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MUST WATCH SOROS is Behind Everything in The News.

Transcript : so I'm just browsing around looking for 0:09 stories looking for anything that might 0:11 be evil or you know just there's so much 0:13 information that it takes a lot of time 0:16 to scan everything and I came across 0:19 this story and RT that says go figure 0:22 soros funded watchdogs populace 0:24 politicians undermine fight against 0:27 corruption now people think that we pick 0:29 on george soros but they don't realize 0:31 the scope of this guy this guy has made 0:34 it his life work to destroy countries 0:38 and profit from it and he is in the past 0:40 said that the u.s. was on the chopping 0:42 block 0:43 do you see what I'm saying if you look 0:45 at this article here's the one right 0:47 here on source here's another one over 0:49 here movement begins at Mesa conia 0:51 here's another one right here that soros 0:54 funded NGO should be swept out of hungry 0:56 this guy has all his fingers and other 0:59 people's fingers and everybody's pie in 1:02 George Soros is an evil person he is 1:05 more than one time tried to try to 1:09 manipulate the outcome of things and we 1:11 are currently under the gun with sorrows 1:13 right now that's just a fact 1:16 remember the other day at the UC 1:19 Berkeley riot it was mass chaos a bunch 1:22 of people a bunch of entitled people 1:24 that are learning from their professors 1:26 that everything should be free 1:28 no country should have any borders at 1:30 all and everybody should just be in the 1:31 same big pile of gay transgender 1:34 free-riding well therapy 1:37 government-operated world i don't 1:39 actually agree with that 1:41 this thing's rebuffed bring my bed but 1:43 at any rate is what there's the point 1:45 that i'm getting at 1:46 Soros is behind all this you think it's 1:48 a coincidence that all these people 1:50 showed up with the exact same signs 1:52 printed by the exact same company and 1:54 everybody else is wearing all the black 1:56 they're all ready to go and then you see 1:58 things like this one of my subscribers 2:01 named Todd he knows who he is sent me a 2:04 screenshot of this and this is from the 2:06 Emerald City auntie but which is the 2:09 annex group and it says right here poor 2:11 Milo he just made that one 2:13 one bestseller list on liberal 2:15 2:17 I'm sure he thanks the ante for the 2:19 publicity how's your fundraiser going in 2:22 their response was were paid by george 2:25 soros or didn't you hear how obviously 2:27 these are very clever people you can 2:29 tell by that it says I'd also called him 2:32 and I had also hardly call amazon 2:35 liberal but this right here I mean 2:37 they're saying it right on their 2:38 facebook page for all to see and nobody 2:41 starts this none of it stops Soros is 2:44 behind everything and sorrows taking 2:47 jabs at Trump well I think that's just 2:50 all bread and circus you see what I'm 2:52 saying 2:52 now i put this video up the other day 2:54 about soros threatening Trump but it's 2:57 all part of the play the video got 2:59 35,000 views but it also instantly got a 3:02 copyright strike and then the other one 3:04 that i put where I literally tied soros 3:07 right to be UC Berkeley that didn't even 3:09 crack 3000 because sorrows had that kind 3:13 of reach 3:14 we're not just painting this guy's a 3:15 boogeyman this guy is straight up evil 3:17 that's all there is to we had soros 3:20 right here on 60 minutes explaining his 3:23 roots and explaining what he wants to do 3:25 he makes no bones about it and people 3:27 like him have reached at its daggering 3:30 there's no law there's no rules these 3:33 people make it and right now we have 3:35 someone very similar but with the more 3:37 acceptable more fun face and we're 3:40 finding that Donald Trump you think 3:43 these guys get to be billionaires by 3:45 doing the right thing by caring about 3:47 people like guts 3:48 I don't understand it I just don't 3:50 understand it all i heard when Trump 3:52 came into office was he was going to 3:54 divide in the ways that obama could 3:57 Obama came in and he was the exact 3:59 opposite of what Bush was how did that 4:02 go 4:02 Trump comes in he's the exact opposite 4:05 of what obama is you see what I'm saying 4:07 they're playing us all over again and 4:11 well i'm on the subject of being played 4:13 let me just mention i've been on YouTube 4:15 for six years three months ago I decided 4:17 to finally monetize my channel you know 4:20 why because this channel has cost me my 4:23 business i once had a thriving business 4:25 if you go back to my 4:27 the oldest videos you'll see exactly 4:28 what I did and then about three years 4:30 later I became Richie from Boston pretty 4:33 much because I started putting up videos 4:35 about chemtrails oh yeah I do try to 4:38 make a little bit of money off of this 4:40 but if you don't want anything 4:41 don't buy it don't complain about it 4:43 don't worry about it as far as people 4:45 calling me a shell 4:47 well I'll tell you what if i was a show 4:49 don't you think I would be for things 4:51 like pizza gate 4:52 don't you think I'd be for Israel you 4:54 see what I'm saying 4:56 and if you look at the amount of 4:57 copyright strikes that I've gotten just 4:59 in the last 30 days it's pretty pretty 5:03 much tells the tale 5:04 you see what I'm saying it's nonstop 5:07 copyright copyright copyright copyright 5:09 copyright copyright copyright copyright 5:12 copyright let me tell you a little 5:14 secret that's only going back 30 days 5:16 right there 5:17 let me tell you secret scheels have 5:21 projection chills are chills go along 5:25 with things like I don't know that alex 5:27 jones says stuff like that i do have a 5:30 sponsor i have get the tea and he's a 5:33 good guy and i actually use his product 5:36 and i've been using his product for 90 5:37 days now and it works because I take 5:40 care of myself i hiked I go places you 5:43 can pretty much see that in all my 5:45 videos and I take care of my body 5:46 because we have constantly hit bombarded 5:50 with chem trails GMOs fluorides 5:53 everything like that in all the health 5:55 care stuff that you buy is from 5:57 corporations owned by George Soros and 6:00 the like so what you're getting isn't 6:02 what it says on the label so yeah I do 6:05 have a couple of sponsors and you know 6:07 what after six years that's what happens 6:09 people like this channel because I bring 6:11 you the truth 6:12 the way I see it am I always right hell 6:15 no but I never said I was an expert i'm 6:17 a dude with the laptop trying to make a 6:19 living and if you two can help out you 6:22 know what I'm saying 5 700 bucks maybe a 6:25 month i'll take it i don't know what to 6:27 tell you which even busted links will be 6:29 in the description i am out

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