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Largest Spy Scandal In American History Warned Could Collapse Entire Government

Sounds like we have a bunch of treasonous who reside in the swamp. It's time to see the heads roll. There is no choice here, we MUST clean the swamp! No Quarter!

An absolutely astonishing Federal Security Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is warning that the entire United States government (if not the whole nation) is in danger of collapse should President Donald Trump approve a Department of Justice (DOJ) memorandum calling for the immediate arrest for tr[e]ason of nearly all of the Democratic Parties (DNC) top officials—including former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, and not less than two dozen Democratic members of the US House of Representatives, all of whom are involved in what can only be described as the largest spy scandal in American history—and that this nations mainstream media has not allowed their citizens to know about.

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