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Jim Rogers : Trump cannot save America , The Economy is on the verge of Implosion, Run for North Korea

Jim Rogers : Trump cannot save America , The Economy is on the verge of Implosion

Nobody can save us. The situation is not salvageable. But what can be done is to not make it worse, by shedding as many illegals as possible, and avoiding importing more jihadists and jihadist sympathizers. What can also be done is attempt to get some sort of manufacturing base set back up, not to dig us out from this situation, which is not salvageable, but instead, to begin to lay the foundation for the rebuilding to occur after.
I think Trump will try to engineer a methodical bankruptcy of America if thats possible. I think he will let some pretty sever inflation come in to pay as much as the debt we can in inflated dollars, then deal with whats left over. This is where a great negotiator comes in play. This is why I specifically voted for Trump. We can not morally pass on this debt to our kids and grandkids. America became complacent and drunk on the good life. We should only pay for that. Not our future.

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