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Explosive Revelation : Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Worked for the CIA says his Son

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's ambition and ruthlessness made him one of the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminals of all time. IN THESE GROUPS International Criminals Famous People Born on December 1 Famous People Who Died on December 2 Famous People Who Died in 1993 1 of 6 quotes “What is worth most in life are friends, of that I am sure. Unfortunately, along life's paths one also meets people who are disloyal.” —Pablo Escobar Synopsis Pablo Escobar, born on December 1, 1949, in Antioquia, Colombia, entered the cocaine trade in the early 1970s. He collaborated with other criminals to form the Medellin Cartel and eventually controlled over 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. He earned popularity by sponsoring charity projects and soccer clubs, but later terror campaigns that resulted in the murder of thousands turned public opinion against him. He was killed in 1993. Background and Early Life Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1, 1949 in the Colombian city of Rionegro, Antioquia, with his family later moving to the suburb of Envigado. He came from modest means; his father worked as a peasant farmer while his mother was a schoolteacher. From an early age, Escobar packed a unique drive and ambition to raise himself up from his humble beginnings. As a young man, he told friends and family that he wanted to become president of Colombia. Yet as he saw it, his path to wealth and legitimacy lay in crime. He got his start as a petty street thief, stealing cars before moving into the smuggling business. Escobar’s early prominence came during the “Marlboro Wars,” in which he played a high-profile role in the control of Colombia’s smuggled cigarette market. This episode proved to be a valuable training ground for the future narcotics kingpin. Rise to Power It wasn’t by chance that Colombia came to dominate the cocaine trade. Beginning in the early 1970s, the country became a prime smuggling ground for marijuana. But as the cocaine market flourished, Colombia’s geographical location proved to be its biggest asset. Situated at the northern tip of South America between the thriving coca cultivation epicenters of Peru and Bolivia, the country came to dominate the global cocaine trade with the United States, the biggest market for the drug, just a short trip to the north. Escobar moved quickly to grab control of the cocaine trade. In 1975, Medellin drug trafficker Fabio Restrepo was murdered. His killing, it’s believed, came at the orders of Escobar, who immediately seized power and expanded Restrepo’s operation into something the world had never seen. Under Escobar’s leadership, large amounts of coca paste were purchased in Bolivia and Peru, processed, and brought to America. Escobar worked with a small group to form the infamous Medellin Cartel. By the mid-1980s, Escobar controlled more than 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. More than 15 tons of cocaine were reportedly smuggled each day, netting the Cartel as much as $420 million a week. Astronomical Wealth The cash was so prevalent that Escobar purchased a Learjet for the sole purpose of flying his money. With an estimated worth of $30 billion, Escobar was named one of the ten richest people on earth by Forbes. Even as his fortune and fame grew, Escobar didn’t relinquish his dream to be seen as a leader. In some ways he positioned himself as a Robin Hood-like figure, which was echoed by many locals as he spent money to expand social programs for the poor.

Transcript : please open mind discern this in all 0:13 information 0:14 februari 17 2017 Pablo Escobar son 0:20 reveals his dad worked for the CIA 0:22 selling cocaine posted on the 0:25 freethought by claire 0:29 burnish Juan Pablo Escobar handle son of 0:33 notorious medellin cartel drug kingpin 0:36 Pablo Escobar now says his father worked 0:39 for the CIA in a new book Pablo Escobar 0:43 in frag auntie Escobar who lives under 0:47 the pseudonym juan sebastián American 0:49 explains his father worked for the CIA 0:52 selling cocaine to finance the fight 0:54 against communism in Central America the 0:58 drug business is very different than 1:00 what we dreamed he continues what the 1:03 CIA was doing was buying the controls to 1:06 get the drug into their country and 1:07 getting a wonderful deal he did not make 1:11 the money alone American elaborated in 1:13 an interview but with US agencies that 1:16 allowed him access to this money he had 1:19 direct relations with the CIA notably 1:22 American added the person who sold the 1:26 most drugs to the CIA was Pablo Escobar 1:29 where his first book primarily covered 1:32 Escobar the man is a father marroquin 1:35 second which has just been released in 1:37 Argentina delves into the kingpins 1:39 international ties of corruption in 1:41 which my father had an active 1:43 participation among them with the 1:45 American CIA he said in a recent 1:47 interview those government associates 1:51 were practically his partners which 1:53 allowed Escobar to defy the law and gave 1:56 him nearly the same power as a 1:58 government predictably this information 2:01 is conveniently absent from media 2:03 headlines in America if the CIA 2:06 trafficking cocaine into the United 2:08 States sounds like some tin foil 2:10 conspiracy theory think again their 2:14 alleged role in the drug trade was 2:16 exposed in 1996 in an explosive 2:19 investigative series dark alliance by 2:21 Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury 2:23 enews the investigation headed up by web 2:27 revealed ties between the CIA Nicaraguan 2:30 Contras and the crack cocaine trade 2:32 ravaging african-american communities 2:34 the investigation provoked massive 2:37 protests and congressional hearings as 2:40 well as overt backlash from the 2:42 mainstream media to discredit website 2:44 reporting however decades later 2:47 officials would come forward to 2:49 backwards original investigation up then 2:53 senator john kerry even released a 2:55 detailed report claiming that not only 2:57 was there considerable evidence linking 2:59 the contrary effort to trafficking of 3:01 drugs and weapons but that the u.s. 3:03 government knew about it 3:05 el patrón as Escobar came to be known 3:08 amassed more wealth than almost any drug 3:11 dealer in history at one point raking in 3:13 around 420 million dollars a week in 3:16 revenue and reportedly supplied about 3:18 eighty percent of the world's cocaine 3:20 Escobar landed on forbes list of 3:23 International billionaires for seven 3:25 straight years and though the nature of 3:27 the business makes acquiring solid 3:29 numbers impossible his estimated worth 3:31 was around 30 billion dollars 3:34 Escobar in the Medellin Cartel smuggled 3:37 15 tons of cocaine into the u.s. every 3:39 day and left a trail of thousands of 3:42 dead bodies to do so it was a 900-mile 3:45 run from the north coast of Colombia and 3:48 was simply wide-open journalist you and 3:50 Grillo wrote in the book el marco inside 3:53 Mexico's criminal insurgency the 3:57 Colombians and their American 3:58 counterparts with airdrop loads of 4:00 blowout to see from where it would be 4:02 rushed to short and speedboats or even 4:05 fly it right onto the floor of the 4:07 mainland and let it crash down in the 4:09 countryside if what marroquin reveals in 4:12 the new book is indeed true it would 4:15 mean the CIA played a major role in 4:18 ensuring Americans had access to 4:20 boundless quantities of cocaine while 4:22 the US government sanctimoniously railed 4:24 against drugs to promote the drug war in 4:28 fact as marroquin keenly observed drug 4:31 prohibition makes for the best prodrug 4:33 propaganda the nature of something being 4:35 illegal naturally 4:37 gives it greater appeal that prohibition 4:40 guaranteed Escobar's bloody rain would 4:42 be all the more violent marroquin now 4:45 believes his path of healing is 4:47 reconciliation with the relatives of 4:49 those whom his father ordered to kill 4:50 while Escobar certainly used violence or 4:55 ordered others to use violence to 4:57 effectively foment and maintain power he 5:00 wasn't without a charitable bone in his 5:02 body as business insider notes he was 5:06 nicknamed Robin Hood after handing out 5:08 cash to the poor building housing for 5:11 the homeless constructing 70 community 5:14 soccer fields and building a zoo 5:16 el patrón met his fate in 1993 by 5:20 gunshot as he attempted to flee after 5:21 his house was surrounded 5:23 however the circumstances surrounding 5:26 his death are still being debated today 5:28 marroquin insists his father committed 5:32 suicide rather than be shot or captured 5:34 by police forces sent to hunt him down 5:36 while others believe Escobar was 5:39 absolutely slain by police 5:41 either way Escobar's accumulation of 5:44 wealth could be viewed as incidental to 5:46 the role he played for the CIA and the 5:48 war on drugs a massive hypocrisy serving 5:51 to keep people hooked on a substance 5:53 deemed illegal by the state so the state 5:55 can then reap the profits generated by 5:57 courts prisons and police work necessary 6:01 to fight the war on drugs 6:03 my father was a cog in a big business of 6:06 universal drug trafficking marroquin 6:08 explains and when he no longer served a 6:11 purpose for those using him that way 6:14 killers were sent to do away with the 6:15 problem the problem so many had a hand 6:18 in creating American who only revealed 6:21 himself as Escobar son in 2009 says he's 6:25 had to forgive members of his family for 6:28 their involvement in the drug business 6:29 and betrayal of his father but notes 6:31 that forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting 6:33 what happened but he has measured 6:36 perspective about the man who brutally 6:38 ruled the cocaine industry pablo escobar 6:41 is by no means a role model he asserts I 6:45 admire Pablo my father who educated me 6:50 not Escobar the mafioso marroquin noted 6:54 drug lords like his father might appear 6:57 to have everything as their status and 6:58 name garner attention but these material 7:01 gains in actuality take control in the 7:05 end the more power my father had the 7:08 poor he lived 7:09 thanks for listening and watching 7:11 subscribe and share

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