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Transcript : are you serious are you serious are you 0:19 serious 0:20 see quail and as sad about of all the 0:33 disciples came up to him privately she 0:35 say 0:35 tell us when shall these things be and 0:39 what shall be the sign by coming and 0:42 they'll begin the work and jesus 0:45 answered and said unto them take heed 0:47 that no man deceive you 0:49 she will be our guest today it should be 0:51 a fascinating discussion with steve 0:56 quayle today and we're going to talk 0:57 about numerous things specifically for 1:01 sure and articles while world leaders 1:04 going to Antarctica and the church has 1:08 been asleep and has set here and allow 1:11 the devil to take over and now the 1:14 church is waking up in the last days the 1:16 great endtime outpouring of God and the 1:19 harvest is coming that is all about the 1:22 Beast folks the beasts and our young 1:25 people are being inundated with the 1:27 Beast demon spirit and it is very very 1:31 set and the mouthpiece for sure is the 1:34 mass media the lamestream mainstream 1:36 fake news media is absolutely the 1:40 mouthpiece of the beast 1:43 the new world order your life how are 1:45 you okay Trina but you are you are live 1:49 and let's just go you ready to go and 1:52 ready to go 1:53 let's do it we got a great crowd of 1:54 folks gathered here and great having 1:58 folks Steve Quayle uh renowned author 2:02 researcher I don't know me which titles 2:05 you want to give him certainly filmmaker 2:08 certainly uh a wonderful man of god that 2:12 has been 2:13 ball and trying to bring forth the truth 2:15 on many many areas a touchy subject that 2:20 a lot of folks won't touch and being 2:23 very he's been very inspirational to so 2:25 many people were so glad to have the 2:28 quail with us today marked his website 2:30 sequel dot-com Steve Quayle dot-com uh 2:34 Steve your book Empire beneath the ice 2:39 I just a bit readiness on my desk then 2:41 I'm actually been can't lay it down 2:44 would you uh tell us a little bit about 2:47 that book and i know you have other 2:48 projects but everybody is wondering 2:51 what's going on why these world leaders 2:53 are going to Antarctica and so we just 2:56 thought hey we got to get ahold sequel 2:58 he's the guy that can explain the 3:00 unknown help us out 3:02 well first of all I think it's 3:03 fast-moving that when I released in 3:06 poverty is how the Nazis 141 3:09 excuse me worldwartwo a lot of w's this 3:12 morning was released in december all of 3:16 2015 going into January 2016 after the 3:20 release about all the news broke across 3:22 the whole world's media that all these 3:25 artifacts from hit are all of P 3:28 huntzberger on the history channel and 3:30 all of the books have been written prior 3:33 to that it all exploded worldwide my 3:36 comp was republished all the world 3:39 became a best-seller and caused by it 3:41 all it means my struggle and singly 3:44 enough the old x-files Syria series on 3:48 TV ends with mine crop and the new one 3:50 the second if you will installment we 3:53 just hand out last year so starts with 3:55 my struggle so a lot of people are 3:58 wondering what's going on around 3:59 Antarctica right now because they're 4:01 given as you said the world leaders 4:03 religious leaders political leaders and 4:06 also emissaries and different diplomats 4:10 from the world are going to an artist 4:13 now listen nobody can just go down there 4:16 without being bedded anymore and there 4:18 is almost a super national me the on the 4:22 nation for this is even above the united 4:24 nations that 4:25 as a background check so i won't great 4:28 hunter your viewers will find this 4:31 fascinating and a gentleman who has just 4:33 come back and arctica sent me an email 4:37 saying wow I can't believe this fun way 4:40 to the movie United States and he said 4:42 when I was a mandar together we were and 4:45 everything haha i think six weeks he 4:47 said we were allowed to go to some 4:49 places but we were allowed only to go to 4:51 the places that they said we could go to 4:53 and there are so many places that were 4:56 off-limits to it now i think people need 4:57 to understand something and archaea has 5:00 some of the most sophisticated 5:01 telescopes in the world is that most 5:05 people could get going you know it's on 5:06 Hawaii or in Chile different telescopes 5:09 but they have the same telescope or the 5:12 same type of telescope on infrared 5:14 binoculars telescope in and heart god 5:17 that's the same thing as the Vatican 5:19 telescope a little bit different 5:21 technologies have a look for the same 5:23 thing that's on Mount Graham in Arizona 5:26 strong horn brought a whole revelation 5:28 by the way in that DVD we actually have 5:33 Tom on record saying basketball he said 5:37 that the Vatican astronomers stages 5:40 sometimes have to wait for 30 minutes 5:42 for the UFOs to clear the field before 5:45 they can look at what they're trying to 5:47 see now fast-forward I get an email and 5:51 get home phone call and again some 5:54 pieces being put together for me by 5:56 people who have been there in the past 5:58 people have been there just as early as 6:00 a week ago maybe 10 days now and what 6:04 was fascinating is that he made the 6:07 statement the most current visitor there 6:09 that emissaries from all over the world 6:13 should be heard that obviously the Pope 6:15 has been there on patriarch I real 6:18 Russian Orthodox Church Obama we've got 6:22 the story of all of these different 6:23 people are putin's are 50 year before so 6:26 what's happening here is the question I 6:29 asked and everybody's watching your on 6:32 podcast is going to ask what is or who 6:36 is that could become 6:38 ending and looked like a commanding that 6:41 are demanding that these people come to 6:44 Antarctica because he had the wet law 6:46 specifically was good software and 6:49 others are talking about the revelation 6:51 of new technology ancient life-forms and 6:54 ancient civilizations and living ancient 6:58 enemies my laughter Wow for the next now 7:01 you just about touched all the bases of 7:05 what the possibilities are or what have 7:07 you you talk about with the Nazi thing 7:10 and it was there was a revival of Nazi 7:13 information to will back to results 7:15 thursday on right 7:17 amazon has a television series called 7:21 the man in the high castle has to do 7:24 with America being what if Hitler had 7:26 one and America was actually not the 7:30 America half not the Americans have 7:32 under the empire of japan and then 7:35 that's what the scenarios about your 7:37 point though there's been documentary 7:39 I've watched hunting for Israel watch 7:41 that documentary is great documentary I 7:44 mean you have to believe he made it to 7:46 Argentina there is so much faster than 7:48 that is incredible but who knows what 7:50 else i mean i understand it was a Nazi 7:52 base in Antarctica even in the 40 can 7:56 you ask you to help me understand that 7:59 yeah let me just take everyone through 8:01 it most people obviously understand that 8:04 world war two officially ended in 1945 8:06 and specific hi writing off these were 8:10 brought to trial the number trials but 8:13 what they don't recognize or understand 8:15 that prior to the end of world war two 8:18 journeys industrial pharmaceutical and i 8:24 would say munitions manufacturing was 8:28 all moved to an architecture now the 8:32 Germans had series 21 and 23 u-boats and 8:35 these things were feel immensely large 8:38 of issues are only two unofficially 8:41 there were more than to be new schwaben 8:46 land which is what the Germans called 8:48 the Antarctica 8:50 has massive ice tunnels case and even 8:53 under the ice about two-and-a-half miles 8:56 this and people got to understand this 8:58 is the fifth largest continent in the 9:01 world right out 9:02 now when I wrote the book Empire beneath 9:05 the ice how the Nazis won World War 2 9:08 i'm not kidding i think you alluded to 9:11 it in a very clear concise manner 9:13 it's my contention that the Nazis did 9:16 not lose World War two when you change 9:18 obere and one of the Germans top rocket 9:22 scientist dr. Wernher von Braun's 9:23 talking about man having had help from 9:27 the spirit world and advanced technology 9:31 from off-planet entities you've got to 9:34 understand you're talking about two of 9:36 the guys that masla has probably 9:39 immortalized because they were 9:40 responsible for everything from NASA is 9:43 what i would call public presentation to 9:46 the secret development behind the scenes 9:48 of skunk works now 9:50 fascinating about skunk works and this 9:52 all relates to the Nazis years ago when 9:55 i was on talk radio and i don't know if 9:56 you notice your listeners moments but I 9:58 was on for like 23 years i started out 10:01 three hours a day and as the years 10:03 progressed with two hours of the right 10:05 and i finally went to one hour day and 10:07 high-handed migration watch over the 10:09 hawk a gentleman who just probably my 10:12 opinion one of the brightest guys on 10:15 talk radio he truly is 10:17 ah these back is that and the fast lead 10:21 me to believe and if you take a look at 10:22 my book it's well documented as well 10:25 substantiated but what goes beyond what 10:28 i wrote the book is this all advanced 10:30 technology in my research and planning 10:34 to it together leads me to draw the 10:36 conclusion all that this is absolutely 10:39 the things we're dealing with today a in 10:43 World rulership and at Vandenberg and 10:48 what people have ever read as over 10:49 Tyrese but he talks about the counter 10:52 going through a hole in the North Pole 10:54 where he met a gentleman called the king 10:56 of the world and even in that day that 10:59 burgos 11:00 again his aircraft was a tractor beam 11:04 and would be to control but 11:06 interestingly enough when he went it was 11:09 showing that this gentleman is almost 11:10 like the ancient lesson but shangri-la 11:12 in the Himalayas etcetera people simply 11:16 didn't age now going back to nineteen 11:19 forty-five dr. Josef Mengele all of his 11:22 horrible experiment right Union when he 11:25 went to Argentina advantage of Brazil he 11:28 perfected 20 there's a town in Brazil 11:31 and we're going to try and attend 82 11:33 pronounces but where there's a hundred i 11:35 think in 10 112 sets of twins that were 11:38 brought about during the years of mail 11:41 in other words the seventies odd be 11:44 rumors throughout South America is that 11:48 if you're obviously went from Argentina 11:50 then he went to Brazil and then 11:53 interestingly enough all he showed up in 11:56 Peru Peru is critical 11:58 Peru has one of the most on developed 12:01 most famous underground tunnel system is 12:04 the worldwide internal something i'm 12:06 talking about vast tunnel systems that 12:09 were created by a technology and 12:11 intelligence far beyond what is called 12:15 machine Connor and rumors of the tunnel 12:19 systems that have gone through South 12:21 America gone to the sum of the island 12:24 even is Easter Island be evidence 12:28 indicates both the United States dancer 12:31 in south america latin america of a vast 12:34 underground channels too much 12:35 interesting the Native Americans because 12:37 it's southwest the natives in the 12:41 jungles of off through the mountains of 12:45 through all of them have this bass cover 12:47 ground and fascinating to me is that the 12:51 US military bases the United States 12:53 basically control along those opening so 12:56 here's where we're at in my opinion you 13:00 would have to be ready to make a major 13:02 announcement people email me hundreds of 13:04 day do you believe the sobe disclosure 13:06 do you believe this will be the greatest 13:08 section I saying this will be a 13:11 stair-step 13:12 good great deception and the greatness 13:14 reception in the history of the world 13:16 you know I think the words of Jesus dude 13:19 literally serious when Jesus himself 13:21 said mins parts will fear for looking 13:24 after those things coming upon the earth 13:26 right so as I went out and got eyes with 13:29 this test because i believe it was a 13:30 Admiral parents who was basically the 13:33 hereafter together suppose we died and 13:36 then he surrendered his i think was 13:38 great grandson contacting the African 13:41 coast and so with george noory and said 13:44 you're the only one that is upper quoted 13:47 my grandfather great-grandfather give me 13:49 15 years ago or so that has ever really 13:54 quoted my great-grandfather the 13:57 following content and it was about all 13:59 of the advanced technology than rockets 14:01 and i don't recommend people go to this 14:04 but there's a movie that was put out 14:06 years ago a couple of installments 14:08 called help for HCL bo ys and I don't 14:11 tell you know 14:12 yeah but in the beginning event you have 14:14 not to use into sinister pictures and 14:18 you obviously dressed in black leather 14:20 trench transcripts tahoe style and 14:22 they're they're experimenting in front 14:24 of a giant wheel with massive power 14:26 going into it and started after i told 14:29 us people on TV I'm sorry if it was on 14:33 radio and TV during the base a couple of 14:35 television interviews I got a call from 14:37 a general active duty special operations 14:41 and I had when you see closing my eyes 14:43 and collecting my thoughts not to say 14:45 too much but just that footage elegant 14:48 and because as you heard me a hundred 14:50 miles an hour sometimes slow down back 14:53 by the way you go pretty fast to better 14:55 place 14:56 it's not just me i love it it's always 14:59 fun to see somebody going down the 15:01 hybrid fault and a hundred miles an hour 15:04 person somebody trying to kinda party 15:07 boys 15:07 there you go thank you well hey you 15:11 you've said this part about Himmler and 15:15 some of the other things that they were 15:16 doing of course United States capitalize 15:20 that the world war two on technology 15:22 that we obviously had I said what we you 15:25 know von Braun 15:26 for Tesla technology which I believe 15:28 we've been using in the military for a 15:31 long time that the energy sources that 15:34 are beyond fossil-fuel even beyond the 15:37 you know alternative sources we talked 15:40 about but certainly I think we've even 15:42 been tapped into the Tesla's 15:44 technologies for quite some time 15:45 uh that's nothing compared to some of 15:48 the other technologies that are really 15:50 being used around the world but you 15:53 talked about the fact that world leaders 15:55 are going to Antarctica when you mention 15:58 the telescope one of the things some of 16:00 our listeners would really like to know 16:01 is is the telescope in Antarctica kinda 16:06 x of course has been talking about 16:08 pushed around forgot about brought back 16:10 NASA said it was there then they dumped 16:12 it then it's back as planned number nine 16:15 so i actually asked your resort 16:18 yesterday on our show it said if it was 16:21 the best advantage point in the world to 16:24 see it was this mystical Planet X where 16:29 would you have to be to really see it he 16:31 says an art it's the most perfect spot 16:33 in the world you have to be this beauty 16:35 because there was a very high-powered 16:37 telescope technology you would from 16:40 there would be able to see it when it 16:42 becomes visible so I'm going to ask you 16:45 is that could that be part of the reason 16:49 world leaders are going to Antarctica 16:51 well absolutely in the second here's the 16:56 deal is Planet nine planets axial with 16:59 10 planets the planet 9 was destroyed in 17:03 some traffic cataclysmic heavenly war 17:05 that's what we get the if you will be be 17:09 meteor help for the asteroid belt a 17:12 better word and there's one thing and 17:14 fifties called both lofty OTS law and 17:18 basically where the belt of asteroids 17:21 the planetary fragments are exactly 17:24 where the mathematical calculations but 17:26 look at all the planets and you know 17:29 look at the relationship to distance 17:31 from each other 17:32 distance from the Sun there's an amazing 17:34 mathematical and I would 17:36 creative brilliance of God and here it 17:38 is guys you cannot do me on the Living 17:40 God making that statement and even some 17:42 of the moons around the different major 17:44 planets Saturn Jupiter what what's 17:48 astonishing is in the Old Testament 17:51 we're talking about Rahab and Rahab was 17:55 the name that the ancients used for this 17:57 planet that quote God or the gods 18:00 destroyed now Mars is fascinating 18:03 because Mars has always been known as 18:06 the angry red planet right the planet 18:09 helping war the war and let's just tie 18:12 this really quickly with all of the 18:14 information coming out about the 18:16 pyramids and an ARCA and be information 18:20 that came out years ago about the face 18:22 on Mars McCarron the latest Flynn wrote 18:25 the most masterful brilliant on the 18:28 level of Isaac deuce genius book called 18:31 Cydonia the secret chronicles of Mars so 18:34 most humans happened I've been doing 18:37 iron that category that's my and what I 18:38 say that I just surpassed anything 18:41 that's fallen angels and vitals a third 18:44 of the angels fell rightly super and 18:47 reckless his pain and heaven sakes 18:49 became his name after he was kicked out 18:51 of heaven jesus said he saw Satan fall 18:53 like lightning right go to GSS what is 18:56 the SS and checking their lightning bolt 18:59 lightning bolt 19:01 what is that it is it anyway SS has a 19:05 contemporary surname but the real name 19:08 of the secret society and if you will 19:10 the occult society is that and shorts 19:14 and some ASO nes believe that means 19:16 black fun and order just don't know how 19:18 to pronounce it correctly in German but 19:20 the fact of the matter is is that Tyrone 19:24 cai oro in Egypt literally means you 19:28 love those the city or camp of mars 19:32 rarely other three because the AL this 19:35 is amazing just going to go right to the 19:37 NRA ok ok ok with appearance now at 19:41 artist and once that we can get there 19:44 the geospatial because visions again 19:47 because 19:48 ask me what you're going to find out is 19:50 a fascinating fascinating time between 19:52 Mars between the Middle East and between 19:56 an article by the way in the 1500 tengo 20:00 piri Reis map Turkish of sailors map and 20:03 it and there was no snow covering on the 20:06 antarctic continent so we've heard you 20:09 know thousands of tens of thousands or 20:11 millions of your eyes right okay it's 20:13 been a real problem with this number 20:15 does not cease and here's where we go to 20:17 the Nazis the Nazis were always looking 20:20 for a hidden if you will land of the 20:23 Giants where the government or the 20:25 Superman or in my case all the final 20:28 event the fallen angels were basically 20:30 living duty either management or not 20:34 wanting to live amongst mortals as you 20:36 know I've written books on true legends 20:38 little creatures when i try to do 20:40 patrician is put a if you will almost 20:43 eight on universal understanding hall 20:47 how all the stuff fits right in that we 20:50 do now we've got advanced technology 20:52 anyway when I asked the surgeon general 20:54 special operation i said how far into 20:56 the future ii he said you have to go 20:59 back into the past the slingshot into 21:02 the future you put under just want to do 21:03 Paul they're telling me is anywhere from 21:06 you're going to love them tend to 50,000 21:09 years into the future natural technology 21:11 now most people is almost back to 21:14 Antarctica 1947 a drover leaves us below 21:18 killa ships and maybe they were going 21:21 down there and the flotilla was called 21:23 Operation right him it was initially off 21:26 I given to the present is going down to 21:29 the Antarctic sea about coal and other 21:32 minerals that was supposedly a geologic 21:34 survey right but the report so now with 21:37 the hunting Hitler series of reports 21:40 that Hitler didn't die in the bunker and 21:42 fled to argentina and the eyewitness 21:45 reports coming in from South Americans 21:47 and been hunting Hitler series by the 21:50 way to be almost in my opinion well done 21:53 back in venture here with great great 21:55 dog yes sir it is great let's let me 21:58 share the history record that 22:01 Hitler himself in walking down the 22:03 streets of munich made the statement 22:06 that literally the Prince of Darkness or 22:08 he'll have entered into yes then we know 22:11 what someone dies stevens was asked 22:13 Jesus talks about when the demons cast 22:15 out a disembodied spirit baby goes out 22:18 and watch you're looking for someone 22:20 else with and possess is at NBS arctica 22:23 I've been told by scientists all 22:26 independent over 24 years by General and 22:30 I'm talking active-duty military guys 22:32 that has prospered for the record you'll 22:34 get email only white frosting for clears 22:37 and knew about this and I don't mean to 22:39 be arrogant because what the general 22:41 says see that's like the lowest you know 22:44 last step on the ladder the guys who 22:47 have i swear i'll have cosmic have magic 22:50 diet majestic they'll have no Krypto 22:54 where they can read mostly stuff but 22:56 there's a level of that so understand 22:59 this gentleman that was just down the 23:01 Antarctica who is the scientist is ready 23:04 it is like this interesting he he was 23:06 age it is and people with some art 23:09 outstanding any bible-believing I 23:12 cleaning the powers of blood of jesus 23:15 christ Christians and they talked about 23:17 the spiritual oppression that was 23:20 anything unless they've ever known in 23:23 their lives they also said in a certain 23:25 way marin that they almost crashed four 23:28 times dime novel events taking place 23:31 within that flight cockpit and we 23:34 obviously the fly forever their craft 23:36 and these guys were all trained right 23:39 hand so so if you if you look at this 23:42 way let me spell it out 1230 shut up and 23:44 let you ask all questions because I know 23:46 how long do we have on your show that 23:47 our we got an hour 23:49 ok I think I follow the tradition of ask 23:51 that's all right what we what we have 23:54 with the advanced technology that was 23:57 present 1947 and if everybody would 24:00 consider roswell new mexico i'm going to 24:03 understand that Admiral Byrd brought 24:05 that testimony and the Russians that 24:07 were 24:07 down there spying on the u.s. got actual 24:10 footage of flying saucers taking on the 24:14 US aircraft we didn't lose them all but 24:17 you know the point being is operation 24:20 Highjump failed and went back the united 24:23 states that you mention it close 24:24 test one ya allah when you're dealing 24:27 with massive amounts of the energy the 24:31 zero-point energy that's all over the 24:33 universe when you're dealing with the 24:34 electric village the only way to overset 24:37 magnetism or one of the major ways is 24:40 through electro provincial would you 24:42 change the field and sandales very glad 24:45 to explain this but the vehicle you're 24:48 not compelling the vehicle itself with a 24:51 rocket injury jet engine the field 24:54 itself is propelling in other words of 24:56 crashes relating and reacting to the 24:58 field so in operation Highjump we get a 25:02 rear-end kick 25:03 ok so i get enhanced was on a silver 25:05 platter 25:06 we get these rumors after the advanced 25:09 secret treaty is being made with those 25:12 who inhabit the area in the underground 25:16 if you will metropolis is going to 25:18 Antarctica and people pissing so 25:20 far-fetched they should just go and look 25:22 at the Oscars to people pronounce it 25:24 c'mon to mountain where the Russians 25:27 have probably one of the largest 25:29 underground cities in the world and very 25:33 few people have ever been and that's if 25:34 you will 25:35 they're doing stay area they have areas 25:37 and underground manufacturing everything 25:41 you can imagine but now and this just 25:44 happened last night so I think it's 25:45 fascinating along with you today I got 25:48 another time and basically an email and 25:51 someone who is just down the Antarctic 25:53 totally different from the person i'm 25:54 talking about basically stages best bait 25:58 are seen thousands of Russian inserting 26:01 the Russian guess they a cathedral down 26:05 there are Russian Orthodox Church but 26:07 there's anything with something but this 26:10 continent while largest in the world 26:13 there's a lot of places to hide along 26:15 yes well you know see this fasting 26:17 because there's no question city's 26:20 underground 26:21 city are built all over the world now 26:23 make the major governments have been 26:26 doing this now for decades for Perry for 26:30 survival somehow from whatever it is 26:33 they feel they need to survive from 26:34 maybe from one another to nuclear or 26:38 other technology explodes maybe from in 26:40 coming asteroid or deep impact that they 26:43 may know that are on the way or from any 26:46 other numerous things you could get into 26:48 why they built the underground city late 26:50 certainly ask I've talked to different 26:52 people who have been to these cities 26:54 only in America only as subcontractors 26:59 for just two specific jobs and then it 27:03 was under literally under gun to go and 27:06 do what they're supposed to do and leave 27:09 and just that little bit of what they 27:11 see blew their mind and they don't even 27:13 know what was going on at all these 27:15 tunnels that are part of this 27:18 underground city so knowing this 27:20 what happened is there's the world that 27:23 we see and the media that we listened to 27:26 and then there's another whole world of 27:29 what's really going on and the struggle 27:32 for the power of the world if you will 27:35 there's a couple things I want to ask 27:36 you though and that is I want to switch 27:39 a little bit toward Iran as seen on your 27:41 website you had a good article really 27:43 good article about the Iranians and the 27:46 fact that fired their test missile on 27:48 sunday and Mike's land the national 27:52 security advisor to the president united 27:53 states just announced in America last 27:56 night putting Iran on notice 27:59 uh the the doctrine of appeasement if 28:03 you will by Barack Obama certainly isn't 28:07 going to work and I don't think that was 28:08 his real plan to be quite honest he was 28:10 empowering Iran but what do you think 28:13 where is this thing going to you see a 28:16 confrontation coming between the United 28:18 States and Iran during this first term 28:21 of deal of trouble administration 28:24 well I think it's gary for God Maycock 28:28 you have to think it's giving me tell 28:30 you that most people don't realize 28:31 something 28:32 it took in the Book of Daniel is 22 of 28:35 the Archangels Michael and Gabriel the 28:37 only two that are really named in the 28:39 old testament to break 3 to bring Daniel 28:43 is answered where he was seeking God and 28:46 asking God for an understanding of 28:48 prophecy the prince of persia withstood 28:51 him 28:52 yes if you understand ancient history 28:54 what I'm saying this here's what i'm 28:56 trying to say one spell this out 28:59 we r is in Persia Iran were not up 29:04 against should just a normal on group of 29:07 mellows and and people ventures want to 29:09 kill the western cape over the rest of 29:11 the Middle East we're up against a if 29:14 you will a demonic and it fallen angel 29:17 entities entity or entities in the case 29:21 of the pencil persia a singular ah 29:24 fallen would try to call angel that has 29:27 a charge of memory and with Iran now 29:30 rattling their sabers if everyone would 29:34 understand one thing about as long as 29:36 they must bring about their ma di first 29:39 you talk about this on the basis of 29:41 initiating world war three right medina 29:44 shot on the diva just made the statement 29:47 I didn't think that helps relation when 29:49 he said happy behalf just sacrifice 50 29:52 million or whatever billion lives of 29:54 Iranian this is that would facilitate 29:56 the arrival of the body the body is the 29:58 Messianic Islamic figure right but 30:01 what's more important I find this 30:04 interesting really interested in the 30:06 history of World War two the third right 30:10 pretty well elated or aligned itself 30:13 actually be aligned itself with the 30:16 Muslims and the most powerful Muslim 30:19 countries at that time so what is 30:22 critical now issues feet on the Muslims 30:26 talking about the Mahdi and up until 30:28 probably start of La all I'm saying 30:32 during Bush's bush senior and then 30:35 obviously Bush jr. and and which with 30:39 hours everything centered around the 30:41 fulfillment of Islamic 30:43 prophecy and now you've got the Bible 30:46 prophecy becoming a knight and a kind 30:48 piece ivic to that point the whole world 30:53 was trying to cater to Islamic doctrine 30:56 or Islamic prophecy and now the world is 31:02 finally and the hotels were doing it we 31:06 knew it wasn't true anyway but that's 31:08 what the world was following the Islamic 31:10 prophecy line of thinking if you will 31:13 now the shift has happened there's been 31:15 a major kingdom shift where now the 31:18 whole world realizes they got to look at 31:20 Biblical prophecy reason is steve's you 31:23 know because the things and Biblical 31:26 prophecy are absolutely taking place 31:29 before our very eyes 31:30 the moving of the US embassies from Tel 31:33 Aviv to Jerusalem I mean every day 31:36 somebody's pulling their hair out over 31:37 the just the thought of it because they 31:39 understand this solidified Jerusalem as 31:42 the eternal city as the capital of 31:45 Israel and this just just drives us take 31:48 into the Islamic prophecy which is to 31:51 create all the chaos so that the New 31:54 World Order of you will the Illuminati 31:55 so that the kingdom of darkness can rise 31:58 so you're right they are turning 32:01 everybody's now picking up a Bible and 32:03 saying what does it say because they 32:05 know that the prophecies of the Bible 32:07 are really the was that are coming into 32:10 play 32:11 well you know I can pass during and 32:13 obviously I you hear all of the 32:16 different criticisms but I remind 32:19 everybody even even not non-believers 32:22 will quote the book of Revelation and 32:25 when they say that's not stopping in 32:26 France at i set the book of Revelation 32:30 is the revelation of Jesus Christ that's 32:33 right which got a to his servant John on 32:36 the island of Patmos yeah jesus the only 32:39 one to lose only worthy Tina case Lord 32:43 of Lord your Savior my Savior that's 32:46 worthy to open up that that which was 32:48 sealed brand the seven seals and that 32:51 which would be revealed 32:52 so the book of Revelation is coming to 32:55 pass and it's coming too 32:57 half beyond those four da masseur or our 32:59 mother shipton or you know that then got 33:02 Katrina process right what I'm good 33:05 people is with the ass party at least 33:08 identified an esoteric and very powerful 33:11 be listen Paul activates he get out love 33:14 to tell people give you the bottom line 33:16 and work backwards so I didn't do that 33:18 in the first 20 minutes but here's the 33:20 bottom line 33:20 ok there is a world leader coming who 33:23 obviously we know is the Antichrist 33:26 right and and Jesus said that some guy 33:29 you know the scripture jesus said I can 33:31 receive me not another little 33:33 complaining to be me 33:35 Jesus and then you will receive so 33:37 what's what's getting everything but 33:40 i'll tell you why the rulers of the 33:41 world are going into the deepest bowels 33:44 of the earth 33:45 that's all we want to know that's what 33:47 we want to know yeah 33:49 drumroll going to escape the prophetic 33:52 wrath of God not advanced people but on 33:55 them guys coming and show what it's 33:58 interesting all those telescopes are 34:01 pointed out there looking for something 34:03 that most people already know about the 34:05 aliens are in bed with you when i say 34:07 the honey literally sorry about that but 34:11 there will be now towards business 34:14 because we know from the Bible it comes 34:16 down to people who missed the fire and 34:18 they'll try and basically excuse it but 34:21 when the the illuminance I a new one of 34:24 them really well ok trying to leave the 34:26 Jesus cat tried with all my heart but I 34:28 don't want to help and he's really one 34:31 at home let me ask you a question when 34:33 you try it here 34:34 DOA when you ask them here to down there 34:36 scared down of what they know is coming 34:39 from the heavens to reject you and 34:41 that's why everybody's edited here so 34:43 when you said you were trying to win one 34:45 of the guys from the Illuminati one of 34:47 the little you're trying to try to 34:48 convince him to accept price he believed 34:51 the the Bible he believed the gospel but 34:55 he wouldn't come to Christ is it because 34:57 he'd already sold it sold as a man he 35:00 had already been a strong delusion his 35:04 mind was seared it sold you think 35:07 yes and also pays well 35:10 he told me and I start this over the 35:11 years some people you know any people 35:13 say you just came on the scene after the 35:15 fact is you think I got this great and 35:17 noble stress line because I just came up 35:21 with this is not good at it for 23 years 35:23 on talk radio but what he said he said I 35:27 gone past the point of redemption but 35:30 you said you tell the peaceful what's 35:33 really going to happen and when he just 35:35 stopped talking about each victorian in 35:38 the at market right there growing 35:40 human-animal hybrids why I get people to 35:44 like into you've seen different science 35:45 fiction movies if you watch them on and 35:48 i don't recommend some of them but just 35:50 so you get your investigator in the 35:52 phenomena you'll see things in equation 35:54 changes being independent state area 51 35:57 the way he explained those before they 35:59 came out you know it just all underscore 36:03 the fact that Hollywood and the 36:04 intelligence agencies combined with is 36:06 Hollywood even off on the side of God 36:09 they have declared war on you see their 36:11 own language on Hollywood been so so 36:15 busy the fact is is that what's going on 36:18 an article is I believe there's going to 36:21 be announcing that it's called you know 36:23 that the aliens created all the aliens 36:25 created movie the java of VI chase 36:29 camera to record the mechanic the avatar 36:31 movies you know the Terminator movies is 36:34 on with big box into looking for a last 36:39 ride right now Atlantis writing now this 36:43 has everything to advance our guy ass 36:45 with on four star general activity step 36:48 off 5 years it is an Arctic Atlantis he 36:53 said no and you know at that point I I 36:58 thought that personally but what's 37:01 astonishing to me is that we know that 37:03 Jesus says there's nothing that's been 37:05 hidden that will be improper that shirt 37:07 and now you've got period you got you 37:09 whether people believe it or not there 37:11 are so many YouTube on google images and 37:14 you know people block specific parts of 37:16 both but happens for people looking 37:18 through telescopes but the lake Bostock 37:23 POS tok two and a half miles under the 37:26 eyes the Russians will roll through if 37:29 they said there was no life they have 37:30 3500 different species the life then you 37:33 remember Paul about the Martian 37:36 meteorites and they have Russian are 37:39 stating that the Russians were talking 37:41 about mothers that was revealed to have 37:43 microbes from Mars 37:45 yeah i heard that I did hear that yes 37:47 well again I think back Mars is called 37:51 the internet plan ahead earlier and I'm 37:53 going to encourage everybody go 37:55 it's a bad movie in the fifties called 37:58 vampire planet with barry sullivan but 38:00 you'll see giant sees beneath the city 38:03 of my be specifically Mars what the 38:06 Giants are really ah hung over their 38:09 skeletons that you're you know 45 times 38:11 designed for humans 38:13 I gotta ask you a question I got a 38:14 question ok it's implicit ok says LA 38:17 marzulli you many many many folks who 38:22 understand that these skeletal remains 38:24 of the Rockwall Texas where there was a 38:27 skeletal remains have been taken away 38:28 all over Indiana and Ohio Pennsylvania 38:31 we know that there were archaeological 38:33 finds of giant skeletal rains that then 38:38 disappeared at the Smithsonian's would 38:39 show up take it even LA marzulli he's a 38:43 catalina island where he discovered the 38:46 picture with the guy knows look when 38:48 they they crop it out in the ancient 38:51 alien series so having said that it 38:55 seems as if the world has with Better 38:59 Business their backs backward to cover 39:02 up anything that would be evidence of 39:06 confirmation of the hybrids of the Napa 39:11 mean to 39:13 they do not want is to be part of the 39:15 dialogue you don't want to be part of 39:16 the conversation yet yet Hollywood has 39:19 constantly showing us uh you know alien 39:23 invasions uh hybrids all kinds of 39:26 different things so one hand we got the 39:28 the global elite is hiding the 39:30 information the Bible tells us 39:32 I mean look they've been quiet yeah we 39:35 know the story but hey it's not just 39:37 little story with Joshua went into 39:39 Canaan land we understand it and the the 39:42 Canaanites the analytes the jetta sites 39:44 to mobilize the termites all the ice 39:47 were big 39:48 I mean okay yeah and and yes I mean they 39:51 were giants so I wouldn't wear all the 39:54 bones go I mean what 39:56 so why do they want to hide it and then 39:59 is it because they're going to 40:01 eventually reveal it 40:02 I mean what's the purpose of this yes 40:04 yes and headway la la Marzulli and I 40:08 were on duck Hagen together I did it to 40:10 our show that ice consider this business 40:13 pitch in the information pointing people 40:15 sensory for teeth 40:17 the bones are hidden because they 40:19 validate this general 6 account of the 40:21 sons of God the angels can have sex with 40:24 women people available Jesus seven in 40:27 having there's no marriage ya among the 40:29 agencies are following Jesus came to 40:31 earth right and that they should take on 40:33 the form of myth people confused fallen 40:37 angels with giant right through the 40:38 offspring in Genesis chapter 6 it says 40:41 there were giants in those days and 40:42 after goes it is right there were 40:44 Nephilim only appears twice in the Old 40:47 Testament it appears in general 6 40:49 numbers 1333 within the word rest ye 40:53 which means the value of the Giants 40:54 Valley as a raspa and the rappahoes also 40:57 means with that and so when you read in 40:59 Isaiah or in the song shall we then 41:01 tries the crazy backwards rock or rap i 41:04 need now here's why it's important the 41:07 genetic material that's in the Antarctic 41:11 under the ice much of it is alien ok we 41:16 always think of the spacious going to a 41:18 distant planet and you know trillions of 41:20 your disease they find something that 41:22 once lived but when you're dealing with 41:24 the giant of history by the way we've 41:28 got we've got so many testimonies of 41:31 like giants like and our outlook and 41:35 heart the Kandahar guys that i didn't 41:38 television show with LA marzulli and 41:39 he's telling the story like what are you 41:42 serious 41:43 but my son by the way who's producing 41:46 today show six-year veteran of the US 41:48 Army did a year 41:50 newer and Kandahar and he would tell me 41:53 to death and you know he was out in the 41:56 output is it that I'm telling you to get 41:58 whenever different soldiers the Canadian 42:01 soldiers and others would come into our 42:03 little outpost with everybody sitting 42:06 around talking they would finally start 42:08 talking about the Giants these of rumors 42:12 that wasn't just a one can digest that 42:15 they had encountered others and that was 42:17 part of the conversation going on in the 42:19 region of Canada are so we're talking 42:22 now we're talking 2010 when he was there 42:25 so you know to your point there's 42:28 there's more to this is Genesis 6 told 42:32 you they came before and after the flood 42:35 so we're dealing with this thing see 42:38 oh yeah and I guess you know I can say 42:40 this and wrote my first book was 20 42:42 years ago general 6 Giants master 42:45 builders of the ancient civilization the 42:48 couple years ago it without enough date 42:49 but in it and I want to share something 42:51 it's important we spend a lot of money 42:54 and a lot of money to send us to the 42:57 algorithm will filter down to Peru and 43:01 over to a Sardinian it's fun ways called 43:03 the land of the giants and Sardinians 43:05 believe they are the original and here 43:08 you know Paul that we have over a dozen 43:11 of peace doesn't doesn't people now I 43:13 don't speak Italian 43:14 yeah it doesn't appear but a lot of 43:16 people out you're hanging with my really 43:19 too much hand-wringing are in their 43:22 eighties and nineties right specifically 43:25 talked about Dean of skeletons having 43:29 absolute fantastic encounters with just 43:33 be if you will be emanating forces of 43:36 even with a dead phone like an 43:38 electromagnetic field only to have a 43:40 Catholic Church come in and steal them 43:42 take them control you know why because 43:44 the narrative is going to come and this 43:47 is what all your listeners mind with 43:49 your powerlessness visa now that the 43:51 aliens ye have a race of giants produce 43:55 and that they're coming back to save us 43:58 from ourselves point one problem is 44:01 probably when the we invest 44:03 there's a giant for the past 40 years 44:04 they're all cannibal ok and cannibal 44:07 liquid needs the priests of bail from 44:10 the land obtainer wow yeah yeah why it's 44:14 critical 44:15 imagine this imagine that all these 44:18 Illuminati people actually doing and 44:21 that you know that Jesus Christ is who 44:25 the Bible says years but they go to the 44:28 second solvent say we will not have this 44:30 man Jesus rule over us forever to keep 44:33 of the urine and set themselves yes the 44:35 Lord SAS voices the voices say we will 44:38 not have this man Jesus were lowbridge 44:40 yeah they're hitting the class of the 44:42 rock right now they're headed into the 44:44 secret places that means to me that you 44:47 and I are if you will 44:48 we're giving your shoe warning people in 44:51 this putting their feet now into a new 44:54 watch them that they need to have 44:56 understanding so true legends with 44:59 this is really critical true 45:02 legends of we have people we 45:05 even have an Italian billionaire 45:06 interview who it was personal principal 45:10 Sakurai's situation that made the way 45:13 that Zachariah have gotten aki fallen 45:16 angel 45:17 methylin ok and not just Giants fallen 45:21 angels dictate to him that history of 45:24 the world and if anybody's repetitions 45:26 works by brandon mall is very profound 45:29 we've got stitches best friend's saying 45:31 now guess what 45:33 after that visit by the Anunnaki the 45:37 Catholic Church changed their whole 45:40 perception of her isolation from 45:42 heritage to a preferred friend of Rome 45:46 they have to be the nice they will take 45:51 quarters to get stuff retreat stuff from 45:54 zakaria remember this is very important 45:58 to understand when you control history 45:59 or well said it you can determine the 46:02 past if you control all the artifacts II 46:04 history you can set the narrative and 46:07 the narrative is all preparing us for 46:09 the pants firm you the entire world is 46:13 gathering together in 46:15 as our ticket right now to see and to be 46:19 breathe okay I believe sean hannity the 46:22 other night mentioned that newt gingrich 46:24 is going someplace in a couple weeks and 46:26 where their paint was well you know 46:28 everybody assumed that might be 46:30 Antarctica right so who has the power 46:32 this is the thing we got to always get 46:34 across this who has the power to give 46:37 man their most powerful religious people 46:40 and political figures that common 46:42 basically show up we're going to give 46:44 your orders and people think that so far 46:46 out why is it that the same telescope 46:49 that mount grandshaykh time and it 46:51 spread by dr. telescope is also located 46:54 in the Antarctic and there's nine dishes 46:58 down there that most people don't know 46:59 about there's a lot of stuff via RT is a 47:02 very very much you see justice to this 47:05 point about who is giving them the 47:08 orders who is calling the shots 47:11 well it in the Bible fold it in as you 47:14 go to second keynes it tells you that 47:17 one of the new kings of Israel that 47:18 eight-year-old boy my name is Josiah 47:20 when Josiah takes over the kingdom he's 47:23 only eight but at the age of 26 he 47:26 notices that the temple of God is 47:28 completely in ruins and he sees all of 47:31 these altars up on the highest toys 47:33 worshipping bail worshipping Dagan and a 47:37 host of heaven the high ones they were 47:41 they were communing with the fallen ones 47:44 and up 47:47 absolutely it wasn't with him and that's 47:51 who they were talking to so whenever he 47:53 decided to tear him down he didn't you 47:55 said let's clean up the temple of God 47:57 when they did they found the book of the 47:59 law 47:59 I make a long story short they found the 48:01 book of all they read the book when they 48:02 read they realized everything we were 48:04 doing was taken this young ruler says 48:07 this young king of israel says no more 48:09 we got to follow what the law of God 48:11 says and they went and tore down the 48:14 high places the the altars and temples 48:17 all of the artifacts that were being 48:20 worshipped to use for pagan worship 48:22 including the host of heaven and the 48:25 host of heaven and small H small house 48:29 it's referring folks to the Fallen One 48:31 so worshipping the phone ones of Lucifer 48:34 worshipping Lucifer was going on as far 48:37 back as second Kings 23 so why would you 48:40 not think that the new world order the 48:43 Illuminati the beasts that John says in 48:46 Revelation 13 with the seven-headed 48:48 monster that's rising this thing is the 48:51 it's getting its orders from Lucifer 48:54 they're talking to Lucifer dirt rate 48:57 look it out Hitler you know that there's 49:00 a book out there Steve called the Spear 49:02 of Destiny a top hitters it says when he 49:04 went into that hook into the moment to 49:07 the museum there in Austria when he's a 49:09 little boy he tonight he saw the Spear 49:11 of Destiny was fascinated with it so we 49:13 kept going back every day after school 49:15 and find the age of 13 set of black 49:18 cloud came out of the box where the 49:20 spear spear of destiny wasn't entered 49:22 into him well he can't he's not really 49:24 lying folks because if you look at the 49:27 the third right you look at the Nazi 49:30 doctrine you look at the extermination 49:33 attempt on the Jewish people and the end 49:36 of horrific back breeding and satanic 49:39 DNA genetically altering events that he 49:43 tried Lucifer was leading the third 49:46 right and Lucifer will lead the final 49:48 kingdom that the strongest one daniel 49:51 says as iron teeth that's gonna rise in 49:53 the end time and you're saying 60 that 49:56 they're already there 49:57 Lucifer some of the leaders of the world 50:00 the kings of the earth is revelation 16 50:02 he said come here let me show you what 50:05 i'm going to do is that would just say 50:07 it 50:08 absolutely and and it is critical for 50:11 people to understand that is the Bible 50:14 place specific best Satan will literally 50:17 enter in to end man and remember we're 50:20 talking about politics of angels can 50:24 even sane or they can fake it can become 50:26 my pains of life a congrats for 50:29 themselves into angels of life so you 50:31 just named it is as clear isn't it ever 50:34 d nail all the thing is fascinating 50:36 though is that I don't think people 50:38 understand the time frame 50:40 here's something I want to share this is 50:42 critical people to understand God has 50:46 declared that surely the lord god will 50:48 do nothing except he reveals his secrets 50:50 to share in the profits came at the 50:52 testimony of Jesus is the spirit of 50:55 prophecy and that God is not going to 50:57 have his kids taken off guard but people 51:01 just shown you know I amazing people 51:03 playing and I use the word now is just 51:06 Christian claiming that none of it none 51:09 of the fruit that a person should be 51:11 able to manifest who has had a 51:14 transformational experience of Jesus 51:16 Christ so it's to me it's the unfolding 51:20 of God's plan for his people and the 51:22 neat thing is is no matter what hybrids 51:24 no matter what you know what's 51:26 interesting too 51:27 I'm sorry use that word a lot because I 51:29 perplexed maybe i'll use that work if 51:32 you even watch The Grudge headlines will 51:34 be given day it's about transhumanism 51:37 robotics a bi-sexual robots which by the 51:40 way i wrote about my book shown that a 51:42 farm again and now I've got a new word 51:44 Gemma sighs okay i don't know if you 51:46 noticed but when i get frustrated 51:48 forwards I just making my as clear in 51:53 essence its genetic suicide and will be 51:56 told that the humans are really crummy 51:58 that God made them stay dry hate 52:01 ultimately is they hate the fact that 52:03 devil hates the back and the fallen 52:06 angels and the adherence to them the 52:09 devil and his angels take back that God 52:11 created us in His image and likeness 52:14 ok stand that is a reminder of their 52:17 fall they have it all 52:19 yes Paul said they will worship the 52:22 creature more than the Creator so 52:26 there's the incident that's what they're 52:28 doing right 52:29 yes sir and and let's go back to the 52:31 spirit against me i want to explain to 52:33 people the spirit guest me as a spear of 52:36 Longinus the integrated that's the 52:38 spirit of Jesus eyes on the cross and 52:41 Jesus was crucified be the idea of the 52:45 Spirit Longinus your destiny is he who 52:49 possesses a spear this isn't true but 52:51 this is what the cultural beliefs 52:53 the ability to kill your best side of 52:55 down in other words Hitler sent the 52:57 ordinary and i'm sorry there's just so 52:59 much stuff to cover all over the world 53:01 and because the antarctica in his 53:04 original expedition before nineteen 53:06 before the high jumping we're talking 53:09 about the Germans be down there for the 53:11 turn-of-the-century all the way through 53:13 the nineteen twenties and thirties and 53:15 for the record journey state their claim 53:18 to a large party large part of northern 53:22 an article that they called it new 53:24 schwaben land as they needed after the 53:27 ship the Esper late exploration ship 53:29 that is schwabe ok ok 53:32 given all that we now have a top-secret 53:36 the ontology and by the way i was told 53:39 this goes beyond the NSA and CIA goes 53:41 beyond all of the different intelligence 53:44 agency so all those scans are summoned 53:46 by someone more powerful and has my 53:49 contention that the only one that's 53:51 powerful enough to Jesus says them again 53:53 christians believe this ball flew 53:56 world-wise in the people and the whole 53:59 world why is the evil one we escaped the 54:02 world when we accept Jesus as their Lord 54:04 and Savior then we become a new creation 54:07 amen tired human genome project is to 54:10 define and to isolate and allocate 54:14 fallen and jelly genes in the human 54:16 genome because the fallen angels when 54:19 they created their austin want to bring 54:22 back their spring and basically have a 54:25 family reunion commences simple vinyl 54:28 well you know that is so on the money 54:30 that is what Lucifer eight God and is 54:34 trying to recreate a world without God 54:38 without Christ where he is glorified 54:41 where he sets up his game even Adolf 54:44 Hitler says that the third right was a 54:46 would be a kingdom that would last a 54:49 thousand years why did he say that 54:51 because he does the Bible says that the 54:54 Lord will rain a thousand years upon the 54:57 same planet 54:58 he is fighting for the glorification of 55:01 humanity is even if you have to create 55:03 his own ugly creation 55:06 not in the image and likeness of god 55:08 you're right there's transhumanist 55:10 acuerdes of these uh sexual robots all 55:14 the things that are coming this is all 55:16 about the reverti perversion of the 55:18 creation and I can take it further net 55:21 transgenderism all of this is about 55:23 changing the creation of the glory of 55:26 the creation isn't that we literally to 55:30 just twist it and and to a demoralized 55:34 and to bring us down to make us to be 55:37 something that we really were not we're 55:39 not that isn't who we are we are made in 55:41 the image and likeness of God for for 55:43 greatness for powerful and to give 55:46 praise unto the Lord and begin to exalt 55:49 his day 55:49 so you're right now there's a definite 55:52 agenda 55:53 it seems to be getting steep more 55:55 intense i'm writing a book right now 55:57 Steve I've already wrote one called 55:58 zombie apocalypse but I'm right one 56:00 right now called zombie apocalypse to 56:01 the resurrection of the Damned and the 56:05 reason i got Goggins i love the time and 56:08 the Lord gave me a revelation on this 56:10 feat that that you know the resurrection 56:13 of christ is we're gonna raise in his 56:15 likeness and we're going to be alive in 56:18 christ when we're not going to have this 56:19 body that's corruptible where we're 56:22 going to have a body like it under 56:23 Christ ok but there is a second 56:25 resurrection folks in the Bible the way 56:27 let's talk about it's the second 56:29 resurrection is of the damn they're not 56:31 coming out as a great with a glorified 56:33 but they're coming out with a corrupted 56:35 zombie-type that this is Hollywood is 56:39 trying to glorify the root second 56:42 resurrection of the Damned it's not just 56:45 her soul but it's a physical body as 56:47 well I'm gonna try to get that book done 56:49 pretty quick here i'm hoping to have it 56:50 ready by mid-march but get you can do 56:54 see this fascination of zombies 56:56 Steve you see it happening in yeah I 57:00 didn't catalog in it and this is 57:02 exciting in the okay because I and it's 57:05 masking your book after and I'm only 57:07 saying is i wrote a book and it's called 57:10 not tears a notion of emotion 57:13 ok there's a difference between twenty 57:15 years of the righteous and tears of the 57:16 damn ok wow it 57:19 and he'll there's weakening and now he 57:22 then word is not but every year that we 57:26 share as Christian is holy Lord and by 57:29 the way to go into the whole thing about 57:32 your cheer is if you will a fluid memory 57:35 banks or ide hard drive of your soft 57:39 side in this case of everything that you 57:42 are Paul all your thoughts all your 57:44 perceptions and that's in your care so 57:47 when Jesus died on the cross he bore our 57:50 sorrows and when jesus wept the shortest 57:54 shortest sentence in the New Testament 57:56 Jesus left all of our cheers of the of 58:00 the save ok of those who he died for all 58:03 of our emotions everything that made us 58:07 in our process of light coming to Jesus 58:10 and then after that our new life that's 58:13 what he born on calorie so i have a 58:15 chapter 58:16 cheers the righteous cheers of the 58:17 Damned actually not chapter benefit is 58:19 that's the whole point so that fact that 58:21 the resurrection of the damn what you're 58:25 talking about 58:26 yeah I call this a supernatural nexus 58:29 point and bats that that place the work 58:32 coming is God is going to make it so 58:35 clear who he is what he's done versus 58:39 the devil's going to make it very clear 58:40 he is what he's done and that's why 58:42 multitudes multitudes in the valley of 58:44 decision has a day before so i want to 58:47 commend you for that and as my my off go 58:51 and get it 58:53 nobody talks about that nobody wants to 58:56 deal with that let's think about this if 58:59 its treated to the Christians and our 59:01 tears and saved up that doesn't he's got 59:04 and then they're torn out as an offering 59:07 to celebrate the history of Jesus Christ 59:10 has happened yeah I mean bro i'm about 59:14 ready to shoot and raised by any system 59:18 Florida that i talked to Pastor David 59:20 length of the others he says these I've 59:23 never heard that I said I've never heard 59:24 it either i think i got having somebody 59:26 came to be instant just as you said you 59:29 have that rainbow 59:30 moment I had a rare moment God says I 59:33 think we said to me that the second 59:35 resurrection that's what they're doing 59:36 maybe I you know what you should forward 59:38 the book how about it feat wale forward 59:40 about for me I think it'd be great 59:42 I don't know and love with you and I'm 59:44 just give you the winners right now okay 59:47 and what's fascinating is it's so out 59:50 that the antiquity stuff fallen angels 59:54 technology is nothing I get it I 59:55 understand why the Lord have been in my 59:58 heart that because do you understand how 60:01 to breathe and there are ways of reading 60:03 but as the operation of the damage your 60:05 peers and precious to the lord and how 60:08 many broken hearted what was one of the 60:09 most amazing face 60:11 Jesus this he came to bind up the 60:13 brokenhearted David in the city there's 60:16 even at this there's even an old 60:17 testament statement s vs top my head I 60:20 can remember it says that there's the 60:22 tears are bottled up in heaven that 60:25 literally you is it I maybe it's malachi 60:28 can't remember his old testament hobbled 60:30 off so you've hit a powerful even Jesus 60:33 as tears became great drops of blood I 60:36 mean his sweat became great job so blood 60:38 his bodily fluids but you hit something 60:41 here with the tears 60:42 this is amazing revelation receipt how 60:45 that is it i mean just amazing 60:47 revelation that the emotions that's in 60:50 the tears this is its precious before 60:53 the Lord the tears turned bloody and 60:57 gross ebony and the only way to cover 61:00 the entire scope of human has been 61:04 talking about cruises that those of us 61:06 who descended from Anthony was to redeem 61:09 them through his blood and even on the 61:12 cross we have the same thing we have the 61:15 spirit Longinus Spear of Destiny as we 61:18 have that the concept of blood water i 61:20 want to share somebody fall and I'd like 61:22 to advise you on the cell this is 61:24 critical 61:25 la Marzulli and I and Timothy albariño 61:28 is the director the producer of our 61:30 teachers listen this is such an 61:32 important thing is called the unholy see 61:35 ok ok the Pope on the Holy between 61:38 driver false prophet you got the 61:39 envelope their show 61:42 so much in there about the testimony not 61:45 only a giant but the whole area of 61:47 disclosure you go on our website true 61:50 legends the series doc calm and if you 61:52 have time in June we're taking an 61:55 expedition if you will a seminar down to 61:57 Cuzco Peru which has some of the biggest 61:59 megalithic structures the the rocks if 62:03 you will the stones that are put 62:05 together with such precision and the 62:07 reference of all of the oral tradition 62:10 legends as they were all built by giants 62:13 and who flat the wrath of God to the 62:17 east ok room is called the navel of 62:20 civilization so again the website is 62:22 true legend please go on 62:25 after this broadcast you might want to 62:27 come because obviously it i think it's 62:30 going to be a hit was only 20 people 62:31 because that 15 or 16 right now 62:34 la Marzulli will be there I'll be there 62:36 lord willing I'll i think that was your 62:38 encounter you have listened three-letter 62:40 people you know and i'm just going to 62:43 encounter little differently right 62:45 excited for God so please consider 62:48 consider coming i'm riding lesson yeah 62:51 you are you guys and Phil are you guys 62:53 gonna be filming this of that what 62:57 you're doing we have it 62:58 yes this is small not only kill me and 63:00 like it or not exactly everything but 63:03 basically giving people that go on this 63:05 is only 20 people right right and this 63:08 is going to be wondering if people can 63:10 only understand there is no older city 63:12 in the world that was built on the ruins 63:15 of the ancient & the Giants and and 63:19 again how does Peru lead us to Rome to 63:24 Malta to Sardinia and quote unquote the 63:28 Jesuit covered in control of all history 63:30 the first time in history you have a 63:32 Jesuit Pope right and in for most people 63:35 this is harper and look I'm not making 63:38 more tactical I'm telling chaplain is 20 63:40 years 20 years twice at this is that 63:43 there will become their will becoming 63:45 the greatest war in the history of the 63:48 Catholic Church as traditional Catholics 63:51 will be happy 63:52 to war with the New World Order 63:55 Catholics who will be embracing is open 63:58 combining with i could say right out I 64:00 can tell you right now we have a lot of 64:02 Catholic the listeners and viewers and 64:05 who are saying we're Catholic but we 64:07 don't know what the Vatican's do it 64:09 ok it's sort of like in America times it 64:11 we got the American citizen and then 64:13 there's washington and it's exactly the 64:15 same thing going on in America I have 64:17 baptized of two years ago i baptize 64:21 about a hundred and twelve people 33 of 64:23 more Catholics who said can I get 64:26 baptized I want to make the choice of 64:28 Christ as my savior as an adult I want 64:31 to make this decision I've already 64:32 believed in Jesus my whole life I was 64:33 trained at odds with the Catholic school 64:35 whatever but i'd like to make this 64:37 decision myself I'm like sure and i 64:39 baptized every year about a third of the 64:43 people i baptize Steve are Catholics who 64:46 are saying in other words they're 64:47 getting disenchanted with the the 64:51 doctrine of the Vatican and as the 64:54 Internet has given him access to truth 64:56 there they're realizing whoa uh there's 65:00 a lot here that we need to know about so 65:03 I'm like you we embrace of the Catholic 65:08 people who have come out to Christ me 65:10 and they want to know more at the end we 65:12 embrace him and it'sit's but you're 65:14 right there's a war coming it's coming 65:15 too large and it's in the project world 65:18 could start by the way it's among the 65:20 Protestant i can tell you right now I 65:23 there's a lot of churches will let me 65:24 one let me speak you know they existed 65:27 they just like a little else because 65:30 it's probably on their way so get out 65:33 everything people to flee those place 65:36 and then and afraid applebees of 65:38 like-minded believers and I got to share 65:41 something as fascinating the amount of 65:45 of why they hold on deception as being 65:50 in the world 65:51 look at Donald Trump i love them okay 65:53 yeah the first guy to say his 14 months 65:56 on the board he won the election and to 65:59 be able two boxes i was a trump there i 66:02 got right flat should 66:04 and I think this has been if you will 66:06 get everyone who takes him all abortions 66:10 daddy stroke version you strong one 66:13 world government who hate Christians who 66:16 never spoke up against the Christian 66:18 slaughter we turned a blind eye to the 66:20 beheadings the burning alive and you 66:23 look at all and somebody here you have a 66:24 man speaking out standing up and i can 66:28 tell you this i said i know who his 66:30 enemies are and his enemies are my 66:32 enemies and love mr. price amen amen 66:36 well my wife my wife is actually 66:38 volunteered my wife actually volunteer 66:39 over a year ago to become a trump of on 66:44 the other team 66:45 ok and uh I it was grilled simple to me 66:48 I looked at all the enemies of truck 66:50 just like you said i looked at every 66:52 organization hate him I said you know 66:55 what it is he's not Jesus Christ what 66:58 you think he was the way they hate him 67:00 why what does it feel and the same 67:03 people hate him hate me so what's the 67:05 story here and then I think it is 67:07 inauguration when these when the name of 67:10 Jesus was pray in the name of Jesus four 67:13 different times it no doubt really 67:17 bringing Jesus Christ back into the 67:19 national conversation and standing up 67:23 for Christians worry about Christians 67:25 being beheaded in Syria fighting radical 67:28 Islam not afraid to call it out so you 67:31 see these people that are the media is 67:33 so deceptive they are the Fate news 67:36 media and were important I want to Steve 67:39 Quayle equal com Steve Quayle dot-com 67:43 just go to his website check the article 67:46 to put every put a lot of work into 67:48 cover what's going on 67:49 excellent job and covering the current 67:51 events and how they relate to biblical 67:53 prophecies been doing it for a long time 67:55 for a tremendous writer i'm telling you 67:59 we alternative media is critical to a 68:02 revival across this nation around the 68:06 world we will play a role we are going 68:07 to play a role in bringing the truth of 68:10 Jesus Christ to the world see there's no 68:12 doubt those with you guys go to his 68:14 website and get one of his book or the 68:17 DVD 68:17 d getting no just go I mean and just be 68:21 blasting and blessing out okay and and 68:24 just lift about steam i will give you 68:26 the final word here uh and man-hours way 68:30 too short for you I mean it's way too 68:32 short so at least 15 minutes reduction 68:35 in there yesterday at least tell people 68:38 is with this little Valley ages 68:39 everything on ducky choices we need six 68:42 hours to get our introduction first of 68:45 all thank you for letting me come up 68:46 with your end saying this I always 68:49 noticed everything on right it was 68:51 pretty cool timing of the release of the 68:53 book Empire beneath the ice isn't just 68:55 because I wrote both GF 1 cell phones 68:58 it's because of the subject matter takes 69:01 us right into his day the genetic 69:04 engineering has been going on under the 69:06 IceMen secret laboratories all over the 69:08 world and i got a chuckle I think that 69:10 made a sarcastic comment which I didn't 69:12 found that on my frontpage that they're 69:14 talking about there's an international 69:17 body that needs to sit is on and 69:20 determine what is acceptable genetic 69:22 engineering and not and i'm going to 69:24 kings of the earth and all the money in 69:25 the world would rather make monsters in 69:29 the devil's even then worship the Living 69:31 God he created me is worried for really 69:34 a trouble sometime but fear not i'll 69:37 give all your listeners jesus said I 69:39 have overcome the world and that's why 69:42 the Bible so specific in these end times 69:44 you detail and that I detail detail 69:47 every day 69:48 the point being is that here or not it's 69:51 little block was searching for is God's 69:54 good pleasure to give us the keys to the 69:56 kingdom and so the original concept of 69:59 the Angel of Death Helena grace those 70:01 will be talker too but right now 70:03 people need to make the decision to come 70:05 to Jesus Christ as your personal Lord 70:07 and Savior there is no beer and purpose 70:10 lot here comes when you lose track of 70:14 who it is that loves you will be with 70:16 you as you said London and with you into 70:18 the end of the H email you know again 70:21 after thank you seriously take a look at 70:23 two legends the skill drill 70:26 bit about pray about the floor 70:28 when the interesting very delicate 70:30 because it is 20 people and began 15 70:33 seats taken at this point I appreciate 70:35 that invite i'm going to check my 70:37 schedule and and and see if we can fit 70:40 that in so I I really truly appreciate 70:43 the invite 70:44 because i know it will be life-changing 70:46 and I really appreciate it very much 70:48 thank you seek well thank you so much 70:52 god bless you and we'll have you again 70:54 okay amen 70:56 sure sooner than later alright the quail 70:59 love you 71:00 amen quail sequel cops

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