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Rush Limbaugh : #FBI Confirms NY Times Story On #Trump And #Russia Is INACCURATE

request to knock down recent truck wrench previous into my zone business the FBI guy comes up and says writes the new york times story about Trump in the election and the Russians we know there's nothing to it it's inaccurate previous minding his own business the FBI guy second-in-command became tells in this previous is what do I do with this became says I don't know we got to think about call me back so previous calls them back and then somebody tells the media that previous called McCabe and that how the story began white house calls FBI asking them to tamp down it's one of the biggest examples of media malpractice that i have seen since Trump was inaugurated they headline to this story you know what the headline story is FB i-- consumption new york times story on Trump and Russia is inaccurate that's the nose and CNN even admits that that's part of the story they ignored that and try to make this about previous calling the FBI asking them to tell the media when the story is that everything the media's been saying about Trump and Russia the FBI can't confirm its inaccurate and they told the White House that this was yesterday or Tuesday Wednesday whatever happened this week

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