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The Next Stock Market Crash is Near? PROOF!

Transcript : we reach this moment in history where 0:17 our markets have completed reason just 0:22 massive profit targets and I want to 0:26 repeat this that you are you are part of 0:29 the group that is in the know you are 0:32 part of the group that has knowledge of 0:34 these events before they happen and we 0:37 had this type of information in in 2007 0:40 going into 2008 our markets had had a 0:44 failed breakout in we started a break-in 0:48 trend of Long's we had measured my 0:50 shorts will which will review here in a 0:51 moment but from the 1932 lows and this 0:57 is the 19 29 crash here we fell inside 1:03 of a series of measurements shorts there 1:06 was a series of measurements shorts 1:08 inside of the 19 29 crash which bottomed 1:13 out in 1932 in 1937 our markets traded 1:20 their full fifty percent retracement and 1:22 did not break out of that resistance 1:24 level until nineteen fifty-one at the 1:28 end of World War two 1:29 it took a full 20 years to break out of 1:34 that short set up and really set this 1:35 market up for a rally and now we've 1:38 created this this incredible bubble bond 1:44 market bubble the stock market bubble 1:46 and what is fascinating about our 1:48 markets in nineteen nineteen ninety nine 1:52 when we broke our trend and we had our 1:54 seven-year cycle which we'll talk about 1:57 here in a moment but first i want to go 1:58 to this longer-term trend we had a 2:01 pullback into a halfway back long from 2:02 1930 to lowes to highs 2:05 and that support level bounce we rallied 2:08 out of our 2003 lows and we had a failed 2:13 breakout in 2007 going in 2008 now both 2:17 of these are seven year cycles here and 2:19 weren't another seven year cycle but 2:21 what I want to point out here in this 2:23 longer-term trend is that we went to and 2:26 through our profit targets and when we 2:29 go through a target like this we have an 2:32 extension and the extension is drawn 2:36 from the previous highs of the last 2:38 traditional measured move to our highs 2:39 now that extension long double was 2:42 front-run and you can see here and that 2:45 the S&P 500 was also front-run we hit 2:48 this profit target of the extension and 2:52 we have not gone through and we've been 2:53 up at it for two months 2:55 my concern is that we're going to look 2:58 back on this and of course it won't we 3:00 have to be of the benefit of hindsight 3:01 because we've known that we're inside of 3:03 this pattern for two full months there's 3:05 been plenty of time to prepare for any 3:07 downside risk here going into the 3:10 seven-year cycle but there's a pull back 3:14 now from our same anchor to new highs 3:16 will talk about here in a moment all the 3:20 way down at the eighteen fifties so 3:22 let's go to a little bit said or a 3:26 smaller chart here what we're i'm 3:28 simulating as the support level from 3:30 that 1932 lows to highs which we bounced 3:33 off of very cleanly and what I want to 3:36 show you is and you can go back to go 3:40 back to and we teach team 1987 1994 3:46 every seven years we go through this 3:47 cycle and it is scary how technical it 3:53 has been over the last couple sessions 3:56 1987 was a sep tember and we had one of 4:02 the biggest crashes at that time that 4:03 the markets had ever seen 1994 was a 4:06 pullback it was an extension long level 4:08 from 97 ties to highs when we ran into 4:12 two thousand we had extension long 4:14 levels that were trading and then they 4:16 failed 4:17 and then the may for the spring before 4:21 2001 or 911 this spring set us up inside 4:31 of a 50-percent short which hits profit 4:33 target on 911 almost as if the market 4:36 knew what was going to happen that 4:38 September be fast forward another seven 4:42 years 4:43 we're at all-time highs again and then 4:45 the spring again 4:46 seven years later we have another 4:49 break-in trend that's time it was a 4:50 traditional measured move that failed 4:52 and the new bearish setup Lehman 4:56 Brothers failed failed and then we came 4:59 into a full fifty percent retracement 5:01 and they sold off of those levels almost 5:04 as if the market knew beforehand the 5:07 2008 financial crash would would happen 5:10 here rises going into September and 5:15 after 2009 of course we had our series 5:19 of measures move shorts that let us down 5:22 into those lows to fifty percent two 5:24 targets the 50-percent retracement 5:28 traded to its targets the new 50-percent 5:33 retracements from those highs to lows 5:35 defended their 61 a percent lines and 5:39 hit their profit targets what i want to 5:41 point out here is that in most cases the 5:44 lows in the highs of the market our 5:46 profit targets not necessarily support 5:48 or resistance cells they're actually 5:50 profit targets so after we broke our 5:53 series of measured moves the market 5:55 traded a series of traditional setups 5:57 coming out of those previous lives the 5:59 high as we trade pullbacks in 2009 we 6:02 trade pullbacks in 2010 we trade 6:05 pullbacks in 2011 and then we started 6:07 going straight up the previous highs as 6:11 we talked about on that longer-term 6:12 timeframe the 2007 highs 215 8675 to our 6:19 highest created this extension we're 6:22 going to drill down a little bit here 6:23 and talk about that 6:26 explore 6:28 setup that we had when I was showing you 6:30 in that longer-term timeframe the 6:34 extension long level and this also goes 6:36 our along with our seasonal or the 6:39 seasonality of our markets there are two 6:42 patterns to pay attention to what is the 6:44 seven-year cycle which every seven years 6:47 a profit taking market crush financial 6:50 crash tech bubble Savings and Loan 6:53 debacle whatever you want to call it 6:57 we don't know what the trigger will be 6:58 right now but what we know is that the 7:00 lows in 2009 with a lowes the profit 7:03 target of was the low of 2009 and right 7:07 now we have a profit target that's the 7:08 high of 2015 and our markets even in in 7:16 in some of the best case scenarios say 7:18 that we do defend our new extensions 7:20 have a 250 point drop here back down 7:24 into the next support level and my 7:27 concern is moving forward right now is 7:30 that our little double top here on top 7:33 of a profit target will set us up in a 7:35 very similar fashion that we had in may 7:38 of 2008 and at this time during on 7:43 markets you can you can go back and look 7:45 if you want we have all those you know 7:47 videos replayed that you can you can 7:50 replay we were sitting inside of these 7:52 resistance levels and confirming our 7:53 daily short and we did we had a series 7:57 of extensions that were broken we 7:59 validate the daily short we had a new 8:01 measured move short here coming out of 8:02 the 14 hundreds i feel like this is a 8:05 moment in time where we are put in a 8:09 situation where we are literally 8:10 repeating history 8:12 seven years later and I feel lucky and 8:17 blessed enough to be able to have a 8:19 platform here to warn people again as i 8:23 was able to do in 2008 to potential 8:26 downside risk to our markets at this 8:28 current time 8:29 ok now doesn't mean that the markets are 8:32 necessarily bearish yet but they could 8:35 turn bearish if we break our extensions 8:38 it if we break our highest highs are 8:41 2007 highest highs extensions that are 8:45 markets are literally in a freefall 8:47 that's a ten percent slide as well 8:54 about you think about this 21 twenties 8:57 what is a ten percent decline that's 220 9:01 points we won't even have touched the 9:05 new extension long level yet 9:08 by the time we have a 10-percent down 9:10 into that new support level that is a 9:13 devastating event for the markets if we 9:15 trade this new extension because my for 9:16 many if we have a 10-percent slide and 9:18 we don't rally the next day the markets 9:21 are in indy trouble they're in deep 9:24 trouble 9:25 so we don't know what the trigger is yet 9:29 for trouble 9:32 there are so many it's ridiculous but we 9:34 don't know what it actually is and all 9:38 we know at this moment in time here is 9:40 that these profit targets have been hit 9:42 and the market has been unable unable to 9:46 make it through them now let's take us 9:48 to our most recent our current situation 9:52 we ran into these profit targets at the 9:56 beginning of march on Monday last week 9:58 we made a new high and at ten o'clock we 10:01 had a profit target that was hit that 10:03 was the all-time-high a profit target 10:06 that we were able to only thing that we 10:08 could do at ten o'clock with cell into 10:09 it this week was exactly the same the 10:12 only thing that we had to do at ten 10:13 o'clock on monday the only choice that 10:15 we literally had we stayed above those 10:17 at those levels for about 45 minutes was 10:20 to sell into the weekly profit target 10:21 now we are at the beginning of may we 10:26 talk about the seasonality of the 10:27 markets your long LED ledger day labor 10:30 day and then you take profit on memorial 10:33 day now it isn't always a cell in May as 10:37 a bearish situation but it's normally a 10:39 pull back but what I can tell you is 10:42 that the cells in may on the seventh 10:45 year in the cycle have been devastating 10:49 the beginning 10:49 devastating sell-offs to thousands once 10:53 devastating sell-off 2008 is devastating 10:55 sell-off 2015 we have to pay attention 11:00 to the pattern in beyond our disbelief 11:05 trade what we see 11:09 so over the last two months we've been 11:12 talking about this profit target in the 11:14 danger to the to longs inside of this 11:18 pattern and the next bullish setup is 11:20 below us at the 18 5375 below us here 11:25 now let's go to our smaller time frames 11:29 are daily charts and then 15 minutes 11:31 charts and review what has happened here 11:33 this week on the long side coming out 11:36 last week we had a very technical 11:37 measured with shorts coming out last 11:39 week we had measured my shorts coming 11:41 out of our wednesday timeframe we had 11:43 next measured moves coming out of 11:46 thursday profit targets were hit 11:48 extensions broken then there was the 11:50 late day the last 30 minutes of the day 11:52 we broke a short and then all of the 11:55 Bulls come out of the woodwork in 11:56 basically by the high tix without setups 11:59 and with the target getting hit first 12:02 there's nothing nowhere for them to go 12:04 but get taken out of their lungs so 12:08 coming into this week we have a new 12:11 breaking trend this was our little why 12:15 in the sand for the trading hours only 12:16 longs for monday and the very fruitful 12:19 50-percent retracement short it defended 12:21 after-hours we made new lows halfway 12:24 back short straight again that came out 12:27 of our 930 timeframe next measured move 12:30 came out of ten thirty which hits profit 12:32 targets you can make a case here for an 12:35 extradition set up inside of our series 12:37 to its profit targets you can see here 12:40 that you can make a couple different 12:41 cases for the afternoon but our profit 12:44 target is Arlo this series of course and 12:48 you can make a couple different cases 12:49 here for the next set up in the series 12:51 extension or other traditional or 12:53 trailing are all the way halfway back 12:55 short and there is of course the 12:56 possibility of coming into that for 12:59 retracement going into the rest of the 13:01 week 13:02 one thing to note here is that we did 13:04 break the long from last week's close to 13:06 highs so there would be nothing unusual 13:08 about trading all the way back up into 13:10 the 20 150 the 20 150 so what we have 13:16 the potential for guys and I and I don't 13:19 want to be an alarmist but with as much 13:23 fuel that is an inside of this market 13:25 and with the profit targets that had 13:27 been hit 13:28 if we come off of these highs and we 13:30 break this extension it is going to be a 13:33 bloodbath in the nearest support level 13:35 beyond that extension is the halfway 13:38 back long from r2000 lowest to highest 13:40 in that is all the way down at the 1390 13:44 the problem is is that in 2000-2008 when 13:51 we started bearish setups that the 13:54 buyers that were buying the lows on the 13:56 way down picking bottoms on the way down 13:58 they literally filled our pullbacks or 14:03 the continuation of our sell-offs and 14:05 there's no way to confirm support if we 14:08 break this extension who's to say that 14:10 this market can't come into its full 14:13 fifty percent retracement from 1932 14:15 lowest to highest it is a possibility 14:18 there'd be nothing unusual about that 14:20 what would happen in that type of 14:23 scenario 14:25 first of all it would shake out anyone 14:31 they didn't know what was going on but 14:34 1100 would be a fantastic level 22 by a 14:36 pullback in there would be nothing 14:39 unusual about that either 14:40 it would be exactly equivalent to the 14:42 2000-2009 pull back yet again so i just 14:47 want everyone to know going forward hear 14:48 what they're up against and the 14:51 possibilities moving forward for the 14:55 spring going into the summer into the 14:57 fall of 2015 and with 2016 being an 15:01 election year i would suspect that any 15:03 trouble that we might have 15:06 our technology in their product would 15:07 probably be over by the spring of 2016 15:11 if there was and by the spring of 2016 15:14 the reason i say that is because every 15:17 spring after the seven year cycle is 15:20 over has been a fantastic time to be in 15:24 a long 2001 crash night 9-11 completed 15:31 profit targets the spring of 2033 we 15:37 rallied 2008 the spring of 2009 we 15:42 rallied and of course 2001 it did last a 15:47 full you know 12 months later then we 15:49 didn't 2009 you know it here we are 15:52 problems again but we just need to plan 15:54 a couple steps ahead here and one thing 15:57 I also want to point that everything is 15:59 selling off here first 16:01 the bond market is showing weakness the 16:04 indices are a profit targets the dollar 16:07 is selling off we go take a look at that 16:09 here in a moment I'm going to prison 16:11 gonna finish this video but looking at 16:14 the dollar because the dollar is is 16:18 showing us on the weekly charts here a 16:21 gigantic 50-percent retracement short we 16:24 rallied on the markets the feds news 16:28 that they were going to raise rates in 16:31 the spring of 2015 then here we are in 16:34 the spring of 2015 and we have gdp that 16:38 is- without its corrections we have all 16:43 of our news as is a manipulated 16:48 employment rate and what the dollar 16:54 showing us here is dollar selloff into 16:57 so off bond sell-off all at the same 16:59 time everything going down all the same 17:02 time it's scary 17:04 so be aware if you were exposed to the 17:08 market in any way shape or form inside 17:10 of lungs 17:12 at this time you're going to fifty 17:16 percent cash in the spring is what 17:17 normal investors do so they can add back 17:20 to long positions in the on labor day of 17:23 of the of the fall of the next year and 17:27 being just trading and having a normal 17:30 profit taking time of the year is a 17:34 smart thing to do for the indices here 17:36 given where we are inside of our trend 17:38 we haven't had profit taking in the 17:40 spring 17:40 since 2011 so it's going to be an 17:44 interesting your guys and you're 17:46 literally witnessing history I'd 17:48 encourage you that if you are watching 17:50 this video to share it with someone that 17:54 you might think is interested or might 17:56 be interested inside of this or in these 17:58 price patterns and what the future could 18:01 hold moving forward thanks guys

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