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This Is What The Fed. Is Really Afraid Of. By Gregory Mannarino

International usury has been totally dominated by globalists for centuries because usury was frowned upon or outlawed by Christians and even Muslims. That left the power of money in the hands of the elite globalists that see non-elite as worthless goyim cattle to be their servants.

End the fed. We *are not* Israel's tax and debt slaves. End the fed.

In their own self-interest the Federal Reserve Bankers should never raise rates because it increases the cost of borrowing money and decrease the amount of money received because Treasuries are discounted in advance. In the final analysis, the lender determines the interest rate at the Monday auctions where they bid how much they will lend and at what interest rate. And the Wednesday and/or Thursday meetings apply the rates to other areas like the Fed Funds rate and Overnight window. The US Treasury decides how much the federal government needs to borrow for the auction. The Open Market Committee on Thursday decides how much to buy back for their own use. I may be rusty on the mechanics but that's the way I remember it from finance class at University for a marketing major.
The establishment for both Democrats and Republicans has been printing money to "pay the bills" to the point where the national debt doubled in the last 8 years. The economy never recovered during the time Obama was in office but the government fudged the numbers to claim a weak recovery. Trump got elected because the people knew that the economy stunk despite what the government told them. Don't believe all the noise from the Federal Reserve because they cannot raise rates significantly for two reasons. A higher rate would prick the bubble economy and the interest payment on the national debt would no longer be affordable. If government spending remains the same then inflation will rage out of control and people will get poorer with stagnant wages. Trump is trying to unleash massive economic growth but it will take dramatic action to make a difference. Massive cuts in the government bureaucracy and government regulations is a boost to the real economy with an actual reduction in government spending which can be used to cut taxes. This will upset every entrenched special interest in Washington DC but it needs to be done. Congress will fight every step of the way but Trump can prevail if he uses all his leverage. We will find out if Trump can get us back to economic prosperity.

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