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Progressive Liberalism (PL) is the state religion. When we understand that it's been a structured, intentional effort funded by the left with billions of dollars over 40 years to convert all America to think, act, believe, speak the way the religion demands, and that we are in the same position our forefathers were when they broke with Great Britain and its state religion, we will be encouraged to continue to fight for the freedom they mortgaged their homes to finance, and fought with their blood to win. Hitler controlled the media in 1930 and moreso after he rose to chancellor by changing and breaking Germany's constitutional laws to get there with the popularity he made with them. He sounded so "right" and "good" to them, that they believed they were superior. It is the same with PL. The need to feel virtuous is greater than the discernment to know what virtue is. It is not what PL says it is - but quite the opposite. Let's break free, people. And let's stop hating one another. It's time to love, to forgive, to talk, to listen. Especially to listen to every voice that is NOT PL's voice - they've had their say long enough. It's the "Little Boxes" song all over again.

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