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 IGNORE the Stock Market Crash 2017 Predictions. I'll show you how to spot 2 HUGE warning signals so you can prepare for any so-called Massive stock market correction.

There are so many economists predicting a massive stock market crash in 2017. Are we going to see a financial meltdown?

Jim Rogers, Bill Gross, Robert Kiyosaki, Harry S Dent and many others are suggesting a bigger economic collapse compared to the GFC of 2008 is going to hit 2017. Wow. Let's hope these financial advisors are incorrect. But even if they are right, you have the power to see the warning signals right now.

I say ignore all the analysts predicting a global market crash and instead learn 2 basic skills to identify them for yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice to follow the smart money and know exactly when they are getting out and exiting stocks before a crash?

You can see the smart money in action well before a stock market crash.

During the video, you will notice I provide around 20 examples of stocks, indices and Forex pairs that crashed. Their stock prices plummeted in most cases more than 50% within 12 months.

Now you can follow the signals the smart money puts out in order to prepare and take your money off the table if a stock market crash is going to happen.

A stock market crash could happen in 2017 and many people will see their 401k or super funds decimated. They'll lose thousands and thousands of dollars.

But everyone should be able to view the simple warning signals.

In fact, in the video, I provide a simple free solution you can use right now. You can check for yourself.

I even go through and highlight a number of Australian and US Stocks. I show Australian stocks that have plummeted over 50% in the last 12 months.

The US stocks I show are the big ones. I highlight what they are like right now and what you need to look for to see what is likely to happen.

Stocks like $AMZN $PG $FB $GOOG $AAPL $SPX and a few others. I'll show you which ones are showing warning signals right now and which ones look absolutely fantastic.

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