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Robert Steele -- The Deep State : The Fall of The Constitution and The Rise of a Shadow Government

Deep State - Robert David Steele on The Hagmann Report Updated 2/2/17  : Former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert David Steele discusses the attacks against President Donald Trump by the Deep State - the "Shadow Government."

 If Trump can’t mount a counterattack and get rid of his White House “traitors,” what happens? Intel expert Robert David Steele predicts, “He will not be re-elected, and he will also probably be impeached in 2018. . . . Donald Trump is toast after 2018 . . . if we don’t do electoral reform. The Democrats will steal back the House and they will impeach Donald Trump. They will combine that with protests in the streets, and they will combine that with banking pressure to include a $20 billion bribe . . . and Trump will finally say I can’t handle this. I can’t do this, and he’ll leave. . . . Candidates can be bought, particularly if you apply so much pain to them that is simply not worth the hassle. I believe in Donald Trump. I want to devote my life to helping Donald Trump to restore the Constitution and restore democracy. I am deeply upset that Donald Trump is not getting the advice he needs to lay this out for America and provide a solution. The Electoral Reform Act needs to be implemented in the next 90 days or Donald Trump is not going to finish his term.”

In closing, Steele warns, “Even if 10,000 of us call the White House comment line, Donald Trump is not going to hear from us. Trump is in enemy hands. . . . Donald Trump is all alone in the White House, and the forces of evil are essentially isolating him from “We the People.”

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  3. we and I mean WE - the majority of Australians - LOVE xxx TRUMP xxx- we wish we had TRUMP here in Australia where he would be WELL APPRECIATED as he deserves to be - AND LEAVE HIS WIFE ALONE - she does not need your aggravation - Malania should also be appreciated for her knowledge, education and wisdom.

  4. WHY DID THEY LET OBAMA OSAMA slink away into the night BEFORE asking him WHAT HAPPENDED TO THE MISSING NINE TRILLION DOLLARS ?????? that is a lot of money missing from the American taxpayer ( taxes are also UNCONSTITUTIONAL and HIGHLY IMMORAL - introduced by the CORRUPT CENTRAL BANKS to pay for their lifestyle while AMERICANS go HUNGRY)

  5. don't ask Trump what happened to OWENS - ask obama bastard what happened to the seal, owens - obama bastard warned the enemy that the mission was going ahead and notice of their arrival.

  6. yes, I agree, it was three months in the planning - why would Trump cancel the mission, when he, Trump has only been in Office for a number of DAYS