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Dean Henderson "The Rothschild's & Their Subsidiaries Own Literally Everything On Planet Earth."

Transcript : we spent so much time in recent 0:11 weeks talking talking about the 0:14 rothschild family the Rothschild banking 0:17 family to help the Russian shows the 0:20 number of people into this program sent 0:22 me emails asking me would we focus or do 0:25 a segment where we had an introduction 0:27 almost like an introduction to the 0:29 ranchos family to make it easier to 0:33 understand who these people are and 0:34 where they came from the world send them 0:36 a couple of books recommendations where 0:39 they can have a little concluding a book 0:41 boy 0:41 our first guest at the season who was 0:43 with us last way back at the end of last 0:46 spring early last summer always pretty 0:49 time on the program is the author of 0:52 several excellent books including big 0:54 oil and their bankers in the Persian 0:56 calls four horsemen eight families under 0:59 global intelligence narcotics and terror 1:01 network you can read and every single 1:04 day on his blog which is Henderson left 1:07 hook dartboard let's welcome 1:10 back to the program our friend Dean 1:12 Henderson teen welcome back how are you 1:14 a good Richie thanks for having thank 1:18 you for coming on and when I was 1:22 thinking about these really the only 1:24 want two people i could call on to come 1:27 on and talk in a way that people will 1:29 understand this and give a kind of an 1:31 introduction to the ranchos family to 1:33 help people understand when you get 1:36 mentioned in interviews about finance or 1:38 interviews about wars and I'm not have 1:42 you who these people really are you're 1:45 demanding and thanks for coming back on 1:47 so is the thing I remember being at 1:50 university lecture lecture is usually 1:52 lasted 35 minutes we've got about 35 1:54 minutes now my friend them how would you 1:57 go about explaining to people who the 1:59 Rothschilds are and why they're so 2:01 important to current events 2:03 well you know it's just there's an old 2:08 saying regino money begets money and 2:12 it's 2:12 very true especially when you have these 2:15 old families who have been around you 2:19 know really 2:20 for centuries now accumulating money you 2:23 know and originally the Rothschilds 2:25 combined with the house of orange the 2:28 Dutch you know house of orange to find 2:30 the bank amsterdam and early 1600 as a 2:33 world-first central bank so that's what 2:35 500 years were looking at and you know 2:38 basically they are the Prince William of 2:41 the house of orange married into the 2:43 English House of Windsor the career runs 2:46 great britain and the Orange Order 2:49 brother had sprung up in you know 2:52 Ireland uh the Protestant movement that 2:55 was part of the whole you know what's 2:56 being financed by the house of orange in 2:59 fact but old lady of Threadneedle Street 3:01 also known as the Bank of England you 3:04 know that's pretty much the whole 3:06 wholesale from Syria off child has 3:09 instead of reserve now and what they did 3:11 is they married into the other excuse me 3:14 they were servants in the house that 3:16 half the German house in half and at 3:19 that time there was a royal families 3:20 that really have the money i mean they 3:22 still do have the money but now they're 3:25 joined by these certain Ashkenazi 3:27 zionist jews throughout shelves at the 3:30 head of who intermarried with those 3:32 royalty and so they worked in the house 3:35 the house and they basically you know a 3:39 lot of people think they stole money 3:40 from that the the German roll royalty 3:43 and that's how they got their money to 3:45 start with the kind of seed money they 3:47 were known as the Bowers actually and 3:50 change their names to the Rothschilds as 3:52 these families often do and have done 3:54 many times since it's already nice stage 3:57 to track down all the things the 3:59 Rothschilds own because they change 4:01 their names so often of when it comes to 4:04 titles of land and things like this and 4:07 become just masters are doing this 4:09 um but you know they they were around to 4:12 finance pretty much every war since they 4:14 started rumors that Napoleon was going 4:16 to win that war and then they find 4:18 scoring on the other side and made a 4:20 killing off of that not really launched 4:22 their fortune so you know they had 4:24 you know millions maybe a billion 4:26 dollars 340 years ago on some people 4:30 sitting out over a hundred trillion and 4:33 I haven't been able to verify that i 4:35 don't know who could really uh it's just 4:38 validates with the offshore banking 4:40 secrecy you can you can find out you 4:43 know quantum and he is definitely one of 4:45 their big vehicles of where they have a 4:48 lot of assets this offshore trust with 4:52 the Queen of England is also involved 4:53 with the george soros involved it home 4:56 but just phenomenal 4:58 well then you know in my book big oil in 5:01 their bankers in the Persian Gulf an 5:03 awesome-looking Federal Reserve cartel 5:04 which is chapter 19 of that a big little 5:07 book I talk about is eight families that 5:10 literally on fifty two percent of the 5:12 New York Federal Reserve and the 5:14 Rothschilds are the main in the biggest 5:17 player and I often kind of joke that you 5:20 know yeah people think oh you're 5:22 exaggerating and I kind of think i 5:23 actually am exaggerating because really 5:25 now they intermarried the Rockefellers 5:27 the Rothschilds goldman sachs the cloves 5:30 warning your order 5:32 yeah the lizards and to the point where 5:35 they're all one big family so actually I 5:37 am exaggerating that there's eight 5:39 families even but this is where we set 5:42 and it's every almost every inessential 5:46 bank in the world is owned by the same 5:48 cartel headed by the rock shell they 5:50 also had a global Freemasonry arm you 5:55 know and the Illuminati and all these 5:56 secret societies which are instrumental 5:58 in the sort of the psyops end of things 6:01 and the control keeping control of 6:04 spiritually other people armed and 6:07 they're of course behind Israel of this 6:10 is well-known fact that the Rothschilds 6:12 were sort of you know the fathers of 6:13 Israel with developer declaration 9017 6:16 no no 6:18 so the most odd pretty much functions as 6:21 a private intelligence organizations for 6:23 the rothschild family would be a better 6:25 way to describe the moss and so that the 6:29 key was I think intermarry with the 6:31 Royals arm and submitting all these 6:35 crowns 6:36 which are just absurd you know the whole 6:38 idea that we have kings and queens in 6:41 this day and age to me is just absurd 6:43 after all part yeah so but maybe they 6:46 did that now is just a huge combination 6:49 of there are those who believe they're 6:51 behind the Jesuits I can I actually 6:53 think that that's propaganda because the 6:57 Jesuits are the most progressive part of 6:59 the Catholic Church the only part that 7:00 never maybe got sold out to the rock 7:02 shells they're in and out of the 7:03 Catholic Church currently I think Johnny 7:05 out and the Catholic Church ironically 7:08 maybe wanted the only out at the 7:11 entities powerful enough to sort of 7:13 expose these people they get on the 7:15 current Pope get arrested Vatican Bank 7:18 chairman as soon as he was a put in the 7:20 deceit but people wonder if the killer 7:24 and they already tried once in Brazil 7:25 actually um so they're just so powerful 7:28 and they're behind the scenes and um can 7:32 I help people to come into the stranger 7:33 than fiction 7:34 this is this is printing stuff clarity 7:36 and let me just jump in there we have 7:40 you written as well as the books you've 7:41 written some brilliant articles on them 7:43 and I want to go back in time because it 7:46 sounds almost like a Carly only family 7:49 even though that fictional but you could 7:51 say the new change the family or the 7:53 Genovese family the way to consolidated 7:56 who they wear boy incorporating into 8:00 their family other wealthy people and 8:02 the right time is gonna go back to that 8:04 what am i right in saying that a couple 8:07 of years ago certain people certain 8:09 journalist you might have been one of 8:11 them tried to use the Freedom of 8:12 Information request to find out what 8:16 sort of shareholdings the Rothschilds 8:17 higher in the big banks Chase Manhattan 8:20 and some of these other big banks in New 8:22 York is not really 8:23 and does freedom that information was 8:26 not given 8:27 yeah that's right i was actually with 8:29 you rather than remember ichiya for my 8:32 master's thesis and I know it's uh yeah 8:35 i sent them to the comptroller of 8:36 currency the Department of Treasury 8:38 there are printing and engraving all 8:40 these different agencies regulate 8:42 banking in reality it was classified as 8:45 a freedom of information act request 8:48 which I didn't require 8:49 that way and then they said you know 8:51 pretty much as you know this information 8:52 is denied 8:54 and so you have to find out the bank 8:55 holding companies of is the key but 8:59 there's enough of you know things that 9:01 have gotten through that we know what we 9:04 know and we know for example that the 9:06 route child's pretty much run the bank 9:08 of america and owned it lock stock and 9:11 barrel we know that they are in 9:12 combination with the Rockefellers the 9:15 steelman's no zoning Chase Manhattan we 9:18 know their wallets Citigroup we know 9:20 that bankers trust are involved with his 9:22 stuff our boys your bank on the big 9:25 German bank which is a warbird bank 9:27 mainly um so it really we have to focus 9:31 on this top echelon of you know of 9:35 families and we have to check this stuff 9:37 down and then we have to deal with that 9:39 we have to nationalize every central 9:42 bank in the on the planet again in the 9:45 words of the people of Thailand on their 9:47 bank the people of america on their back 9:49 to people being on their bank and no BS 9:52 and then we can actually you know credit 9:57 free loans to people we can make it 9:59 would change the world we would change 10:01 our economy of it's the basis of 10:04 everything good 10:05 going forward I think is this your idea 10:07 that we have to nationalize the central 10:10 bank's we have to take these central 10:12 bank's out of the hands of these eight 10:14 families and we have to give it back to 10:17 the people of each country and give them 10:19 their sovereignty back and also give 10:20 this economic it's an economic engine 10:22 that's just unrealized once you have 10:25 credit free you know money that you can 10:27 issue 40 debt people all means no need 10:30 to profit because there's no banker see 10:31 it's just a bureaucratic the government 10:33 of weighing the branch of the Treasury 10:35 is running it and it's the computers in 10:38 it it's just the way to go and it takes 10:40 us out of all the debt can be cancelled 10:42 then we have about 20 minutes 23 10:44 trillion in the US now but 16-17 showing 10:47 of that is to these families you know 10:49 citibank Chase Bank of America Wells 10:52 Fargo that's what i call the four 10:53 horsemen the bank details of the ship 10:55 Rothschild Rockefeller banks 10:57 and you know but they're all 10:59 intermarried the Goldmans married two 11:01 sacks and the Coons married the loaves 11:03 and the shifts married into the crew 11:05 gloves and you know it's just on and on 11:07 so it's really people stranger than 11:09 fiction but there's nobody that tells 11:11 you about it really people touch it and 11:13 they kind of get scared and run away and 11:15 they have so much farther you can see 11:16 when you know what the plaintiff atty 11:19 Geithner comes out you know basically 11:21 you know it's his orchestrates this 11:23 whole ideal where we build out these 11:25 bankers for children bucks and tighten 11:27 was the the feds the ice on and you know 11:30 and the you know that just got off 11:32 scot-free 11:32 so not only do we allow them to maintain 11:35 these control these banks but we are 11:37 allowed to get bigger each of those four 11:39 banks i just mentioned has doubled in 11:40 size in terms of assets since 2008 since 11:43 the bailout incredible and in the same 11:46 thing happened in the Savings and Loan 11:47 scandal where you know some more of 11:50 these uh crooks oh and by the way you're 11:53 right totally right about the correlate 11:54 only aspect in fact Meyer Lansky heel 11:57 sandal strap count a juvenile of the 12:01 Brahmin family that was you know 12:03 involved with the they're all 12:04 Rothschilds Rockefellers lieutenant 12:06 creations and that's what the most 12:09 disturbing to me about Trump as York's 12:11 internationally see a lot of stock and I 12:13 know how you handle if it's a blind 12:14 trust we solder what he did on it before 12:16 you get elected and Resorts 12:17 International is one of those companies 12:19 with Ja Meyer Lansky you know in the CIA 12:23 and the rothschild in other words 12:25 created so that it their powers back but 12:30 have you ever hang our numbers of ass 12:31 that we can easily strip them of that 12:33 power absolute comedy and I want to have 12:35 a quick recap of what you have recorded 12:37 20 minutes to the top of your Dean 12:40 Henderson is underlying from Missouri 12:42 which must be a fabulous part of the 12:44 worst ideas around here is whether or 12:47 not go to Henderson left hook that 12:49 is then books are 12:53 meticulously research I I can't be clean 12:56 off ability we are we're talking about 12:58 the health of Ross Joynt and how the 13:01 Rothschilds cartel banking cartels 13:04 family their tentacles and basically 13:07 extends to every facet of everyday life 13:10 politics business finance team has been 13:13 described in hell from the 17th century 13:15 the sixteen hundreds on words through 13:18 intermarrying the most wealthy families 13:21 in the world including derives families 13:22 they build a dynasty that M goes right 13:25 up to today American oaks makes a 13:28 brilliant comment on Twitter he says 13:29 what's extraordinary American tweet 13:31 about the right choices they never 13:33 appear in the top 100 wealthiest people 13:35 list because they don't want to it's as 13:39 simple as that 13:40 the deans just touched on Trump there 13:42 and we can go down that road ste monster 13:45 and we talked a lot about Trump it is 13:47 the contention of this program that 13:50 Trump is a screaming Rothschild Zionist 13:53 I'm we got it wrong when it's all 13:55 Clinton is going to win it seems that 13:57 Trump with children for reasons that 13:58 will become obvious in the last couple 14:00 of weeks being when they were doing what 14:02 they were doing through the seventeenth 14:04 eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 14:06 there was very little opposition to it 14:09 seems and when we talk about the ease 14:12 with which they were able to put 14:14 together this massive family this 14:16 massive matters Matthews family with 14:19 them at the very top of us there was 14:21 very little opposition and we think it 14:23 was asked a number of our listeners 14:24 Damascus to put to you the stories and 14:29 the evidence and all the testimonies 14:32 about the influence of Satanism and 14:35 Teutonic rituals and that sort of thing 14:37 around this time we use when you want to 14:39 comment on is ask 14:40 sure well I mean look the Rothschilds 14:46 control the bearings you know which 14:48 bankrolled the Chinese both the Chinese 14:50 opium trade and African slave trade 14:53 horrible horrible stuff ray I mean they 14:56 were essentially the 12 got behind 14:59 slavery who got behind destroying people 15:02 of drugs 15:03 what does that tell you about these 15:04 people this way back then so if anything 15:08 is you know getting involved with the 15:10 stuff making darker and closer to the 15:12 dark side and sure I mean there's look 15:15 there's i have no doubt that this is a 15:17 edits route we're fighting really is a 15:20 spiritual battle between good and evil 15:22 it's pretty simple and both Clinton and 15:25 Trump or evil we know we're screwed 15:28 where he can't be it was done it was 15:30 over I didn't have much sharper the 15:31 night of the election I knew it was 15:32 going to suck maybe sucked a little less 15:35 than I thought if clinton won but I'm 15:37 not so sure she's smart but it just you 15:39 know it's a terrible terrible thing and 15:41 this the Illuminati set this up they set 15:43 up truck versus Clinton for a reason and 15:45 one of them was it created gender war 15:47 you know between inter-family you know 15:51 man vs woman cause Hillary is the 15:52 ultimate sort of you know whatever 15:55 pseudo feminist and often and Trump's 15:59 the ultimate sort of pig you know and so 16:00 it's bound to just feed into this gender 16:03 division so then you get you get a 16:05 religious war you get people hating is 16:08 long now divide people that way to play 16:12 right into the Trilateral Commission 16:13 paper by Samuel Huntington classical 16:16 civilizations you can see it all 16:18 happening with you know being instructed 16:19 to hate Muslims we go to world model and 16:23 then you have a race war which you know 16:25 the cops and and and you know just 16:28 beaten up by people and getting on 16:30 camera with it now so look they've got 16:31 as divided as they've ever got us almost 16:34 I feel like in the United States is this 16:37 phony election people taken up camps 16:39 either one side or the other and they're 16:41 both rotten so they're both lashing out 16:44 crazy things like the Liberals the same 16:46 Russians did it in home because they 16:47 can't admit Hillary with a terrible 16:49 candidate and the conservative sano 16:51 it'll be our I just because he had 16:53 pointed 10 goldman sachs guy yesterday 16:54 they're still going to be alright I'll 16:57 stones crowding out fool and it's okay 17:00 they're good people get full but look at 17:02 this 17:02 yeah it's bad and I mean it's far as 17:05 Satanism and stuff you know there's 17:08 rumors out there about Melania Trump you 17:10 some high-class a store of macedonia 17:13 being trafficked even home in there some 17:16 millionaires Resorts International that 17:18 people should check into do you let me 17:20 just let me just stop you there because 17:21 this is them 17:22 ordinarily it wasn't you it was anybody 17:26 else I jump on ova 17:27 and I have a right good go with you 17:29 there but because if you don't have to 17:31 do that 17:32 whatwhat is it because some of this has 17:35 been in the mainstream new so I'm not 17:37 worried about the label inside to him 17:39 Donald Trump consuming for the ability 17:41 one is not going to get very much but is 17:45 there any evidence that's a little bit 17:48 better than circumstantial evidence that 17:50 suggests what you just said there that 17:53 his voice was the victim of human 17:55 trafficking human trafficking even well 17:58 all I can say is that comes from Webster 18:00 Tarpley and webster tarpley is one of 18:03 the most of million researchers I know 18:05 and he is actually now being sued by the 18:08 trust your legs and others of you may be 18:11 saying that which may be a big mistake 18:13 for that but it's gonna white Webster 18:15 out you know you know she's taking the 18:16 200 million dollar lawsuit against to do 18:19 email in the UK 18:21 yeah so you know there i don't know you 18:25 know but what I do know about Resorts 18:26 International it's in my book and it's 18:28 well research that I do know that he's 18:30 that he was the largest most primary 18:32 shareholder this entity before the 18:34 election and people can do that and find 18:37 that out because it's public information 18:39 so Resorts International you knows is 18:42 that but but you know getting back to 18:45 the to the topic of Rothschild stay in 18:47 the moment and then basically this is 18:49 endemic among the elite you know I think 18:51 it's pastor to work you take the cheese 18:53 if you are willing to become that super 18:55 rich and and not have to work anymore 18:57 like everybody else has to work you know 18:59 just happen will take care you and it's 19:02 corrupting and yes then you started 19:04 drinking whiskey at one in the afternoon 19:06 and you know whatever maybe a little 19:08 coke it i don't know you know just 19:10 corrupting you know and you can buy 19:12 anything you want and I think it its 19:15 money it's the whole just accumulation 19:17 money system of that and they have the 19:20 most so they found to be the most people 19:22 you know they're behind a Archduke 19:24 Maximilian the pimp the couple of Mexico 19:26 basically trying to evade the United 19:28 States during the Civil War and if it 19:31 hadn't been for an eleventh-hour 19:32 deployment and two Russian warships 19:34 biology and a second 80-63 we have been 19:38 recolonized by 19:39 I England with let me just did to dating 19:44 because we got about 15 more minutes and 19:46 then I'm delighted you're back i can't 19:48 believe it was so long since you were on 19:50 your typical typical laid-back cowboy I 19:53 said to you before you get in touch with 19:56 our thinking back on and I'm delighted 19:58 you're on 19:59 so who were the big Rothschild players 20:00 today we know the Trump definitely has a 20:03 personal relationship and I don't mean 20:05 anything on an adult the natures are 20:08 often a dog nature we know we get on 20:10 very well with lynn foresters Roger we 20:12 know this to be true 20:14 Horseman's Evelyn the roster we have not 20:17 right choice 20:17 are these the Roscoe's are 2017 20:21 are these the players in the family are 20:23 these the front people for the family 20:25 these people there that's the part of it 20:28 you know also and then there are child 20:30 love that that whole clan they owned 20:32 bank of esa in the gala switzerland and 20:36 also wrath child bank EG is erick to the 20:40 edmond de rothschild brands finished 20:42 Lord jacob rothschild he's basically 20:45 owns the rock child Italian Lonnie's in 20:47 Italy they kind of divided up all these 20:50 countries between this the progeny in a 20:53 way back and so you know one of the big 20:57 entities is the club of aisles and that 21:01 thing was responsible for destroying the 21:05 whole Asian economies thailand indonesia 21:07 also responsible for destroying the 21:10 Russian ruble and 9900 so this quantity 21:14 that's a subsidiary of global files you 21:18 know they've got this is the only big 21:20 rock and roll but she'll they actually 21:23 have their operations in Curacao and 21:25 ironically that's the biggest or 21:28 fineries in the world are also their 21:30 royal dutch shell and exxon mobil both 21:32 have one yourself the coast event as 21:33 well that's why this family this family 21:36 have their fingers on their poles in 21:39 everything right everything 21:41 let me just let me just a couple of 21:44 things not because we're worried about 21:45 offending anybody were not for then 21:48 you'll probably agree with that my 21:50 friend and colleague 21:51 that what happened the creation of the 21:54 State of Israel was a cover for these 21:57 people I've always felt it was a cover 21:58 and i choose you know army men and women 22:01 I costs are as much a victim of this is 22:03 anybody else 22:04 whenever you talk about this its throne 22:06 is that it's anti-semitic and its really 22:08 hate with of Jewish and people don't 22:11 believe the Jews are erase user and you 22:15 know that there and Caucasians like off 22:18 they did their religious beliefs is what 22:21 makes them Jewish not there yet 22:22 Mississippi just what I believe and what 22:24 I love them like a lot of everybody else 22:26 and get you know I don't know I don't 22:29 know you talked about this over the 22:30 years Jews are a victim of this i mean 22:32 it's ironic this is the 1700 years about 22:34 for declaration which came on the heels 22:36 of the sykes-picot agreement which is 22:38 just a bit robbing the Ottoman Empire 22:40 blind as we say in Ireland and 22:43 completely illegal and and they're 22:45 behind everything 22:46 what about before we talked about him 22:48 before we come back to the presentation 22:51 again some jewish men women and some of 22:54 my parents friends they get properly 22:57 pissed off when we talk about the 22:59 ranchos funding and whole thing and and 23:03 putting basically betting on Hitler to 23:06 succeed and after a board War two but 23:10 the fact is is true with nadeem yes true 23:13 that's ok that's what people don't 23:15 understand its Zionism is one of the 23:19 most racist uh the humanizing movements 23:23 in the world it's a white supremacist 23:24 movement until that's why people have 23:27 such a hard time 23:28 oh but if you look you know if you look 23:31 at that of course they found Taylor I 23:32 mean of course they're behind all this 23:34 igenix stuff up sorry for that white 23:37 people have bigger brains and black 23:38 people didn't start with Hitler you know 23:40 this this this fascism was you know what 23:44 is I anism it's the same thing I mean 23:46 look at the way they treat Palestinians 23:48 in the West Bank and they just use a 23:50 berth experimentation and prisons and 23:53 all kinds of crazy stuff you know that 23:55 they do these people and they also i 23:58 mean to get out of the Nazi Germany is 24:00 on 24:01 stand it it's the rich of people who got 24:05 out because if you were able to pay i 24:06 think it was a thousand dollars canvas 24:08 you could get passage to Israel and out 24:10 of there and so he you have got the 24:13 selection of the wealthier of Jews that 24:16 came out of that horrible situation and 24:19 we're putting in harm's way yes by the 24:22 books about for declaration was written 24:24 how many you know 30 years before Israel 24:26 action was created so well plan of 24:30 course we know they stole the olive 24:32 girls and install the land of what they 24:34 are people who they're just slide them 24:36 with their death squads home which 24:39 emotion Diane and menachem begin in some 24:42 of these guys were part of his death 24:44 squads that went in there and horrible 24:46 and on so why would they do that so I 24:49 mean it's just yes they found the killer 24:52 yes there behind all white supremacy of 24:55 including what you see 24:56 merging of right now I think we're a 24:59 wide I mean it's good kind of 25:01 frightening what I'm seeing this far 25:03 right 25:03 emergency measures this race components 25:05 it's messed up under you that dog I got 25:07 it like they gotta realize that's coming 25:09 from the bankers us bankers are trying 25:11 to do this to you then and then I didn't 25:13 you know that because they're the root 25:15 of it they've always they're not these 25:17 ok they need their political ideology is 25:20 not you and uh and that's what they 25:23 believe in an 800 standing it's easy to 25:26 understand why so many regular Jewish 25:29 men and women regularly cost in terms of 25:31 you know that this player to the same 25:33 things we do like love and happiness is 25:36 easy to understand way to get upset that 25:38 i can understand this 25:39 yeah and a very good friend of mine in 25:41 London was Jewish you know he's talking 25:43 to understand and you know he believes 25:46 that will be what you might get a past 25:48 with you he would say you might get a 25:50 passport everybody else when they talk 25:52 about this family just mean you know 25:54 they just mean what everything is dirty 25:56 Jews and really hard sometimes to know 25:58 it doesn't and original you really got 26:00 to look into this because it's got 26:01 nothing to do with Judaism or or the 26:04 Jewish people is the signature of these 26:06 something a little bit that's nothing to 26:09 do with Jewish people anything here 26:11 I don't really know where 26:12 have to do with Christian people are 26:14 nasty old Buddhist people but that of 26:17 course they have to keep this topic off 26:19 limits and call people anti-semites 26:22 because if they didn't then people would 26:24 dig down and find what we just talked 26:26 about and how deep and dark this goes 26:29 and how it is involving statement it was 26:32 all into statement analysis things you 26:35 always secret societies and then he 26:36 basically found out the secret societies 26:39 he kind of turned against the whole idea 26:40 and that's when they went after him took 26:43 him out and all just parachuted into you 26:45 know Buckingham Palace there ever was to 26:48 try to stop that from happening but 26:50 that's when they took him out just like 26:52 they could nori a gallon he wises up and 26:54 didn't help us out with the contours 26:56 anymore in Nicaragua what she was doing 26:58 he was using his troops in the nicaragua 27:00 for the CIA and then once he said I'm 27:03 not gonna do that anymore also always a 27:05 drug trafficker or you know not the old 27:07 course not mentioning that the bushes on 27:09 the Hat the whole Colombian you don't 27:11 feel pretty inside of Colombia and 27:14 Panama and made the most money out and 27:16 that's why they went down and bombed out 27:18 that center part of town and got the 27:21 money out of banks and destroy all these 27:22 political people who are against us 27:25 imperialism in family and all these 27:27 other things so you know you can 27:28 demonize all these people you want but 27:30 what you have to find out who's the 27:32 demon eyes errs who are the even answers 27:34 and that you know that's who runs the 27:37 whole damn thing and you'll never hear 27:39 their names you might never be demonized 27:41 and you have to know that you have to 27:42 know that he's an article that I till we 27:44 all get together and bring it out and 27:46 make a big stink of it and you know make 27:49 it happen I guess what you're trying to 27:50 do and you're doing a good job i 27:52 remember two years ago in Spain and I 27:55 wasn't having a beer after a radio show 27:57 tonight so they did and a Jewish woman 28:00 nice woman had been listening to the 28:03 program and she got talkin to me and 28:05 asked me about this family and it's this 28:07 family is basically John Torrio need 28:10 help calm you know 28:12 welcome to manage to go pretty much on 28:14 molested through the centuries nobody's 28:17 ever managed to to to stop them and my 28:20 answer was and it wasn't time choice but 28:24 it was about as simple as I could make 28:25 it I said 28:26 nobody's ever been after them because 28:28 they basically to go to ship everything 28:30 the amalgamated with everybody 28:33 the amalgamated with all the other 28:35 family took control of government took 28:37 control of money so the only armies and 28:40 the police forces of the world and they 28:43 were so so big he's going to look at to 28:45 make the great massive crime families 28:48 and for generations the police could 28:49 never get to the very top to cut off the 28:52 head of the snake because of 28:54 compartmentalization and she was like oh 28:57 yeah I suppose that's what they do the 28:58 own everything 28:59 I'm the media who's ever written in the 29:01 New York Times or The Washington Post 29:03 who is ever written 29:05 so I mean your articles made a part of 29:07 your books your articles i'm on 29:09 Henderson left hook Dark Lord 29:12 about the health of our child those 29:14 articles are unimpeachable teen they are 29:17 outstanding the written and researched 29:19 and nobody in mainstream media has ever 29:22 attempted to do that to go after these 29:25 people because their subsidiary complete 29:28 switch to ourselves as you described in 29:29 your books the own everything 29:32 yeah everyone it not everyone but most 29:36 people are some level bought off you 29:41 know whether they like it or not you 29:43 know and they just don't because they 29:46 don't think its death 29:47 I mean that's the whole thing they 29:48 figured out these Rock child that they 29:50 can get countries and that if they could 29:52 get people in debt if they you know get 29:54 all a bunch of people in that endeavor 29:57 stand in debt they will they will keep 29:59 quiet because they don't know if the 30:02 Rothschilds maybe on the company working 30:04 for whatever and it's it's kind of a 30:08 self-censorship you know like with like 30:11 David I keep it talks about really well 30:13 just about how we go around police in 30:15 each other like we don't even need cops 30:17 anymore now 38 cops anymore this 30:19 go-around shutting people up who are 30:21 telling the truth because we were told 30:23 to base were instructed to do that by 30:25 these lie that the news things of these 30:28 Rothschilds by the nonprofit's they find 30:32 and longer their tax in the drug money 30:34 through and don't have you know mr. 30:36 social policy you do these NGOs um it 30:39 was brainwashed we were told to be racks 30:42 on the people who are brave you know 30:44 it's all set up you know and it's kind 30:47 of like the aliens already invaded 30:48 arguing with some people anywhere just 30:50 like the handlers here already have all 30:52 of us and we're just being sort of 30:53 hurting around like well like she put 30:55 you know but it's kinda like that but 30:57 you know you just have to uh I guess be 31:00 brave and I just that's what I'm 31:01 thinking out just woke the whole world 31:04 seems to be lacking a bravery right now 31:06 present company excepted and you know 31:08 there are some great people doing some 31:09 great things but there's not enough of 31:10 that you know we need more bravery and 31:13 more people be brave and it's really not 31:14 that hard you know you know it's been an 31:17 amazing week and although I appreciate 31:20 the compliment i'm not being modest when 31:22 I say that I don't do anything we have a 31:25 blessed that we have this wonderful 31:27 radio studio all the bells and whistles 31:29 were placed the table like streams the 31:32 program we're blessed as alternate 31:34 current radio and celebrate your 31:35 daughter's the peoples are brave and 31:38 courageous are people like you have the 31:40 balls to research this stuff and then 31:42 write books and as eloquently as pretty 31:45 as you do all we do is provide a 31:47 platform you know there's not very much 31:49 greater than what i do for him 31:51 I'm under loaded that we can get people 31:53 like you on the program on dimension 31:55 Georgina and truly was the sound of 31:58 errors and an actress says she's in 32:00 dublin at the moment she just wanted to 32:03 mention sidney blumenthal has a an 32:06 extensive piece in the London Review of 32:08 Books this week 32:09 comparing ironically comparing the 32:11 Trump's to the Corleone's which is 32:14 ironic here but you know what we have a 32:16 month we've been talking about it and I 32:19 think I mean you're well aware doing 32:21 that at the moment there's a real push 32:23 by various charities to try and 32:26 basically list the usage of the world 32:31 zionist and the words Rothschild as 32:34 anti-semitic words and then anybody 32:35 using those words are killers 32:38 this is what I can't stand you see I'm 32:40 not the Braves going to world but i will 32:42 not be called covered by anybody if I 32:44 thought the Jews are dirty and accuse 32:46 your easel I would 32:48 fucking say excuse my language Jews are 32:51 dirty and use the reason choose or not 32:53 touristy they're not evil and choosers 32:55 good understand as anybody else on 32:58 planet there's it's about this and 33:00 secret societies you described as a 33:02 nothing as what do you say to people who 33:04 you know cuz that we know people that 33:06 have been chased by these people and 33:07 called racist and a serious 15 33:09 what do you do when they come after you 33:11 and they say you're a racist you don't 33:12 mean Zionist you means you because 33:14 you're a coward 33:15 yeah well you just tell the truth you 33:18 just steal yeah dude just like it is 33:19 right there and it's still like it is 33:21 and I mean if you have facts i don't 33:23 know you know they go that far where 33:25 they're passing laws like that were you 33:26 know the word Rothschilds band hall pass 33:29 out 33:30 gee we might just be time to go 33:32 underground or something i really don't 33:33 know Richie but i'm not you know it 33:36 won't shut me up 33:37 it shouldn't shut you up I know it won't 33:39 know you know it's not gonna it's not 33:41 gonna work because i think where I don't 33:43 we went through that United States and 33:45 honestly because I got past it it sounds 33:47 to me like now it's kind of getting your 33:48 car you know but we get the loan that 33:51 and I my stuff where I mean you know it 33:53 was just for a while there it was dicey 33:55 but we just come a lot of us just kept 33:57 talking right through and just packing 33:59 up our stuff and fan what you just said 34:01 about we got nothing against Jews 34:03 obviously this is way beyond even 34:05 religion or anything about the controls 34:07 of world in and so that's all it is 34:09 we're trying to help everyone and that 34:12 doesn't matter what you believe to me 34:14 and i'm on the most our guy i cannot 34:17 tolerate racism I cannot tolerate any of 34:20 that kind of stuff that divides us you 34:21 know anyway and that so I do not want to 34:24 divide Jews Christians Muslims variable 34:26 ones i want to do that that's the whole 34:28 point 34:28 that's what trying to say that's why I 34:30 criticize Saudi Arabia justice often in 34:33 there 34:33 well there is llama but they're not you 34:35 know it's not about Islam either it's 34:37 about what I bizim it's just voiced the 34:39 department by British intelligence 34:41 it's all part of the game it's all smoke 34:43 and mirrors and people that'd quit being 34:44 so naive 34:45 for one thing and look at the reality of 34:47 what's going on in this world you and 34:49 hugging shop you and I will do this 34:51 again as soon as you want me 34:52 and I've loved having you back on the 34:53 program folks go two hundred and left 34:56 hook at teens books 34:58 giggles and the bankers in the Persian 35:01 calls the Federal Reserve cartel these 35:04 are these are essential books I mean 35:06 these are essential books thanks for 35:08 coming back on the program to another 35:10 marvelous weekend and do stay in touch 35:12 me don't be gentle on your have 35:14 appreciate very much she'll get on 35:16 YouTube my friend Ian Henderson on the 35:18 line to get there from the great state 35:19 of Missouri

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  1. The Rothschilds are NOT Jewish - their patriarch converted to Judaism for a nefarious purpose.