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Glenn Beck on Trump and the "Muslim Ban"

some of my critics will say that I focus 0:06 too much on the left and what I always 0:07 liked come from the left and i'm trying 0:09 to collect my house everyone else's dad 0:11 right Amen out of your own eye 0:15 I tried for a long time to tell 0:17 progressives why they were wrong it 0:19 doesn't work right no MSNBC built a 0:22 whole network to tell conservatives how 0:24 wrong they are 0:25 it doesn't work i'm pretty sure that is 0:27 not converted anyone going to probably 0:29 converted people to be stronger 0:30 conservatives and a lot of respects you 0:32 because they turn it on and they go wait 0:33 a minute this isn't true right or this 0:35 you know whatever but what else can we 0:38 hit the right on like that want not 0:40 gotcha I gotcha sense but what else has 0:42 the right sort of missed a lot you know 0:47 i dont i I've made a promise that I 0:51 won't judge donald trump on what he did 0:57 during the election 0:59 yeah I'll judge him now on his actions 1:02 as president but there's a lot i 1:06 disagree with him on that he said during 1:09 the election a lot 1:11 yeah if he passes a 1.1 billion stimulus 1:16 package I might lose my mind right this 1:19 is not a conservative idea to do you 1:22 even know you're in fact I remember the 1:25 tea party standing up and saying 780 I 1:28 remember the number 787 billion dollar 1:32 stimulus package 1:33 well I Got News for You Donald Trump's 1:36 will be bigger 1:37 yeah and will you accept it will you 1:39 accept government taking money and then 1:42 think I know what's best to do with it 1:44 no there's that the-the-the just to 1:50 watch people cheer the executive orders 1:54 that keep coming out that he's sitting 1:57 there signing decrees like Caesar I had 2:01 a problem with george w bush doing it I 2:03 had a problem with Barack Obama i have a 2:06 problem with this guy and has anybody 2:08 noticed they're getting worse 2:10 yeah they're grabbing more power 2:13 we have to restore the constitutional 2:15 balance of power 2:16 yeah so that there's video evidence of 2:18 me saying the exact same thing that I 2:20 was against it when George W did it I 2:22 was against obama did it I'm against it 2:24 now and this is the problem that we've 2:26 removed one of the three branches of 2:28 government if we just take the 2:29 legislative branch out and by the way 2:30 it's plenty it's the fault of the Senate 2:32 to because they refused to meet and do 2:33 anything now that stuff but that then we 2:36 feed it enough power to the president 2:38 where people don't even understand 2:39 phenix anymore right 2:41 so so he's assigning you think I'm gonna 2:42 do i get that house me so the 2:44 progressive started this by taking away 2:48 the true nature of the Senate remember 2:51 the Senate was elected originally the 2:53 Senators were picked by the state and 2:56 the state legislatures yeah okay so they 2:59 were picked by the people who in their 3:01 own state were greedy for their own 3:03 state right so they would guard the 3:05 state you would agree you would argue 3:07 that a good thing 3:07 that's great that great day ok so they 3:10 were to guard the state 3:11 well the progressive took that away so 3:13 now we have a hundred men who 3:16 well I want to make sure that shoots 3:17 which the humor stays in or I want to 3:20 make sure Ted Cruz days in well you 3:23 shouldn't have to be connected unless 3:24 you're in the state of Texas or in the 3:26 state of New York so they changed that 3:28 basic fundamental principle and then 3:31 knows people don't know this 3:34 do you know where the supreme court used 3:39 to meet the for FDR made this big 3:42 edifice of the Supreme Court with a big 3:44 columns of the and Moses up at the top 3:47 you know what happened i don't even know 3:48 what that anywhere else but I guess I 3:49 could I would maybe somewhere in boston 3:51 or that one after that was built in the 3:54 1940s by roosevelt the Supreme Court 3:57 played such a small role that when they 4:01 built the capital they looked at each 4:03 other way 4:04 crap we forgot about the third branch 4:06 after that they met until the 1940s in 4:09 the basement of the capital 4:11 ok they were nothing they were just 4:14 there to go yet constitutional not 4:16 constitutional but again the 4:18 progressives made them into this to now 4:20 they're the final word 4:22 well they can't be dictators the 4:25 president can't be 4:26 decatur and neither can Congress which 4:28 is a beautiful 4:29 it's a beautiful system I nobody else 4:31 has it yeah but we're losing it i know 4:34 we are we are we are absolutely loving 4:36 it so okay so let's just talk about one 4:39 of the executive orders the one that 4:40 everyone is going crazy about the 4:42 so-called Muslim and now I did a piece 4:44 of the top of a show today talking about 4:46 this is not a Muslim and because if you 4:49 took the top five most populous Muslim 4:51 countries that out there which is it 4:53 almost 800 million people they're not on 4:56 there including Indonesia and Pakistan 4:58 and Saudi Arabia now you could argue 4:59 that certainly Saudi Arabia should be on 5:01 the list and Pakistan probably to get 5:02 out early for good reason yeah forever 5:04 good for it because there's actually 5:05 everybody that people have you have 5:07 right so okay but putting that aside the 5:11 rhetoric around it the immediate need 5:14 for the hashtag Muslim ban oh my gosh 5:16 uber crying talking about a Muslim and 5:19 now we can look we've already agreed we 5:21 don't like everything being done be 5:22 executive action but what do you think 5:26 about just the inability for us to tell 5:28 the truth in what's happening that okay 5:31 this may be misguided but it is not 5:32 about land yeah this this is me hope 5:36 that America has a chance 5:39 sitting down with a guy who used to say 5:41 he was a progressive and have you say 5:45 that is so powerful so powerful 5:50 the problem is twofold first thank you 5:56 for being honest 5:57 thank you for having intellectual 5:59 courage to say that honey I don't people 6:03 always ready for you to be so rare 6:05 something like I'm not I didn't pick a 6:07 team i didn't pick you know what i mean 6:09 like i said i would say what I believe 6:11 before anything but every now i'm sure 6:12 i'll be wrong about things but right but 6:15 I'm a human 6:16 it's but it will come with great cost 6:19 it always does read i'll tell you after 6:22 the show that read a book called the 6:23 pendulum you'll understand what time 6:26 period wherein it repeats itself every 6:28 80 years all the way back to the 6:31 beginning of time and it's a fascinating 6:33 study on who we are and where we are and 6:36 why voices like yours 6:38 a rare and what usually happens to 6:41 people like you don't need to retire 6:43 early no I'm telling you to stand strong 6:45 but it'll have a happy ending the next 6:48 generation 6:49 oh you can see that but I've got a house 6:53 that I don't like what are you doing 6:57 so where were we talking about again 6:59 where did we go there we got a 7:04 government small-government oh man oh 7:08 yeah don't say it's a rare moment thank 7:10 you i don't get that 1i don't be scared 7:12 the hell out of that so two things 7:14 happen 7:15 first of all when I heard the reporting 7:18 on it I was like horrible horrible 7:23 yeah he makes the Muslim and I thought 7:25 we weren't supposed to take him 7:26 literally yeah you met the Muslim man 7:28 then i go i read the Muslim man it's a 7:32 pause ok so where did the Muslim and 7:37 come from well partially him because he 7:41 signing it 7:42 he's talking about banning Muslims what 7:44 the hell you doing what are you doing 7:47 I think he's either just so sloppy with 7:51 his language which is really easy to do 7:53 or he's sending a message to those 7:56 people that did both forms like I want 7:58 you to ban all those Muslims I don't 8:01 know I don't know how big of a number 8:02 that is so he started calling it a band 8:06 the press started calling in a band so 8:09 there's there's two sides one he made 8:13 the mistake of saying that if you want 8:15 to be president the united states you 8:18 have to be careful with your language I 8:21 was sitting in with George W Bush 8:22 because I really disagreed with the way 8:25 the war was being fought and he called 8:28 me into the Oval Office and read me the 8:31 riot act and he sat down we set of those 8:35 two chairs by the fireplace for now and 8:37 he sat down and he said you know a lot 8:42 of people think they know what it's like 8:43 to be the president united states but 8:45 they have no idea what it's like to be 8:47 the president of like this is going to 8:48 be the longest hour of my wow ok never 8:51 heard him swear 8:52 never saw me angry yeah he was pissed he 8:55 said let me tell you something and he 8:58 started in on five o'clock in the 9:01 morning he took phone calls he told me 9:03 the names of the people that had died 9:04 where they died what they were fighting 9:07 for what their parents said when he 9:09 called them at seven that morning and 9:11 then he told me about how the war was 9:14 going and I said he was passionate he 9:18 wasn't the LSU know a shoe 9:23 yeah me was that guy yeah and I said no 9:28 offense mr. president but this is the 9:31 guy that should be talking to the 9:33 American people 9:34 where is all this he said when you're 9:38 president just shifting your eyes is 9:42 being watched by the Chinese by your 9:45 enemies by your friends when you say 9:47 something and if you just shift your 9:49 eyes there's somebody in the world going 9:52 what does that mean yeah he said you 9:54 have to watch every single word you say 9:56 Donald Trump need to learn that lesson 9:58 the same thing needs to be understood by 10:02 the by the media they're not 10:05 intellectually honest they're not 10:06 intellectually curious very few of them 10:08 they also are sending a message to the 10:13 entire world America hate Muslims now 10:18 America has gone insane 10:21 America is not trustworthy they're both 10:24 at fault they're both at fault 10:27 so do we now have the perfect storm we 10:29 have a guy that they've painted as 10:31 Hitler vs a media that we know will not 10:34 act honestly there are some actors 10:36 within that that will act honestly but 10:38 we have a perfect storm where no matter 10:40 what he does 10:41 they're gonna go nuts and no matter what 10:43 they do he's gonna hate them so like 10:45 we've created now a situation where it 10:47 gets to what I first wanted to start 10:49 with 10:49 have you ever seen a period of time in 10:51 your life where everyone seems like 10:53 they're going nuts at the same time 10:55 because that's what it seems like 10:56 everyone that I'm talking and everyone 10:58 saying people start to say to each other 10:59 like everyone's going crazy i was going 11:01 crazy I mean they're really seen 11:03 to be like I think you're talking about 11:05 the 80-year thing that there's like this 11:07 sort of were pulling the string on the 11:09 fabric of what you let me give you one 11:12 thing that might not make you feel good 11:13 and then something that will make that 11:15 you're good at one you say about perfect 11:17 storm a reoccurring phrase on my show at 11:21 Fox on the chalkboard was perfect storm 11:23 and it was a president that would would 11:28 happily the Kree things through 11:30 executive order a press that was 11:34 completely either in the pocket or 11:37 untrustworthy and a people that were 11:40 angry and one more element economic 11:43 collapse if you put economic real 11:47 economic depression like hardships there 11:50 you know 11:50 look out it's got its gonna fall apart 11:53 and it's gonna get nasty ugly now let me 11:57 give you the part that will make you 11:59 feel good i don't know why but I have I 12:11 feel a tremendous pole or calling to 12:16 stand for people who are being 12:21 persecuted one way or another and and it 12:26 it 12:29 I don't know how that plays out but it's 12:32 why i have said that's why I stood with 12:35 bill maher two weeks after nine eleven 12:38 he doesn't know this here I'm talk radio 12:41 right after nine eleven not popular to 12:45 stand with the guy says you know what 12:46 their bravery that our soldiers were not 12:48 popular and he basically got fired right 12:50 and i said with him saying maybe see 12:54 what part of what part of the name 12:56 politically incorrect don't you 12:58 understand who he has a right to say 13:01 this so i try to stand with the people 13:08 who are standing on principle and even 13:11 if I did screw but this is 13:14 manifested itself with me about five 13:17 years ago I took my children to 13:20 Auschwitz and I wanted my family to 13:24 decide who we would be before any 13:27 trouble would come and I said someday I 13:30 hope not but history seems to repeat 13:32 itself and I feel like we're headed 13:35 towards this where it's only heroes or 13:37 villains and depending on whose side 13:39 wins they're going to be villains and 13:42 they could be the Japanese that could be 13:44 the the Germans they could be the Jews 13:46 they could be us don't know but who are 13:50 we going to be at that time we went 13:52 through schwartz which was of an amazing 13:56 experience and then I found a woman who 14:02 was one of the Righteous among the 14:03 Nations she was one who saved about a 14:05 hundred Jews to 16 at the time when she 14:08 did it and her story is phenomenal but 14:13 the last thing I after was my kids and 14:17 everybody had left and i said to her I'm 14:23 on television and radio and i believe 14:26 these times are coming again I believe 14:29 everybody has the seed of righteousness 14:31 in US but it has to be watered so I 14:36 asked her how can I water that tree of 14:39 righteousness how can I water it in 14:41 people to make it grow 14:42 she said something that I thought was 14:44 profound then but as we are entering 14:46 these times how you just described it 14:48 makes more sense than ever she said clay 14:51 you have to remember you're looking at 14:54 it from your time not our time not the 14:58 time when I was doing it she said the 15:01 righteous didn't suddenly become 15:03 righteous they were superheroes they 15:06 just refused to go over the cliff with 15:09 everyone else so you don't we're in that 15:13 time where everybody's like oh my gosh 15:16 the world is going insane yes they're 15:19 going over the cliff of infinity it's 15:22 critical that you say stop 15:26 I'm not going there I won't go 15:27 with you no matter how much you push how 15:30 much shove no matter how much anger you 15:31 want to stir up in me I won't go over 15:34 the cliff with you you're going to end 15:37 up being one of the righteous remembered 15:39 as one of the righteous because you just 15:42 stood in place and everybody else went 15:45 nuts

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