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Final Orgasmic Rally - The Crash is Coming

The CRASH Is Coming! 2017 Will See The Biggest Stock Market Crash Global Economic Collapse

Stocks are useless paper bets on horses aka corporations. the only real damage done by a crash is to the morons that borrow money to gamble in the exchange. Of course if the companies in question go belly up and shut down their actual business, then supply could be shorted sending the prices up..ta day! inflation

Since 1913, the stock market has been used as a political tool by the Democrats, in cahoots with the Federal Reserve. Democrats are scared to let the market self-correct, which is really what it needs. As they say in the Futures Market, past performance is no guarantee of future earnings. This election has defied all rules; the stock market may be another one. OTOH, since the neocons drove up the market, maybe the neocons ought to be in power when it drops 50%. There is only so much propping they can do before the market wins out.

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