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ANONYMOUS - Trump Brings War To Vatican Doorstep As Global Apocalypse Nears

Transcript : a new security council reports 0:19 circulating in the Kremlin today 0:21 composed with assistance from the 0:23 Foreign Intelligence Service states that 0:25 just hours after Pope Francis cemented 0:28 his authority over the order of malta by 0:30 naming top Vatican archbishop Giovanni 0:33 believed to be his special delegate to 0:36 the Ancient Order forces loyal to 0:38 freemason lead President Donald Trump 0:40 struck back by plastering rome italy 0:43 with thousands of posters featuring a 0:45 picture of a stern-faced pontiff with 0:48 the slogan where's your mercy ? and 0:50 slamming him for beheading of the nights 0:52 and more two and the Italian police 0:54 officials are still swiftly and rapidly 0:56 pasting over with white paper containing 0:59 the message illegal advertising 1:01 according to this report 1:03 Pope Francis became enraged when the 1:05 Knights of Malta anointed truck during 1:08 his presidential inauguration on the 1:10 twentieth of January ordering this 1:12 ancient order to expel all three Mason's 1:15 found in its ranks then when faced with 1:17 open resistance order the Knights of 1:20 Malta leader fired then quickly 1:22 appointed oh no Nazi to head the Knights 1:24 of Malta to all while the pontiff was 1:26 being revealed after the Italian the 1:28 rest of the top three Mason spy to be a 1:31 part of the vast Vatican democratic 1:33 party alliance established to destroy a 1:35 medical s new leader thus causing tens 1:38 of thousands of us catholic church 1:40 loyalists to plead with freemason leader 1:43 president Trump to save us from this 1:45 Vatican conspiracy in a further act of 1:48 defiance beyond these posters against 1:50 Pope Francis and by extension the shadow 1:53 government known as the resistance 1:55 seeking his destruction this report 1:58 continues freemason leader president 2:01 Trump is scheduled to appear on us 2:03 television today and we're in answering 2:06 a question about if he thought that 2:07 President Putin was a killer is 2:10 stunningly replied there are a lot of 2:12 killers 2:13 we've got a lot of killers 2:15 what do you think our country is so 2:17 innocent ? and just hours after giving 2:20 this interview to be aired today on the 2:22 Fox News Network this report notes 2:25 freemason leader president Trump then 2:28 shockingly ordered his European Union 2:30 ambassador-designate Theodore Roosevelt 2:33 Malik to predict the Euro will collapse 2:35 in 18 months to go on russian television 2:38 and worn these out-of-touch global 2:40 elitists that they must not have got the 2:42 notice that Donald Trump won the 2:44 American election and then said I don t 2:47 think it is just Europe it is certainly 2:49 the case around the world they just don 2:52 t get it 2:54 the divorce man is dead dot but to the 2:56 greatest warning message freemason lead 2:58 to president Trump just sense to all of 3:01 his enemies this report says was is 3:03 appointing yesterday as his deputy 3:05 directed to the Central Intelligence 3:06 Agency's CIA the most powerful secretive 3:11 and highly dangerous American spy the 3:13 world has ever known who supposed / 3:16 alleged name is Gina hospital 3:18 no one knows her real name and no 3:21 photographs of her are known to exist 3:22 has worked undercover for decades and 3:26 whose secret CIA prisons scattered all 3:28 around the world are hereby everyone 3:31 taking tens of thousands of deaths 3:33 threat and calls for a coup against him 3:36 with riots rage all around America this 3:39 report continues freemason leader 3:42 president Trump is now also seeing parts 3:45 of the US federal court system join the 3:47 shadow government the resistance against 3:50 him and as evidence by just hours ago a 3:52 US federal appeals court denied his plan 3:55 to keep Islamic terrorists assassins 3:56 from entering into the United States and 3:59 that is in direct defiance thank US Code 4:02 section 1182 inadmissible aliens that 4:06 clearly states whenever the president 4:09 finds that the entry of any aliens or of 4:12 any class of aliens into the United 4:14 States would be detrimental to the 4:16 interests of the United States he made 4:18 by Proclamation and such period official 4:21 game necessary 4:22 suspend the entry of all aliens or any 4:25 class of aliens as immigrants or 4:27 non-immigrants or impose on the entry of 4:30 aliens any restrictions he made into be 4:32 appropriate got most bizarrely to be 4:35 noted about freemason leader president 4:36 trumpets deliberately misstated Muslim 4:39 band that isn't he actually banning 4:42 Muslims just Isis terrorists fleeing 4:45 from most field 27 failed Islamic states 4:47 having no central government so they can 4:50 obtain visas as refugees to the US this 4:53 report notes are the many leftists in 4:56 both Europe and America claiming that 4:58 this action proves Trump is like Adolf 5:00 Hitler without any of these mindless 5:02 idiots bothering to understand that 5:04 unlike Trump estimation today we're 5:06 nearly everyone in the world seemingly 5:08 want to be people living under Nazi rule 5:11 couldn t get out of that country fast 5:14 enough to the real / truthful 5:17 circumstance facing freemason leader 5:19 president jumping regards to these 5:21 Islamic terrorists he is attempting to 5:24 keep out of America 5:25 however this report explains is exactly 5:29 like that faced by President Franklin 5:31 Roosevelt in the 1930s who after 5:34 surviving the military coup to establish 5:36 an American fascist regime to be allied 5:39 with nazi german called the business 5:41 cloth led by prominent tycoons and Wall 5:44 Street big shots who controlled many of 5:47 the United States major corporations 5:49 like chase bank Maxwell House General 5:52 Motors goodyear Standard Oil dupont 5:56 times as well as other noted Americans 5:59 including Prescott Bush father of 6:02 President George HW Bush and grandfather 6:04 of president george w bush still have to 6:08 face these vicious monsters and just 6:10 like President Roosevelt faced off 6:13 against the evil corporate fascists in 6:15 the 1930s this report continues so to 6:20 today is freemason leader president 6:22 Trump and whose most strident enemies 6:25 are the global tech giants of silicon 6:27 valley who are being led by Google and 6:29 whose top executives are now privately 6:31 calling for trumpet impeachment and 6:34 shamefully this past week openly mocked 6:36 Roosevelt by posting on their main 6:38 search page of google doodle tribute to 6:41 Fred care masu who fought this world 6:43 water US president s executive order on 6:46 japanese internment that he lost by a 6:49 6-3 US Supreme Court ruling though 6:52 President Roosevelt did gain this US 6:54 supreme court victory relating to 6:56 keeping America safe from Japanese 6:58 saboteurs during World War who this 7:01 report further notes just like freemason 7:04 leader president Trump is facing today 7:06 many parts of his US federal court 7:09 system sided with their business plot 7:11 masters shadow government against in 7:13 which he tried to fight against but lost 7:16 thus causing him to warm in a private 7:19 letter to his top aide Colonel Edward 7:21 house the real truth of the matter is as 7:24 you and I know that the financial 7:25 element in the large centers over the 7:28 government ever since four days of 7:29 Andrew Jackson dr. two of the most 7:31 dangerous Silicon Valley financial 7:34 elements currently arrayed against 7:36 freemason leader president Trump this 7:38 report continues includes the messaging 7:41 site Twitter to against its own stated 7:43 policy is allowing to remain over 12,000 7:46 death and who threats against Trump and 7:49 the private taxi service Cuba who co 7:51 travis kalanick left bronchus business 7:54 advisory council while at the same time 7:56 his company's drivers continue to 7:59 transport Mexican cartel assassins 8:01 around what are called sanctuary cities 8:03 should these silicon valley globalist 8:06 elitists and their allies be defeated by 8:10 freemason leader president drum though 8:12 SVR analysts in this report right 8:15 they're monstrous preparations for 8:17 defeat show them beginning to change all 8:20 of the stocks in their companies so as 8:22 to not allow anyone but their owners to 8:24 have any voting rights and they're 8:26 changing the name of the Pacific Ocean 8:28 island nation of New Zealand's to 8:30 apocalypse silent where the super-rich 8:32 kings of Silicon Valley and Wall Street 8:34 are buying up vast tracts of its landon 8:37 anticipation of the day when they may 8:39 need to live that due to social collapse 8:41 on nuclear war and as to how close 8:44 nuclear war may actually be this report 8:47 swarm 8:48 is being evidenced in the european union 8:50 EU that is currently living in the worst 8:53 crisis since the Cold War and who's 8:55 president donald tusk has just named 8:57 freemason leader president Trump 8:59 estimation one of the most dangerous in 9:02 the world as to why Trump s America has 9:05 now being labeled as one of the s most 9:07 dangerous enemies this report explains 9:10 is due to France becoming the redline 9:12 these elite globalists will not allow to 9:15 be breached by three Mason less populous 9:17 forces but we're yesterday freemason 9:20 supported candidate marineland then 9:22 kicked off her presidential campaign 9:24 with a promise to shield voters from 9:26 globalization and make their country 9:29 free again and who is hoping to profit 9:31 from her nation's political turmoil de 9:33 skoura Donald Trump style upset just 9:37 like in America where freemason forces 9:39 loyal to trump destroyed Hillary Clinton 9:41 because of emails this report continues 9:44 so have they likewise destroy tennis 9:48 chief rival Francois Villon whose 9:50 sixty-nine percent of French motors now 9:53 want to drop out of the presidential 9:54 race after his like Clinton this before 9:57 him once secret personal scandals have 10:00 been revealed with the American 10:02 propaganda mainstream media now being 10:05 reported to now be publishing more fake 10:07 news stories than ever against freemason 10:09 leader president Trump shocking new 10:11 reports emerging proving like us space 10:14 and whether agencies totally fake the 10:16 data claiming that last year was the 10:19 hottest-ever the Polish military 10:21 conducting an unprecedented purge of 10:23 officers not wanting to start World War 10:25 three against Russia violent leftists in 10:28 the united states now threatening the 10:30 lives of children of anyone found 10:32 supporting Trump here are now 10:34 threatening to release the names of us 10:36 officials who have been funding Islamic 10:39 terrorists and the US media failing to 10:42 tell their citizens that the Trump 10:43 Russian da VA has been exposed to the 10:45 complete fake this report gravely 10:48 concludes it is no wonder that the 10:50 Doomsday Clock now sits at its closet 10:53 level to catastrophe them at any other 10:54 time in history and with these Western 10:57 people fill being mentally asleep like 10:59 sheep 11:00 virtually no hope remains for anyone 11:02 unless they soon awaken to the horrors 11:04 around them

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  1. how infowars contributes to chaos in Europe , by promoting le pens immigration hate views: how to promote hate subconsciously by doublespeak methods of Alex Jones molineux: The problem with Alex jones: indeed, cultivated programmed the same way you program a Manchurian candidate, a secret spy. to spark at the precisely instant. that moment became trump. To have a war fascism Nazism you need two sides, trump side is the angry red shirts, vs the resistance, lefty whom ever. Once they clash the war begins. War is like cooking a nice dish you need different elements you mix them up cook them at a certain temperature wait and the dish is done. Alex Jones Manchurian candidate job includes hate wars in Europe as well. Cook and mix with the same principle. The idea of democracy is that the citizens have a critical thinking the problem they do, not. And to obtain critical thinking demands time education and a clear mind, otherwise is war, then peace and them war again. Is called the circle of ignorance if you like? Trump is also part of the dish of war, he acts erratically and misses the critical facts, confuses reality to what are the consequences of reality. One example is trump during the elections and his behavior after the elections his decisions and presidential decrees but more important the selection of his decrees. Shows the conditioning, not only of himself but of the info-wars followers. More precisely the Muslim ban is done precisely to heat up the info-trump warrior’s and Alex is just the loudspeaker.