EU Implosion Imminent If Marine Lepen Wins the french Elections

Game over for the EU after Lepen wins the french elections EU collapse coming in just months from now ....the NWO plans for Europe crumbling in front of our eyes , these are interesting times indeed ...

 Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and the EU.
Former Italian Prime Minister Encrico Letta told an audience yesterday that if Marine Le Pen wins the presidency in France’s in France’s May 7 general election:
“It will be game over.”
“I think the European Union can’t survive with Marine Le Pen … representing France.”
Letta said that the French elections are even more than the German ones, held 6 months later on.
[“If] a younger pro-European wins, [I would be] very optimistic.”
The younger candidate in the French elections is Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old investment banker was the French Minister of the Economy, Finances and Industry until last year.
But Macron is not just any old investment banker. He was an investment banker for Rothschild & Cie Banque who closed a high-profile merger deal between Nestlé and Pfizer.
During his time in the French Socialist Party, he supported Bill Clinton’s “Third Way” policies.
Two polls published on Sunday gave Macron 25% to 27% for Le Pen. Apparently the other candidates in the race will eventually coalesce their forces behind Macron to try to defeat the rising Le Pen.
Le Pen is a strong opponent of the illegal immigration, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank’ the International Monetary Fund, and the Euro.
Recently she blasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel:
The French Presidential Primary election is only 2 months away – on April 23. Then, the top two candidates face each other in a run-off election two weeks later, on May 7th.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good afternoon.

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