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The 'Other Ban' That was Quietly Announced Last Week

Most of the world is in an uproar right now over the travel ban that Donald Trump hastily imposed late last week on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries. But there was another ban that was quietly proposed last week, and this one has far wider implications: a ban on cash. The European Union’s primary executive authority, known as the European Commission, issued a “Road Map” last week to initiate continent-wide legislation against cash. There are already a number of anti-cash legislative measures that have been passed in individual European member states. In France, for example, it’s illegal to make purchases of more than 1,000 euros in cash. And any cash deposit or withdrawal to/from a French bank account exceeding 10,000 euros within a single month must be reported to the authorities. Italy banned cash payments above 1,000 euros back in 2011; Spain has banned cash payments in excess of 2,500 euros. And the European Central Bank announced last year that it would stop production of 500-euro notes, which will eventually phase them out altogether.

just wanted to talk a little 0:04 bit about the details of another band 0:07 that was proposed and thrown out there 0:08 quietly announced during all the 0:11 inauguration hustle and bustle that was 0:15 going down and with a lot of eyes and 0:17 attention on that this affects us in the 0:22 end even though it is a move being made 0:24 by the european union and this comes on 0:27 the heels of Iran just countering saying 0:30 that they will ditch the US dollar for 0:34 global deals which some say is worse 0:38 than going down to a battle front 0:40 because of what it can cause it was the 0:44 threat of ditching the dollar we've 0:46 heard this so many times before this 0:50 petro dollar and then Saudi Arabia 0:53 making all the money that they've made 0:55 off of being the Barons of all that for 0:58 all this time when it comes to money and 1:03 it comes to tracking people there seems 1:05 to be a bit of difficulty in doing so 1:09 they can this money laundering and this 1:11 tracking of marking bills and all this 1:12 other stuff but it's not as easy 1:15 tracking someone and what they're doing 1:18 with cash it is tracking someone's 1:23 credit card history that an agent can go 1:26 right online and try to look up in the 1:27 database and pull anything they can pull 1:31 it pull up were you checked into a store 1:34 didn't even have the body thing facebook 1:36 could have picked it up and you didn't 1:37 even know and check you in or pinned you 1:39 and show you google could have done in 1:40 log you and you don't even know about it 1:42 has shown those videos are not going to 1:45 remove that information it's vital that 1:47 people do and to shut it off but with 1:51 tracking individuals cash you know 1:54 doesn't leave that exact in print and 1:57 they try to state basically going to try 2:01 to wait it out in some of these 2:02 countries and also that they're going to 2:06 put this ban on cash in the motion 2:10 throughout the European member states 2:11 they're looking to try 2:13 implement the starting next year and 2:15 they cite things like this in France for 2:18 example it is illegal to make purchases 2:21 of more than 1,000 euros and cash if you 2:25 guys know that's illegal to do that any 2:29 cash deposits withdrawn to from a French 2:32 bank account exceeding ten thousand 2:35 euros within a single month must be 2:38 reported to authorities Italy band cash 2:43 payments above 1000 euros back in 2011 2:46 and Spain it's banned cash payment in 2:48 excess of twenty five hundred euros in 2:53 the european central bank announced last 2:55 year that it would stop the production 2:57 of 500 euro notes which will eventually 3:01 be phased out altogether now here in 3:07 America when it comes to using cash what 3:10 people spend to buy groceries cash is 3:14 used in sixty-two percent even large 3:18 purchases over a thousand dollars lots 3:23 of those are still made in cash 3:25 all types of different things paid for 3:29 in cash here in this country that they 3:31 slightly talk about here and they're 3:35 trying to make it seem like if you use 3:36 canned we've talked about this before in 3:38 this country that if you're using cash 3:42 to buy whatever they consider to be 3:44 prepping supplies you could be deemed a 3:45 threat now in terms of using nothing but 3:52 cash a recent gallup poll showed last 3:54 year that a healthy twenty-four percent 3:56 of americans still use all cash to make 3:59 their purchases on everything still 4:00 using credit cards PayPal you can see 4:03 here are fifty two percent growth 4:04 groceries sixty-two percent of purchases 4:08 made up to ten dollars are made in cash 4:09 but an even higher rate over one hundred 4:13 dollars one and five purchases are still 4:16 made using physical cash so they're 4:21 trying to make it seem any of the 4:22 countries that only drug dealers and 4:24 warlords and people mock-up laundering 4:27 money and all this other stuff are the 4:29 ones using cash you see people you 4:34 you've got learn from what's happening 4:36 across the globe what they're doing to 4:39 the countries of Europe invading them 4:42 with the stage migrant invasion causing 4:46 chaos taking away from the people 4:52 constantly and this is going to be 4:54 another form to track anyone in Europe 4:57 and it's going to affect the flow of the 4:59 dollar you can guarantee that in one way 5:01 or another so you know s4 with this is 5:08 going to be rolled out i'm not sure 5:10 exactly but it's been proposed an ounce 5:12 and a lot of this tall came out during 5:14 the inauguration lot of people missed it 5:16 and I just wanted to recover and get out 5:19 there and let people know also that 5:23 others emailing me in regards to bend 5:25 swan disappearing after talking about 5:27 pizza gate and social media well then 5:30 spotted in swansea guy that I know it 5:32 met personally he's to work right out of 5:34 Cincinnati up here in my own backyard 5:36 think he's out of atlanta now but that's 5:39 what happens when you speak truth they 5:41 try to silence you they will boot you 5:44 off air and he shut down Twitter account 5:48 beginning today trace a lot of questions 5:50 but he said he was going to do this 5:52 he's making moves that he's making that 5:55 I guess he feels meet need to happen 5:58 anything trust me on it and all you can 6:01 do is going to take his word for it at 6:02 the moment because I don't see any other 6:04 mainstream media pundits out here 6:05 talking a damn word about PETA gate or 6:07 anything about it and not just those not 6:15 just the stuff on the outside i'm 6:17 talking she's asking why Podesta had 6:21 relations with known sex offenders valid 6:24 questions not diving into talking about 6:28 a call their satanic stuff for 6:31 are raising children inside of the pizza 6:33 shop or anything like that she's asking 6:35 the simple upfront questions of why did 6:37 the dust to have good relations with a 6:41 convicted child molester which is a very 6:44 righteous question to ask and what was 6:47 the answer will then you're getting 6:49 silenced that was the answer and it's 6:52 what happens all too often out here when 6:53 people speak the truth so let it be seen 6:56 metal he's going through its what i know 6:58 about it and update their i will 7:01 continue to update with more information 7:02 as I come across it and use discernment 7:06 folks things could change any given 7:09 moment

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