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End Times Is Too Extreme | Pastor Cioccolanti is Going Too Far!

Jesus promised to reward those whom He finds waiting for their Master's Return! Are you prepared?

Transcript : I know that a lot of people have 0:14 commented to us over the years that you 0:17 know they don't do n times they don't 0:20 talk about end times because they find 0:22 it too deep too hard too extreme to 0:25 fundamental and I just wanted to address 0:28 this very briefly we have here dr. james 0:31 dobson recently said the fall of Western 0:34 civilization is at hand 0:36 would you call dr. james dobson founder 0:40 of focus on the family a bit too extreme 0:43 no he's a pretty even keel respectable 0:47 voice in the body of Christ and if 0:50 you're not listening to us maybe you'll 0:52 listen to him because he discerns the 0:56 time and there many voices in the body 0:59 of Christ that is discerning the time I 1:01 know that their many Christian channels 1:03 out there and you can watch anything but 1:05 of all the things to be watching all the 1:07 things to be promoting and plugging i 1:09 just recently saw you know some 1:10 Christian sent out a thing that said you 1:13 know these like the five best YouTube 1:15 channels out there recommends them and 1:18 you know some of them have like 2,000 1:20 followers eight thousand followers and 1:22 I'm not bagging that you know we all 1:24 have to start somewhere but i'm thinking 1:26 hang on a second 1:27 you know where we're at a hundred 1:29 thousand followers but why do we not 1:32 always get the you know accolades of our 1:35 fellow peers because there's such a fear 1:38 and such an auntie endtime sentiment 1:40 among the church it's almost as if 1:42 people feel like all of its and time we 1:43 can't live we never said that if it's if 1:46 your God called you to study you study 1:48 and get the best grades and if you do 1:50 that you pass your exam Jesus comes back 1:52 you'll get your reward if you're 1:54 supposed to you know invent something 1:57 build a building develop property 1:59 whatever it is that you're supposed to 2:00 do raise your kids 2:02 alright if you do that to the best of 2:04 your ability and you're obeying God in 2:06 your call it doesn't matter really when 2:08 he comes you will be rewarded for 2:11 obeying him and being faithful to him so 2:13 we never have this fatalistic teaching I 2:16 think our church people understand that 2:17 but a lot of people out there are afraid 2:19 so when its end time the right away they 2:21 prejudge first they say it must be about 2:23 when the rapture is we hardly talk about 2:25 that 2:25 today we will learn a lot of people just 2:28 get afraid like they can't live today no 2:31 I think dr. James Dobson is aware that 2:34 we still have to build wonderful strong 2:37 healthy christian families in the church 2:39 we want to do that right even if it's 2:41 the end time 2:42 yeah and he's doing that and he's built 2:44 a great organization but you can't turn 2:46 a blind eye just say all nothing is 2:48 happening none of the signs are here 2:50 everything is going as it ever was 2:52 since the current since the creation of 2:53 the world that would be absolute 2:55 blindness we need to wake up to the time 2:58 like the ten virgins were asleep 3:00 we need to wake up how about this 3:01 respectable man of god Billy Graham you 3:06 know he wrote or he published in 2010 3:09 and I think 2010 was a key year in the 3:11 end times right the haiti earthquake 3:13 many things happen in 2010 that seemed 3:16 to be a pivot point and interestingly 3:18 Billy Graham who's been soul winning you 3:21 know more than most of us write all 3:25 these years he signaled that 2010 storm 3:28 warning do you call Billy Graham a bit 3:31 extreme 3:32 alright I I don't you don't you know 3:35 maybe somebody does but i think most 3:37 people don't 3:38 I think he's been a one of the very 3:40 respected voices for the body of Christ 3:43 and he said this back in 2010 3:46 there is only one answer to the travail 3:49 of this present age and is found in the 3:52 ageless pages of God's Word the Bible 3:54 the Bible repeatedly tells us that 3:57 someday Christ will return not in 4:00 weakness the way he came the first time 4:03 but with power and glory and with great 4:06 Authority we should be teaching our 4:09 people jesus is coming back his return 4:11 is near we don't have to be dogmatic 4:13 about when but we shouldn't be 4:15 completely oblivious to the signs of the 4:17 time that's how many people miss the 4:20 first coming of Jesus Christ what a 4:21 tragedy that was then Billy Graham 4:24 updated what he said in 2013 to world 4:28 net daily he wrote there's a great deal 4:31 to say in the Bible about the signs 4:34 where to watch for and when these signs 4:37 are 4:38 when these signs all converge at one 4:42 place we can be sure that we're close to 4:45 the end of the age and those signs in my 4:49 judgment are converging now for the 4:53 first time since Jesus made those 4:56 predictions are we on some fringe are we 4:59 on attention is this some fundamental 5:01 crazy thing 5:02 hey the leaders of the body of Christ 5:05 are crying out we're sounding the shofar 5:08 and I hope pastors out there who have 5:10 been turned off or maybe we're 5:12 disappointed back in the eighties or the 5:14 seventies and hurt so much teaching 5:17 nothing happened 5:18 please never be turned off the prophecy 5:20 this is part of God's Word and prophecy 5:24 is given to encourage us and also to 5:25 prove God's Word is true and to 5:27 encourage us that he's coming soon we 5:30 should live like that so I think this is 5:34 a bit extreme to see all that God is 5:37 doing and you see all that the Devils 5:39 doing to see the persecution of the 5:42 Christians in the Middle East the 5:43 absolute chaos that's goin on reaching 5:46 even into Europe and terrorism going on 5:48 everywhere even in Australia and to say 5:51 well come to nobody cares 5:55 planet Earth nobody cares we're all in 5:58 different we come to church we don't 6:00 care when the rapture could possibly 6:02 happen we don't care i think that that 6:05 is such an extreme that is a personal 6:08 extreme a theological extreme it is such 6:11 an extreme risk to take to say I will 6:14 ignore all the warning signs 6:17 I'm just gonna keep bulldozing ahead 6:19 like running towards a cliff and not 6:22 caring about how I live my life now that 6:26 to me in my humble opinion that to me is 6:29 too extreme for me to follow

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