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#Trump Report on Second Week of Presidency

The Trump/Pence team has had a busy week 2 of their administration.

President Trump is showing no signs of slowing down. He is working hard moving full speed ahead to Make America Great Again and drain the Washington, D.C. swamp.
This week, there were four major issues that President Trump focused on. The first was making the United States more secure by improving the immigrant screening process. President Trump imposed a temporary travel ban on 7 countries known for training, harboring, and exporting terrorism.

good evening I'm still reporting on 0:11 president Trump the Trump pence team has 0:14 had a busy week two of their 0:16 administration President Trump showing 0:19 no signs of slowing down 0:21 he is working hard moving full speed 0:23 ahead to not only make America great 0:26 again but to drain the washington DC 0:29 swamp this week there are four major 0:32 issues that President Trump focused on 0:34 the first was making the United States 0:36 more secure by improving the immigration 0:39 screening process president Trump 0:42 imposed a temporary travel ban on seven 0:46 countries known for training harboring 0:48 and exporting terrorism 0:50 according to the White House this travel 0:53 ban is not about religion 0:56 this is about keeping our country safe 0:58 only fifteen percent of the Muslim 1:01 population of the entire world is 1:03 affected 1:04 there are over 40 majority Muslim 1:07 countries worldwide that are not 1:09 affected by this order the White House 1:12 will again the issuing visas to all 1:14 countries 1:15 once the administration has reviewed and 1:17 implemented the more secure policies 1:20 over the next 90 days 1:22 the second major issue this week was 1:24 president Trump's announcement of his 1:27 nominee to fill the ninth seat of the 1:29 Supreme Court Judge neo Gorsuch is well 1:33 qualified to be the worthy successor to 1:35 the late Justice Scalia the third major 1:38 issue was that President Trump signed an 1:40 executive order that makes every 1:43 appointee in every executive agency sign 1:46 and ethics pledge that they will not 1:49 engage in lobbying activities within 1:51 five years from leaving their post and 1:54 are not allowed to accept any gifts from 1:56 registered lobbyists or lobbying 1:59 organizations the fourth major issue was 2:02 fulfilling his campaign promise to 2:04 dramatically cut the regulatory burden 2:07 placed on businesses the president's 2:10 executive order mandates that for every 2:12 new regulation implemented by federal 2:14 agencies to existing 2:16 regulations must be cut the goal is to 2:19 end the damaging effects of 2:21 over-regulation on our small businesses 2:23 our economy and our entrepreneurial 2:26 spirit president Trump wants all 2:29 Americans to know that the American 2:31 Dream is back and we're going to create 2:34 an environment for small business like 2:37 we haven't had in many many decades a 2:40 fifth major issue came up very 2:42 unexpectedly president childhood / Air 2:46 Force Base on Wednesday to pay respects 2:49 to a fallen hero SEAL Team six member 2:52 chief petty officer William Brian Owens 2:55 president Trump was honored to be there 2:58 for the dignified transfer and give 3:01 thanks for his sacrifice Owens took part 3:04 in a daring raid that resulted in 3:06 valuable intelligence that will protect 3:08 American lives i'm still reporting from 3:12 Washington today

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