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DHS Report Trump Wall To Cost $22 Billion, Take 3 5 Years To Build

Don't want to get into the politics of the wall itself, but from a purely logistical standpoint, building a giant wall for 22 billion dollars doesn't seem very efficient. For that sum of money, he can employ 8,800 people to watch the border full time for 50 years, assuming he pays them each $50,000/year.
Having people physically there will be more reliable than a wall that can be climbed. Plus he will have the added bonus of fulfilling his promise of adding extra jobs for a long time to come, and he won't have to deal with all the people who are bitching about environmental issues from the wall. The wall is supposed to cover 1000 miles, so he can have a crew of 8-9 people on every mile of the border.
We can set aside $200 million for claymores if you want too, and still come out on top.

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