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Michael Savage Donald Trump Must Prosecute George Soros

everyone into the show was 0:57 part of this inauguration because 1:00 without you and of course the millions 1:01 of others he would not be president he 1:03 won by a hair by a nose anyone because 1:08 of a few votes you are a big part of 1:10 today you should have a festival in your 1:12 online and I want to know on the show 1:15 today a couple of things 1:17 this is what I want to know how do you 1:19 feel now the Trump as president feel s 1:21 EE L i can give a speech about his 1:23 speech I gave a speech about the pomp 1:26 and circumstance but i don't think i'm 1:27 going to do that I'm going to listen to 1:30 you the listeners of the savage nation 1:32 I want to know how you feel today right 1:34 now 1:35 now you know the Trump is taken off as 1:37 many of you were afraid that the 1:39 outgoing maniac would pull a trick at 1:41 the last minute but thankfully such a 1:43 low piece of work 1:44 the only wanted was a free ride on Air 1:46 Force one to palm springs now my julie 1:49 has a house two miles away from the 1:50 white house but he had a milk the perks 1:54 to the last second and fly on Air Force 1:56 One all the way to Palm Springs 1:58 California just to get the last out of 2:01 freebies out of the out of the festival 2:03 of today 2:05 the fact is it's a big day it's a 2:07 clarion call to begin from swore is what 2:09 it comes down to it is the beginning of 2:12 trumps war and today I'm going to talk 2:14 with you about what Trump's war is and 2:17 how we the people who elected must 2:19 remain visual and retain our 2:21 independence and we're also going to 2:23 talk about Trump's enemies list that's 2:26 right there's a fantastic list of the 2:29 enemies of Donald Trump they're so 2:31 stupid that they announce themselves and 2:33 it is the most comprehensive list of the 2:36 leftist groups supporting to disrupt 2:38 j-20 event that was attacking Donald 2:42 Trump and will be attacking Trump all 2:43 day today and in the future these are 2:46 the anarchists these are the student 2:48 morons 2:49 these are the left-wing communist 2:50 bookstores these are the propaganda 2:52 distribution outlets 2:54 these are the anti-american websites 2:55 these are the hacker collective these 2:58 are the shadowy leftist groups that are 3:00 part of the worldwide radical movement 3:02 to overthrow the united states of 3:03 america feel freedom it is a list put 3:06 together by Lee stranahan least try to 3:08 him on Breitbart which i'm going to read 3:11 to you what they've done conveniently as 3:13 give jeff Sessions a pocket list of 3:16 groups that must be rooted out 3:17 immediately 3:18 listen to me very carefully I live by 3:21 the First Amendment i live by free 3:23 speech i'm in total favor of speech of 3:26 any kind to be very honest with your 3:28 speech which calls for violence and 3:31 speech which tries to take away my 3:33 freedoms and speech which tries to block 3:35 the president the United States 3:36 illegally they have named themselves so 3:39 what happened today in the speech of the 3:42 issue what happened today in what you 3:44 witnessed today is the issue now before 3:46 we begin taking your calls at eight 554 3:49 how do you feel right now I feel but if 3:52 you don't know what you feel if your not 3:54 being sarcastic 3:56 try to imagine how you would have felt 3:59 right now is you're listening to the 4:01 savage nation if you had seen her up 4:04 there 4:05 Hillary Clinton taking the oath of 4:07 office when i turn the TV on this 4:09 morning I was infuriated I was insane 4:12 and sense almost to the point of 4:14 enragement when i watch the lowest of 4:16 the low 4:17 Schumer giving a speech I thought that 4:19 this piece of work had been gone he 4:23 embarrassed himself in America during 4:25 his speech of the inauguration he gave 4:27 such a disgusting speech humor that all 4:30 you could do is hate him for it 4:32 all we did was bring up the Civil War 4:34 slavery on a day that we wanted to 4:36 celebrate let us say out with the old in 4:39 with the new 4:40 there was Shawn Schumer bringing up the 4:42 civil war in the most how should I say 4:44 stupidly papas way you could ever 4:46 imagine 4:47 shaking his head thinking the world was 4:50 gonna pay every attention to him he was 4:52 an embarrassment to civilization and yet 4:55 he was up there I don't know why he was 4:57 there i guess protocol demanded that 4:59 Schumer or is the person in this 5:01 position introduce Clarence Thomas to 5:04 swear in the vice president but i will 5:06 tell you this all shuma did was tell us 5:09 over and over again why we threw Hillary 5:12 Clinton and the Democrats out over 1,000 5:14 seats never forget it wasn't just 5:17 Hillary Clinton lost President Obama was 5:19 such a horrible divider and such a poor 5:23 leader and such an all-around slacker 5:25 that his party lost 1,000 seats during 5:29 his reign of Kara that's right 1,000 5:33 feet know what you see on the news 5:35 no matter what the vermin in the media 5:36 tell you no matter what the fake news 5:38 tell you 5:39 Obama presided over the death of the 5:41 Democrat Party did you know what I said 5:43 to you 5:44 they lost 1,000 seats because it is goof 5:46 all so that I think it's over i wake up 5:49 i turn the tv my lock this Charles 5:52 Schumer in the most pompous boring 5:56 horrendous speech about the Civil War 5:58 you could ever imagine that was a 6:01 one-off note now before we take the 6:04 calls here on the show this is a 6:05 glorious day that you're always gonna 6:07 remember the 22 January 2017 we all 6:11 worked very hard for this day 6:13 this for me is a 22-year fight 6:14 personally for 20 years I've tried to 6:18 see a day like today occur why in plain 6:20 English no matter what Trump does or 6:22 doesn't do 6:23 he's already saved the nation from the 6:25 left wings the left wings desire to roll 6:28 us into a new world 6:29 you just will not happen to him that's 6:32 number one and in his speech today he 6:34 said some of the things that we did need 6:36 to hear and we'll play some of those now 6:39 many of you complain about me and about 6:41 talk radio by saying that we exaggerate 6:43 and that we omit well let me read 6:47 something to you as a one-liner there 6:50 was an offer from many many years ago 6:52 named national be a gho t he wrote a 6:55 single sentence on this issue and he 6:57 said this he said to illustrate a 7:00 principal you must exaggerate much and 7:03 you must omit much did you and I just 7:05 said to you 7:06 that's what i do on radio it doesn't 7:08 mean i distort much it doesn't mean that 7:10 i like it means that I not illustrate 7:12 principles and my three principles have 7:15 been and continue to be will continue to 7:18 be during the next eight years borders 7:21 language culture 7:24 did you hear that's what it's gonna be 7:26 what a change after eight years of I me 7:30 me me 7:32 we heard the leader of our nation 7:33 talking about you and we from the look 7:37 on Michelle Obama's face there was a 7:41 nightmare of anger and contempt anger 7:45 and contempt on Michelle Obama's face 7:46 like I have never seen before and there 7:49 was Obama sneering fighting back 7:52 sneering with his jaw clenching as 7:54 Donald Trump spoke took apart his agenda 7:56 point by point in his speech there was 8:00 the idiot Charles Schumer an 8:02 embarrassment to Katz's delicatessen 8:04 Charles Schumer is not fit to serve 8:06 corned beef or the delicatessen in 8:08 Manhattan let alone to be introducing 8:10 the vice president but there was Schumer 8:13 the filing the stage today by comparing 8:16 advice of this of the trump presidency 8:18 to the civil war itself all I can say to 8:21 you in New York shame on you for voting 8:23 for that piece of work but remember this 8:26 is the good news they lost they lost 8:29 they're doing nothing but showing their 8:31 business and their loss 8:34 they're trying to rile up the mobs in 8:36 the streets of losers and miscreants 8:39 who cannot believe that they can no 8:41 longer continue to run roughshod over 8:43 the American people the vermin in the 8:46 gutters who hate that they heard words 8:48 about being proud of America the filth 8:51 from America and the world rioting in 8:54 the streets breaking windows setting 8:56 things on fire as they heard the Bible 8:59 quoted and God mentioned so many times I 9:02 thought that they would commit suicide 9:04 the speech from game was one we have not 9:07 heard in so many years from the leader 9:09 of this nation he spoke about the love 9:12 we all share for this country the 9:14 greatness that once held and the 9:15 greatness he hopes will one day hold 9:17 again you heard positive statements 9:20 about America that you have not heard in 9:23 eight years and you are talking of unity 9:26 and coming together for all Americans 9:28 and moreover you heard a lot about God 9:31 you haven't heard about God in the eight 9:33 years at the golfer phony snake was in 9:36 power the Gulf only snake didn't believe 9:39 in god we all knew that we knew he was 9:40 an atheist socialist communist but today 9:43 we heard about God we are and how God 9:45 has blessed this nation and how we will 9:48 look to God again to guide us in a new 9:50 president 9:51 it was phenomenal to learn that we have 9:55 a president who actually believes these 9:57 things and speaks about them 9:58 here's another observation like to give 10:01 you as we begin today's inaugural show 10:03 an established nation and it's an 10:06 important one 10:07 we must reserve the right to be critical 10:09 supporters of Donald Trump you 10:12 understand what I'm saying to you 10:13 we put the country in his hands today 10:16 and we expect to hold him accountable to 10:19 you understand that you must not become 10:22 slavish worshippers of any man including 10:25 Donald Trump you must still retain your 10:29 right to be displeased with the 10:31 president when he feels when you feel it 10:34 is sales you and does not support the 10:37 goals and principles that we elected him 10:39 to an act 10:40 we all have great optimism for America 10:42 now that our long national nightmare of 10:45 the Obamas gone but I advise you to 10:47 tread with caution because we do not 10:50 know what to expect 10:52 and that's exactly why i wrote a book 10:55 the frankly Donald Trump should have 10:56 written i was on my bicycle before the 10:59 show was thinking about my book Trump's 11:02 war Trump's plan to save America it's a 11:06 strategy number of chapters all the 11:08 things we believe in and all the groups 11:10 that are going to oppose them including 11:11 Republican Party and all these issues i 11:14 said you know this should rightly be 11:15 called my war by Donald Trump that's the 11:18 really what the book is about I want you 11:21 to think about this take my picture off 11:23 the front of that cover what Donald 11:25 Trump on that cover and change the title 11:27 from Trump swore to my war my plan to 11:30 save America by Donald Trump and that's 11:32 what Trump's war is really all about and 11:35 i am sure that somewhere in the next 11:37 number of months 11:39 Donald and I will talk about the ideas 11:42 in Trump's war 11:43 well at this juncture I'm gonna go back 11:45 to the callers as you would expect the 11:47 lines are sold out how do you feel now 11:50 the trumpets president what did you 11:52 actually feel in your heart your mind 11:53 today as you watch this this is the 11:56 savage nation 11:58 I'll be right back to take your calls 12:00 thank you for listening join those 12:02 savage nation comb l85 400 savage eight 12:06 bye-bye 407 2827 savage nation is 12:11 sponsored by swiss america the only 12:13 company i trust with my financial future 12:15 call 800 289 2646 or Swiss 12:23 the streets will go back where they 12:25 belong which is the sewers they crawled 12:27 out of 12:28 there's MSNBC with cameras on the six 12:32 Atticus they could dig up from the 12:33 mental hospitals wait for them to write 12:36 or meet up a police source there are 12:38 more reporters from NBC and there are 12:40 anarchists in washington DC right now 12:42 and more cameras trained on fewer Berman 12:46 than you could ever imagine but they are 12:47 hoping that the rider beat something up 12:50 or break down a a war set something on 12:52 fire 12:53 those days are over they don't 12:55 understand there's a new sheriff in town 12:57 they don't understand this is not going 12:59 to go on for much longer they don't 13:02 understand that their days of rioting 13:04 the days of Rage are over 13:06 let me tell you something else our days 13:08 of Rage have just begun our days of Rage 13:12 have just begun it was so beautiful to 13:15 see on television today the bikers for 13:17 Trump as they were interviewed and they 13:21 said well we love Donald Trump because 13:22 he speaks from the heart 13:24 we love Donald Trump because he's one of 13:26 us we love Donald Trump because he's for 13:28 the people while the reporter who asked 13:30 not just was nonplussed by it she didn't 13:32 know what to say these bikers are really 13:35 tough dudes the wall of meat and 13:38 apparently the wall of meat has not yet 13:40 met black-hooded college boys who were 13:43 apparently off of the day again from 13:45 studying sociology 101 but we don't know 13:48 what's gonna happen because very soon 13:50 the president will lead the inaugural 13:51 parade right down the center of the city 13:54 and that's when the government will try 13:55 to break through the police lines try to 13:58 act up and show how tough they are 14:00 I don't think they're gonna get too 14:02 close this is not baltimore this is not 14:05 Ferguson Missouri this is our capital 14:08 this is our president this is our white 14:10 house this is our day and I guarantee 14:13 you that they're going to wind up with a 14:15 belong which is on the short side of a 14:17 nightstick WJ jas lives quietly tell us 14:22 how do you feel today first caller on 14:24 this in order of operations how do you 14:26 feel today Mr Abbott's thank you for 14:29 taking my call 14:30 I so proud I feel I just still want to 14:33 cry i cried watching on my cell phone 14:35 during my lunch hour 14:36 his speech was impeccable it came right 14:40 to everybody's heart and I do believe 14:42 mr. savage if it wasn't for you and your 14:45 listeners we would never have gotten 14:48 into office of public street is we 14:51 played a big part in it 14:53 let's put it to you that way I mean the 14:55 victory was marginal in terms of uh of 14:58 votes in different states we played a 15:00 very big role on the 304 250 i don't 15:04 know how many i'm on but very critical 15:08 markets were required for this victory 15:11 and I think the savage nation played a 15:13 big role but that's not what we're 15:15 looking for Hill is we're not looking 15:16 for a slap on the back 15:18 we're looking from for Obama be gone for 15:21 Trump to slap the baby of america in the 15:23 back and make a live again thank you for 15:25 that call 15:26 how do you feel today I mean I'll tell 15:28 you the truth I'm a little numb 15:29 how do you feel WABC airline to fire 15:33 away how do you feel right now might go 15:36 I'm cautiously optimistic a 20-year old 15:38 and new york city i can tell you i think 15:41 his speech which more minorities than 15:43 any of these pathetic excuse for a news 15:46 organization can possibly imagine i know 15:48 that the blacks and Hispanics are for 15:52 Trump and they even know some of the 15:53 biggest volunteers in Trump Tower in New 15:55 York City black they don't even want to 15:57 talk about it 15:58 it's the biggest story the medial I know 16:02 what I don't even I'm not even 16:03 interested in racing anymore I don't 16:04 want to hear any more about it i'm sick 16:06 of it before Obama came along we weren't 16:08 even talking about race 16:09 we're living with what wasn't trying to 16:12 get along then all of a sudden the con 16:14 man came along and he used the actors 16:16 use his whole life to get where he was 16:18 which is to divide people and turn 16:20 people against each other and talk about 16:22 Jim Crow and talk about the horrors of 16:24 the Civil War II wouldn't stop 16:26 it's over let's not discuss race anymore 16:28 i'm sick of it 16:30 can we just forget the issue of race the 16:33 race player is gone 16:34 hail to the chief that's all I don't 16:38 hear any more about what ethnic group 16:39 was where I don't care what I care about 16:41 is Obama gone Trump wins close the 16:45 borders eat the its Isis and that's the 16:48 end of it 16:49 join the savage nation whole mouth it by 16:52 400 Savage 17:01 Americans in every city near and far 17:04 small and large from Mountain to 17:07 mountain from ocean to ocean hear these 17:10 words you will never be ignored again 17:17 well neither will be 95 Anna Kristen 17:22 communist or socialist anti-american 17:25 groups be ignored again they're going to 17:28 be watched around-the-clock they've 17:30 already caused mayhem in washington DC 17:32 at least 95 of these vermin were 17:34 arrested as these filthy lowlife clash 17:37 with police smashing windows around the 17:40 nation's capital 17:41 they were helping cops with bricks and 17:44 rocks 17:45 the cops had a fire back pellet guns 17:48 teargas flashbang grenades 17:51 this is not baltimore this is Washington 17:53 DC and by the way the NPDC is doing a 17:56 fabulous job 17:57 my only wish is that they arrest them 17:59 all before they really hurt somebody 18:00 because it's gonna happen 18:02 one of them said we have no etiology 18:04 we're just here to fight shouting Berman 18:07 wearing a black bandana over his face as 18:09 he threw rocks at police another 18:11 protester yelled surround the police 18:13 several of these rats to several 18:16 newspaper containers and trash cans in 18:19 the middle of the street and set them on 18:20 fire in order to build a barrier between 18:22 them and the police 95 arrested today 18:25 these are the type of let us say 18:29 malcontents let's use a classy word 18:33 these are the malcontents that it will 18:34 use to man the concentration camps we 18:36 put it to you that way many of you don't 18:38 understand something that you should 18:41 understand these are not innocent 18:42 college students who are upset with 18:44 Donald Trump these are malcontents who 18:47 are mal content in their hearts 18:49 malcontented their minds they are the 18:52 losers of society 18:54 nothing will ever work for them and in 18:56 such there a danger to the social order 18:58 now as long as they protest peacefully 19:01 they have a right to do so but when they 19:03 start to attack the police during a 19:05 normal parade no they don't burn things 19:07 no they don't throw rocks at police know 19:09 they don't block the parade 19:11 no they don't 19:13 these are the type of malcontents that 19:15 Hitler gathered off the gutters of 19:17 Germany to make them into guards in 19:20 concentration camps I don't think you 19:22 understand that the lowest of society 19:24 was used in the beginning to man the 19:27 concentration camps 19:29 that's what these people are these are 19:31 evil people and they must be stopped 19:34 before long they will be stopped and I 19:38 want to ask you today other than these 19:40 left-wing fools who will be dealt with 19:44 truthfully little by little they all go 19:47 home they'll go back to living in their 19:49 parents basement collecting their 19:51 healthcare that Nancy Pelosi and Obama 19:54 gave them until the 28 years old they 19:57 have no jobs no way to make a living 20:00 no skills other than disruption soon the 20:03 money will dry up the number one way to 20:05 do this is to seek out the funding for 20:08 these groups remember they are all 20:10 funded by organizations all of these 20:13 organizations are funded by an umbrella 20:15 organization most of these umbrella 20:17 organizations are funded by one villain 20:19 this villain must be investigated by the 20:23 incoming attorney-general this village 20:25 knows who i'm talking about everybody 20:27 knows his name 20:28 the villain must be investigated by jeff 20:31 sessions on day one the villain and his 20:33 rotten son on Park Avenue should be 20:36 scrutinized investigated by the IRS for 20:39 every shady deal I've ever conducted 20:40 only then will the villain stop funding 20:43 these groups and only then we have 20:45 relative peace in this country a lot 20:47 more to say about this villain a little 20:49 later on and days to come on the savage 20:52 nation 20:52 there's Donald Trump now in the 20:54 presidential limousine leading the 20:56 parade 20:56 while the outgoing bombers enjoying his 20:59 last ride to Palm Springs to milk it he 21:01 had a milk it for one last ride on Air 21:04 Force One he had to milk that last ride 21:07 Obama had to jump on the plane he had to 21:09 go to Palm Springs you know why because 21:12 he had to milk the last dollar out of 21:13 the american taxpayer never forget what 21:16 he did to you he added 10 trillion 21:18 dollars in debt to this government's 21:20 bill did you know what I just said he 21:21 came in with a 10 trillion dollar 21:23 national debt is now 20 trillion dollars 21:26 where did that money go i'll make it 21:29 easy for all of your supporters of 21:30 Barack Obama i'll make it very easy 21:32 almost as soon as he became president 21:35 500 million dollars was given to a shady 21:38 fake company in California named 21:39 Solyndra you know what happened surely 21:41 there you know who the board of 21:43 directors artificial injury you know 21:45 some of them are on the stage 21:47 oh yeah some of them are on the states 21:49 they some of them are senators some of 21:51 them are congressmen some of the 21:52 brothers and sister in law's run that 21:54 company who ran that company another 21:56 fake solar company 500 million dollars 21:59 went missing eight years ago and the 22:01 fake FBI went and investigated by 22:03 seizing the records almost immediately 22:05 remember when the fake FBI went in right 22:07 at the beginning it was run by Eric 22:09 Holder the fake FBI and Eric Holder sees 22:12 all of cylinders records 22:14 nobody has told the American people 22:16 where the half-billion dollars went that 22:20 went up in smoke and that's only a spit 22:22 in the bucket of what was stolen by the 22:24 green gangsters under Barry Obama can 22:27 trillion dollars where did that money go 22:30 who got the money why didn't know 22:32 investigations 22:33 my guess is Trump has more important 22:36 things to do than look into these things 22:38 but i would not be surprised if jeff 22:41 Sessions does not investigate where that 22:44 money went and you want to start with 22:46 the Solyndra crooks in the San Francisco 22:48 Bay Area John WABC how do you feel today 22:54 alright my god even though it's raining 22:56 out i can see the sunshine and i could 22:59 tell you what might you you played a 23:02 pivotal point in this election because 23:04 when he announced truck now he's running 23:07 the media went after him the democratic 23:10 party Republican Party when after they 23:12 were savages you have to show you saying 23:15 listen to this guy this guy's a 23:16 patriotic American and you are correct 23:19 we have to hold his feet to the fire 23:20 there's a lot of things you want done we 23:23 want to accept any kind of nonsense or 23:26 any other anything we want the whole 23:29 thing they put this guy into the 23:31 presidency and 23:32 people to realize a psychotic nature 23:35 people having you understand it when 23:37 people not you more and more for some 23:39 reason people want to do more for you we 23:41 have to make sure the trunk does not 23:43 show this is personality and their 23:45 dealings or anything that he does in the 23:48 next four years 23:49 I'm not not show what not sure one of 23:52 his dealings let's say these groups keep 23:55 knocking my notice people when they get 23:57 not by certain groups wanted two more 23:59 for that group that group wants to see 24:02 the show other words when he gets 24:04 criticized by the left he might actually 24:06 reach out to them because you're being 24:08 pressured by them is what you're saying 24:09 finally pressure the person's all 24:12 personality they might want to show that 24:14 it would be like by these people 24:16 that's right that's why Trump reached 24:17 out to some somebody left this already 24:20 he was trying to get them in the tower 24:22 in the White House that's what you're 24:24 talking about all of the sports figures 24:26 the idiots like a the actor came into 24:29 leo dicaprio he was trying to make make 24:32 them like him is that what you're saying 24:33 exactly but it could contribute to face 24:36 it could be just the show which we don't 24:38 accept but we know it's part of the Act 24:40 or he could actually you know try to 24:43 make these people like them and started 24:44 from that is correct that you're right 24:47 that is the danger is that everybody 24:50 wants to be loved 24:51 including presidents and the only one 24:54 who didn't want to be loved by half of 24:56 America was the president who just left 24:57 he basically called every name under the 25:00 Sun and put us down trump on the other 25:02 is trying to reach out to everyone 25:04 that's the strategy which is to get the 25:05 opposition on his side 25:07 it may be a winning strategy in the long 25:08 run the problem is not so much that he 25:11 gets them on his side but they start to 25:13 believe that their beliefs are valid 25:15 that's the real problem John John listen 25:18 to me i'm going to put you on the list 25:20 of the people who get the first copies 25:23 of trumps war if you'll stay on the line 25:25 John for being such a loyal listener 25:27 from ksl fact i'm gonna give it out 25:29 today for people get on the show just 25:31 make it a victory day for all of you 25:33 anyone gets on the show gets a free copy 25:34 from before when it comes up 25:36 thank you for calling from New York City 25:37 lets go to Dallas Texas on this day this 25:42 amazing day 25:44 Trump takes charge 45th president vowing 25:46 a robust first 100 days we're going to 25:49 see everything that we asked for I think 25:52 how about the Affordable Care Act 25:54 how about immigration how about 25:56 sanctuary cities 25:58 how about ethics measures how about 26:00 government reform 26:01 how about hiring freeze on federal 26:03 employees how about American workers 26:06 how about labeling China currency 26:08 manipulator 26:09 how about allowing projects like the 26:11 Keystone pipeline to move forward 26:14 how about directing un funding towards 26:16 American infrastructure projects 26:18 projects how about turning back some of 26:20 Obama's policies Obama sign 19 the 26:24 executive orders a reverse nine of the 26:26 orders signed by president bush in his 26:29 first hundred days did you know that 26:31 during Obama's first hundred days obama 26:35 signed 19 new executive orders no and 26:39 reverse nine of the orders side by bush 26:41 in his first 100 days 26:43 let's see what Trump does in his first 26:46 100 days because we all wanted to do an 26:49 awful lot 26:50 how do you feel today you the people put 26:52 them in power K LIF Renee dallas texas 26:56 how do you feel today my friend dr. 26:59 Sabet I feel black do you have made 27:03 myself affects me and she said you know 27:05 what I didn't care too much for chop but 27:08 after hearing his speech and mind i have 27:11 been trying to tell you and I will 27:13 continue to educate her what your book 27:15 dr. savage I feel black I mean I'm 27:18 walking today the bottom you can seem 27:20 like they're happier you're not you're 27:26 not telling me their bums of the streets 27:28 of dallas are you you're not saying that 27:33 there are bunch of the streets of dallas 27:34 are you 27:35 yes I am but you know what they look 27:38 like they're happy today just it's funny 27:42 you're projecting your happiness 27:44 it happens to be true that well we're 27:45 happy dogs look at our white look wider 27:48 doors of the black look blacker 27:50 bombs that are unhappy look a little 27:51 happier the sky looks a little brightest 27:54 you're having a very manic moment over 27:56 in a because of the election of Donald 27:58 Trump is your family on your side they 28:02 are now my mother has always been she 28:04 finally woke up she finally woke up and 28:07 then how we watch the election we stayed 28:09 we both cheer we were happy and then 28:12 today we text each other today I 28:14 actually was she watching she said you 28:16 know i'm watching and let me ask you 28:19 something RNA as an african-american 28:21 woman what do you expect 28:24 Donald Trump to do that would affect you 28:26 personally job the economy interesting 28:33 it really boils down to the economy 28:35 stupid as they used to say so you hope 28:38 that by stimulating the economy by 28:40 bringing jobs back by making the 28:43 foreigners of spending money here by 28:46 building the factories here instead of 28:47 shipping him off to Mexico or China you 28:50 feel little trickle down to people down 28:53 there on the working level right 28:54 yes people like me when I want to ask 29:00 you something I don't want to just run 29:01 over this 29:02 what kind of work did you do that you 29:04 would like to do again that you think 29:06 you might do on the Donald Trump may go 29:12 what do you mean your legal assistant or 29:14 a lawyer what a league on you and what 29:19 you're out of work right now 29:20 no I'm not a lot but I'm underpaid so I 29:26 don't want to delve into the details of 29:28 what you get for our you feel that your 29:29 wages will go up why would that be 29:31 because that'll trap that he is going to 29:36 make America great again he's gonna 29:38 bring back job job living wages wages 29:42 that we can live on wages that will 29:44 allow me to buy a whole people like me 29:48 people like me who bought it for him and 29:51 one out no this is very interesting 29:54 really it's easy it's easy to just 29:56 listen to a caller and then go to the 29:58 next caller 29:59 but i really want to hear from Europe 30:01 from from your heart what you're 30:03 actually expecting i would like to know 30:05 how you was a legal assistant would 30:07 directly benefit from anything that 30:09 Trump does how could that actually 30:11 happen is I'm trying to think 30:13 well what i mentioned to you before and 30:16 I'll folks got about immigration i'm 30:20 reading from Texas I'm ready for this 30:24 border to be shut down don't let anybody 30:28 in here anymore it doesn't belong in 30:31 here if you're not legal don't calm 30:34 that's pretty clear how can we didn't 30:38 hear from you before the election I 30:39 don't think MSNBC interviewed you 30:44 I i guess they didn't come outside your 30:46 house with a camera they did come 30:48 outside your house with cameras from CNN 30:51 and ABC ask you how you felt about 30:53 Donald Trump before the election did 30:54 they let you sure i'm a voice on klia2 30:57 michael savage and quite a big audience 30:59 here Renee god bless you and thank you 31:01 for listening online we're gonna put you 31:03 on the list as are all callers going to 31:06 be on that list for the first copies of 31:09 trumps what you're gonna come out in 31:10 early March is a very important book 31:12 because it's a model of what he must be 31:16 doing 31:17 it's good to have tears of joy but now 31:19 we have to get down and make sure that 31:21 he does what he wants to do and not be 31:23 blocked by those who don't want to do it 31:25 you know now what about you never 31:27 Trumper's him try to get some of the 31:30 nevertrump is up on the show I want to 31:32 feel here how they feel today are they 31:34 changing their mind now that they see 31:36 that he's a human being without horns on 31:38 his head when they saw his beautiful 31:40 wife was going to restore the dignity of 31:41 America again I'm sorry to tell you I 31:44 took a look at this woman i did say it 31:46 from the beginning it is Jackie all over 31:48 again we have Camelot all over again a 31:52 beautiful family to get race for one 31:54 minute just a beautiful family with the 31:56 kids I didn't see any sour angry faces 31:59 sitting up there no access to grind no 32:03 rage I don't think milani is going to 32:05 give a speech where she says for the 32:07 first time in my life I'm proud to be an 32:09 American I really don't think i'm gonna 32:10 hear that to you 32:11 okay being here the savage nation join 32:14 the savage nation Colm l85 400 savage 32:18 8pi 407 2827 the savage nation is 32:23 sponsored by swiss america the only 32:25 company i trust with my financial future 32:27 call 800 289 2646 or Swiss 32:32 [Music] 32:36 at the center of this movement is a 32:39 crucial conviction that a nation exist 32:43 to serve its citizens Americans want 32:48 great school for their children safe 32:50 neighborhoods for their families and 32:52 good jobs for themselves 32:56 these are just and reasonable demands of 33:02 righteous people and a righteous public 33:06 beautiful 33:07 now of course the mail contention 33:09 immediate actress the fakir Chuck Todd 33:13 of chuck todd the man with the fake 33:15 beard and fake news said it was a 33:17 divisive speech now to the socialist 33:20 fake newsers of course is divisive they 33:23 never heard anything like this except on 33:25 talk radio will have that sound bite for 33:27 you in the next hour as you listen to 33:30 the melt content in the crackpots in the 33:32 major media complaining that trumps 33:34 great speech which United the nation was 33:37 divisive they have everything backwards 33:39 which is of course why the girl Hillary 33:41 lost 33:42 well was celebrating today on the savage 33:45 nation we also have other soundbites we 33:49 have a special montage of trumps 33:51 appearances on a savage nation over the 33:53 years little tiny pieces you'll never 33:55 forget how do you feel now the Trump is 33:57 shown in this is the savage nation also 34:00 in the next hour Trump's enemies list i 34:04 have the names join the savage nation

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  1. soros runs america info-wars is now owned by soros & BHL. meaning they own alex jones mind thats all hillary is the man behind trump so is over soros runs america.