake passports 9:10 this is coming out this has been 9:11 reported and you're supposedly bad if 9:15 you're then informed and you know about 9:16 that 9:17 ok so so this is an incredible time to 9:20 be alive function i'm just going to 9:22 narrate some of your we see this 9:23 beautiful planet capital on you got a 9:26 microphone 9:27 well start walking back the second now 9:29 it's time to start walking back you know 9:31 it's just crazy how is also so many 9:36 people really well here we can see 9:38 whatever to make them trouble following 9:39 probably man that's right I'm just gonna 9:42 say this in closing people get fooled by 9:45 the system about the corporate media and 9:48 they think they know what they're doing 9:49 they think they understand what happened 9:50 we're not informed i make myself a very 9:52 very slowly because listen I know our 9:54 general issues are 14 min I am and you 9:56 knows i'm talking to people to do count 9:57 just because they're dumb down and 9:59 fooled still have to reach out to them 10:02 and hopefully you'll get them when 10:03 they're not in a totally composition i'm 10:06 sure the audience front of him taking 10:07 off cool 10:13 what I'm getting at here is their facts 10:18 are stubborn things 10:19 and the truth is there's a corporate 10:21 world government being formed and the 10:23 domesticated spoil rotten populations in 10:25 the West have no idea what they're even 10:28 dealing with or or what the operating 10:30 system of that technocracy is and what 10:32 the world government controllers say 10:34 they're going to do and and you've been 10:36 so busy denying any of this exists 10:37 because the mainstream media you make 10:39 jokes out of it but now even though she 10:40 openly announce your now supporting it 10:42 and your own slave but because that's 10:44 what you're told is the trendy cool 10:46 thing to do this this is the nature of 10:48 becoming a certain population and almost 10:51 every nation in the world has lost 10:53 almost all its sovereignty and that's 10:55 why would bring it the UK all of it 10:58 people are pulling out of this global 11:00 system because I'm this global system 11:01 you don't make the decisions you don't 11:03 run your life cold-blooded removed 11:06 multinationals do and again this is a 11:09 form of reverse colonization people 11:12 being used the reverse colonization are 11:14 not bad people but it is neocolonialism 11:17 the globalist are exploiting the third 11:19 world but also then using those 11:21 exploited masses to the flood the West 11:23 as political and economic cannon fodder 11:25 the big banks administer like Goldman 11:28 Sachs and JP Morgan the EBT cards the 11:30 whole system the social engineering and 11:32 create a giant client population that 11:34 they fully control population with no 11:37 identity other than worshiping the state 11:39 and worshipping the latest MSNBC 11:41 proclamation and then they can actually 11:44 sit there and talk about how Trump is a 11:46 fascist and like Hitler in mainstream 11:49 news it needs to be overthrown because 11:51 he wanted to defend our borders and a 11:53 milquetoast level not even that of 11:55 Canada 11:56 did you know in canada or libertarian 11:58 are right winger for anyone the world 12:00 they will not let you in or they will 12:02 grab you even if you're not a German 12:05 citizen and why you to Germany to be 12:09 held for your basic the rest of your 12:10 life in solitary confinement 12:12 oh yeah its liberal though oh you're 12:16 you're right winger who writes what 12:18 we're going to put yourself into Germany 12:20 liberal but she's a little sister was 12:23 your hotties and 12:24 I've sector find a candida when they're 12:26 just letting anybody in their passports 12:28 not looking just flooding flooding 12:30 flooding but if you're right you're 12:34 going to get screamed at you're going to 12:36 get shootout by white people because 12:39 they get there they are organizing a 12:41 permanent underclass of quote minorities 12:44 who will form a majority but not of one 12:47 racial or ethnic or regional group it's 12:49 the broken coalition strategy or 12:51 balkanization divided Congress and I 12:53 don't hammer on this incessantly ok I 12:56 understand that but the reason I do is 12:59 this is really what they're doing to you 13:00 okay and so I'm not against huge 13:03 populations coming in a few folks want 13:05 to work at people who want to adopt 13:06 americana melting pot but that social 13:11 contract that the global so people have 13:14 60 years of globalism to help the third 13:16 world and help us here as well as a 13:18 total front 13:19 look how their weaponizing all these 13:20 people everywhere you go just white 13:22 people being beaten up other white 13:23 people screaming if you like people 13:25 blogging women and then Robert Wright 13:28 goes on you know the garden gnome goes 13:30 on CNN and says oh it was it was right 13:32 wingers from people rioted Milo was you 13:34 had a flamethrower it was Milo having 13:37 firebombs from any I mean they're 13:39 practicing evil they're practicing lives 13:41 there practicing getting their minions 13:43 their cohorts to to fully commit to just 13:48 believe anything they say this is called 13:49 program where O'Brien torturing women in 13:53 1984 well have been involved torture 13:56 even the secret police in india had been 13:58 a communist been a OSS so he knew all 14:02 this that was allegory real stuff he was 14:05 involved into about it was once I don't 14:08 want you to believe whatever i say i 14:09 don't want you to have a mind what I 14:11 said what a 2+2 don't you see 468 2800 14:14 show you gravity is suspended i want you 14:18 truly believe what gravity is suspended 14:20 at the same time no it's not believe 14:22 both so you think that the propaganda is 14:24 really dumb down singing got rid of 14:26 Martin Luther King's bust in the white 14:27 house or you know there was no crowds 14:30 there and nobody was there and show you 14:32 a video for the gates 1st opened and 14:34 then say Trump's a liar 14:35 they're trying 14:37 to invert reality and get you to accept 14:38 it basically garbage in garbage out 14:40 computer cannot compute fire brain flyer 14:44 or your your logic systems like kids at 14:46 school have chips on their shoulders 14:48 their top 50 different sexual genders 14:50 its affiliated schools it is how you 14:53 suck the life force out of kids is you 14:56 you steal their innocence you totally 14:58 brainwashed and yes water system so evil 15:01 at the top it's a motley crew of 15:03 mercenaries exploiters control freaks 15:06 but but the main group is that and 15:11 that's a fact it comes out throughout 15:12 history 15:13 it keeps coming out over and everybody 15:14 sees they try to create fake story side 15:17 issues and incredibly strong man but 15:20 everybody knows about the Catholic 15:21 Church everybody knows they tried to 15:23 cover that episode of conspiracy theory 15:24 to and now you know best buddy 15:28 past and present you know for what you 15:30 know of course we know about all the 15:34 rest of the stuff that Penn State me 15:35 when we know about winter we told you 15:37 before was minus Z is being investigated 15:39 for child porn three months ago we had 15:43 NYPD sources on you say it's fair or 15:46 they gonna do with all that coming out 15:47 new york state at ABC NBC CNN Fox all 15:51 them go York Times Washington Post look 15:54 at this pizza place somebody on 4chan 15:55 mentioned it 15:56 that's where we think it's all run out 15:57 of I don't know but the place does look 15:59 weird weird art Devraj boyfriend it 16:02 actually goes there but no no no 16:05 well you're covering up to it was it 16:07 Pizza gate its pedophile gate and this 16:09 huge larger system we know the the last 16:12 Pope had to step down because of that 16:13 affiliate blackmail against the church 16:15 and the new pope is the operative openly 16:18 saying we must have world government I 16:20 mean this is serious crap folks you take 16:23 a look at Hilary Clinton 16:28 probably right back in one minute okay 16:30 thank you you you take a look at george 16:36 soros you take a look at these people 16:39 george soros Sean you look at hundreds 16:41 of photos I've got it 16:43 they they radiate like Sheila my god I 16:48 had nightmares about all the office they 16:52 aren't just and these are just the upper 16:55 echelon minions of the really dark 16:58 forces behind everybody knows their God 17:02 and you can see it in the facts and you 17:05 can see that trumps for real because he 17:08 delivered on everything that they hate 17:09 he's stopping their agenda is bringing 17:11 back national sovereignty he's trying to 17:13 get loans to small businesses to bring 17:15 back glass-steagall also called real 17:18 liberal should be falling down enjoy 17:20 this again /o already 17:24 tomorrow for 6pm a big broadcast program 17:27 course 11 am-3 p.m. 17:30 subscribe our free podcast and find all 17:32 the links and videos 17:33 /a show and just please keep 17:38 spread those legs because I'm Russian 17:39 everything is you know but you are too 17:42 were all in the firing line here we're 17:43 gonna lose everything we don't stand up 17:45 its not know you had Alex you'll be 17:47 alright you've gotta gotta be all and 17:51 that's what gives a security is a free 17:53 society we laid down let evil take over 17:55 the world and its really gotten arrogant 17:58 now trying to overthrow common sense in 17:59 reality but the forces of reality are 18:02 coming back and I don't care what color 18:04 you are or what gender you are or what 18:07 your sexual preferences or where you 18:09 come from the world either love liberty 18:11 and freedom you're welcome and i love 18:13 you I care about you but when you come 18:14 from a political cult-like radical 18:16 mainline orthodox islam lobby is on the 18:19 second over the world 18:20 you're clear present danger you can't go 18:22 to those countries folks even a muslimah 18:25 kill a lot of the time you understand 18:27 that we're not seeing videos everyday a 18:30 feminist chanting Allah Akbar and said 18:32 they want to be under sexual slavery and 18:34 they love islam because they hate 18:35 America and true loving male masculinity 18:38 so much they are so into the culture of 18:41 death 18:41 their abortions and I'm not saying 18:43 you're going to love it you know all 18:47 that stuff 18:48 this is satanic virtually she comes out 18:50 with the head doctors are really Sheamus 18:52 and they've got a lot of in Texas Kansas 18:56 all over I mean this is serious crap 18:58 folks remember the Communist Chinese 19:00 that killed tens of thousands of 19:01 different here and sell their organs 19:02 Buddhistic not doing yoga in their 19:05 houses are harvested a big deal shut up 19:09 white male you know it's like you like 19:11 Chinese everything's code wanting to 19:14 save the Chinese same chinese christians 19:16 buddhists save them save them 19:19 /o is it isn't like spread 19:24 that like show everybody my last 19:25 transmission of the day but will be more 19:27 tomorrow the show you keep spread the 19:30 word we've got so many so many viewers 19:31 if you keep reaching out other people if 19:34 you start your own podcast your own 19:35 shows whatever you do it's going to 19:36 change the world were already changing 19:37 globalism that is being turned rabi 19:40 alladin going well just coming out here 19:44 and like I think you're providing a 19:47 great example of people every day coming 19:49 up with something to talk about that's 19:51 what we need to do because every day the 19:53 other side the mainstream media are 19:55 trying to come out with talking point on 19:57 the weekends when they really try to 19:58 strike two they go oh not a lot of rice 20:00 having their weekend they're enjoying 20:02 their time so this really is the time to 20:04 get out the weekend is a great time to 20:05 get that we exactly because of the 20:08 stories that come out sunday they'll 20:09 probably some big story that comes on 20:10 the superbowl that they're going to try 20:11 to get something good from did that i'll 20:13 try to bury with super bowl madness or 20:15 whatever so this is the time that you 20:18 have to get active don't you get a phone 20:20 and start talking into it that's all 20:21 we're using as a phone right here 20:22 talking into it and it's going out over 20:24 the web your ideas or what's going to 20:26 wake people up and and seriously this if 20:29 you were a trumpeter trunk shirt 20:30 watch your back around here especially 20:32 some of these events because people will 20:34 attack you with we've seen it time and 20:36 time again they are attacking people who 20:37 aren't even provoking they're just 20:39 trying to go to an event so really 20:41 writing to watch their back traveling 20:42 numbers and be prepared to defend 20:44 yourself because these anti-people 20:46 suddenly come out of the woodwork there 20:48 they have nice flag they'll have 20:49 matching leather jackets somebody's 20:52 funding them we know it Soros 20:54 and it's all people that are coming 20:56 after all 15 all 50 groups fighting the 20:59 Romans marched my sorrows exactly it's 21:01 called astroturf 21:02 yeah they make it look like it's it's a 21:05 you know if there's no money behind its 21:07 grassroots the people coming together 21:08 and it's not what's happening 21:10 these people are getting paid the 21:11 leaders are and of course they can find 21:13 you know underlings to follow them and 21:15 do whatever they want to do five people 21:17 who want to break stuff in and be you 21:19 know a little little baby terrorist of 21:21 course they're gonna find that we've got 21:22 baby comes around here this judge is 21:26 outside of bounds will be in this ruling 21:28 overturned right every time you hear 21:29 about a lawsuit or a court ruling says 21:31 all overturn this 21:32 oh my god it's dictatorship he wants to 21:35 overturn it like America hoping the 21:37 public comment doesn't know what this 21:39 ruling will be overturned that's what 21:41 it's called 21:42 god I'm sick of anything with Obama 21:44 people are surprised that trumps doing 21:45 so much is because Obama didn't do 21:47 anything he just SAT around waiting for 21:49 him to pass his lame horses right and 21:54 plus he didn't work at the pace that 21:56 trumps work he cut into the presidency 21:57 that is going to play basketball and 21:59 hang out and be a celebrity and that 22:01 without what the job is 22:02 they can't have it they can't have it 22:06 both ways were on the same page from 22:09 horrible his overstepped his mouth he's 22:10 in big trouble when all the real experts 22:12 freaking the launch standard probably 22:16 have all the time of places not being 22:17 vetted and then below it all look he's 22:20 using Obama's Lord Obama's good see 22:23 alright for slideshow 22:25 please spread that length for a total 22:27 information war i don't want to lose 22:28 I appreciate you all thank you rob for 22:30 coming out today and get back to your 22:31 family my friends for compost won't be 22:35 able to see that site

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