#TRUMP kills off #EPA to feed bloated #PENTAGON budget

Trump Budget Plan Boosts Pentagon, Trims State Dept, EPA ... - Fortune fortune.com/2017/02/27/trump-budget-spending-epa-pentagon/ 2 hours ago - Trump's Budget Will Boost Pentagon But Slash EPA and State ... One of the officials said Trump's request for the Pentagon included more ... Trump budget plan boosts Pentagon, trims State Dept, EPA ... - Reuters www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-budget-idUSKBN16605M 6 hours ago - One of the officials said Trump's request for the Pentagon included more money for shipbuilding, military aircraft and establishing "a more ... EPA could receive budget cuts; Pentagon slated to receive boost ... www.wcvb.com/article/white-house-to-propose-slashing-agency.../8983375 5 hours ago - The specific numbers aren't final, and agencies will have a chance to argue against the cuts. Trump Budget Plan Boosts Pentagon, Trims State Dept, EPA | The ... www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-budget_us_58b3901ce4b0a8a9b783662f 7 hours ago - The White House on Monday will send federal departments a budget proposal containing the defense spending increase President Donald ...

Transcript : warning if you're going to have problems in your new role as a member of a controlled civilian population by fortress America then don't watch the video otherwise welcome back and standard disclaimer supply will talk about the Secretary of the army the secretary of Navy withdrawing their nominations in a second as we dump billions of dollars into the Pentagon that will soon be wasted you know I really feel sorry for these people in San Francisco mourning the loss of the EPA and their mock funeral they don't realize their subjects in an occupied civilian force right now that they're just nobody's they really don't realize that all the creature comforts for the civilians in this occupied America are just going to be stripped away not necessary I keep telling you to look at pre-world War to Nazi Germany to get an example of what things are going to be like because this one will listen to me so I'm going to be the war economy as i told you before there's three rings of power there's the outer ring which is the deep state bush crime family neo-cons they're the ones that lost a trillion dollars right before nine eleven remember December tent 2001 the Pentagon said hey we lost two trillion dollars so what does Donald Trump want to do let's give the Pentagon and other trillion dollars but remember it's not his fault he's just a puppet the deep state neo-cons in the defense aerospace industrial complex are just throwing quarters at him and watching them dance but the real losers are people like this that are well-meaning thinking their protests are going to change something as they bemoan the loss of the EPA an agency that should have worked harder to show that they had a a place in the new war economy they simply don't they're not aggressive enough and an occupied civilian population really doesn't need creature comforts like clean water and clean food such as too bad so San Francisco soon will be an occupied city like Los Angeles they talk big all the military really have to do is turn off their water from Las Vegas no water and see what you guys do that's what the occupation forces before that's why we have to build up our military I mean come on now we don't have secretaries of the army the Navy that's true because they don't want to go through the nomination process because of their family businesses so that's okay we'll still give the Pentagon trillions of dollars that way they can buy more obsolete weapons systems as part of their bloated budget and shy away from the things that we know work like special operations forces in cyber security and cyber warfare rather than put our money into that which is economical we can buy more ships which will become targets and sink to the bottom of the sea when they're attacked by submarines you see how it works and that's why the EPA really didn't stand a chance as far as showdown with budgets with military where's your throwaway weapon systems that are billions of dollars where's your neocon defense aerospace 3:13 contractors that are part of the 3:15 military-industrial complex where is all 3:18 that now the EPA's interested in 3:21 Superfund cleanup and you know battery 3:25 acid being done by factories and rivers 3:27 and things like that you know it's just 3:29 not that sexy you didn't really show how 3:32 you're going to fight Isis or any other 3:34 boogeyman that you could take your pick 3:36 from 3:36 so you're going to be members of the 3:38 civilian occupied population so just get 3:42 used to it and make sure you have your 3:43 papers in order or else body bags for 3:46 you and I mean figured body bags I mean 3:49 career body bag and career mass grave 3:52 because you lose your job and be sent to 3:53 a camp 3:54 sorry about that but you lowly GG looks 3:59 like it's 1984 and full progress 4:02 sorry crayons and your sign didn't 4:04 change anything and we feel bad for you 4:07 but you are an echo terrorist so it's 4:10 off to Guantanamo Bay 4:13 you lose case closed till next time 4:18 reporting and this is dave snarky acted 4:21 and by the way if you're an echo 4:23 terrorist is going to be sent to 4:24 Guantanamo Bay huncha skidding because 4:27 this is my art

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