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Making America Safe Again - Ohio Rep. Backs POTUS On Immigration Order - Fox & Friends

Transcript : losing is not an option for president 0:09 Trump as he refuses to back down after 0:11 this week's ruling on his immigration 0:13 executive order our next guest says it's 0:15 a fight America cannot afford to lose 0:17 either and he's on the front lines of it 0:20 he was it has been and continues to be 0:22 on the front lines of the West Point 0:23 graduate a former Army Ranger turned now 0:26 lawmaker he is ohio congressman sworn 0:28 davidson he joins us now in studio 0:30 congressman thanks for being here this 0:31 morning XP thank you for listening and 0:33 for continued service in the swap for us 0:35 i know you're willing to get dirty on 0:36 our behalf this executive order is 0:38 created some controversy for some what's 0:41 your perspective been on how was rolled 0:43 out and what needs to happen next 0:45 well first of all it's overdue so when 0:48 you look at why do we have this 0:50 executive order 0:51 it's because there's leftover unfinished 0:53 business about national security there's 0:54 a lot of questions that President Obama 0:57 did not want to answer when we first 0:59 started bringing refugees here 30-plus 1:02 Governors members of both parties said 1:05 we have some concerns about the vetting 1:06 process for Refugees secretary comment 1:09 director Comey he had concerns the Intel 1:11 community had concerns and rather than 1:13 reassuring the American people that we 1:16 are going to address those we're going 1:17 to take a hard look at our current 1:19 vetting process and make certain that it 1:21 is national security focused we turned 1:25 into a partisan issue and I don't think 1:26 we fully recovered from that because of 1:28 the writers such a great point and we're 1:29 going to put up a quote from from call 1:31 me about this is not an issue that's 1:33 come out of nowhere there's been a 1:34 recognition that refugee vetting process 1:36 has been broken for quite some time but 1:38 president Trump just tweeted just a 1:40 couple of minutes ago a tweet on this 1:42 very issue he tweeted our legal system 1:44 is broken seventy-seven percent of 1:46 refugees allowed into us since travel 1:49 reprieve hail from seven suspect 1:51 countries so very dangerous to his point 1:54 those folks have been coming in circle 1:56 that they won't be able to get in what 1:57 does that say to you 1:59 well that's why you would want to launch 2:00 it without a lot of advance notice yeah 2:02 and what you've given now is a large and 2:04 undefined window of advance notice and 2:07 to be very absolutely 2:09 the President did respect the courts we 2:11 have a long history first and foremost 2:13 the oath is supporting defend the 2:14 Constitution yep but there has to be a 2:16 constitutional way where were we are 2:18 doing that we 2:19 focused on national security and it's 2:20 risk-based and so when you look at risk 2:23 assessment clearly and i joined with 2:25 some fellow members of Congress members 2:27 of both parties again part of the 2:29 warrior carcass that's forming this said 2:31 hey you've got an exception in this 2:33 executive order that says we're going to 2:36 do exceptions on a case-by-case basis 2:38 yep could you please reassure us that 2:40 those exceptions mean that we're going 2:41 to take care of those who stood with us 2:43 in the fight on the war on terror and 2:44 that was made clear those interpreters 2:46 and others who want to come over and 2:47 that was carved out but still this edgy 2:50 pointed out earlier this is not a new 2:51 issue and director Comey as it's made 2:53 comments about our refugee process 2:55 before here's a little bit of what he 2:57 had said in the past he said we can 2:58 query our databases until the cows come 3:00 home but nothing will show up because we 3:02 have no record of that person you can 3:05 only query what you have collected he's 3:07 referring to countries like the seven 3:09 that were listed that are either in a 3:11 war-torn or don't have those systems we 3:13 don't know who these people are 3:14 how how dangerous is it when we're 3:16 inviting people into our country now 3:18 with advanced notice they're flooding in 3:20 and we don't know where they are 3:22 it is very dangerous and that's an 3:24 ongoing issue with with people that were 3:26 intentionally bringing in surely we were 3:28 intentionally bringing in refugees we 3:29 want to help them were compassionate 3:31 country frankly we're helping them as 3:33 close as possible to their home in many 3:35 cases and that's a better solution and 3:38 then we do bring people into the United 3:40 States because you don't have anything 3:42 until you've collected it why not have a 3:44 collection period and so you go through 3:46 that process the vetting process is it 3:48 pauses the tactical pause never 3:50 something that's done in battle you take 3:52 a tactical applause let's make sure this 3:54 is a just in sports you take time out 3:56 sometimes there's a timeout to say that 3:59 would make sure the play call we've got 4:00 here is right 4:01 such a great point a timeout a tactical 4:02 pause you said in your Ranger training 4:04 you guys with time and time again say 4:06 don't hope know right now we're hoping 4:09 people that were letting in our head 4:11 love our country but we don't know in 4:13 this process ultimately about making 4:14 sure that people come here love America 4:16 and one of the Americans that's right 4:18 and it is that and it's been done before 4:21 frankly part of it is the rhetoric and 4:23 not the actions and so the courts didn't 4:25 intervene when president obama took 4:27 similar actions or previous presidents 4:28 took similar actions 4:30 the reality is anarchy 4:32 constitution and the body of law the 4:33 President does have a lot of discretion 4:35 in terms of enforcing who comes and goes 4:37 in our country particularly with respect 4:39 to non-citizens yep absolutely 4:42 you're not sitting you're not here than 4:43 a constitution and its protections don't 4:45 necessarily apply as we know so Carson 4:47 thank you very much for your time thank 4:48 everybody here in studio art

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