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Remote Viewing February 2017: Time-Cross Predictions

Dick Allgire: 1. catastrophic event with a structure, structural fire, maybe historically relevant building (?), people running out of structure, trying escape 2. sword arch ceremony, two men joining hands, celebration, political, important, agreement, co-operation 3. african-american man assaulted, furor over this 4. stealth sneaking person, SWAT/tactical people in an urban setting 5. strongly build man having sex with a black woman, perhaps being taped, perhaps for blackmail purposes Aziz Brown: 1. structure near water, accident in a vessel near water, maybe fire related, big black mass (smoke?) 2. Projectile type (airplane?) in air moving across landscape, shooting a projectile (missile?) towards ground in light urban area (not city) Princess JeaneƩ: 1. Very large city, airplane (?) flying over, lots of death, energetics, circular motion, fire, bad odour in the air, a catastrophe, feels terroristic, out-of-control by controlled, people running, somebody being rushed out to a safe location (VIP person?), high alert situation, feels planned All omissions and errors are mine, and not those of viewers.

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