Max Igan -- Divide and Conquer is the Motto

DUMP FACEBOOK!! Don't be a slave to there system
social media has brought about the most hateful sides of everyone. It's not done any of us much good, overall. As far as a 'global awakening' is concerned, I think it's dawning on us all now that it's not gonna happen. With all the information out there, which is freely available to everyone, and with all the revelations of criminality in everyone's faces, it should be obvious to all that we need to change. However, people haven't changed - in fact, they've become worse and more fixated with the system. All it took was to play the 'Trump card', and half the people who were 'awakened' simply fell back in love with the system. I personally think we're doomed, not because I'm negative, but because I try to see the world as it is, and not as I want to see it. The nipple of government is simply too appetising for most people who would rather continue screaming and shouting for endless suckles.

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