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President Donald Trump's on going war with CNN; It will get worse!

CNN is the worst, they are deplorable. A bunch of snowflakes who cant handle the truth being spoke. They are becoming very much like the young turds, same with the BBC. 
How many of you know who owns and operates CNN, Do you think it would be beneficial to know if you are understanding why they are constantly against struggling white Americans. 

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  1. Synopsys of an inverted election:
    Act one, on the theatre of mind.
    To have a war you need a united nation, today you got a divided nation. This divided nation still lives the hero vs villain drama of the sitcom presidential elections subconsciously. however, the trump sitcom demanded a hero and a villain, “as written by the artist” the hero trump, the villain Hillary. The hero won and he became president, however the hero villain inverted itself and now trump is the villain and (Hillary “anti-hero” image transforms into the hero, now replaced by other names such as lefty’s, etc. therefore the alternative media that now no longer exist after the fake real news event, finds itself lost on the trump & middle eastern Israeli war. A 1966, Vietnam war, Israeli 1967 war. The establishment who previously created the hero villain drama finds itself with an inverted reality. The actors somehow display erratic and incoherent actions, the rhetoric is blur and inconsistent as are the executive orders. The division is now global as if the trump world hero’s vs the left’s world “those that continue the role of Hillary”. Now Soros replaces Hillary as the solitary villain by the alternative dysfunctional media. The Tillerson oil bargain Exxon mobile style; to Russia of oil deals for more American insanity becomes the hero, to the trump fans. On this drama that ends as a football game, the collapsing AIPAC HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, misplaces realize, and confuses the game the game is between De Gaulle 1967 realm and the inverted hero Donald Trump. In practice is 1967 borders for Israel the diplomatic way or the war way, as the UN stipulates. B) end of dollar as global reserve currency and return to gold standard; End of nato and a real European union defense system with Russia and his European culture, which begun after the collapse of the roman empire.