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The World On The VERGE OF BIGGEST DISASTER in 2017 ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein

people will believe trump is there president. he is against establishment. he wants to be friends with Russia. so all mainstream media against him . so Russia will believe he is man to believe. but he is not . i don't know if Russia will bite this trap ? that's to see . if Russia take the bite then Iran will be attack. that's what i recon will happen.

Transcript : that we are now located at the moment in 0:06 time when the entire monetary system is 0:15 collapsing and this speed at which it is 0:22 collapsing is frightening 0:25 I don't know the speed but i have a 0:28 friend I don't want to reveal his name 0:30 he is a deputy governor in one of the 0:34 central banks of the Muslim world he 0:38 might listen to this lecture so let me 0:40 be careful in my language and my friend 0:43 shared with me that this speed at which 0:48 it is collapsing now is allowing and 0:53 tomorrow is only gold and silver the 0:55 help you tomorrow is only DNR and 0:59 interrupt that have you because the 1:03 whole thing is going to collapse and pax 1:11 americana will give way to pax judaica 1:16 how do we know this how do we know this 1:22 this is in my book Jerusalem in the car 1:25 which was written in the 2016 years ago 1:33 i wrote that book in Europe when they 1:36 get the knowledge that the US dollar is 1:41 going to collapse have been saying this 1:42 for 20 years or more now this is 1:45 eschatology then you get the capacity to 1:51 analyze events occurring in the world 1:54 because you know that there is a fella a 2:00 mastermind at work for once the rule 2:04 whole world and he 2:08 gave us his first stage of his shadow 2:12 that the last book in the quad with 2:15 backs britannica and the second stage of 2:19 the shadow respects Americana and we are 2:23 saying that the third and last stage of 2:27 the shadow is going to be packed today 2:29 come when Israel will seek to replace 2:36 the United States of America as the next 2:39 ruling state in the world and is really 2:42 going to see away with all of this 2:44 godlessness this seller is not only 2:49 godless this valets also dekha dead he 2:55 he is the one who said a man could marry 2:59 another man and get a marriage 3:01 certificate you know who the fillets 3:04 modern Western civilization so back to 3:11 daycare is going to come to say we want 3:13 to sweep away all is godlessness and all 3:16 his decadence we want to turn away from 3:19 all of this oppression and son we want 3:22 to bring back the world bring it back to 3:25 religion bringing back to the worship of 3:28 the god of Abram always going to be very 3:31 very very interesting at tomorrow if we 3:36 are alive and this drama and false as 3:40 they say to the world we must come back 3:43 to religious values dishes Baxter acre 3:46 but their pressure would be great it's 3:50 evolved because they want to rule of 3:53 everybody and eventually a man would 3:56 stand up in Jerusalem and declare I am 4:01 MSC the Messiah but he would not be a 4:07 little messy the Messiah he would be 4:10 dead job the false messiah 4:14 in other for him to achieve his 4:22 objective a pax judaica for Israel to 4:27 rule the world he has to make Israel 4:31 very very big like the United States but 4:37 not possible if you cannot expand is 4:41 really surrounded by the Arabs forget it 4:44 all the one has to become much smaller 4:46 which one would it be 4:49 which one will it be as there and says 4:54 the world will have to become much 4:56 smaller and that's why we're going to 5:00 have nuclear war they want the nuclear 5:04 war they know it and they already 5:08 prepared for nuclear war with the 5:10 underground bunkers and sun so they will 5:12 survive in order to have the nuclear war 5:18 they going to provoke Russia so Russia 5:22 had to become a nuclear power and that's 5:27 why they transferred nuclear technology 5:29 to the Soviet Union yes so that the 5:32 soviet union could become a nuclear 5:34 power so that tomorrow they could be 5:37 nuclear war so that the world will 5:40 become are you beginning to understand 5:42 now what's happening in the woman yeah 5:44 the next event is about darker from our 5:49 eschatology is the Great Wall let me 5:55 quote the hadith the durkee the Turkish 5:59 government is not comfortable with it 6:01 and the Ottoman Empire witnessed this 6:04 hottie could be rubbed up and put away 6:07 nobody read number how many alayhis 6:12 salaam to with southern he's talking to 6:15 his companion my eyes immediate about 6:17 the ordeal of the island and they're 6:21 sitting next to each other 6:23 it's hands-on issue 6:24 lighting and he said to him about the 6:28 signs of heroism an o morado play the 6:33 hadees in the Sun never be that would 6:35 and he says hey moron debate until mark 6:40 this when Jerusalem is center stage and 6:44 flourishing built up a boyfriend at that 6:49 time looked at Medina and you simba body 6:52 and follow dissolution nobody no events 6:57 in medina nothing 6:58 it plays absolutely no role whatsoever 7:00 even in Arabic here's our arguments 7:05 recoverable about yes rib crew java when 7:09 that occurs which is where we are now 7:13 then look for the melodrama the middle 7:16 of my the Great War the Mahamaya is not 7:20 just a great wall it's a warlike lowers 7:24 ever been done first time what kind of 7:28 or will it be the melava bodies inside 7:34 mohani that 99 out of every 100 of the 7:39 combatants will die will be killed 7:42 ninety-nine percent would be killed and 7:47 only 1% will survive our NATO is 7:51 listening if you're in the US Armed 7:52 Forces or if you the British Armed 7:55 Forces please stop and listen to this 7:58 lecture because you're your chase would 8:01 not tell you this when you attack Russia 8:04 listen 99 out of every 100 will be 8:09 killed 8:10 this does not happen in conventional 8:13 warfare know they all the way that 99 8:18 out of every 1,000 can be killed as if 8:23 it's a wall with weapons of mass 8:26 destruction among the weapons of mass 8:30 destruction that we know offer nuclear 8:32 weapons 8:33 thermonuclear weapon but there could be 8:35 others that we don't know about 8:38 so don't send me any emails on the 8:40 subject please 8:41 huh thermonuclear weapons weapons of 8:46 mass destruction it up 8:48 that's what is in the hoodies and each 8:52 one will say I will be the one who'd 8:54 survived meaning they go to enter into 8:57 this war not knowing whether they're 9:01 going to wind up there be uncertainty 9:03 when they enter into this wall my 9:09 opinion and when I give an opinion of 9:14 cross never accepted this you convinced 9:17 that it is correct 9:18 my opinion is that the NATO is preparing 9:25 for war with Russia and I'm not the only 9:29 one who holds that you are many others 9:32 and the war is around the corner and 9:39 when once that water takes place it is 9:44 in every table that it would eventually 9:46 become nuclear all we don't know where 9:51 they will start a nuclear war or where 9:54 they would be a conventional war which 9:57 would eventually become a nuclear war we 9:59 don't know I'm not a prophet 10:02 I don't have an interesting speaking to 10:04 me know we know that the war is going to 10:08 come soon because the longer they wait 10:11 to attack Russia the stronger Russia 10:13 becomes and the nice thing the wonderful 10:19 thing that makes our heart so one is a 10:24 Russian not afraid of them if Russia is 10:29 standing up against the Opera so then 10:33 why can't you see that you should 10:38 support the one who is standing up 10:40 against the oppressor 10:41 why are you continuously blind 10:48 what can i do to get you out 10:53 Russia knows the nuclear war with this 10:58 by Russia they know that but the author 11:02 locks Christian Russian people are 11:05 afraid of death 11:07 no no one is saying to put in be careful 11:13 we don't want nuclear one know the 11:16 Russians are not doing that if an 11:19 Orthodox Christian is not afraid of that 11:22 why should have muslin be afraid of it 11:24 if an orthodox mission is setting the 11:29 example of courage in standing up to the 11:34 greatest lopressor the world has ever 11:36 known 11:37 why can't the most wouldn't be the same 11:40 what's wrong with the world of Islam 11:43 where I have we lost our courage we 11:49 should not be afraid to die 11:51 it was limb is not afraid to die and 11:57 denied from so what I mean we say to 12:01 NATO even if millions of us have to die 12:06 we don't mind we want to oppress up to 12:10 bite the dust before we end Islamic 12:17 eschatology not only explains these 12:21 events unfolding like the collapse of 12:24 the monetary system that's coming around 12:26 the corner when your paper money can be 12:29 used to know as well people and the only 12:34 money that they'll be in the world will 12:36 be electronic money did you tell me 12:38 so you don't need any money changes 12:40 anymore there's only one money for the 12:42 whole world it's invisible money is 12:45 intangible 12:47 you can't take it out of your bank 12:48 account and if they don't like you guess 12:51 what they'll do to your current the 12:55 phrase it yeah you have no money and 12:58 then you have to me to complete never 13:01 know if you are sensible you do like the 13:04 next Bundy the sufi order the next bendy 13:08 the next monday are telling their people 13:12 to keep in our Anderman sheikh nazim 13:16 rahim allah who died a few years ago he 13:20 ordered all had many followers to keep 13:22 them out under very sensible very 13:25 sensible the next money i am told are 13:28 going into the countryside and farming 13:30 organic farming very sensible very 13:34 sensible I have to pause now because I 13:39 get lots and lots of emails I get them 13:43 from Belgium I get em from france i get 13:45 from Britain they get them from united 13:47 states i get in from Algeria get him 13:48 from Morocco or shake shake shake ways 13:52 in Muslim vintage you want to come and 13:54 join the Muslim village we want to leave 13:58 this godless one come on living hustling 14:00 village where the answer is well my 14:06 students in different parts of the world 14:08 by line and the put animals on the land 14:10 and in doing so farming but not until 14:12 the villages yet but let me tell you the 14:17 story of one of my students I Malaysian 14:21 and he's the only one to have done it so 14:24 far 14:25 he sold his house in here he gave up his 14:31 job which had rebound he looked on the 14:35 internet and found land which was cheap 14:38 and he bought wanaka cheap 14:44 and he went and built his house he 14:47 didn't get a contractor know he bought 14:49 the material and he employed the men who 14:51 built the house he planted rice he 14:58 planted date-palms different kinds of 15:03 date-palms he planted fruit trees his 15:07 one-acre had now become sick seekers he 15:12 has goats he has chicken he has ducks he 15:21 has horse in the land 15:24 it's only about an hour and a half out 15:26 of care but to get to this land there 15:30 was a road where only a motorcycle could 15:32 go that's why it was so cheap and he 15:36 built it up so now a motor-car could go 15:39 and I went two weekends ago to this 15:44 brother with a wife and made mashallah 15:47 mashallah mashallah he could not have 15:51 done it debuted have the support of his 15:53 wife his wife would be at his side 15:57 supporting him 15:58 yes mashallah and a young couple with a 16:01 sign about five or six and a daughter 16:03 but two or three that's it and only a 16:07 few villagers living around there some 16:09 distance away small sample but beautiful 16:15 spot where he is i met your board there 16:19 you don't want to go back to care so I 16:22 don't do that instead of sending emails 16:26 to me from France and Britain shake the 16:29 Muslim religion muscle is why don't you 16:32 do with this brother has done sell your 16:35 house in London 16:37 yes sell your house in London give up 16:41 your job make intra go look for the 16:45 countryside will and this cheap the land 16:48 which is planting is rice he bought for 16:51 10,000 route 16:53 these sorry 10,000 gets a nikka it was 16:57 swampland he had to fill it up with 16:59 10,000 so that's what you can do in 17:03 preparation for nuclear walk you have 17:07 you have the stock up on food you have 17:11 to stock up on water you have to stock 17:14 up on energy he has a well a tube well 17:18 he going to use solar energy to bring 17:21 the water up but in addition is sensibly 17:25 have the hand pump so the solar energy 17:28 doesn't work and had no electricity 17:31 he can still get water using up hand 17:33 pump this is how you prepare for nuclear 17:39 wall by getting out of the city getting 17:43 out of the city because the cities are 17:46 going to be a narky when you clear what 17:49 experience because below food and no 17:52 water and/or gasoline for your motorcar 17:55 no transport instead of seeking to run 18:00 away from death you must have it in your 18:03 heart 18:04 no I continue the mission of Islam I'm 18:07 not running away from death Allah gives 18:10 life analytics life but I have a duty to 18:14 try to protect my family as best as i 18:17 can and that's why I'm moving to the 18:20 remote countryside before I in not only 18:23 did is Islamic eschatology explain the 18:28 events which are unfolding in the world 18:30 like nuclear war like the collapse of 18:33 money inside one world government ruling 18:38 you from what all over only one who will 18:41 come on Islamic eschatology also tells 18:45 you was coming tomorrow and the most 18:50 important event to come after the Great 18:54 Wall he said so the lava Tyler Lee he 18:58 was seldom he said photo/jewel mother 19:01 mama who is speaking to Mars in me 19:04 double 19:05 I dicen so enough i'll be down he said 19:12 cordial Mahama federal constant media 19:17 that the next event to occur after the 19:22 Great War or the Mahama would be the 19:27 conquest of Constantinople that is why 19:31 they changed the name to Istanbul not 19:36 only did these wicked people not only do 19:40 these wicked people wicked people with a 19:43 capital W not only that is wicked people 19:49 change the name from Constantinople to 19:53 Istanbul to hide the subject did more 19:56 than they prohibited the use of the name 20:00 constable it's against the law 20:03 so tell most of our cabana to get lost 20:06 and all those who honor him and respect 20:10 him too excited 20:11 get lost because if nobody muhammad 20:14 alayhi salam username Constantinople 20:17 that initial now you cannot prohibit us 20:21 from now you won't be crazy the conquest 20:25 of Constantinople takes place after the 20:29 melodrama so it's a lie that all 600 20:35 years ago the Ottomans that the Ottoman 20:39 conquest of constantinople in 1453 20:42 fulfilled the prophecy of nabi muhammad 20:46 delays that that's a lie the malapa has 20:51 not taken place as yes hold on mama 20:53 trotted why you're lying like this that 20:57 you are lying out there are you we say 21:00 we their honor you in Turkey and we see 21:02 you're a liar because the conquest of 21:07 God annual prophesied by Navy muhammad 21:11 alayhi s-salatu was 21:12 still to come I know it's going to give 21:16 headaches too little 21:18 I don't need to his scared now when 21:21 delicious elections like these because 21:24 this is muhammad la is a lot of Islam 21:27 speaking is not know why sheriff streaky 21:30 it muhammad alayhi salatu salam speaking 21:33 what happens after the cock the Alabama 21:37 what do we do those who died and the 21:42 lucky ones 21:43 I hope when I pray that I one of the 21:46 lucky ones we die even if you die before 21:50 the x you're lucky this is a nice time 21:53 to die 21:54 this is a good time to leave the world 21:59 after the Mahamaya is going to be a 22:04 terrible world those who survived the 22:08 Mahama I don't know how you going to 22:10 live no sunlight for I don't know how 22:15 many it is no sunlight 22:21 but this is the message that we give 22:23 from Islamic eschatology and me a lot 22:26 take these words of mine all over the 22:29 world that if you will see if you live 22:34 to see the Mahama and you survived the 22:39 Mahama then imran is saying to you on 22:47 the basis of the prophecy of nabi 22:49 muhammad salamat Ali was alone if you 22:53 are young enough and strong enough to 22:55 fight then make some preparations for 23:00 your family and head for Constantinople 23:03 wherever in the world you maybe give up 23:08 everything else leave indonesia leave 23:13 manisha no government can stand in your 23:17 way 23:18 the followers of muhammad alayhi salat 23:22 was alone all over the world as soon as 23:28 another mattox place are going to head 23:31 for Constantinople because he said so la 23:39 dolly he was some left 200 other words 23:43 daniya you will most certainly concur 23:46 Constantinople what Annie I'm lme me to 23:51 her what a wonderfull commander will 23:55 that be of the army won any i manage 23:59 issue their college education what a 24:01 wonderful army that would be that will 24:04 conquer Constantinople but they are both 24:10 in the Quran and in the Hardys 24:13 indications that we will conquer 24:17 Constantinople on the basis of an 24:19 alliance with Orthodox Christians 24:26 it will be a Muslim Christian army will 24:30 conquer Constantinople which Christians 24:33 will this be the last speak about 24:37 Christians in the car with whom we could 24:40 have such a relationship 24:42 shall I remain you yes is then the pond 24:49 but we don't take time to study the 24:52 Quran now we have too much time in the 24:54 traffic and care to study the one at 25:00 that she didn't a kaboom my word Dutton 25:04 living in a minus latina kado in 25:09 annasara and you most certainly fine in 25:14 time to come 25:15 the doors will be closest in love when 25:19 affection for you would be a people who 25:23 proclaim we have precedence that 25:27 couldn't be British and American and 25:30 French Christians because they hide 25:32 their religious identity this 25:35 secularized the religion it has to be a 25:38 different kind of christian who 25:40 proclaims my identity by and Christian 25:44 it can only be the art exhibition that's 25:51 not all that it could be and the min 25:54 home KCC you know these questions 25:58 because they still have their rulana the 26:03 institution of their order Mary's intact 26:06 and they're all and have a status in 26:08 society in that Christianity doubt there 26:12 where a man can marry another man again 26:14 Mary certificate 26:16 the place is a laughingstock of the wall 26:19 in this Christianity out here all the 26:24 locks Christianity the order now the 26:27 bridge still have a status high-status 26:29 Valley could be in the minimum case CC 26:33 nawara Habana 26:35 there'll be another way you can 26:36 recognize these questions what is it 26:39 they still have monasticism in Britain 26:45 and in france and the united states and 26:47 canada the monastery is now mcdonald's 26:49 hamburgers or Kentucky fri or pizza 26:57 there no more monastry the most 27:02 fantastic way of life is gone but in 27:06 this part of the Christian world the 27:10 monastery is still there 27:12 the hmong still has an important place 27:15 the monastic way of life is still 27:18 treasure which is why coastal war is 27:22 such a difficult problem because Kosovo 27:26 is the heart of the monastic life from 27:31 the Orthodox Christian and the Ottomans 27:36 knew that and Bill Clinton knew that 27:40 very well at Daytona 27:42 oh yes in a way that demos so this is 27:48 the question who will be the closest in 27:52 love and affection for you but one more 27:55 thing by which you could recognize this 27:57 question with who you make an alliance 27:59 one know my aesthetic people then of an 28:05 arrogant people the British the French 28:09 the American the German the Canadian 28:12 they want to rule the world 28:14 they want us to all become carbon copies 28:18 of themselves so if you serve me 28:23 curry fish and rice and I roll up my 28:27 sleeves when I wash my hands and like a 28:30 good Molly I eat with my hand my fingers 28:34 that's the only way you could equally 28:38 efficient rice this is what the 28:42 Barbarian he is 28:43 this is uncivilized you should eat the 28:50 way we did with cutlery yeah artificial 28:54 eyes with cutlery you was dressed the 28:58 way we dress 29:00 take off that dirty bid from off your 29:03 face as civilized man is pleased shaven 29:08 a civilized man wears a shirt and 29:13 trousers and jacket and tie 29:15 I see that's arrogance and the many be 29:23 crusade the same thing and that that's 29:25 arrogance i went to Russia 29:29 I when I went to rush i saw lots of beds 29:33 oh yes lots of beds in Russia 29:38 these are not an arrogant people they 29:42 don't want to rule the world they don't 29:45 want to transform all of mankind into 29:48 carbon copies of themselves voluntarily 29:50 Don Cayo development authority did that 29:54 to be me little no that's doors 29:58 Christians these questions are different 30:01 so Ally is telling us playing as a 30:05 billboard on their origin airport 30:08 these are the Christians who in Our 30:11 Heroes the man will be closest in love 30:13 and affection for you and you have to 30:17 build alliances he says that he says 30:21 that ok feeling about do moly Obama the 30:25 co Farah constantly building alliances 30:28 amongst themselves 30:31 sorry beaten LOL careful una parte 30:36 nublado Moliere what the kuffar 30:39 constantly building alliances amongst 30:42 themselves in them to follow if you do 30:46 not do 30:47 the same if you do not reach out to 30:51 build alliances with a non-muslim people 30:55 who are closest in love and affection 30:57 for you in London 30:59 ahoo takuna fitness on fill up the 31:02 office I wouldn't be you if you do not 31:06 do that they will be fit non with facade 31:10 in the world is it not time for us to 31:14 listen to Allah is it not time for us to 31:18 listen to the Quran is it not time for 31:22 us to turn to the Quran the Quran will 31:25 help us to prepare for the events which 31:28 is still to come in which the conquest 31:32 of Constantinople is the most important 31:34 to follow the hardest then ends federal 31:39 constant ania religion that job which 31:44 had is the one with Mars it Nita quoted 31:49 in the Sun enough i'll be down would ya 31:52 the end of the honey's federal constant 31:56 linear homogeneous job that after the 31:59 conquest of Constantinople only then 32:02 will the John make his appearance in 32:05 human form prior to this the John is 32:09 already in the world but you can't see 32:11 but he waits until the conquest of 32:14 Constantinople to make his appearance 32:17 why because now is there around the neck 32:22 of Israel Israel can't get away now 32:26 finish that I'll took them for I'd the 32:34 last ride on which they'll ever go and 32:38 now their face the end that frown face 32:41 when he was drowning 32:43 they will end the same way that around 32:46 ended that the own the end when they're 32:50 being destroyed defeated and the rocks 32:53 and dust storms with speakers a Muslim 32:56 did you hiding the 32:57 and come and kill him that's the end of 33:00 Israel they will now realize the truth 33:03 that surround realize underneath the 33:05 water and they will die accepting that 33:11 truth as for round-eyed accepting the 33:14 truth and knowing you're going into the 33:16 Hellfire and that's why allah preserve 33:19 the body for out the body was discovered 33:23 when in 1898 just after design is 33:32 movement with establish the sign for the 33:36 world that the events we should now 33:40 unfold in the world would be a repeat 33:49 the world history will repeat itself 33:52 that the epic encounter between truth 33:56 and falsehood been in for after Alan and 33:58 Musa will now be re-enacted in the 34:03 historical process and history will end 34:07 the way it ended 34:09 underneath the water this Islamic 34:13 eschatology and I pray that allah bless 34:17 all those who now in their hearts get a 34:21 fire 34:22 I want to study this subject it's more 34:26 important to me than a PhD in business 34:29 matters pent that I want to study it is 34:32 something i wanted a large should help 34:35 me that I get the knowledge with which 34:38 to be able to understand the reality of 34:41 the world today using the ground and 34:45 using the honey 7abibi Muhammad's the 34:48 lava golem 34:49 he was a lot of romantic about marina in 34:52 the condition merely mitali named alana 34:55 in extended to Barbara him but Medicare 34:58 or tomorrow 35:16 sometime before maghrib we have 35:19 questions 35:20 ok that grossly is in charge and that 35:26 Rosalie says you have a chance to ask 35:29 any questions you want 35:31 yeah number one but only one question it 35:39 what 36:01 the question is you would like us to 36:05 study Islamic eschatology or in more 36:10 after Rosa man but when we study the 36:14 subject what's the method by which we 36:16 could teach it to others 36:19 ok my latest book just published 1 month 36:26 ago two months ago 36:28 it's called methodology for the study of 36:32 the cod I don't have a volunteers yet to 36:37 translate it to bahasa malaysia we have 36:41 someone translating it to bahasa 36:43 indonesia with bahasa indonesia work 36:48 here and we publish it intuition because 36:54 i'm not getting any volunteers are 36:56 translated to buy some militia but 37:00 suddenly have phone trendy everyone many 37:02 many people who know the English 37:05 language before to read the English and 37:07 emily and it is so i would suggest you 37:12 study that book methodology for study of 37:17 the Quran the method of teaching 37:23 eschatology in different from other 37:28 subjects because the delay his weapon 37:32 made a distinction between the student 37:36 who comes all pops up you know I'm the 37:39 beat of mankind the Jews but Wright and 37:45 McGill is salam said do you can be my 37:49 student know 37:53 in Nicholas TMR is Barbara you can't 37:56 your patience with me what gave her 38:00 toast balama learn to hit be cobra and 38:04 how can you be patient in respect of 38:07 that knowledge which lies beyond your 38:09 capacity to comprehend how can you be 38:15 patient in respect of knowledge which 38:20 lies beyond your capacity to comprehend 38:28 what came for the middle ala my lungs of 38:32 it be sober if you want to study with me 38:40 then my condition is go ask any 38:46 questions don't ask me any question I 38:51 teacher doesn't teach that we know a 38:56 teacher has to be showing and guiding 38:59 his student gently and being patient 39:01 with the student but this dinner is 39:03 saying to miss ELISA don't ask me any 39:07 questions 39:08 no I would explain to you cutting him 39:11 down to size when you teach in more 39:17 theaters them and the methodology of 39:21 teaching is that when you find people 39:25 who are uncomfortable with you who are 39:29 in doubt concerning what you're saying 39:32 then say to them very plainly and Lenny 39:37 and don't do it with any arrogance and 39:41 pride they say to them please don't 39:44 accept anything I say unless you 39:48 convince that is correct and then many 39:50 of those colors go to them 39:55 when on the other hand you find the 39:57 student in who is hard day's hundra 40:02 there is humanity he does not consider 40:10 himself puffed up with pride and 40:15 secondly this is a student who is not 40:17 like a sponge 40:20 anything you say he accepted as a 40:23 dangerous student huh 40:26 this is a student with critical thinking 40:29 and he critically analyzes whatever is 40:36 part and only when he is convinced that 40:41 it is correct any accepted or now you 40:44 have a student and when you find such 40:48 students and even if you have to spend 40:51 your days at night 40:52 teaching them this is the one to teach a 40:54 more questions yeah 40:57 123123 yeah 41:04 [Music] 41:17 [Music] 41:19 I just want to 41:24 no the question is he speaking about a 41:29 book of Hadees and he wants to know 41:33 whether it is a reliable source of 41:35 information that the methodology book 41:40 will teach you the book methodology my 41:44 book entitled methodology for this study 41:46 of the Quran how do you approach the 41:51 quest for knowledge 41:52 you go first of all to the quan God my 41:58 God and you want to know what Gagarin 42:02 and you go to one happiness and he says 42:06 that only when the beasts and a slam 42:08 returns at that time GOG he killed the 42:12 German government will be destroyed so 42:15 finally pushed up that's it 42:16 full stop we don't need to study this 42:21 subject anymore got my god would only 42:24 come at that time that is disrespect for 42:31 the Quran and and if you should this 42:34 respect for the law on you dear price 42:37 for it 42:38 no you don't begin your study with 42:41 addies you begin to study with the 42:44 forearms and when you studied all the 42:48 data in the forearm concerning the 42:51 subject and you have brought them 42:54 together in a harmonious whole 42:57 and that is not a dock for school boys 43:00 and you'd have to be more than the 43:02 school board to do that 43:04 only then do you turn to the honey's and 43:08 when you turn to the Hardys for Heidi's 43:10 in harmony with the Quran you accepted 43:13 if Heidi's in conflict with the car like 43:17 you know and maybe Muhammad Ali's large 43:19 was la when i was able of another 43:21 married a child he married a child and 43:25 that hot niece is in conflict with the 43:28 car and you rejected if her niece is 43:32 neither in how 43:33 money with the car and knowing conflict 43:35 with the program you accepted but you 43:38 give it a lower status it does not have 43:40 a significant role to play a critical 43:43 role to play in the pursuit of knowledge 43:45 please study my book and methodology 43:48 next one and then you read books around 43:56 indonesia mother 44:04 oh you don't want to die 10 very good 44:08 he traveled all the way from day one to 44:09 come to attend elected to the my fella 44:19 ok 44:29 [Music] 44:33 what 44:40 look the question is what is my open one 44:45 question at a time 44:56 yes 45:02 ok the question is what in my 45:06 eschatology my eschatological analysis 45:11 is the role of China in the coming great 45:14 walk and is there any reference in the 45:20 pond to support a role for china in the 45:23 coming gridwall I do not find in the 45:28 Quran any evidence pertaining to China 45:33 directly but the important thing for us 45:39 to recognize is that in the Quran we 45:44 have our name card name cullinane and so 45:52 little keV can mean two horns you don't 45:58 have to send me an email to convince be 46:00 too hard it's just your choice that's 46:02 your choice when I look at the wood 46:07 comes in the car and i find that allow 46:09 always uses the word come to mean and 46:12 age or any part generation and soak our 46:19 name will be two ages or two epochs or 46:22 two times one in the past when gog and 46:27 magog were confined behind the barrier 46:31 and the other in the future when of 46:34 course goggles Magog will be released 46:36 dhul-qarnayn use power to punish the 46:45 oppressor to confine him to check to use 46:49 the language of chess to checkmate do 46:51 oppressor cannot be destroyed we can be 46:54 checkmated 46:56 and in the second age in the car name 47:02 which is to come 47:05 carne in the second age will witness the 47:08 same thing again that the people in the 47:13 region of the Black Sea is a black seen 47:16 the Quran is the black sea in the Quran 47:20 is the black sea in the Quran come on 47:24 somebody 47:25 yes it is the black seeds in the Quran 47:30 in ventura in so rattle can I knew 47:37 Nehemia dhul-qarnayn reach to one end of 47:41 the land 47:42 anomia mean a body of water which is 47:46 dark and murky in the black sea and in 47:52 that region of the world in which the 47:54 Black Sea is located the second age will 47:58 emerge of car name is to current the 48:03 power we emerged in that region of the 48:05 world and that power will be built by 48:09 hola along and make it powerful and that 48:13 power arrest on foundations of faith not 48:16 godlessness and that power will be yours 48:21 in the second column as it will use in 48:23 the first one to stand up and resist the 48:27 oppressor and to support the oppressed 48:32 and those who have faith in the 48:34 righteous in conduct this is Russia this 48:39 is Russia's role today Russia is turning 48:43 away from communism away from Marxism 48:46 but their doors were still sleeping 48:49 so let him sleep and Russia is returning 48:52 to orthodox christianity Russia is 48:55 recovering a spiritual soul while the 48:59 United States and Canada and Britain and 49:01 France and Germany have barbarian souls 49:04 a man 49:06 can marry another man and get a marriage 49:09 certificate and you call that you call 49:14 that something progressive something 49:17 worthy of commendation 49:19 that's progress you must be sleepy if 49:24 Russia is standing up against the 49:26 oppressor in the second current then 49:30 whoever stands with Russia is on the 49:33 right thing and China is a proud 49:37 civilization not the Chinese in 49:39 singapore talking about I'm talking 49:41 about China China will not bend her knee 49:47 to do presa but once the role of our so 49:51 there now preparing the wage war not 49:53 only on Russia and China as well you're 49:56 really stupid people they're really 50:00 stupid people that preparing the wage 50:02 war on Russia and China is China afraid 50:06 no 50:08 russia says we're not afraid of you we 50:12 are a nuclear-powered or mess with 50:14 nuclear Russia said put in don't mess 50:17 with nuclear sure that's what could 50:19 instead and Russia is not afraid of them 50:23 so they're preparing for nuclear war 50:25 with Russia Russia said we're not afraid 50:28 of you and they're preparing for nuclear 50:30 war with chain as well and china says 50:33 we're not afraid of you now in this is a 50:37 war between the worlds greatest sorpresa 50:40 that history of their own and those who 50:44 are standing and resisting 50:46 interpretation on which side should you 50:47 be if you have a telephone to your 50:51 government and call them and tell them 50:52 whatever government you have in the 50:55 water with call them and ask them if 50:59 this is a war between the greatest or 51:01 pressure the world has ever known and 51:05 those who are standing up courage ously 51:07 to resist the pressure whose side should 51:10 you be on should you be sitting on a 51:12 fence not around who's in 51:16 no not my students we are on the side of 51:21 the second current incarnation name 51:36 we're going to sit down 51:41 about 51:46 he said 51:48 pressure idea like you were also going 51:54 to be very close like screen is 51:58 basically 52:00 perhaps 52:03 and 52:04 ok 52:07 among the countries that I no longer 52:09 travel to India because while India is a 52:18 member of bricks and India is proud of 52:22 friendship and alliance with Russia 52:25 India has now become Israel's most 52:30 strategic ally ally in the world I think 52:33 india more important than the United 52:35 States now to israel i quoted to you 52:44 from sue little Miranda but i don't it 52:49 did not quote the whole higher i only 52:52 quoted the second part that you have to 52:56 look for those who are going to be your 52:57 allies and I said the natural ally the 53:01 one who is going to be your natural ally 53:09 would be the one who is closest in love 53:13 and affection for you 53:14 ok that is the soraa little maeda to at 53:19 the end of the soraa however before that 53:23 the ayah begins with a statement letter 53:27 G then shut denese r110 the Latina Malia 53:36 hood that you will most certainly fine 53:40 in time to come as you found at the time 53:45 of the Prophet delays that was salaam is 53:48 fair madaria the doors who will be the 53:53 most hostile of all people to you would 53:57 be the Jews this happen in the time of 54:01 the Prophet least that was some and then 54:04 for a thousand years after that we had 54:07 no problem with the Jews know we we 54:10 protect individuals in our civilization 54:12 and then came the emergence of the 54:15 Zionist movement at the same time with 54:18 the body of her own was discovered 54:20 and now the Jews have become the people 54:22 with the greatest hatred for us exactly 54:25 as a large that in the Quran but he goes 54:29 on to say well let Cena a shriek oh that 54:33 in addition to the Jews there will be 54:36 another people who will have the 54:39 greatest hatred in their hearts for you 54:41 now why they are hindus whose hearts are 54:48 not corrupted with hatred for Muslims 54:54 while they are Hindus who are sincerely 55:00 I don't blame him at all since any 55:04 puzzle and trouble with 800 years of 55:08 Muslim rule over Hindu India and they 55:12 cannot stomach it if I was a Hindu i 55:16 would also we be tremendously trouble 55:19 over 800 years of Muslim rule alania 55:22 because it was not Islam it was Islamic 55:26 imperialism rolling away in him and uh i 55:31 would oppose it if I will hit you I 55:32 would oppose that Muslim rule away 55:35 yeah and if I want also docs christian i 55:37 would hate the Ottoman Empire 55:40 oh yes and hit Islam because this is 55:43 Islam Ottoman Empire if I want all the 55:45 last person I can't blame the Orthodox 55:48 Christian Troy hatred for Islam because 55:51 of what the Ottoman Empire did and I 55:53 can't blame the Hindu as well because 55:57 what Islam what is often these Muslims 56:00 they have been moguls was to impose 56:02 Islamic imperialism upon india so yes 56:06 you have to make a distinction between 56:08 those Hindus whose hearts are troubled 56:12 by this Muslim imperialism but who I 56:16 people who do not have that genital 56:21 hatred for Islam with the inside of them 56:24 there are another Hindu people who are 56:28 like that and its allies referring the 56:31 knees into 56:32 the same way as in Britain and France 56:34 and Germany you find Christians who are 56:37 decent people 56:38 yes you find questions who don't like 56:42 what the government to do in top and 56:45 then you find other Christians who are 56:47 very very much a seated hatred for Islam 56:52 so Ally saying in the car and in 56:55 addition to a yahoo will be another 56:57 people who would show the greatest 56:59 hatred for you in our hero the man and 57:02 these I people of shit Hindu India that 57:06 part of Hindu India which is hostile to 57:09 isla falls in that category anymore 57:13 questions 57:14 yes 57:17 that's great ok last question what make 57:22 is done 57:23 michela we have someone else home is 57:26 Pakistan Italy 57:40 [Music] 57:46 [Music] 58:00 ok 58:09 ok 58:14 ok let's bend you to answer your 58:19 question again you have to go to the bar 58:21 and always go to the front allah speaks 58:28 in the quran in surah al-maida and he 58:33 says yeah you had a tina money or you 58:36 have faith in Allah let that bully who 58:40 don't know sorry we r do not take the 58:44 Jews and do not take the Christians is 58:49 your friends and allies question is a 58:53 lot of speaking about all Jews and all 58:55 questions and sup 58:58 no couldn't be because in other parts of 59:01 the fine he said the questions are going 59:03 to be the closest love and affection for 59:05 you 59:06 well then if allies not speaking about 59:08 all Jews and all Christians when he said 59:13 don't take them as your friends and 59:14 allies within which use and which 59:19 questions he talking about when he said 59:23 don't take them as your friends and 59:25 allies they answer to that question is 59:29 in the words which followed by a doom 59:31 olya about do not take such use and do 59:38 not take such questions as your friends 59:41 and our lives who themselves become 59:44 friends and allies of each other 59:48 the pond is and dissipating a time which 59:53 is to come when one part of the 59:56 Christian world and one part of the 59:59 Jewish well would mysterious Lee reckon 60:04 side and become friends and allies when 60:09 that happens you are brought tell this 60:13 to the Turkish Prime Minister formula 60:15 the turkish President me if you have a 60:18 telephone call column ten because he 60:21 doesn't know the ground 60:24 when that happens you are prohibited for 60:31 maintaining friendship and alliance with 60:33 those people has that friendship and 60:37 alliance emerged today is their age 60:40 Christian judeo-christian alliance in 60:44 the world today 60:45 yes it is the only ones who can't 60:48 recognize it 60:49 are those who drink it Derek and eating 60:52 roti tonight I'm going home to sleep the 60:55 rest of us night it's as iron is 60:59 judeo-christian Alliance and they 61:02 control power in modern Western 61:04 civilization of the French people not 61:06 the American people know that 61:09 judeo-christian alliance controls power 61:12 in modern Western civilization and need 61:17 to is the military and they're not gonna 61:21 like me in Kosovo they're not going to 61:24 like me in Boston yeah they're gonna 61:25 like me in Macedonia then i'm going to 61:29 like me in Albania but this is the truth 61:31 this is the truth this is the ground 61:35 search times while being here to wake up 61:39 at macedonian and Bosnia to wake up 61:41 until built-in to get last until that 61:47 because of as well if you turn to that 61:51 judeo-christian alliance with friendship 61:53 and alliance 61:54 what's the price you pay listen to the 61:58 Quran the Quran is absolute authority 62:02 you can challenge the program know a law 62:06 says we might yet the world level men 62:08 can find the woman who whosoever turns 62:11 with friendship and alliance to them you 62:14 belong to them not to us anymore so this 62:18 is not a civil war between Muslims and 62:21 Muslims you have left Islam when you 62:26 join nick to and you're proud and happy 62:30 to be a member of me 62:32 two and now you becoming need to Trojan 62:37 horse after the field called the top 62:39 here and recorded hours coming he knew 62:44 that Fred to lagoon was part of it here 62:48 the NATO is a part of it he knew all of 62:50 that and he knew that if the court is 62:55 going to fail so that he could have a 62:58 chance now to wipe out all the 63:00 opposition days to him in Turkey 63:03 so the turkey is now strong without any 63:07 our internal opposition so the turkey 63:10 can now play a strategic role in 63:12 anticipation of the war against Russia 63:15 we are not Falls and organs you know 63:19 we're not fools and I hope put in knows 63:22 that this is the Trojan house so the 63:27 conquest of Constantinople will come 63:29 from a civil law turkey will have a 63:33 civil war on one side will be doors who 63:37 are fighting the operator to get need to 63:41 out of Constantinople and on the other 63:44 side will be the fools the bunch of 63:48 fools who is just standing with NATO I 63:54 don't know what Boston is going to do 63:55 now then need to embrace there's no way 63:59 to get out 64:00 I don't know what Albania is going to do 64:02 I don't know what must be doing is going 64:03 to do they are in NATO's embrace and 64:07 there's no way out there trapped so long 64:12 as they remain where they are history 64:14 going to move and leave them behind 64:16 we thank you for your kind attention to 64:20 the lecture I have my books outside and 64:24 after maghrib each other you can get 64:26 them we can also other grab them for you 64:28 can see 64:31 thank you

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