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SHOCKING -- Scientists create Human-Pig Hybrid Embryos - Chimera Research

Mutant Pig with human FACE and ORGAN on its forehead draws crowds and cash offers in China

A farmer says he was inundated with cash offers for a pig born with a human face and a Organ on its forehead after photos of the newborn 'mutant' went viral. Friends and neighbours of Tao Lu rushed to his property in Yanan township in the city of Nanning, China, after news of the deformed pig spread. One of the last to be born in a litter of 19, the little piglet was described by witnesses as having a human face and a organ on its forhead. And when a local newspaper published pictures of the bizarre-looking animal, several people contacted Tao, offering to buy it. Sadly, the animal died after being rejected by its mother and refusing a bottle. Tao, 40, said: "It was a large litter, and the mutant was one of the last of 19 piglets to be born. "All the others were normal, just this one was really bizarre. "It is a shame it died, I could have got more money for it than for the rest of the family put together based on what people were offering me on the phone." The farmer said he had intended to put the pig on display to attract visitors. One person who saw the animal first hand, Wu Kung, 32, said: "I was one of a dozen people who went there to see the piglet, and it really did have human face and exactly like he said, a organ growing out of its forehead."

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