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Proof Twitter is Censoring Trump!

 InfoWars broadcast news analyst Ashley Beckford (@ACTUALLY1ASHLEY) exposes Twitter's censorship of President Donald Trump's tweets. Paul Joseph Watson's article asserts that Twitter could be censoring positive replies to Trump’s tweets, leaving only negative responses to be prominently featured. While Twitter claims its mission is to improve the quality of the response feed, the impact of its new "hate speech" rules has caused the President's Twitter feed to become a leftist echo chamber of unfounded criticisms. Within the framework of a globalized society, which is becoming increasingly dystopian, Twitter is using Draconian policies to limit what they slanderously label as "hateful conduct." Basically, if you disagree with communist agitators and the NWO's plan for global domination through media manipulation, your tweets are considered "fake news" and they are quickly purged from existence, straight down the memory hole.

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