Monday, February 20, 2017

Populism is The new Political Ideology

Populism is reshaping our world
From the streets of Turin to Silicon Valley, people power is taking the world by storm. With frustrations rising and the old order apparently crumbling, who really has the answers?

THE AGENDA explores the defining questions of our time and seeks out the stories, solutions and the personalities who might just hold the answers. Discover the mould-breakers experimenting with new ways to approach some of the modern world's most fundamental issues; find out what happens when bold ideas and real life collide, and meet the leaders whose thoughts and actions are themselves helping to shape the agenda.

The economic effects of technological advancement is being understated. There is a domino affect that is causing greater issues than is reported. It was stated that 3 million truck drivers would be out of a job with self driving trucks. That leads to 3 million+ meals not being eaten at truck stop cafes. This leads to lay offs of college students supporting their college education through waiting tables. This leads to more people unable to educate themselves for the new tech jobs. This increases the gab between the haves and have nots, creating an even bigger divide in the nation. Not to mention that most technology jobs are in large urban areas and rural areas rely on the trucking industry for economic stability. This is becoming an issue of urban wants versus rural needs. This is what American politicians are not seeing. Education doesn't help you if there are no jobs in your town. Some may say that people just need to move to the city. Well, can the cities handle a mass influx of people?

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