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Reason Why Alex Jones Is Threatening The Left

Scott Creighton On Amnesty's Fake News Stories & Why Alex Jones Is Threatening The Left.

Transcript : broadcasting information the mainstream 0:03 media won't text this is the ratio and 0:06 show association with david icke dot-com 0:08 well I'm delighted that our next guests 0:12 agreed to come on the program i think 0:13 he's a brilliant writer I don't listen 0:15 to interviews you've given to and avoid 0:18 variety of content creators and 0:21 presenters on youtube is a brilliant 0:22 broadcaster as well this week for me is 0:26 written the most outstanding artists 0:27 like he's written a series of articles 0:29 and updates on his site which is Willy 0:32 Loman dot Willy Loman Dark 0:36 Lord about amnesty 0:38 international's claim that their we're 0:42 circling thousand executions carried out 0:47 a signal area or save Mia prison since 0:50 2011 they provided 84 witnesses they 0:55 said but didn't offer a shred of 0:57 documentary evidence to any of this is 0:59 happened pretty in journalism from a 1:01 terrific journalist let's welcome back 1:03 to the president not welcome back 1:05 looking for the first time to the 1:06 program the first of many Scots 1:09 creations in Florida scars welcome how 1:11 are you I'm doing well how are you doing 1:13 I'm really really really good and I can 1:15 hear you loud and clear 1:17 congratulations on some first-rate 1:18 journalism on your act like to call it 1:21 really is terrific me pretty accurate 1:23 much you know when I talked about it and 1:26 of course i credited you and when I 1:28 talked about it earlier in the week 1:29 people got in touch with me says if you 1:32 want them to do anything like that 1:33 honestly have always been there for the 1:37 downtrodden for the tortured for the 1:39 disappeared 1:40 why would they do if you want to answer 1:41 that god you want to take that one first 1:44 well um obviously get some funding from 1:48 westernized nations are united kingdom 1:51 the united states US State Department 1:54 I'm there's also connections are human 1:57 rights watch's is also I i would be 2:01 surprised you know that because because 2:03 of what what Amnesty International has 2:04 done over the years documenting the 2:07 crimes against the Palestinian people i 2:09 would be surprised I was surprised 2:12 that they did it but the more you look 2:15 into it the more you realize you know 2:16 that they have in the past helped with 2:18 these regime change operations by 2:21 providing a little bit of either support 2:24 for various pieces of propaganda that 2:26 came out in the past or creating the 2:29 propaganda themselves and also if you 2:31 look Amnesty International and human 2:33 rights watch as well if you look at the 2:35 numbers as far as what they claimed 2:37 civilians killed say in the bush 2:40 administration days when they indeed 2:43 shocking on the early stages i have a 2:45 rack how many people they claimed were 2:48 actually killed the numbers are 2:49 incredibly low i saw something I forget 2:53 where it was but they were talking about 2:55 uh i think it was Amnesty 2:57 International's numbers as far as how 3:00 many civilians are brock obama has 3:02 actually killed with drones and I think 3:06 don't quote me on this but i think that 3:07 was like 230 between Iraq and Syria and 3:14 maybe 50 or so in Yemen these numbers 3:18 are incredibly low so arm to be honest I 3:23 i myself was a little bit taken aback 3:25 when this thing came out and looked at 3:27 but then i remember you know they get 3:29 funding from them and it's not all of 3:33 Amnesty International that dozens I 3:35 think what they do is like is like they 3:37 do with any organization they get people 3:40 there people are to be hired by Amnesty 3:44 International or Human Rights Watch or 3:46 any of these other organizations that 3:48 actually do some good work up at celeb 3:50 perhaps and when they have them you know 3:54 in place and working for them they make 3:57 contact with him say okay we need a 3:58 little bit of help ourselves and they 4:00 produce it and I think that's exactly 4:02 what this nigga left our wellman did 4:04 with this ridiculous a punk propaganda 4:09 really good point you made there because 4:11 I of the coming from commercial radio 4:13 background I've interviewed very 4:16 spokesman and women from Amnesty over 4:18 the years and I think it's a really good 4:20 point you make you have to imagine a lot 4:22 of people working for organizations like 4:24 us are doing so for 4:26 your reasons and i genuinely against 4:28 oppression and murder and torture 4:30 wherever it happens but this is just 4:33 died during this class it's a staggering 4:35 thing because and our listeners up i 4:38 know they're all the years by the way 4:39 it's got you can follow us on twitter i 4:41 just tweeted his and twitter handle 4:44 which is actually lumen Warren that's 4:46 actually normal would love that 4:48 death of a salesman reference i love 4:50 that i actually wanted to find cast on 4:52 twitter there what's dad doing more than 4:55 anything scars is this activity would 4:58 just expect to get away with it you know 5:01 that they that they just know that 5:03 nowhere in mainstream media is anybody 5:06 going to challenge the fact that they 5:08 have no evidence talk about that they've 5:10 offered no evidence or if it's a time 5:13 censorship remember when i wrote 5:15 something about that yesterday they 5:17 don't really necessarily need just to be 5:20 proven because they know it's not if the 5:24 more people look into what they say when 5:26 you get you have 31 is based on the 5:28 statements of 31 former moderate 5:32 terrorists who were sense into ended 5:34 into Syria to destabilize the country 5:36 entered into force a change of the of 5:38 the government there 5:39 why would anyone take what they say 5:41 seriously especially when you consider 5:43 the fact this is the glaring 5:45 contradiction with this whole thing it's 5:47 really based on the statements from 31 5:50 members are people who had left said 5:53 entire prison and they were all there i 5:56 think one was featured on al-jazeera 5:58 former free syrian army guy sent in 6:02 there to help destabilize the country 6:03 and terrorize the population enforcement 6:06 regime change it created all kinds of 6:08 horrible things he was arrested he was 6:10 captured he was captain sig nine prison 6:13 and miraculously he was released he was 6:17 set free he spent two-and-a-half years 6:19 in the diet prison for acts of terrorism 6:22 and they ended up letting him go he's 6:25 starting to thank saying he wasn't going 6:26 to be a terrorist anymore whatever he 6:27 did they actually let him go 6:30 this is what this story is based on 6:33 really and when you think about it and 6:35 you look at all the hyperbole and all 6:37 the things that they say about other 6:38 just hanging everybody 6:39 oh my goodness it's just last 6:41 extermination they want to kill 6:42 everybody who has anything to do with 6:44 trying to work with the Free Syrian 6:46 opposition except for these 31 people 6:49 who they just let go and you know what I 6:51 know it's really frustrating that is 6:53 again people want to ask questions like 6:55 is not a difficult thing to do you know 6:58 to execute so many people by hanging in 7:01 one goal island issues these people your 7:04 project you know what to do that i mean 7:06 i-i don't want to clean news know what 7:08 fox news would say well the shots would 7:11 alert the other prisoners and they tell 7:13 you all this absolute garbage but they 7:15 just wouldn't I'm people like that they 7:17 wouldn't do it 7:18 it's a slow process to kill people it 7:20 doesn't only work to get all kinds of 7:22 issues if you look at the said that the 7:26 the ridiculous of that they actually i 7:28 will talk about this little bit later 7:29 but they actually this is such a major 7:31 propaganda campaign for them not only 7:34 did they do a video of this before they 7:36 release the actual report nice 7:38 heartwarming hearts and minds kind of 7:40 video you are you really want to get in 7:42 there and help those poor terrorist 7:43 because it being treated so badly but 7:45 they actually put together they got a 7:47 company and the company put together 7:50 this 3d model and they actually have a 7:52 website is connected with a ghost 7:55 international you can go there and you 7:56 can even go through into a fly-through 7:58 of the sadhana prison but it's all based 8:02 entirely on the say-so of these sturdy 8:04 one terrorist have some reason they let 8:07 go on didn't hang these gas is based on 8:11 absolutely nothing there are no concrete 8:13 evidence it's like do you remember if 8:16 you go back to 2003 when Donald Rumsfeld 8:19 was on the news and he was saying oh 8:21 yeah they have all sorts of these caves 8:23 on the left more than just one of these 8:25 caves ago they have any caves 8:27 can you imagine if they had 3d modeling 8:29 back then they could have actually not 8:31 gonna fly through the case that didn't 8:33 exist 8:33 I'm so glad you mentioned the cave do 8:35 you remember the times of london this is 8:38 supposed to be one of the great pillars 8:41 of journalism in the united kingdom 8:44 The Times of London even drew a cartoon 8:47 it to accompany the bullshit from Rome 8:50 sells these super caves that were like 8:52 something from the 8:52 James Bond movies remember and it's 8:54 supposed to be so many of them and 8:56 didn't Charlie Rose interview robbers 9:00 Andros after nodding along without 9:02 saying come on Roe me they didn't nobody 9:05 could be the cave like that into total 9:08 boredom mountains right and when he was 9:10 asked back and eventually they show the 9:12 whole and a smaller located as well 9:13 actually it's not quite exactly the same 9:15 thing we don't make sure you know three 9:16 years ago but it means asked about our 9:19 whereas this one came in so no that's 9:21 not one came as many caves this is where 9:24 are they they're north south east and 9:25 west of Baghdad naturally the river stay 9:28 everywhere everywhere you look um I 9:32 think the reason here is that they they 9:34 want to get this out 9:36 they wanted to get out right before the 9:37 peace talks they wanted to push this 9:39 propaganda so they could push an agenda 9:42 with the UN and hopefully uh derail the 9:47 peace talks but they knew that it 9:50 wouldn't stand the scrutiny of the light 9:51 of day they absolutely knew that that's 9:54 why they had to rush it out as quickly 9:55 as they could get everybody to talk 9:57 about as much as they can and what 9:59 they're going to do is the same thing 10:01 they do with all their other propaganda 10:03 pieces political tropic it will be it 10:06 will be lost kind of in the history for 10:09 about two or three months and then what 10:11 you'll hear is the same thing over and 10:12 over again politicians and talking heads 10:15 and don't make reference back to it 10:18 don't talk back to you and say oh yes 10:19 but you know you have to get rid of 10:21 Assad because we don't get a look at 10:22 what it's not did he slaughtered 13,000 10:25 of his own people home all the death of 10:27 it it was like Auschwitz or something 10:29 and all don't have to do is mention it 10:31 because people will be able to go back 10:34 and see if he told the truth to look at 10:36 the CNN BS or the look at the New York 10:38 Times BS to look at and it'll be there 10:40 so it'll be truth in open it is 10:42 ridiculous as it is and his best bunkers 10:45 is as baseless as it is that sell things 10:49 become that's other stuff comes true you 10:51 just answer the brilliant question put 10:53 to me by one of our listeners the other 10:54 day they asked me about disorders 10:56 including yarns when i was working in 10:59 commercial radio 11:00 and it was a decent fish living Scott it 11:03 wasn't marvelous but it was gorgeous and 11:05 then one of the letters came back to me 11:07 and said that they read that 11:09 kay burley it's going to be getting 11:11 650,000 pounds a year which is the 11:14 master salary be reading you know a 11:16 teleprompter basically had to be reading 11:18 all the Q&As four or five times a week 11:21 huge amounts of money and you just 11:23 answered why because this is why did you 11:24 get paid so much you get paid so much 11:26 not to ask the hard questions that you 11:30 are in your articles which is come on 11:33 can I just want this to be scarce i was 11:35 going to send you an e-mail today and I 11:37 should have done it does it it was so 11:39 close to where time that I didn't you 11:42 might not be aware of with CNN ran a 11:44 story today they led with the story 11:46 today about the Russian businessman 11:48 who's been poisoned boy and the Russians 11:51 right now what was extraordinary there 11:53 was his wife was interviewed and CNN 11:57 admitted that he couldn't substantiate 11:58 the story they couldn't even get 12:00 confirmation from the hospitals that the 12:02 guy had been poisoned 12:03 they just took the guy's wife word for 12:06 us around the story and then according 12:09 to john mccain talking about how 12:11 dreadful this was further evidence that 12:13 people have been killed in Russia for 12:15 speaking out against Putin and his 12:17 administration this is an absolute 12:20 avalanche of propaganda race 12:22 yes absolutely oh yeah i did hear about 12:25 that is not developing i think it was 12:28 last night was a un trachea and this 12:31 woman said that he was he was he 12:33 officially therefore he said he's 12:35 officially therefore over intoxication 12:37 of some foreign substance so I I heard 12:41 you talking earlier about it during the 12:43 show today 12:44 sounds like we're what is that satellite 12:46 to you you might have od'd maybe add 12:49 vodka 12:50 yeah a vodka her hair when I I don't 12:52 want to make any assumptions it could be 12:54 just a guy got sick but the fact that 12:57 yeah that there are doing the way you 13:00 make it up the ladder of success in the 13:02 corporate media world is you don't ask 13:05 the wrong questions we take things at 13:08 face value because if the if you don't 13:11 you're not going to last very long 13:13 because it's it's do the world we live 13:15 in is his paper from the reality that 13:18 they have constructed with their fake 13:19 news is paper-thin and if you if you 13:22 can't tread very very lightly blue as 13:26 you climb up the social ladder you're 13:28 gonna fall on him and I am i want to 13:31 mention your urs light will illuminate 13:32 at follows God's on 13:35 twitter at Willy Loman one so what's 13:38 your go-to seasons and this avalanche of 13:40 propaganda to me 13:42 it spells very very bad news for the 13:45 future because they always want to go in 13:46 to Syria or they want to partition the 13:49 country what do you think's us i think 13:52 they wanted to vote so I think they're 13:54 going to have to part they're going to 13:55 have to go into Syria because Assad has 13:58 made it very clear that he's not going 14:00 to accept giving up any series going to 14:02 as he said about a month ago 14:05 he's going to read all of Syria all of 14:08 the Interior and the the integral 14:10 integrity of Syria from these these 14:13 terrorists from foreign terrorists and 14:15 he's got directions I think about three 14:18 or four months ago tried to get him to 14:20 maybe talked about giving up a little 14:23 portion for therefore the Kurds are 14:27 federalizing certain parts of it but 14:30 Assad has been very clear he's not going 14:32 to do that and I think that really goes 14:34 to the heart of what this is all about 14:36 I think that this piece of particular 14:40 piece of propaganda makes it very very 14:43 clear she actually says a Nicolette walk 14:47 Wellman says in in the in the report at 14:49 the end she's a list of you know what 14:51 she wants everyone to dealing and 14:53 including the the general assembly at 14:55 the UN Russia the UN Security Council 14:58 you know it's all basically saying 15:01 they're not going to accept a deal that 15:05 leaves Assad because ultimately they 15:08 blame Assad and the leadership the 15:11 legitimate leadership in Syria for what 15:13 they claim happened in a sudden I prison 15:18 so i think going into this this meeting 15:23 this piece a deal meeting in Geneva 15:25 which by the way 15:26 was supposed to start in February the 15:29 eighth this report comes out onto every 15:31 27 it was postponed on january 27th by 15:35 the Russians by Lavrov but i think the 15:38 wheels were already emotion to get this 15:40 release so they went ahead and release 15:41 it anyway so there would have been a 15:43 disaster right because they failed to do 15:45 what they wanted to do which was to 15:47 depose Assad get their own property in 15:50 there they say like I do that they know 15:52 know that no matter no matter how many 15:54 jihadist the throw at the situation and 15:58 outside it won't be good not because 16:00 besides protected boy rushes there's 16:04 nothing you can do there any peace talk 16:06 and disasters again for the nasal 16:09 countries for and residential colleges 16:11 and Israel so what you've destroyed 16:14 really if they're only playing now 16:15 showing basically going and this is what 16:18 this propaganda dose if if if Western 16:21 civilians like you and me and scars if 16:26 we genuinely believe that this guy is 16:29 having slaughter parties in prison 16:31 horrendous things like that were less 16:33 likely to respond open say no time to 16:37 winter and before we know what they'll 16:39 let me watch the next plane or flies on 16:41 that sounds tomorrow to me right but no 16:43 flies over the next few weeks right 16:46 what the next player to make sure that 16:47 the peace talks to get ya after that I 16:51 think that our trump is already playing 16:53 with the idea i could be wrong but I've 16:55 heard reports are based on their they're 16:58 out there that he is playing with the 17:00 idea of approving and no flying around 17:03 New fly zone or safe zone 17:05 however they want to put it that bail be 17:07 a nightmare 17:08 obviously that's going to end up being 17:10 seaplanes one from Syria one from united 17:13 states like she close to each other 17:14 somebody's going to someone's going to 17:16 get a bitchy trigger finger and then 17:18 they'll be all-out war will have to go 17:20 into Syria they probably will end up 17:22 putting boots on the ground as much as I 17:25 i hate to say it arm because there's I 17:29 think there's just too much at stake you 17:32 think with several times things look 17:34 like it was over when they tried to the 17:36 Syrian the the chemical weapons red line 17:39 that was exposed by independent media 17:42 budget my independent journalists it was 17:44 it was spread across the internet Obama 17:47 knew we couldn't go when he couldn't use 17:49 it the chemical weapons justified 17:51 because it was his own mercenary 17:52 moderate terrorists use that the 17:54 chemical weapons in the first place we 17:56 had to back off 17:57 we kind of thought at that time was 17:59 gonna it was going to subside and they 18:01 start moving out and in fact if you 18:02 recall this is about a year ago they did 18:05 they actually started putting some of 18:07 our own planes and shipping in Turkey 18:09 and shipping them down to two gaiman so 18:13 they could display it further to 18:14 stabilize it was developing down there 18:15 and then of course in Russia gets 18:18 involved and over the last six seven 18:22 months it's really kind of starting to 18:25 step back 18:26 of course they had a huge success in 18:27 Aleppo arm and they liberated Aleppo and 18:32 after that it really did look like they 18:34 were going to have to just pull these 18:35 guys out and try to find some feel some 18:37 some way to make a deal with a start but 18:40 I'll tell you that they just won't stop 18:42 it was completely i can after this class 18:44 I want to keep doing this because it's 18:47 important that they do it it's got 18:49 website Willy Loman does 18:51 at Willy Loman one on Twitter this is 18:54 great Jordan it really is i heard 18:56 discussed and I come across them before 18:58 why didn't invite him on the program i 19:01 have no idea what he's on now and it's 19:03 good that he is on its 28 minutes past 19:06 the air who is that this is not a loaded 19:09 question is going to sound like it is 19:10 but I want your opinion i'm not going to 19:13 influence your opinion who is Donald 19:15 Trump's completely physically well we 19:19 can't wait first came out now first I 19:20 want to say I'm left of Bernie Sanders 19:22 arm and when get your previous comment 19:26 was talking about is a certificate 19:28 British government said that Sanders 19:30 lost the nomination I kind of courage 19:32 because Bernie Sanders did not leave the 19:34 nomination 19:34 let's just get that right out in the 19:36 open burning the denomination with stole 19:38 from Sanders and Sanders supporters are 19:41 and it was installed by somebody just 19:42 kind of put the finger on the case this 19:44 massive election for that took place of 19:47 places like California and certainly in 19:49 Brooklyn where people were stripping off 19:51 of the Voting Rights 19:52 the registration rules so they couldn't 19:54 cast vote for Bernie Sanders this is 19:57 this Bernie Sanders should have been the 19:59 nominee running up against Donald Trump 20:01 absolutely out unfortunately what would 20:04 have happened then is Bernie Sanders 20:06 would have one and only say 20:08 unfortunately it because I put myself in 20:10 the position of the people who actually 20:11 run this country and a lot of other 20:13 countries to boot there's no way that 20:15 would have allowed that to happen 20:17 Sanders is not a true socialist but he 20:20 was pretty close and he had some good 20:21 ideas and he's really good at this and 20:23 if he had been allowed to to render the 20:25 nomination I would have gotten voted for 20:28 as it turned out I didn't vote for 20:31 either i'm socially toss that out there 20:33 real quick 20:34 as far as you Donald Trump is Donald 20:36 Trump is a he's a product he's he went 20:41 to a meeting right after winning the 20:43 election with Barack Obama and Barack 20:46 Obama came in second no I don't without 20:48 you we got along okay 20:50 he said we gotta locate because he's not 20:52 an ideologue he doesn't he doesn't have 20:55 you know strong set of beliefs what he 20:58 is he's pragmatic and he was very 21:00 excited about that because pragmatic 21:03 means that if you recall barack obama 21:05 was called pragmatic and 2000 here as 21:07 well right 21:09 what it means is that he will he will 21:12 Bend he will facilitate whatever needs 21:17 to happen i think that in a lot of ways 21:20 what he does the dollar shop that ran 21:22 would have been or could have been a 21:25 good president but he's not going to be 21:28 the Donald Trump there and he's going to 21:29 be the Donald Trump that is now putting 21:31 people who want to privatize everything 21:33 in place he's a Donald Trump that have 21:35 sessions now he's a Donald Trump the 21:37 signing executive orders not to get rid 21:39 of the Obamacare plan which is fascist 21:42 in my opinion and completely 21:43 unconstitutional because of the mandate 21:45 he just wants to revise it which means 21:48 it's just going to make it works so i 21:50 don't think that Donald Trump the only 21:53 the only redeeming thing about Trump is 21:55 this and I think that what he says about 21:56 not wanting to be imperialist with not 21:59 wanting to have a to a great footprint 22:03 across the Middle East letting other 22:04 countries 22:05 decide their own straight i think he 22:08 means that and I think that's one of the 22:10 reasons beyond probably one of the only 22:11 reasons he hated so much pride that by 22:14 the deep state that's interesting that 22:17 and that brings us to because we get 22:20 this all the time from people 22:22 Richie why are you not supporting from 22:25 the interesting thing about that is 22:26 people obviously don't know anything 22:27 about me 22:28 if they ask that question it's a dumb 22:30 question to ask me because I don't 22:32 believe in politics i don't believe in 22:33 and democracy it doesn't exist in my 22:35 opinion I wouldn't vote for anybody no 22:37 matter who they were but anyway that's 22:38 neither here nor there 22:40 I i get this all the time everybody's 22:42 against the machines the media is 22:44 against him everybody is therefore that 22:47 is proof of itself that the glory is 22:50 genuine and it's going to take on the 22:51 other guards 22:52 what do you think this house when they 22:54 say that to you i'm not sure how you can 22:57 take on there are dark keeps putting him 22:59 in his cabinet so I'm gonna learn unless 23:01 there's a little in our family and 23:03 fighting like I said he's he's got some 23:06 itches I I people think it's monolithic 23:11 you know this whole you know deep state 23:13 masters of the universe thing that they 23:15 all have one mindset and they all think 23:17 the same way they are do you think the 23:19 same way they worship laman and that's 23:21 it but they don't have different the 23:26 avenues of interests to explore and i 23:30 think that there is a rift right now 23:33 between a number of them was not just 23:35 it's not broken down the fake divided 23:37 between Republicans and Democrats it's a 23:39 one-party system that we live in listen 23:41 this in this country I think you guys 23:43 are kind of feeling the same thing over 23:45 there 23:45 greece certainly learned that recently 23:48 it's a one-party system but you know 23:51 there are interests that better at stake 23:53 here Latin and-and-and big-time 23:55 interests at stake here you know I think 23:58 that some people think that Hillary 24:00 Clinton was supposed to lose to Donald 24:02 Trump I don't necessarily think that's 24:04 the case I think Hillary Clinton was 24:06 supposed to lose to Jeb Bush but that 24:08 didn't work out because jeb Bush's they 24:10 couldn't stand Jeb Bush but then when it 24:13 came right down to it the only thing 24:14 they cared about was making sure Bernie 24:16 Sanders was not in that race 24:18 after that they really i think it didn't 24:21 make the whole bit of a difference at 24:22 Goldman Sachs executive said that said 24:25 that he didn't care of it was jumper or 24:27 Clinton because he basically owns them 24:30 bones them both and that diagnose 24:32 statements made by and be going back to 24:36 Dean in the first there echo statements 24:38 made by the right choice family many 24:40 many many moons ago I don't care who 24:43 sits on the throne of England give me 24:44 control of the money supply that's all i 24:46 really want is God created his 24:48 underlying it's 26 minutes to the top of 24:52 the air 24:52 we've got scarred for another 15 minutes 24:54 or just over that but i'm not being 24:56 cheeky but I want to play you a bit of 24:58 audio and I'm gonna play you a little 25:00 bit of alex jones this is alex at the 25:02 inauguration now we have been accused of 25:05 picking on him I've known Alex a long 25:07 time and there was a time when he was a 25:10 regular guest on programs that I made 25:12 and like my friends on the other voice 25:15 says I believe in something in the bank 25:19 you know you whenever you have a go at 25:20 somebody should always remember what 25:22 they've done in the past and and yeah 25:25 alex is on some things in the past I've 25:27 you know like the largest as I don't 25:29 champion him over the years but i want 25:31 to show you this big audio you don't 25:33 have to comment on him individually if 25:34 you want they want to talk about what 25:36 happened to the independent media the 25:38 United States so this is alex challenge 25:40 latest good few times they want to play 25:42 it again at the inaugurations an 25:44 excitable Alex to say the least and I've 25:47 set out 25:48 I don't need a board finally out of 25:50 nowhere other apart like will dominate 25:54 this video's chatterjee 76 will come 26:03 after year I think you like and that's 26:06 just the infowars imagine student the 26:09 physical fight with ice crystals are you 26:12 understand that i know you do now don't 26:15 you 26:16 we haven't taken the gloves off and if 26:18 you want to keep pushing with your 26:19 comment Chinese everybody else we're 26:21 gonna blow your ass off the map 26:24 all the secret weapon to control you 26:26 anymore either 26:27 who is he threatening their 26:29 ghost-hunting he's threatening to left 26:31 he's certain anybody who disagrees with 26:34 him with visors right yeah he's 26:37 threatening the left look when a country 26:39 is neoliberal eyes and then he 26:42 liberalized nobody ever felt personaly 26:44 that they're only liberalized in 26:46 opposition to what they want because 26:48 once you understand what neoliberal 26:49 ization is and once you understand what 26:51 austerity is nobody wants it so when you 26:55 need to liberalize the country one of 26:56 the first things that you have to do is 26:57 certainly you have to kind of crack down 27:00 on dissidents and you see that from from 27:03 Pinochet you see that from Suharto in 27:07 Indonesia it's always the same you have 27:11 brown shirts that come out you have 27:14 people who are really you know a into a 27:17 man's kind of fascist in nature and 27:19 angry India recently went to about 10 27:24 years ago this kind of thing where I 27:26 don't mean to you know being alarmist or 27:29 anything and I certainly don't mean to 27:31 say this is what Alex Jones is going to 27:34 be doing it certainly sounds a lot like 27:37 it i've been writing this about Jones 27:39 for many years and that is you know what 27:42 it all comes down to it in and the stuff 27:47 hits the fan you're going to have a 27:50 class of people who are going to be 27:52 really militaristic going to be 27:55 civilians they have to be civilians 27:57 analyze the United the the government 27:59 can be held accountable and they're 28:01 going to be running around doing things 28:03 silencing people rounding people up 28:06 I know for many years alex jones said 28:09 you know Obama is going to be loading 28:11 people on the the trains and take them 28:14 off someplace the landing the time has 28:16 run sandy mechanics right the FEMA camps 28:18 well we think obama come and go there 28:21 were no FEMA camps but don't get me 28:25 wrong Obama's much of a fascist is as a 28:27 Clinton was as Bush was is that they're 28:31 all the same but when you get to a 28:32 certain point and you really have to 28:33 shut down because everything is not 28:35 working anymore so you really have to 28:37 clamp 28:37 down on it and I think unfortunately uh 28:39 who did you have on yesterday was a 28:42 Bartlett was are now it was a kevin 28:45 burnett and Kevin Barnes naturally came 28:47 with various to be a talking to you 28:49 hadn't won the other day are talking 28:51 yesterday talking about the next false 28:55 flag operation 28:56 yeah I i see that is a strong 28:59 possibility under our the the Trump 29:02 administration whether or not Trump is 29:04 involved in a knows about it 29:06 that's a totally different subject I 29:07 would doubt that but I see that kind of 29:11 thing happening and you're going to see 29:13 a lot of people coming out like alex 29:16 jones is a little character he just did 29:19 just now sounding just like that and 29:23 meaning it and are Alex James meant it 29:27 like there was a danger to this you see 29:29 scars and that is p influence is a lot 29:33 of people who are you I wouldn't I 29:36 wouldn't silencing boy and I'm not in 29:38 any way in the North card hasn't ever 29:39 suggested I would never ever silent or 29:42 sensor anybody like that i want those 29:44 people out in the open where you can 29:46 hear what they're saying the only worry 29:48 I have with with a guy like him is 29:50 there's not a malicious local listen to 29:52 that garbage and he talked about FEMA 29:55 camps don't remember interview enjoys 29:56 years ago and he was very eloquently 29:58 talk about the wrong of interning 30:00 japanese-americans and in in the in 30:04 world war two here United States and the 30:08 wrongs that because he was right and 30:10 joins us to talk about FEMA camps and 30:13 dissidents to the Empire 30:15 we're going to be interned in there but 30:17 I guarantee and he's not here to defend 30:19 himself he's been invited to come and 30:20 this program to debate me on these 30:22 issues and he ignored me and I happy 30:25 cellphone number and he's ignored me and 30:27 I said to look come on and talk about 30:29 these issues because what I think you're 30:31 doing alex is now you're now sounding 30:33 like a guy who would quite happily 30:34 roundup Muslims that you didn't like the 30:38 little cars and chop them into a theme 30:39 account so you can keep an eye on 30:41 Muslims are leftists programs people who 30:44 just out there protesting the wrong 30:47 train at the right at the wrong time 30:48 yeah absolutely to go 30:50 the guy is actually said this week on a 30:52 broadcast that he would die for Donald 30:54 and there's been times when he's cried 30:57 and I've begun to wonder how much of 30:59 this is pure Caesar and how much of it 31:01 is genuine and watching the tears are 31:03 genuine that he's in some sort of 31:05 rapturous ecstasy type mental states 31:08 that Trump is in and that this is it 31:11 this is the answer to all of these 31:13 problems and all of the world's problems 31:15 much of that is a genuine feeling and a 31:18 much better Caesar but I started garbage 31:20 that we played is taken to go that is 31:22 dangerous stuff but i would rather he 31:24 did that and I would rather he broadcast 31:27 that then he didn't have never sent him 31:29 to the lightning 31:31 I'll tell you that you listen to my 31:33 house I've seen students to stick to 31:35 perform it is feared it is a production 31:38 of his performance but there's an anger 31:42 and hatred that that that fuels it but 31:45 there's also again we talked about 31:46 before there's we're moving up that 31:48 ladder that's you know and he's talking 31:52 to people like you said a minute ago 31:54 he's talking to people who feel that way 31:56 he's talking to people who actually have 31:58 that kind of hate you actually have that 32:00 kind of passion 32:01 there's a lot of people out there you 32:04 know he brings their balloons finished 32:06 with him and stuff talking about and 32:07 what he brings it going on from the UK 32:09 called tommy Robinson who is one of the 32:12 most vile scum bags to ever walk the 32:15 streets of UK's a football hooligan he's 32:18 an environment it's so good in every 32:21 sense of the world and they bring him 32:23 onto infowars to talk about problems 32:25 with Islam in the UK and no goal areas 32:30 where you can't go down because movement 32:31 isn't you and I bought knows cars you 32:34 know immigration is not a taboo subject 32:36 immigration is a tool used by the elite 32:39 to divide and conquer 32:41 there's no jobs about that and mass 32:43 immigration has led to the destruction 32:45 of and services in countries like this 32:48 in Greece and everywhere else and it 32:49 needs to be tails we're not idiots we're 32:51 not saying all year that everybody in 32:53 and no it'sit's solutions that is in 32:55 black and moist but i am here to bring 32:57 people from your husband on to talk 32:59 about immigration is it you know you can 33:02 choke on your own 33:03 18 minutes to the top of the year 33:05 concentrate and underline great to have 33:07 them on have already tweeted out the 33:08 article today and what you can find all 33:10 these articles at Willy Loman at 33:12 bookmark the site and do 33:15 follow Scott on twitter it's at Willy 33:17 Loman 14 absolute final question on 33:20 Jones because the listeners asked me to 33:21 put it i do you think he was the plan 33:23 from the beginning with this guy always 33:25 meant to be there to do what he does or 33:27 has he changed 33:28 Eddie sees us um we go back to 2000 I 33:34 forget for your listeners you know Bill 33:37 Cooper I had a great deal of respect for 33:40 mr. Perry talking lock just from being 33:42 able to watch it again and readers is 33:45 his work he didn't have a high opinion 33:49 of mr. Jones prior to his untimely end 33:54 and I think that will be back with Jose 33:58 was just doing public access television 34:02 I think he was just just regular guy 34:04 trying to do it and and make a name for 34:06 himself and tell people you know some 34:09 bit of truth is is as he thought I think 34:12 he was cultivated I think somebody 34:14 picked up on it and the sorry had some 34:16 potential game a little leg up certainly 34:21 allowed access to the whatever that 34:23 places they go and do that retreat so he 34:26 could do is you know our God saying we 34:30 need leadership whatever that was 34:32 but he had access to somebody gave him 34:34 access to it so people that someone has 34:37 had a hand guiding him for a long time 34:40 if you die i think i sent you an email 34:44 about a statement that he made talking 34:47 about a great country and a great leader 34:50 talking about Israel and Netanyahu yes 34:53 so there have been people who have said 34:54 he has Mossad connections may be true it 34:59 could possibly be true he certainly 35:01 never said a word during the bombing of 35:04 our staff Gaza nevermind has no arms 35:07 never mentioned never talks about how 35:08 could you call yourself an independent 35:10 media producer presenter or program and 35:13 not comment on the 35:15 Barbara bottom of what happened in 35:17 operation protective edge 35:18 how could you not do anything about the 35:21 antidepressant that we've got about five 35:23 minutes left by the way it's got 35:24 straight as on the line 35:26 tampa florida sounds lovely i was in my 35:29 only a few years ago I wasn't there very 35:30 long but I love this 35:31 tell me this cast there's a 35:33 parliamentary inquiry under way here in 35:35 to seek News Channel 4 News running a 35:37 nightly feature on fake news we're being 35:40 told to be threat to democracy you have 35:42 a website with Sam terrifically well 35:45 written and well-researched articles on 35:47 your articles are challenging the 35:49 mainstream narrative on these issues 35:50 what's going on with fake news is this 35:53 something that we should be worried 35:54 about or something that we just gonna 35:56 shrug their shoulders and carry on what 35:58 you see 35:59 well I changed something is your if if 36:01 you wanted to arm send us some clues and 36:04 some tips on our weather can find some 36:06 freaking news they can they can look at 36:08 them to collect our wellman and they can 36:11 look up the amnesty international study 36:14 called human slaughterhouse and because 36:16 it is totally baseless is completely 36:18 absolutely baseless and yet that is real 36:20 news stuff we get there I do that 36:23 activist posters the kind of stuff that 36:24 Brandon temporal does Vanessa Billy does 36:27 even burnt it does you do that's fake 36:30 news according to them that's really 36:33 some more welly and stuff they're not 36:35 know I'm talking to somebody in 36:36 Manchester in England and I certainly 36:40 have no place to extension to lecture 36:42 anybody on on or well but that's really 36:45 Orwellian stuff do we have to worry 36:47 about it 36:48 absolutely we have to worry about it and 36:50 it's not just the government's that are 36:51 doing it it's google its Facebook 36:53 Twitter it's all these multi all these 36:56 big internet service providers they 36:59 really if they're going to assist 37:01 survive this this major turn to fascism 37:05 one thing they have to do is make sure 37:07 that their BS does not get questioned 37:10 i'm just not get exposed so yeah they're 37:13 they're going to do a clampdown on the 37:15 internet they're going to clamp down on 37:17 what they call fake news and we have 37:20 this we have struggle against its fight 37:21 against making it difficult for people 37:24 like you and others too 37:26 earn and a small token and for producing 37:31 your work which of course would make it 37:33 very difficult this is 37:34 I know they're working with Google and I 37:37 know one or two of the clickbait sites 37:38 have already be monetized and even 37:40 though I despise those cytometric boys 37:42 and your newsletter calm and showing out 37:45 of particularly despite them I wouldn't 37:47 see that happen I wouldn't see that 37:49 happen 37:50 people don't believe me this already 37:51 sounds like Mother Teresa and I cannot 37:53 mother Teresa but even though these 37:56 people are despicable I would stand up 37:58 for the crap that is your newsletter and 38:00 let them put out their weekly world news 38:02 story if they want because if we let 38:05 them get taken off the internet if we 38:07 allow them get d monetized well then 38:09 who's one of you know who's going to 38:12 speak for us when it happens to us 38:13 absolutely Starsky said Chomsky said 38:16 listen I'm he stands up for free speech 38:18 whenever someone says why don't you see 38:20 these people when they come after they 38:22 call you an anti-semite list that the 38:23 other he said look it I believe in free 38:26 speech and if you attack you can't 38:30 attack 38:32 sorry about that sure he concluded if 38:34 you don't stand up for the speech that 38:36 you hate the most you don't stand up for 38:38 free speech you don't believe in free 38:39 speech extra speaks that you hate the 38:41 most 38:42 that that's what you really have to 38:44 stand up for and give that person the 38:45 right to say it or to print it or to 38:48 publish it because if you don't you 38:50 don't believe in free speech 38:52 do me a favor mate with you and we're 38:55 just about every other time I want to 38:57 mention again Willie Loman's at 38:58 and add with a woman 1 on 39:02 to introduce the savings card come back 39:04 again real since been an absolute and 39:07 John have you on the program has been 39:09 fascinating to get your info on the show 39:11 your actions are brilliant and that 39:14 piece this week on amnesty is absolutely 39:16 brilliant meticulously researched a 39:19 dissection of a crap and a very 39:22 dangerous story it's pretty tight 39:24 squeeze it out there i'll give you the 39:26 final word and made and it seems very 39:28 quick 40 minutes and like i said i'll be 39:30 happy to have you back on again anytime 39:31 go ahead 39:32 thank you very much and that I'd be very 39:35 happy to be back on anytime we want just 39:37 give me an hour 39:38 I've been a fan of your work for quite 39:41 some time 39:41 I and it's not going to be here thank 39:45 you very much your honor was nervous 39:46 kind of the matter is we can keep up the 39:48 great work there really appreciate it 39:50 thanks a lot 39:51 there's a lovely start creating an 39:52 underlying to this from Tampa Florida 39:53 Willy Loman not that's 39:56 where you'll find these articles

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  1. The problem with Alex jones: indeed, cultivated programed the same way you program a Manchurian candidate, a secret spy. to spark at the precisely instant. that moment became trump. To have a war fascism Nazism you need two sides, trump side is the angry red shirts, vs the resistance, lefty whom ever. Once they clash the war begins. War is like cooking a nice dish you need different elements you mix them up cook them at a certain temperature wait and the dish is done. Alex jones Manchurian candidate job includes hate wars in Europe as well. Cook and mix with the same principle. The idea of democracy is that the citizens have a critical thinking the problem they do, not. And to obtain critical thinking demands time education and a clear mind, otherwise is war, then peace and them war again. Is called the circle of ignorance if you like? Trump is also part of the dish of war, he acts erratically and misses the critical facts, confuses reality to what are the consequences of reality. One example is trump during the elections and his behavior after the elections his decisions and presidential decrees but more important the selection of his decrees. Shows the conditioning, not only of himself but of the infowars followers. More precisely the Muslim ban is done precisely to heat up the info-trump warrior’s and Alex is just the loudspeaker.