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#Money as #Debt

 The more I learn about paper money the more I am disgusted by it and the more I don't want it. Very good video. They should require this in schools.

 We are slaves of the system. We need money because the system gives us orders to ( pay rent, taxes). But their is a system that i call far more dangerous then this, it orders you to do anything it comes up with. It makes you feel empty, strives for pleasure, fuels hate, violence. Know what i mean? It is your mind. We live in the age of slavery of the mind. There is only 1 thing that will unslave yourself from the mind. Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains how life works in every facet, it explains the nature of everything, including the nature of your mind and how to unslave yourself from it. It is the key to true freedom.

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