"Spirit of America" Pro-Trump Rally - Atlanta, GA - 2/27/2017

Once people understand the simple fact that the democrats and their supporters are marxist leninists communists, the picture gets real clear. That's why the chinese commies support the democrats, etc. etc. Real simple, and if you want the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and whatever freedom and liberty we can get then you'll see it's either rollover time and give up and give in or it's time to keep this constitution alive. It's that simple and that difficult. There is no other definition or explanation or rant or anything. That's it. We got soft, fat and stupid, and let the guard down after the WW2 Vets faded away and stopped reminding us and their children just got into greed and worldly possessions. That's it folks and this is where we are. If there's not enough fight in the right then sayanora constitution and hello world commies, goodbye to the good times.

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